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									                                                        TOURO COLLEGE
                                 Graduate Studies in Education and Special Education
                                  EdSE603: Teaching Mathematics, Science, and
                              Technology in General and Special Education, Grades 1-6
                                        Professor Daniel Stein -

   Student Prefix: 882z603    Name: Crystal Hilts Path: C:\ 882z603 \ 882z603 mylesson1lp.doc (could be
                                               math or science)
             NYC Dept of Mathematics  NYS MST Standards  NYS Science (Elem./Int.) Assessment 
                                           My Science Lesson Plan 1-
                                    For a General Education Class, Grades 1-6
   This lesson is for the General Education Population and should teach to one of the topics in the NYS
Science Elementary Assessment test (above). Note that in an earlier assignment you were asked to
download this NYS Science Assessment. This lesson (experiment) with have a companion document for a
student Work Sheet (Lab Sheet) with the filename **mylesson1ws.doc
    Later in this course you are asked to create a video of one (1) of your lessons showing your teaching
   You are asked to use the UDL lesson (below) format to create a lesson plan for a science experiment. If
you have not yet done so please create an account on CAST, then use the UDL lesson plan format.
   Please check this LINK for a list of science websites that are loaded with experiments and lab sheets or
use the supplemental text on the right. You may wish to use or include the scientific method.
Lesson Title: Plant Parts
UDL Format – Please note that if you are teaching, you can substitute the lesson plan                             This book may be
format used in your school.                                                                                   ordered as an additional
                                         Lesson Overview                                                        source for a science
Title: "Going Up"                                                                                                lesson Order Here
Author: Crystal Hilts
Subject: Science
Grade Level(s): Pre-K–2

                                                        Unit Description

                 The unit starts with students discussing what they know about plants, planting a bean
seed, understanding what a plant needs to grow, starting journals on plant growth. Students will be
responsible for watering plants, recording data in their journal, and responding to a journal
prompt everyday at science time. Students will discuss and complete a worksheet about how plants
and animals are similiar and different. Students will discuss and record the parts of the plant and
their jobs using given props. Students will complete a celery project, predicting what will happen to
a piece of celery when food coloring is added to the water. Students will identify differences in two
different kinds of plants using class discussion, real-world examples and a worksheet.
State Standards

          NYS Standards

          Science 4.1, 4.5, 4.6, 4.4, 4.3

          Math 3.6, 3.4

       ELA 1.2, 2.2, 1.1, 2.1, 4.1


Unit Goals:

       Students will be able to indentify what a plant needs to grow.

       Students will be able to successfully grow a bean plant.

       Students will be able to understand differences and similarities of animals and

       Students will be able to identify plant parts and understand their jobs.

       Students will be able to measure plant to the nearest inch.

       Students will be able to understand what a seed looks like in growth and that it has a
       life cycle.

       Students will be able to make predictions, and observations about plants.

       Students will be able to appropriately find information about plants.

       Students will be able to apply information from books to what they have learned
       about plants.

       Lesson Goals:

       Students will observe the process of the celery stalk (stem of the plant ) bringing
       water to the leaves.

       Students will review and reflect on their predictions from a previous day.

       Students will discuss and complete worksheets on how plants grow.

       Students will review answers to worksheets with the use of an ELMO.

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Anticipatory Set:

       Students will start each day with an essential question to answer, and review from
       previous day.

       What do you know about plants?

       How are plants and animals similiar and/or different?

       What are the parts of the plants?

       How does a plant grow?

       What is true about these kinds of plants?

       What have you learned about plants?

Introduce and Model New Knowledge:

       Students will discuss where they have ever seen plants and what experience they
       have ever had with plants. We will make a chart together on the board. (Where have
       we seen plants. What we have to do to help the plants. )

       I will model to students how to plant a bean plant and how (thinking aloud) I know
       what the plant needs from our discussion

Provide Guided Practice:

       Students will write in journals what a plant needs to grow based on the discussion and chart.
       Students will complete one sentence with teacher prompt(board).

Provide Independent Practice:

       Students will observe and record findings of their plant growth.

       Students will measure using a ruler to the nearest half inch.

       Students will draw pictures of their plant each day.

       Students will write questions and predictions in the journals.

       Students will answer questions given by journal prompts.


      Students will review and discuss what we have learned about plants, plant parts,
      what plants need to grow, how plants and animals are alike and different.

      Students will talk about what they will do with their plants when they take them

      Students will ask questions for clarification.


Formative/Ongoing Assessment

      Student journals will be used to observe and record plant growth and progress in
      small group work.

      Observations of the students by the teacher.

      The quality of questions and answers in group discussions.

Summative/End Of Lesson Assessment:

      Students will complete oral presentation on the plant they have chosen. (using a
      picture, written paper, plant if able to)

      Students will complete a written test with a variety of extended written response,
      multiple choice, short answer, matching, and drawing questions.

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      plastic cups , seeds, soil, watering can, plant markers, writing journal, data journal, animal
      and plant worksheet, celery graphic organizer, celery, two cups, rubber bands, food coloring,
      parts of the plant worksheet, book : April 26, 1999 Chris VanAllsburg

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