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                                                                     (Part 1)

                                       SET UP ADSENSE WEBSITES
                                           Thanks for purchasing ready made adsense websites.

 you can find 4 volumes of websites at download page, first extract all the folders. Now, you can see different types of
  folders of your ready made websites. First you need to change Adsense PUB ID before uploading any website to your
                                                      web server.

     Suppose, You have extracted volume 1 package, in this package your will see different folders. Now, let's assume you want to set
                                                        "Accounting" website.

Now, open "Accounting" folder, you will see different HTML pages in this folder. You will have to change your and replace Adsense PUB ID in
           order to perform your website well. Now, open index.html page in HTML edidor or you can open it using NOTEPAD.

                               You will see HTML code for your index.html file of your "Accounting" website.

                                    Scroll below and you will see pre defined adsense code as below...

                                                          "<script type="text/javascript"><!--
                                                         google_ad_client = "change-adsense";
                                                                   google_ad_width = 728;
                                                                    google_ad_height = 90;
                                                           google_ad_format = "728x90_as";
                                                                   google_ad_type = "text";
                                                                    google_ad_channel ="";
                                                          google_color_border = "FFFFFF";
                                                              google_color_bg = "FFFFFF";
                                                              google_color_link = "0000FF";
                                                               google_color_url = "008000";
                                                              google_color_text = "000000";
                                                                    <script type="text/javascript"


                              Now, you just need to replace text "change-adsense" with your adsense PUB ID.

             Suppose your Adsense PUB ID is "PUB12345859550" just replace it with the text "change-adsense". (Keep cotes).

                              Now, you need to replace every code with your Adsense PUB ID on every page.

        Wait, i will not recommend to this manually because it will take 1 or 2 months to replace and upload your websites properly.


Now, Download Search N Replace tool we have given at your download page. (OR Download It Here) After downloading it just run it
                                                      by clicking icon.

                                                      You will see following window...
                                                        Just update it what you want to update.

                   Now, in this case you have to update "change-adsense" (without cotes) text with your Adsense PUB ID.

                                                              Just enter in above software...

                                                               Search for - change-adsense

                                                   Replace with - PUB-13232894903  (Your PUB ID)

                                                                  file mask - *.html;*.txt

                    path - select path from your hard drive like -  c:\documents and setting\Desktop\volume1\Accounting

                                      This process will totally update your all pages in the selected directory.

                                                                       That's it...

You have updates all the web pages and you are ready to upload your website to your web server.


                                                                          (Part 2)

                              Upload Your Websites To Your Server
                            I have told your before on my sales page -

  we must have realible hosting provider to perform these websites well. If you don't have realible hosting provider or
   searching for cheap hosting which will allow you to host unlimited domains with unlimited sub-domains then i will
recommend HostGator . You purchase hosting with Hostgator for 1 cent only for your first month. Just use Coupon Code 
as "wordpress" or "404PAGE" (without cotes). We will use sub-domains to upload all the sites. suppose your domain is
    then we will upload whole package by creating sub-domains for example

              Let's assume, you have hosting account. Now, login at your hosting account and go to CPANEL.

                     Now, At CPANEL you will see different sections there. Now look for Domains Section.

                                                             Domains -> Sub-Domains

                                      Now click sub domains option and you will following window.
            Just add name to your sub domain and select your parent domain, define the document root directory and that's it.

                  You can have created sub domain for your website now, we need to upload website to this sub-domain.

            Now, we have created sub-domain for topic "accounting" and we have sub-domain as

                   Now, all we need to upload our website package to document root of our newly created sub-domain.

  Previously we have update Adsense website package and replace Adsense PUB-ID and just we have created sub-domain to launch our

            Now, all we need to upload our website package ("Accounting") to the sub-domain (


                           The document root of is public_html/accounting Right?

                                        Now, just upload your updated site to this folder and run it.

(Tip : Either Use Your File Manager In Your CPanel or use third party client to upload the folder to your server. You can also take help from
             Your hosting provider or also ask for help from me. I am available any time. Just contact me at

                                  Hurray, you have your own ready made adsense website now.

                                          Repeat this process for every website package.

                                                 It's really fun to earn money online.




                                                                                                                                     Ram Gunjal,


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