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					        BLONDE BULLET
                    Published by the Alberta Blonde d’Aquitaine Association
           Welcome from the President                     I didn’t get around to many Breeders herds this
                                                          year. Another little one in the family, and without
           2009 had it’s challenges, but we are
                                                          our French exchange student (Damien) things
           already looking forward to 2010. Al-
                                                          were a little busier this summer. However, my wife
           berta Blondes have started the largest
                                                          Michelle and I did manage to make a trip to the
           bull test that we have had in a few
                                                          East this fall. We attended the Cream of the Crop
years, and we are hosting the National Conven-
                                                          sale in Ontario and the National Convention in
tion in November. It has been a few years since
                                                          Quebec. October is a beautiful time of year in the
Alberta has had a Blonde show, or hosted the Na-
                                                          East, and we had a great time visiting several
tional. We are treating this event as a way to
                                                          good herds of cattle, and meeting some great
showcase our cattle to the industry as well as fel-
                                                          people. It was nice to put some faces to names
low Blonde breeders. I encourage all of our mem-
                                                          and see some people that I hadn’t seen in a few
bers to participate in this event, and to tell a lot of
                                                          years. Hopefully we’ll see some of you here in
people about it; everyone is welcome. More infor-
                                                          November 2010 so we can return the hospitality.
mation can be found throughout this publication.
                                                                                                Reed Rigney

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               Annual General Meeting
The Alberta Blonde Association held it’s annual meeting on Saturday, November 28th in Leduc, Al-
berta. The major topics of discussion were promotion and marketing as well as the 2010 Canadian
National Show, Sale and Meeting which Alberta is hosting. There were three openings on the Board;
thank you to Sharon Breitkreuz and Ken Mackenzie for returning to the Board, and welcome to Art
Breitkreuz our newest Board member. Reed Rigney will continue in his role as President and Asso-
ciation contact, Ken Mackenzie continues as Vice-President and Dave Kamelchuk continues as
Treasurer. A complete listing of the directors, and their contact information can be found on the back
page of this publication.
How to effectively market ourselves was discussed at length. Print advertising is very expensive, and
has to be put in front of prospective buyers on a consistent basis. It was decided that until our fi-
nances are stronger we will focus our promotions on bull congresses. We will be attending the Cam-
rose and Westlock bull congresses, and possibly one in Olds if the event is held. We will be doing
some print advertising as well, however it will be timed more closely with the National Convention in
November of 2010.
The National is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase the breed and our individual operations.
As mentioned earlier we will be increasing our advertising to attract as many cattleman that are in-
terested in Blondes (cattle) as possible. We will also be doing some fundraising to pay for that extra
advertising and to strengthen our back account for upcoming years. Art & Sharon Breitkreuz have
donated a polled Fullblood heifer to the association as a fundraising project, and we thank them im-
mensely for that donation.

                             Steve & Shirley Jackson
                           RR#1 Westerose, Alberta T0C 2V0
                               Phone: (780) 586-2800

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  “I am for sale and am
  a double polled full                                            “I am for sale and also
  blood bull”                                                     a double polled full
                           Art & Sharon Breitkreuz                blood bull”
                                     Box 11
                                Carnwood , AB
                                    T0C 0W0
                               Ph; 780-542-2378
                              Cell; 780-514-6651

David & Janet Kamelchuk
Ellscott, Alberta
780 675-1227

            Fullblood and Purebred
            Polled and Horned
                                                       Little Creek Ustis 1U – Polled Fullblood

                                           Yearling bulls for sale - currently on
                                              test at Cattleland, Strathmore
                                          Bred heifers for sale fall 2010 - watch
                                          for us at the 2010 National Show and
                                                        Sale in Olds

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 Alberta Hosts National Blonde Convention
The 2010 National Blonde Convention will be held in Olds, Alberta at the Cow Palace from November
19-21. The event will have a show, sale and the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Blonde
d’Aquitaine Association. We are expecting cattle and breeders from across Canada., and all other cattle-
men and women are invited to check out the Blonde breed as well.
Thursday and Friday will be move-in and set-up days. Cattle must be stabled in the barn by Friday at
noon. A clipping crew will be on site both days to assist exhibitors in making their animals more present-
able for the event. For those exhibitors with long haul cattle we can also arrange for them to be cared for
prior to and at the show. If you would like to use any of these services please let us know when making
your entries.
Saturday is the big day. The show starts in the morning followed by the sale in the afternoon. We will be
auctioning off chances to win a polled Fullblood heifer donated by Arsha Blondes at the sale. Lunch will
be provided during the show, and snacks & beverages prior to the sale. As stated before we encourage
the general cattle public to attend this day to learn more about the breed, and meet the breeders of
Blonde cattle. Following the sale, and after a quick clean-up, there will be a banquet hosted at an off site
location still to be determined.
Sunday will focus on the Canadian Blonde Association AGM. Financials and policy will be discussed as
well as new or retuning members welcomed to the Board of Directors. Following the meeting cattle and
exhibitors will be dismissed from the barns (sale cattle may leave following the sale on Saturday night).
Of course it takes a lot of time, effort and money to run an event of this magnitude. If anyone would like
to volunteer their time to help, or sponsor part of the event it would be greatly appreciated.

                                                                      Continued on the next page…..

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National continued …..
For those of you coming from out of town there are many things to see and do very close by. The Rocky
Mountains and world class skiing are close by. There are several Blonde breeders within easy driving
distance and there should be bulls on test at Cattleland Feedyards north of Strathmore (NE of Calgary).
For those looking for something more urban, Calgary is a short drive to the south.
If you would like more information on exhibiting at, attending or sponsoring the event please contact the
Alberta Blonde Association, or Reed Rigney.
The schedule of events is as follows:
Friday November 19
8 a.m. – Noon    Arrival & Stalling of cattle (cattle start arriving on Thursday)
7 p.m. – 10 p.m. Hospitality Suite at the Olds Best Western
Saturday November 20
10 a.m. – Noon    National Blonde d’Aquitaine Show; Female Section
Noon – 1 p.m.     Lunch
1 p.m. – 2 p.m.   National Blonde d’Aquitaine Show; Male Section
2 p.m. – 4 p.m.   Pre-Sale Hospitality
4 p.m. – 6 p.m.   National Blonde d’Aquitaine Sale
7 p.m. - Midnight Banquet
Sunday November 21
10 a.m. – Noon  National Blonde d’Aquitaine Annual General Meeting
Noon – 1 p.m.   Lunch
1 p.m. – 3 p.m. National Blonde d’Aquitaine Annual General Meeting continued
4 p.m.          Release of cattle (following AGM)

              Your Blonde Semen Source
  “Blackwater Ainsley” New genetics from England.
We also have an extensive selection of semen and em-
bryos from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s for sale.
Please contact us for more information, or download the
colour catalogue available on our website.

        Yearling bulls available for summer 2010, and Two year old bulls available for 2011 breeding season.
        We also have a group a Polled Purebred females for sale in 2010.
                                                           Reed & Michelle Rigney and Family
                                                                   Westlock, Alberta
                                                                  Ph: (780) 348-5308
                                                                 Cell: (780) 307-2702

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Alberta Blonde Bulls on Test at Strathmore
Blonde bulls are back in force at the Alberta Blonde Association bull test at Cattleland Feedyards
near Strathmore, Alberta. Six Blonde breeders contributed 27 bulls for the test. Thank You to Harry
Nauenburg for doing the leg work to get the test up and running, and to all those that contributed
The bulls have been divided into two groups to be indexed separately because of their age differ-
ence. There are Fullblood, Purebred and Percentage bulls in the test, both polled and horned. They
were delivered in mid-November for a warm-up period to let them adjust to new surroundings, new
feed and to help even out some of the environmental weight differences of the bulls before the test
started. The official test started December 18th, 2009 and will conclude approximately April 10th,
2010. We have included the 28 day results on the next page along with contact information for each
of the contributors. It is apparent from the 28 day results that some of the bulls are still experiencing
some compensatory gain following a hard summer (drought). The bulls are being fed for 3.5 lbs of
gain/day and averaged 4.19 (Test #1) and 3.71 (Test #2), with some bulls gaining over 5 lbs/day.
We will be posting updated results after each weigh day, as well as posting some pictures of the
bulls later in the test period on our website. If you would like to have the results sent directly to you,
please contact Reed Rigney. Bulls will be available for purchase by private treaty, so if you are inter-
ested in any of the bulls on test contact the contributor, the Alberta Blonde Association or William
Torres at Cattleland Feedyards.
.   Alberta Blonde Association             Reed Rigney                   Cattleland Feedyards
    780-222-5535                           780-348-5308                  William Torres                        403-934-4030                                

                      Blonde d'Aquitaine cattle since 1988
        Breeding and selecting for quality in Fullblood, Purebred, horned and polled Blondes

Yearling and                                                                          Heartwoods
Two Year old                                                                          EyeCatcher
bulls for Sale                                                                        10E - R12531
                                                                                       semen for
                               HCN Nitro 16N a 2003 son of Eye Catcher
                              Harry, Connie and Ryan Nauenburg
                                RR # 2 Strome, Alberta T0B 4H0
                                      Phone: 780-376-2184

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 2009-2010 Alberta Blonde d’Aquitaine Bull Test
             28 day Report - January 15, 2010           Cattleland Feedyards - Strathmore, Alberta
              Pen Number: C44          Number of Bulls: 27         Test Start: December 18, 2009

                                                                           ADJ ADG
TAG               BIRTH     HORN                                 BIRTH DAM 205 BIRTH- START 28 DAY TEST TEST WPDA WPDA
 #     TATTOO     DATE    % TYPE              SIRE                WGT AGE WGT SOT      WGT WGT ADG INDEX ADG INDEX

Arsha Blondes - Art & Sharon Breitkreuz - Carnwood, AB - (780) 542-2378 (WHITE TAGS)
 87   BSA 119W    Jan-08 FB    P     RHEO Lancaster 113L           105    6 725   3.02   1109 1251 5.07    121   3.36   111
 88   BSA 248W    Feb-02 FB    P        Arsha Lava 103L             91    3 733   3.13   995 1104 3.89      93   3.18   105
 89   BSA 167W    Feb-02 FB    P       Rosepark Titan 2T            82    3 605   2.55   808   885 2.75     66   2.55    84
Little Creek Blondes - Dave & Janet Kamelchuk - Ellscott, AB - (780) 675-1227 (BROWN TAGS)
100   LCB 105W    Feb-22 75    P          Harmonieux               100   10 628   2.65   845   987 5.07    121   3.02   100
Spruce Vale Blondes - Steve & Shirley Jackson - Westerose, AB - (780) 586-2800 (PURPLE TAGS)
254    SSJ 29W    Jan-06 PB    P     West Winds Reno 13R            95   10 652   2.72   1002 1119 4.18    100   2.99    99

Harcon Stock Farm - Harry & Connie Nauenburg - Strome , AB - (780) 376-2184 (YELLOW TAGS)
 39    HCN 5W     Mar-24 PB    P   Arsha's Polled Pasture Boss     100    6 741   3.13   904 1021 4.18     112   3.44   117
 40   HCN 163W Mar-31 PB       P   Arsha's Polled Pasture Boss     105    9 664   2.73   787   890 3.68     99   3.07   104
 41   HCN 123W    Apr-05 94    P         HCN Nitro 16N              79   11 528   2.19   616   661 1.61     43   2.32    79
Arsha Blondes - Art & Sharon Breitkreuz - Carnwood, AB - (780) 542-2378 (WHITE TAGS)
 90   BSA 02W     Mar-04 FB    P        Arsha Lava 103L             90    5 609   2.53   791   940 5.32    144   2.97   101
Little Creek Blondes - Dave & Janet Kamelchuk - Ellscott, AB - (780) 675-1227 (BROWN TAGS)
 98   LCB 101W    Mar-21 FB    H       Arsha's Sloan 65R            98    7 599   2.46   734   857 4.39    119   2.88    97
 99   LCB 201W    Mar-13 FB    P       Arsha's Sloan 65R            99    3 641   2.65   758   3.68 3.68    99   2.80    95
Willow Springs Stock Farm - Reed & Michelle Rigney - Westlock, AB - (780) 348-5308 (ORANGE TAGS)
169   WSS 21W     Apr-30 FB    H      Triple C Evader 57R          ET    ET 721   3.03   766   867 3.61     97   3.33   113
170   WSS 27W     May-02 FB    H          WSS Mighty               ET    ET 682   2.97   721   828 3.82    103   3.21   109
171   WSS 28W     May-03 FB    H      Triple C Evader 57R          ET    ET 684   2.91   719   839 4.29    116   3.26   111
172   WSS 30W     May-03 FB    H      Triple C Evader 57R          ET    ET 669   2.85   703   809 3.79    102   3.15   107
173   WSS 39W     May-07 FB    H          WSS Mighty               ET    ET 633   2.62   654   738 3.00     81   2.92    99
174   WSS 45W     May-11 FB    H          WSS Mighty               ET    ET 720   2.96   732   823 3.25     88   3.31   112
175   WSS 57W     May-16 FB    H      Triple C Evader 57R          ET    ET 663   2.67   660   736 2.71     73   3.02   102
Shambani Blondes - Colin & Felicity Manuel - Rocky Mountain House, AB - (403) 845-4914 (BLUE TAGS)
246   SHAM 55W Mar-28 PB       P    Chevland Trombone 51T           92    6 666   2.80   801   944 5.11    138   3.22   109
247   SHAM 13W May-02 PB       P    Chevland Trombone 51T           98   12 665   2.77   701   831 4.64    125   3.22   109
248 SHAM 221W Apr-12 PB        P      Shambani Rufus 14R            90    9 579   2.39   658   773 4.11    111   2.78    94
249   SHAM 5W     Apr-08 PB    P      Shambani Rufus 14R            84    9 614   2.59   710   785 2.68     72   2.76    94
250   SHAM 6W     May-03 PB    H   Chevland Touchdown 312T         106    6 681   2.81   715   829 4.07    110   3.23   109
Spruce Vale Blondes - Steve & Shirley Jackson - Westerose, AB - (780) 586-2800 (PURPLE TAGS)
255    SSJ 35W    Mar-26 PB    P     West Winds Reno 13R            89   10 474   1.88   568   670 3.64     98   2.27    77
256    SSJ 39W    Apr-01 PB    P    West Winds Superb 155S          87   13 542   2.22   640   741 3.61     97   2.56    87
257    SSJ 31W    Apr-04 PB    P     West Winds Reno 13R            90    9 537   2.18   626   728 3.64     98   2.55    86
258    SSJ 36W    Mar-31 PB    P     West Winds Reno 13R            91   10 572   2.35   678   752 2.64     71   2.59    88

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             Blonde Breeders of Alberta & B.C.
                                      Colin & Felicity Manuel                  Shirley Bilton & Myrna Flesch
Art & Sharon Breitkreuz               Shambani Farms                           West Wind Blondes
Arsha Blondes                         Rocky Mountain House, AB                 Stavely, AB
Carnwood, AB                          403-845-4914                             403-549-2371
780-542-2378                          Email:           Email:
Email:                                                        Web:
                                      Harry & Connie Nauenburg                       westwind
Steve & Shirley Jackson               Harcon Stock Farm
Spruce Vale Blondes                   Strome, AB                               Wayne Worthington
Westerose, AB                         780-376-2184                             Bowden, AB
780-586-2800                          Email:        403-224-5482
Email:                                                        Email:
                                      Reed & Michelle Rigney
David & Janet Kamelchuk               Willow Springs Stock Farm                Dororthy Young - Markwood Farm
Ellscott, AB                          Westlock, AB                             Cochrane, AB
780-675-1227                          780-348-5308                             403-932-2419
Email:       Email:
                                      Web:                    BRITISH COLUMBIA
Stan & Sarah Konschuh
Westlane Farms                        Cathy Srayko                             Jo-Lyn Ranch
Didsbury, AB                          True North Ranch                         Greenwood, BC
403-335-4368                          Fairview, AB                             250-445-6401
Email:     780-835-4964
Web:            Email:                   Karl & Ann Musgrove
                                                                               Kam Blondes
Ken Mackenzie                         Dennis & Lyndon Szott                    Charlie Lake, BC
Mackenzie's Ag. Enterprises           Denlyn Farms                             250-262-3278
Drayton Valley, AB                    Daysland, AB
780-542-2268                          780-373-2164
Email:                Email:

                                                Box 5959
                                       Westlock, Alberta, Canada
                                                T7P 2P7
                                             (780) 222-5535

                                              Board of Directors
     President/Office Contact - Reed Rigney                 Treasurer - Dave Kamelchuk
     Vice President - Ken Mackenzie                         Recording Secretary - Shirley Jackson

        Art          Breitkreuz             780-542-2378        
        Sharon       Breitkreuz             780-542-2378        
        Shirley      Jackson                780-586-2800        
        David        Kamelchuk              780-675-1227        
        Ken          Mackenzie              780-542-2268        
        Harry        Nauenburg              780-376-2184        
        Reed         Rigney                 780-348-5308        

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