Madison Elementary School Schoolwide program will include the by malj


									                    Title I Schoolwide Program Abstract
                         Madison Elementary School
Madison Elementary School Schoolwide program will include the following

   1. Standards Based Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction

      MES staff will focus on directly linking instruction to the NH GLEs. A variety of
      assessments both formative and summative will be utilized to determine student
      needs, judge instructional effectiveness, differentiate instruction and impact future
      planning. Student data will be reviewed to determine specific interventions. This
      process will be monitored over time and adjusted as needed.
      Standards-based instructional core programs will be aligned with NH GLEs to
      determine gaps. Curriculum will be mapped by grade level and subject to ensure
      consistency. Technology resources will increase in an effort to improve student
      learning and to assist staff in data collection and analysis.

   2. Data Based Accountability and Evaluation

      Staff will revise the district strategic plan in an effort to align it to the newly
      created Title 1 Schoolwide Action Plan. NECAP, DIBELS, AIMSweb and
      NWEA data will be analyzed in order to create school improvement goals.
      Students’ strengths, weaknesses, and growth will be monitored to make informed
      decisions. Curriculum Connector (TechPaths) will be adopted and teachers will
      be trained during the summer. Curriculum maps will be transferred into the new
      software and existing programs will be correlated to the NH GLEs to determine
      Schoolwide goals will be reviewed at SLT monthly meetings. Data will be
      analyzed at grade level and student data meetings. Strategic and intensive
      students will be progress monitored as needed.
      The RTI Coordinator position has been created to support the implementation of
      the Schoolwide Action Plan. Two paraprofessionals will also be allocated to
      support the Schoolwide Program.
      Parents will be informed of student progress using parent friendly language
      through multiple sources including: newsletters; parent letters; principal reports;
      and the MES website.
3. Structural Reform Strategies

   A Schoolwide Leadership Team will be created to oversee the process of
   implementing the Title 1 Schoolwide Action Plan. This plan includes provisions
   for collaboration time among all staff. There will also be training provided on 504
   plans and core programs. Updated training on the core programs will be provided
   for paraprofessionals. Teaching resources will be made available to all staff.
   The SLT will meet monthly to review goals and progress monitor effectiveness.
   Action teams will be formed to streamline the committee process and effectively
   implement the Schoolwide Action Plan.

4. Leadership and Governance

   A newly formed SLT will represent all stakeholders (ex. Would include: RTI
   Coordinator, Special Education, Curriculum and Assessment, Guidance, Title I,
   Technology/Grants, Health and Wellness and Unified Arts) These representatives
   will serve as a collaborative body to implement and monitor the Schoolwide
   Action Plan. Action items will be assigned to the newly formed action teams.
   Performance goals will be aligned to the school mission statement and district
   strategic plan. This team will be under the guidance and supervision of the school
   principal and will meet monthly. Information from the team will be
   communicated to all staff via monthly staff meetings.

5. Professional Development

   Professional development and continued training will be linked to the MES
   mission statement, district strategic plan and the Schoolwide Action Plan. All
   professional development plans will be monitored by the building Professional
   Development Committee, principal and SAU staff. Curriculum development,
   continued training, coaching/mentoring for core programs in reading and math,
   technology, data analysis and the continued implementation of Professional
   Learning Communities (PLC) to better serve students. Performance data will be
   analyzed to guide future professional development.
6. Culture and Climate

   The SLT will represent all stakeholders in order to continue to improve culture
   and climate at MES. This team will meet monthly to monitor progress and will be
   supported by the principal. Mission statement will be displayed throughout the
   school.“Thoughts for the Week” will provide staff communication for current
   happenings. Monthly meetings with the administration and the Madison
   Education Association will continue to provide a forum for collaboration and
   increased communication for all. Work with NH Healthy Schools initiative will
   continue. Guidance will serve as the liaison for grant work in the area of bullying
   and harassment. Student Council will provide a forum for all students to be
   heard. PTO will meet monthly to work with the staff to build community
   connections. Quarterly functions and events will be held in a variety of areas to
   promote community involvement.

7. External Support and Resources

   The 21st Century Grant Coordinator will continue to serve as the liaison between
   external resources and community supports. The PTO will continue to serve as a
   strong parent connection and support the needs of our students. The Madison
   School Board Public Relations Committee as well as the administration will
   communicate information to the general public. Communication between the
   MES Staff and SAU Administrative team will be fostered through monthly
   leadership team meetings at the SAU. New programs will be researched using
   teacher input and scientific research based strategies. Volunteerism will be
   encouraged for all grade levels at MES. Parent/community surveys will provide
   feedback for the SLT to effectively monitor progress of the Schoolwide Action

8. Parental and Community Involvement

   The SLT will continue to support parental involvement to increase the number of
   community members who attend student activity nights. The PTO will serve as a
   contact point for parents. Public forums will be held throughout the year to
   discuss current business and inform the general public. A retreat will be held
   annually to form school/community goals linked to the Mission Statement,
   District Strategic Plan and Title 1 Schoolwide Action Plan. Communication will
   be provided by the administration through a weekly newsletter and the MES
   website. Community and parental feedback will guide the changes to the MES
   Website. The Public Relations Committee will also provide information to
   community members.
9. Extended Learning Opportunities

   Extended learning opportunities will be provided through the 21st Century Grant.
   This will include before and after school programming, summer enrichment and
   service learning opportunities. The SLT will explore possible funding sources for
   after-school transportation. A master calendar and listing of events will be
   provided through weekly newsletters and the MES website.

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