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									                                                            T HE MONARCH
    Volume 2, Issue 6                                 Coastal Prairie Quilt Guild
    FEBRUARY 2010

   It seems I'm always in the process of getting ready to do something or another. Right now I'm in the throes of putting
   together the kits for the February workshop. I'm stitching up the little doll bodies and parts, finding the tools and stuff-
   ing and trims, and polishing up the directions. I'm sure those of you who are enrolled will have lots of fun putting these
   little fairies together. I have room for a few more in the class, so if you are interested let us know before February 18 th
   and we will save room for you.
   Why so early? Well, I'm headed off to play Grandma with the little ones up in Portland, Oregon. My daughter lives so
   far away I only get to see that family three or four times a year. The littlest one is just two years old and she is a little
   doll herself. The oldest boy is now in school and is changing so quickly. I'll be up in the Northwest for 10 days and get
   back just in time for our bus trip to the Tri-County and Beaumont quilt shows on February 12th.
   Are you joining us for this trip? I'm looking forward to seeing the quilts and vendors at both shows, and to having an-
   other great time on the bus itself. The guild will furnish the drinks and eating utensils for lunch, the members are bring-
   ing pot luck dishes to share with each other. If you haven't joined us before for one of the trips, take this opportunity to
   experience a really great day with your friends and see what we are always talking about when we return. Don't forget
   to pack your camera!
   This month's meeting is all about me, and my related hobby of making dolls. I plan to show you how I progressed from
   general needlework into quilts and then into making cloth dolls. The skills translate easily and each craft brings its own
   sense of accomplishment. There will be lots of show and tell to share with you as well as revealing just “how do they do
   I've made some progress on my yearly goals. The first quilt is off to the long arm quilter and should be back in February.
   I've started on the second one – an old block of the month that is destined for a wedding present in March. Since the
   bride is also a quilter, she will understand if the gift doesn't make it for the ceremony. Certainly she will have it by June
   and I can work on my next one. I've been working on those pounds, and plans for the business are underway.
   We will see you all at the bus trip on Friday, Feb 12 (8 am at Quilt Emporium) and at the guild meeting on the regular
   third Thursday meeting day (Feb 18). Take care of yourself, and happy quilting. Bring those show and tell items.
                                                              Nancie Roach, President

         Inside this issue:                                         NEXT MEETING: FEB. 18TH
Programs               2     Ways & Means              8            SPEAKER: NANCIE ROACH
Show & Share           3     Bees                      8
Membership             3
                                                                            10 A.M. TO 12 NOON
                             Sew Much Fun              9
Workshops              4     Retreat                   10                           All events will be at the

Minutes                5     Quilt Show                12        First United Methodist Church of Missouri City
Quilts FTH             6     Bus Trip                  13       Located at the corner of Lexington and FM 1092 (Murphy Road)
Librarian              7     Calendar                  14                              Missouri City, TX
Volumn I, Issue 12                                                                    THE MONARCH

    PROGRAMS                                                                     by Carol Bell

Our February speaker is Nancy Roach who will translate quilting skills into three dimensions
while demonstrating basic doll making techniques. Nancie has been involved with this three di-
mensional quilting for many years and will be able to give us a glimpse into that side of the
quilting world.

Denise Green will be our March speaker, substituting for Sue Garman whose husband is very
ill. Denise is very close to Sue and will be presenting a program designed by Sue. Denise will
tell us about friendship group quilts. This includes round robins, patch swap and others. We
will learn how to organize and participate in these fun projects and also see some of Denise’s
beautiful examples.

Nicole Webb Rivera is our April speaker. Her topic is free motion quilting and she will show us
how this is done using visual equipment so we can see her actually quilting. Nicole is a very
well known, published quilter and artist. Don’t miss this exciting presentation!


                                                                     Our Donation Quilt is
                                                                     traveling to other guilds
                                                                     and quilting events. If
                                                                     you have an event that
                                                                     you would like to take
                                                                     this beautiful quilt too,
                                                                     please contact either
                                                                     Judy Yunkers or Veron-
                                                                     ica Cox to arrange your
Page 3                                                                              THE MONARCH

   FINANCIAL REPORT—as of NOVEMBER 30, 2009                           by Sharon Blifford

         January 2010
               Total Income              $1223.00
               Total Expense             $1379.68
               Checking Account Balance             $8921.97

   SHOW AND SHARE                                                         by Linda Fletcher

Show and share participants who delighted us with their items this past month were:
Nancie Roach, String Quilt                           Dorothy Kelly, Valentine Bookmarks
Ann Grant, Face of Africa                            Dorothy Kelly, Ecru tote
Ann Grant, Asian Fun                                 Dorothy Kelly, Charming
Dorothy Kelly, QFTH                                  Esther Mirti, Aunt Millie’s Garden
Dorothy Kelly, Quilts for Kenya                      Marion Vetter, homespun quilt
Dorothy Kelly, With Love, Black Tote                 Cheryl Moncrief, Celebrate New
         Pictures coming to the website soon!

    MEMBERSHIP                                                        by Barbara Baxter

                     Our membership is at 155 members. If you have
                     not picked up your directory, please see me at the
                     February meeting. I also have a Directory Update
                     page for you to pick up at the meeting.
Volume 2, Issue 6                                                                                   Page 4

    WORKSHOP NEWS                                                    by Carol Ann Barley


If you missed seeing the darling fairy at
the last meeting, sign up anyway! Nancie
Roach is doing most of the preparations for you
-just bring sharp scissors. You can pay for the
kit that day. Kits are $10.00.

We were so sorry our March speaker could not
come, but she is sending her right hand
lady. The Borders Workshop will be about the
most complete workshop on the subject. There
is pre-work so you can get that off the web and
get started! The next two months will be great
for beginner or advanced
Call Carol Ann 281-762-3590.

It is time to start planning the retreat! SIGN UP BEGAN IN JANUARY. We are returning
to the same place with good electrical outlets, wonderful lighting and great food. The date is
March 22-25, or you can come for only 3 days March 23-25. A one-day Mystery Quilt workshop
will be offered. Many ladies like to bring their own projects! Last year we had great bluebon-
nets, cows in the fields, front porch swings and a great getaway from the city. (See pictures of
last years retreat on our website (

    NEWSLETTER                                                                by Karen Shively
The Monarch is published monthly by the Coastal Prairie Quilt Guild of Texas. It is distributed via e-
mail free to members. News items, articles, and suggestions are always welcome; submissions will be
subject to space considerations. DEADLINE: Articles must be received by the Monday following the
Thursday morning meeting for inclusion in the following month’s newsletter. Send articles to Karen
Shively at If you do not have e-mail capability, legibly written information will be
accepted by the deadline. ADDRESS CORRECTIONS: US mail address corrections should be sent to
Barbara Baxter, VP Membership, E-mail address corrections should be sent to
Barbara Baxter with a cc to and Karen Shively.
Page 5                                                                                                         THE MONARCH

 WORDS FROM THE SECRETARY                                                                   by Candy Horsley

                                          COASTAL PRAIRIE QUILT GUILD
                                            GENERAL MEETING MINUTES
                                                    January 21, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by President Nancie Roach at the First United Methodist Church of Mis-
souri City.
Motion was made by Veronica Cox, seconded by Gwen Goldsberry, and passed to accept the treasurer’s report and min-
utes of the Nov. meeting.
Announcements – Each member needs to sell 25 donation quilt tickets. The Board meeting is next Tuesday, January
26. A man is looking for a person to sew t-shirt quilts. A notice will be in the newsletter. Volunteers are needed to sew the
Christmas Quilt for 2010. Nancie has doll kits available for $10 for her workshop next month. Participants need to bring
sharp scissors.
Auian Ward - Comforters – Announced upcoming opportunities to sew charity quilts. Pillowcases are needed.
Carol DeGruy – Rep at Large - Reminded members to remove the JoAnn’s card from nametags.
Carol Bell – Programs - Reported on upcoming speakers.
Elizabeth Barrow – Bee Coordinator – Reminded bees to make baskets for quilt show to be auctioned. Also individual
items will be accepted to be placed in baskets.
Veronica Cox – Donation Quilt – Two guilds have raffle quilts at the meeting. Our quilt is scheduled at nine locations.
Volunteers are needed to take the quilt to Baytown on February first.
Sharon Blifford – Treasurer – A budget update was shared.
Linda Gremillion – Activities – Eighty members enjoyed the fabulous Christmas party. Linda is collecting heart, star
and candy cane blocks.
Sandi Winston – Activities – Over 30 members need to sign up for the bus trip to Beaumont on Friday, February 12.
Details about the trip were shared.
Carol Ann Barley – Workshop Chair - Upcoming workshops were reviewed. A volunteer for Workshop Chair Elect is
needed. - Retreat – Details were shared about the retreat coming up on March 22-25 in Brenham.
Karen Shively – Quilt Show – Volunteers committee meets first Monday of each month at Quilt n Sew, except this Feb-
ruary when the meeting will be the second Monday. The show will need 100% participation from the guild by each mem-
ber volunteering to help as well as entering quilts in the miniature quilt auction and in the judged show.
Carol Kettlewell – Miniature Quilt Auction - Small auction quilts are needed for the quilt show. The theme is Holidays,
and the size is from 9 to 30 inches per side. All members are encouraged to donate a quilt to this auction.
Barbara Beck - Ways and Means – Nancie Roach announced that tickets are available for the quilt on display which
will be given away in March.
Linda Fletcher - Show and Share – Fifteen items were shown.
Carol Bell introduced the speaker Veronica Cox who gave a show and tell of her small and miniature quilts.
Carol DeGruy - Door prizes – Three items were given away.
President Nancie Roach adjourned the meeting at 12:16 pm.

Minutes submitted by Candy Horsley, secretary.
Volume 2, Issue 6                                                                                                    Page 6

    QUILTS FROM THE HEART                                                                            by Auian Ward

I hope all of you are relaxing and having fun making pretty quilts. An apple a day--they say--keeps the doctor away. A
quilt project a day--I know--keeps the stress away.

Thoughts of gratefulness always abound for all of you who give of your time and donation of supplies and ideas.

QUILT HUGS to: Barbara Baxter, Chris Ginkens, Ann Grant, Elizabeth Barrow,
Rita Czervinske, Linda Shepard, Wilma Al-uqdah, Carol Bell, Holly Keller, Tracy Chapman, Sabrina
Szymczyk, Dorothy Kelly, Nancie Roach, Trena Stephens, Joy Jackson, Karen Shively, Darleen Patin, Rosa
Newsome, Judy McNutt, Sandra White, Irma White, Margaret Keyworth, and Auian Ward.

FACT: We have over 150 members. Won't you consider quilting one top a month? When you receive your quilt top, there
is a label tucked in the band. Please stitch it to the backing during your quilt process or after.

Opportunities to help "Quilts from the Heart"

First Wednesday Bee: Held at Karen Shively's house each month. Bring your rotary cutter and mat to help with
matching fabrics and cutting to prepare kits for monthly Guild meeting.

HEB Sew Outing: Held the fourth Wednesday of each month @ store located on Hwy 6 @ Sienna Parkway. Bring sew-
ing machine, rotary cutter and mat, and rulers. Fabric and instructions are provided. We always have a great time
working on projects for QFTH.

Bo's Place: If you are interested in constructing a top using the blocks from this organization, let me know. Fabrics can
be supplied or you may use your fabric. Thanks to Penny Stanaford, Barbara Baxter, and Karen Shively for the two
quilts they completed.


Little Dresses for Africa--If you have gently used or new pillowcases to donate for this project, we are accepting them
to participate in making dresses for this charity. We will also be making "britches" for little boys. We made pillowcases
at our last HEB Sew Outing. You will receive more information on this as the project progresses.

1 Million Pillowcase Challenge--Unlike the project mentioned above--this involves MAKING pillowcases. Kits will be
available at the Guild meeting. Once you complete the project, return in the bag you received to QFTH as you do the
quilts. Pillowcases will then be delivered to Sunflower Quilts. We will keep a count of how many we donate.

Thank you for donating fabric, batting, batting scraps, orphan blocks, sewing supplies, and returning com-
pleted projects in a timely fashion. Don't forget to collect your ticket for completed items turned in which are good
toward the door prize drawings during the meeting.

I will not be at the February Guild meeting as I will be participating in a workshop. Well, I am off to work on my project
for the day.
Volume 2, Issue 6                                                                                   Page 7

    QUILTS FROM THE HEART (cont’d)                                                  by Auian Ward

                                                                           Members and friends of
                                                                           CPQG gathered at HEB,
                                                                           Hwy 6 and Sienna Park-
                                                                           way, for their monthly
                                                                           Quilts from the Heart
                                                                           Bee.    Here they have
                                                                           made pillowcases for our
                                                                           pillowcase project. It’s a
                                                                           great place and fun to
                                                                           sew there. Please join
                                                                           them on the 4th Wednes-
                                                                           day of each month, 10
                                                                           am until around 3 pm.

    LIBRARIAN                                                                 by Carol Kettlewell

After several weeks of not being able to get into the library site, it is now up and running again.
I have added about 40 books that were donated or bought with money received from your dona-
tions. It has been a lot of fun to go through the patterns that are being donated. If you have
patterns that you now realize you will never use again or never use the first time and they are
just sitting there staring at you, bring them to the library area at the next meeting. They are
out of your sight and not taking up room in your pattern boxes and I am sure that someone else
would love to have those patterns. We sell them for a dollar and use that money and the quar-
ters from the magazine sales to add new books to our library. Remember that we would love to
have all your back copies of quilt magazines since the patterns never go out of style….maybe
the fabric colors but that can be overcome.
Be sure and check out the new books shelf on the library page and e-mail me. I will bring the
book for you to the next meeting and have it in the magazine/pattern area – just look for the
crowd at the end of the hall. You never know what you will find that you just have to have.
Volume 2, Issue 6                                                                                Page 8

    REPRESENTATIVE AT LARGE                                                by Carole DeGruy

As usual our monthly meeting was a great time to visit with our “quilter” friends and catch up
on the newest techniques.

Be sure to check in your badge holder for your VIP JoAnne’s discount card as well as you 2009-
2010 Coastal Prairie Quilt Guild membership card.

    WAYS AND MEANS                                                             by Barbara Beck

        Generally speaking a Ways and Means committee is an entity that pursues ways for an
organization to raise funds so that it can meet its goals. The Ways and Means Committee’s goal
is to forward the objectives of Coastal Prairie Quilt Guild: education, and charitable activities.
        Remember when CPQG began guild members donated quilts each month to pay the cost
of our speakers. We had a quilt hanging each month. We are now hanging an Opportunity
Quilt every three or four months.
       My concern is the source of the Opportunity Quilts, and timing. Right now “Jigsaw Joy”
is hanging. In February or March we will hang “Polka Dots and Butterflies”. In July or August
we will hang the “2010 Christmas Quilt”. Is there a Bee that is making the 2010 Christmas
       During 2010 we will be making many charity quilts, the donation quilt for the Church,
30” quilts for CPQG to auction during our first quilt show, baskets to auction, and those three
(3) items that everyone makes and donates for the Church Bazaar. This might not be every-
thing, but it is all I know right now.
      We will continue to do everything we can to forward the objectives of the Coastal Prairie
Quilt Guild, and we sincerely thank all Guild members for their support and kind help.

    BEES                               by Elizabeth Barrow and Barbara Penning

I am again mentioning to all the bees that each bee is requested to make a really nice basket to
auction off at the CPQG quilt show in September. Your baskets are to be ready to turn in
in August. I would like each bee to let me know the theme of you baskets so that we may avoid
too many duplicate baskets. I will be looking forward to hearing from each bee soon.
Thanks, Elizabeth Barrow
Volume 2, Issue 6                                                                                                   Page 9

    “SEW” MUCH FUN                                                           by Linda Gremillion & Sandy Winston

Now on to our current activity a Mystery Quilt. The finished size of this quilt will be 38 inches by 52 inches. We
will be using bright color quilt shop quality fabric (no earth tones or pastels). This first block is finished size is 4 ¼
by 6 inches; if you want to participate and haven’t gotten a pattern just make any heart. Please make 7 blocks to
swap (place in a plastic bag with your name on it) and if you feel generous make an additional for QFTH. These
blocks were due at the January 2010 meeting and were will be passed back out at the February meeting. Let me
know if you would like to catch up and join in the fun. I know that many are wondering what this will be (and if
your like me you like to see the finished project first); but just trust me and have fun. We will be making seven
rows with one your are to make for yourself along with your borders so by September you will have all the blocks
you need along with assembly instructions (if you choose to follow them). Then hopefully we will have a show and
tell in Dec of 2010.
The second row to the Mystery Quilt was a 4 ½ inch block with a star on it. You will need to make 7 to swap (an
extra for QFTH if you like) remember bright colors. These blocks will be due in February and returned in March.
Pattern was available in January. Again, you may design your own star.
The third row is a cane; remember bright colors; this block’s finished size is 5 by 7 ½ inches. DO NOT REVERSE
this pattern. Make 6 (7 if generous); Block will be turned in to me in March and returned in April. Row four is
called a snowflake; make 6 to swap (7 if generous one for QFTH). This block is due in April.

DUE IN JANUARY                    DUE IN FEBRUARY               DUE IN MARCH                 DUE IN APRIL

    QUILT SHOW SILENT AUCTION                                          by Carol Kettlewell

I am so excited about our quilt show and I hope that you also are getting ready to participate in
all the opportunities being offered. I want to remind you of the auction quiltlet that we are ask-
ing each member to make for a money raising project during our quilt show. We are asking for
a small quilt that represents a season or special day to be made. Now this is not a big project –
it can be as small as 9” by 9” but no larger than 30” by 30” and must be a completed quilt with a
2” sleeve on the back. It can be pieced, appliqué, embroidery, or any other media that can be
quilted in some way. Your quilt can be heavily embellished or have none at all – whatever you
want to do but it must be a quilted project. Many of the clothing patterns in the library pattern
box have adorable little appliqué patterns that would be perfect for a project and of course there
are patterns in the older magazines that could be used. We will vote on our auction quilts dur-
ing our August meeting so you need to have those to me at or before that meeting. We will have
at least 4 really wonderful prizes to award at the end of the meeting. Remember we do the bus
trip in July so there is not a meeting that month. I, however, can usually be found at Quilter’s
Emporium on Thursday afternoons between 1 and 4.
  RETREAT                                                                  By Carol Ann Barley

                    Spring Retreat—March 22-25,
                            Heartland Country Inn, 9402 Palestine Road
                                           Brenham, Tx. 77833

Welcome to 3-4 days of beautiful countryside and no interruption for your sewing. Breakfast,
lunch, and dinner will be provided, you help by bringing snacks and sweets. If you eat the same
thing every morning, or need a specific diet, please bring your own items. Bring any soda, bottled
water or adult beverage of your choice. Coffee, tea, sheets and towels are provided during your

Before you arrive, please make a name tag so we can get to know each other. The rooms have 3-4
beds per room (you decide which one you want to sleep in). You may arrive after am.

Nancie is offering a Mystery Quilt to be started Tuesday afternoon or evening, so please check
her supply list. Many like to “do their own thing”- bring your projects and sew till your hearts
content! There are irons, boards, many electrical outlets, and wonderful lighting.

For just relaxing, there are chairs and a swing on the front porch, and gardens to wander thru.
Come and enjoy yourself! If you have any questions, please call Carol Ann/ Hm 281-762-
3590, Cell 832-423-3440.

              THE WORKROOM                                        THE LIVING QUARTERS

If you were unable to go last year, now is your chance. The area outside of Brenham is beauti-
ful! Our sewing area has great light and many plugs! The house has a large kitchen area and
the bedrooms are quaint. Come take a little time for yourself. All the information is on the web
site. If there are questions call: Carol Ann 281-762-3590

                   COQG Spring Quilt Retreat March 22-25, 2010
                                      Heartland Country Inn & Christian Retreat Center
                                          9402 Palestine Road, Brenham, Tx. 77833

Name __________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address __________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip ___________________________________________________________

Email Address ____________________________ Cell ___________________________

Home Phone _____________________________

Special Dietary needs _____________________________________________________________________

                                      PAYMENT INFORMATION
COST: 3 day/ 2 night, $155.00 or 4 day/ 3 night $198.00 is non-refundable unless filled by someone from the waiting
list and due at the time of registration. Please circle the desired retreat.

Dues must be current. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis and registration begins in January. Limit is
34 registrations.

Class: If interested, please check:
_______ Mystery Quilt

EMERGENCY CONTACT INFO: Name______________________________________

Relationship_______________________ Phone (cell-home-work) __________________

Alternate phone _____________________

Make payment to CPQG.

Mail To: Carol Ann Barley 4235 Lewis Creek Dr , Richmond Tx. 77406-7998

For CPQG use only: cash________ Check #_________ Amt.________ Date Rec’d_____
Page 12                                                                       THE MONARCH

                      COASTAL PRAIRIE QUILT GUILD
                                QUILT SHOWCASE

               SEPTEMBER 10-11, 2010 STAFFORD CENTRE

          MARK YOU CALENDAR!                      SAVE THE DATES!

              Monday, February 8th—1 p.m.
           Sew Contempo, Hwy 6, Missouri City
We need lots of help and many more leaders to pull this off. If you would like to get
involved please try to come to this meeting.
                       TAKE A QUILT SHOW DAY

                  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12,2010


              DEPART Tri-County show at 11:00am*
                          (*Times are approximate)

                                                                                     $40 MEMBER
                                                                                   $45 NON-MEMBER

                                                 CPQG QUIL
                                                                      T SHOW EX

SPACE IS LIMITED              Call Sandra Winston ASAP—281-530-8397

Join us on Friday, February 12, for a trip to two wonderful quilt shows put on by the Tri-County Guild
located up in Cypress and travel on to the Golden Triangle Quilt Guild show in Beaumont, Tx.. We will
leave Houston at 8 am, enjoy our ride on a charter bus (COACH BUSES ARE THE MOST RESPECTED
IN THE INDUSTRY), and travel to the Fairfield Baptist Church on Hwy 290. We will enjoy the show
there and then board our “limo” for the trip to Beaumont.
We plan to arrive at Beaumont show around 12:30 or 1pm, enjoy our potluck lunch and then spend 2
hours at the show before we board our bus home arriving back in Houston at/around 6 pm.
February 2010
Sun           Mon            Tue              Wed                      Thu             Fri                Sat
              1              2                3                        4               5                  6

                             Sugar Land Bee   Quilts From the Heart    Thurs Bee at    Sew Busy Bee at
                                              First Wed. Bee           Quilters Emp.   Quilters Cottage
                                              Pitts Road Piecers Bee
                                                                       New Territory   Bayland Quilt
                                                                       Quilt Group     Toppers

                                                                                       Bayland Quilt

7             8              9                10                       11              12                 13

              QUILT SHOW     Sugar Land Bee   Pitts Road Piecers       Thurs Bee at    2 QUILT SHOWS      Scattered Pieces
              COMMITTEE                                                Quilters Emp.   BUS TRIP           Bee
                                                                                       Sew Busy Bee at
              CONTEMPO 1PM                    EQ6 Group Mtg
                                                                                       Quilters Cottage

                                                                                       Bayland Quilt

14            15             16               17                       18              19                 20

                             Sugar Land Bee   Pitts Road Piecers       Thurs Bee at    Sew Busy Bee at
                                                                       Quilters Emp.   Quilters Cottage
                                              EQ6 Group Mtg
                                                                                       Bayland Quilt

21            22             23               24                       25              26                 27

                             Sugar Land Bee   Quilts from the          CPQG REGUALR    Sew Busy Bee at
                                              Heart Sew In HEB—        MEETING         Quilters Cottage
                                                                                       Bayland Quilt
                                              Pitts Road Piecers                       Toppers


Feb. 18th—Mystery block “STAR” due
March 18th—Mystery block “cane” due
March 22-24/25—Retreat
                     2009-2010 BOARD AND STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRS

     OFFICE              NAME             HOME         WORK/CELL               E-MAIL
President         Nancy Roach          713-771-6762   832-483-8544
VP Programs       Carol Bell           281-633-9915   713-516-4552
VP Membership     Barbara Baxter       281-242-5403   281-451-7624
Secretary         Candy Horsley        281-341-8309   713-851-2001
Treasurer         Sharon Blifford      281-776-0681   713-256-0525
Workshop Chair    Carol Ann Barley     281-762-3590   832-423-3440
Editor            Karen Shively        281-778-5965   832-693-2512
Rep at Large      Carole DeGruy        281-495-2641   281-507-5816
Programs Elect    Veronica Rutenberg   713-664-2590   713-504-1608

Workshop Elect    Rita Czervinske      281-438-0869        

Activities        Linda Gremillion     832-489-6564   832-489-6564
                  Sandra Winston       281-530-8397   281-744-2218
Advertising       Jane Hancock         281-469-3152   713-825-9290
Bee Coordinator   Elizabeth Barrow     713-436-0272        
                  Barbara Penning      713-436-0112   713-436-0112
Comforters        Auian Ward           281-778-8863   281-682-9177
Historian         Mark Towle           281-232-6344        
                  Linda Towle          281-232-6344   832-423-6839
Hospitality       Sharon Kralj         281-265-6155   281-703-5370
Librarian         Carol Kettlewell     281-495-3049        
Parliamentarian   Jill Kershner        713-468-8534   713-303-9147
Publicity         Mary Cox             281-208-5655
Quilt Show        Karen Shively        281-778-5965   832-693-2512
                  Barbara Baxter       281-242-5403   281-451-7624
                  Judy Yunkers         281-750-0477   713-817-5220

Retreats          Carol Ann Barley     281-762-3590   832-423-3440

Show & Share      Linda Fletcher       281-498-2019   281-451-2523

Ways & Means      Barbara Beck         281-568-4828        

Web Admin.        Karen Shively        281-778-5965   832-693-2512

Donation Quilt    Veronica Cox         281-462-0661   281-543-3989
                  Judy Yunkers         281-750-0477   718-817-5220
                                                                                                Page 16

                                                   Karen Shively
                                          Hm: (281) 778-5965          Cell: (832) 693-2512

                                           Edge to Edge Patterns       Freehand—Heirloom
                                          T-Shirt/Photo Quilts     Computer Guided Designs

                                                     Quick turn-around


                     Art 2 ART 2 LIVE W ITH! & YES, YOU C AN Q UILT !
                              Live With! & 2 Can Quilt!

Now accepting clients for 2010
                Nicole Rivera,
          acclaimed quilting artist,
            is now offering artful,
       hand-guided machine quilting
        inspiring private instruction

            Credit/debit cards accepted

            Phone: (281) 437-2822
                                                       Helping you to create Art 2 Live With!
                         Coastal Prairie
                         Quilt Guild of

      10630 Farmersville Fork
        Missouri City, Texas

        Phone: 281-778-5965

                                                    INFORMATION FOR
                 INTEREST                                YOU
                                                 Although we are continuing to
                                                 produce this newsletter please
           Be sure to check out our              use our website for your pri-
             FABULOUS!!! website                 mary reference regarding what
  for a complete listing of upcoming events of   is current and exciting at
          special interest to quilters!          Coastal Prairie Quilt Guild.
                                                 The website is updated regu-
                                                 larly and contains all of the in-
                                                 formation found in the newslet-
                                                 ter plus pictures and more. It
                                                 gives you access to all board
                                                 and committee members, to the
                                                 online library, and to the pic-
                                                 ture gallery with just a click of
                                                 your finger.      The website
                                                 should be your FIRST source
                                                 for information.

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