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									               Best Practices on

How & Why All Companies, Brands and Non-Profits
  Should Be Engaging With Customers and Fans
               Through Facebook

                Dave and Carrie Kerpen
                    May 20, 2009
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            The Shocking Truth
          As many people use social media as use email!

                          This number will only grow!
Email and Text Messaging data source 2008 MRI
Google data source to ComScore
Social media data source 2008 Cone Institute Study
In September 2008, a study on social media was
   completed by The Cone Institute. It found:

     184,000,000 Americans use social media.

     93% of those Americans believe that companies
     should have a presence on those social mediums

     85% believe that companies should not only be
     present, but should regularly interact with their
     customers on social media.
      What this means for
Word of Mouth will always be the best form of
      advertising for your organization.

Friends will always take advice from friends
But with Social Media, the definition
of Friends has changed drastically
Joining the conversation using

Why it s not a question of if but
    when you will join the
                              There are over 225 million users of Facebook,
                      many of whom spend time over 2 hours per day on the site.
It s not just for kids anymore! The most rapidly growing demos on the most rapidly growing social
                                       network are women 25-54!
                       Targeting opportunities are unparalleled! You can target by:
                             age, zip code, marital status, children, interests, and pets,
                               and hundreds of other keyword categories.
                                                                                      Facebook s natural virality
                                                                                       allows users to endorse
                                                                                     your center with the click of
                                                                                       a button to hundreds of
                                                                                            their friends.

                                                Your BUSINESS!
                                                Wild Waters All Natural Kids Drink
Is THIS a bad thing?
The Coca Cola Fairytale
Can Your Brand Afford To Be
Why Your Brand Cannot Afford To
      Be Brandjacked

     While it s a GREAT thing to have fans who
     LOVE your brand, you need to be able to
           interact, direct, and engage in
    conversations. The Facebook Public Profile
     is your public persona on a site with 225
    million ACTIVE users that expect to interact
                   with your brand.

The Public Profile

Your communication vehicle for your
customers, clients, fans, and contacts
 The Beauty of The Facebook
       Public Profile:

     Public Profiles Are


How Your Public      Fans

 Profile Works:
    A Brief         Callout
   Overview         Boxes

              Effective Use of Tabs

 Tabs can be customized, and can feature a different
application on each tab. A Facebook Public Profile now
      really acts as a microsite for your business.

Bonus! You can target social ads to hit different tabs of
                 your Public Profile!
The Settings Button Is Your Friend!

  Settings allow you to customize where fans and
   potential fans land when they find your page.

 People who already love you can see something
 different than people who are not yet your fans!

       This provides a unique opportunity
Speak Directly To Your Fans-To-Be
     Custom Landing Page
                     Custom space with a new
                   expanded width allows you to
                     welcome new fans with a
                     specific message geared
                          towards them.

                     Create coupons, contests,
                   offers, research papers, etc. -
                    VALUABLE content that they
                   receive when becoming a fan.
The Beautiful Boxes Tab
             Boxes Tab is chock full of your
             greatest stuff all your FBML,
               custom applications, and

               Allows users to have one
             space with a lot of your most
                important information.

               Hint: Not able to create a
              unique landing page for new
                   fans? Direct them
               to land on the boxes tab!
  The New Public Profile Wall
The Importance of Public Response
                     Follow the D.N.D. rule

                        DO NOT DELETE!

                   Unless a wall response has
                  hateful or offensive language,
                    the correct thing to do is

                      Respond publicly, and
                      individually message
                           a follow up.

                  Far more people are looking at
                     Public Profile walls than
                        former fan pages.
         And Don t Forget About:
           STATUS UPDATES!

                                     Companies can now update
                                      their statuses .and it will
                                     show up in the feeds of their

                                         Hint: Be Like-able

The new Public Profile allows an organization to experience
     the same instant viral effect that personal profiles
    have thus eliminating the unnatural friending of
   businesses that violate Facebook s Terms of Service.
Facebook Best Practices:

     Make your Public Profile a place filled with valuable content.
     Give your fans a reason to become fans.
     Use updates to ask questions and elicit response, not
     deliver press releases
     Engage fans through creative content
     Think of your page in terms of being for your fans, not being
     for your brand
     Hypertarget with Social Ads and with Updates
     Give fans reasons to post content on your profile page
     Worry less about developing a custom good application,
     and worry more about creating good conversation
     Monitor conversation
     Thank and respond to the positive
     Respond even more diligently to the negative!
10 Facebook Public Profiles Worth
      Paying Attention To:
Case Study: Aflac

                   It s not
               always about
                 the brand
         Case Study: NYC Dept. of Health***
(full disclosure- a *** indicates a client of theKbuzz)

Case Study: Papa John s

Case Study: H&M

             When a large
Case Study: Verizon***

                   AND fun!
Case Study: Watchmen

                Relevant and
Case Study: Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers***

                              Letting the
                               speak for
Case Study: Grey s Anatomy

Case Study: The Learning Tower***

Case Study   Skittles

                   All Sizzle
Beyond Your Public Profile
   Facebook Social Ads
                          Grow your fan
                         base beyond its
                           organic rate
                         using Facebook
                         social ads (with
                          social actions)
                         that link to your
How To Evaluate Your Work:
    Some things to do first.
                       Research your brand on Facebook.
                           Research your competitors.
                     Look at what you like and what you don t.
                          Develop your strategic vision.

                           Sketch out what you are looking to do.
                           Who do you want to reach, and what do
                          you want to tell them when they find you!
                            Hint: Get familiar with Static:FBML!

                          Facebook Social Ads: Now you
                          can link them to specific tabs on your
                          public profile!
Link to different TABS!    Hint: Test out some HIGHLY targeted ads
                                        to minimize cost
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