Lesson Plan in Teaching Writing (Problem-Solution Text) using the Process Genre Approach by JohnAmbas


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									I.    Objective
                 Identify the problems and the proposed solutions mentioned in the text
                 Point out signal words and modals used in the text and identify its roles in
                  the text
                 Write their own problems and solutions regarding the chosen topic
                 Write a problem solution text based on the given text

II. Subject matter
      Genre:           Expository Text (Problem-Solution Essay)
      Model Text: ‘Environmental Protection and Flood Management’ by Sen. Villar
      Reference: Villar, Senator Manny. "Environmental Protection and Flood Management |
                       The Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online." Mb.com.ph | The Manila
                       Bulletin Newspaper Online. 27 Oct. 2007. Web. 07 Mar. 2011.

      Materials:       pictures manifesting different kind of problems in the society and
                       environment, brochures of certain social issues, copy of the model
                       text, worksheets

      III. Procedure

                 Teacher’s Activity                           Students’ Activity

     Good Morning Class!

     A. Preparation

     How was your day class?                       (Students will answer.)

     I want to know class, what are the things     (Students will answer.)
     that really bothers you? Like, what are
     the things that give you problems?

     Okay, thank you, now, whenever you            (Students will answer.)
     feel bothered or you have certain
     problems, what do you usually do?

     Do you think, that will eventually solve or
     lessen that problem of yours?

     Thank you for answering and sharing.          (Students will give their own ideas.)

     So now, we are going to have an activity.     (Students will be grouped.)
     I will divide the class into 5. Ok, count 1
     to 5.

     Now, I will be giving each group a set of
     pictures which illustrates several issues
     here in our country.
     (The teacher gives the pictures)
I will also be giving you cutout
words/phrases which states several
reactions you can do to a certain
problem picture.

Now I want you to first rank the pictures
from the most critical problem/issue to
the least one.

After ranking, I want you to now choose
the best reaction possible to the given

Each group will present to the class what
they have chosen and why did they
choose that. Now I will be giving you
enough time to do this activity. Are the
instructions clear?

(The teacher will roam around.)               (The groups will now start.)

After several minutes...

Okay class, you will now present your         (The groups will now present their
answers in the class.                         answers.)

Ok. Very good! Thanks for answering.

So what do you noticed?

Yes, these pictures have relationships to
one another. And what do you call the
relationship wherein one states the
problem and then another scenario
proposes a solution?

Yes. Very good!

Ok class, now return to your seats.

B. Modeling/Reinforcing
As what the groups presented, there can
be solutions to every problem and it may
vary to the person proposing it. Now I
want you to look at the article I’ll be

(Teacher gives the article)
                                              (Students will browse the article.)
On your second reading, I will give you a
worksheet which will help you identify the
problems and solutions mentioned so
please pay attention to the article. I want
you to write problems and then the
solution mentioned in the text. Are the
instructions clear?
                                              (Students will now read the article as
                                              they take down important notes and the
(teacher gives the worksheet – see            causes and effects mentioned.)
worksheet 1)
So what do you noticed with the text           (Students will answer.)

How are you able to know if the author         (Students will answer.)
states a problem and how are you able
to identify the sentences which propose
a solution?

Right. There are certain words which
signals if a statement is a problem or a

(The teacher will discuss signals words
and modals)

C. Planning

Now, I want you return to your previous        (The groups will      discuss/brainstorm
groups and I want you to go back to the        about their topic.)
picture you have chosen as the most
critical issue and discuss to your group
and I want you to relate it to your own life
and the community. You can also check
out the brochures I’ve brought regarding
your chosen issue. With this, think of the
problems it bring to the community and
the possible moves and solutions 
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