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					Todos Santos
Todos Santos is approximately 50 miles north of Cabo San Lucas on highway 19 (South Baja map). This
is a beautiful one-hour drive through the mountains and along the ruggedly beautiful Pacific coast. This
small town has a history dating back to the early 1700s and was originally the location of a Jesuit mission
and plantations that produced sugar cane and mangos. At one time this area supported eight sugar
mills. Today Todos Santos is known for being somewhat of an artists colony with several shops featuring
the work of local artists. Todos Santos is also known for the quality of the local fresh fruits
and vegetables, hand made furniture and some good surfing nearby. Todos Santos is a nice stop on a
one-day tour of the southern tip of Baja California Sur. Browsing the colorful shops and lunch at one of
the outstanding restaurants will prove to be time well spent.

La Paz
La Paz is located on the Sea of Cortez, 100 miles north of Cabo San Lucas and is the capital of the state
of Baja California Sur. La Paz, originally a pirate's haven is the states largest city. Italian missionaries
built a church in La Paz over 500 years ago. A trip to La Paz is a full day excursion which should include
shopping, just strolling along the malecon and lunch on the beach or in one of the many seaside
restaurants. You may want to plan an extra night into your itinerary just to enjoy one of the famous La
Paz sunsets, which can be some of the most picturesque seen anywhere. The beaches north of La Paz
include some incredible coves where you will easily put the rigors of reality far behind you. Carnival in La
Paz, held on the six days before Ash Wednesday, is one giant party with colorful parades, street
dancing, carnival rides, entertainment, games and a great family atmosphere.

Miraflores is a quaint little town approximately 25 miles north of San Jose del Cabo. This town is
several hundred years old. Miraflores is known in the area for the quality of the local leather products and
the natural Hot Springs located just outside of town. The Miraflores area also produces some of the most
incredible sweet basil to ever come out of mother earth. This is a quiet, relaxing drive and a great way to
spend that extra 1/2 day by taking in a bit of the local history and enjoying the unusually lush
surroundings. The combination of a trip to Miraflores and then proceeding on to Santiago for lunch
makes for an enjoyable and relaxing getaway.

Santiago is a small down-to-earth town approximately 35 miles north of San Jose del Cabo and just 1
1/2 miles north of the Tropic of Cancer. Santiago dates back to 1723 when an Italian padre built a
mission there. The area is known for farming, fruit orchards and a small zoo, the only one in Southern
Baja. There is also a small, very rustic, museum (open ??) containing colonial artifacts and local fossils.
There are many working farms and ranches in the area, so do not be too surprised if you see some real
cowboys in this area. This area offers the option of great day hikes into the mountains.

Buena Vista - Los Barriles
Excellent sport fishing, windsurfing and the tranquility of the beaches have made this area of the East
Cape famous. Development is creeping in, but at the normal Baja pace...SLOW. Several resort hotels
line the shore of the Sea of Cortez offering those who prefer a more secluded vacation a comfortable
alternative to Los Cabos. There are some interesting side trips to be made (nearby cave paintings and
hikes up into the Sierra de La Laguna mountains), some of which need the services of a local guide. To
the north of Los Barriles, along a sometimes treacherous road you will discover some incredible beaches
and a couple of "very remote" beach resorts. Los Barriles is a great lunch or early dinner stop if you are
on a day trip from Los Cabos. 45 miles north of San Jose del Cabo.

San Bartolo
San Bartolo is a scenic tropical village, complete with thatched roof homes, 10 miles north of Los Barriles
as you begin your climb into the hills. This is a great place to stop and buy mangos, avocados, locally
made candies and some of the most incredible of the local treats, fruit filled empanadas. A large, spring
fed, arroyo runs along the base of the valley, and provides this pleasant town with a bountiful fresh water

San Antonio
San Antonio, a mining town in times past, is 18 miles north of San Bartolo. Silver was discovered here in
1748. San Antonio served briefly as the capital of South Baja in 1829 when Loreto was destroyed by a
hurricane. It is hard to believe that this small town once had a population of 10,000. The unusual church,
many old buildings and the remains of the exhausted mines make San Antonio an ideal "out of the
ordinary" photo stop. The large smoke stack from one of the abandoned mines, which is dated 1890,
dominates the town skyline.

El Triunfo
Another small mining town 4 1/2 miles north, El Triunfo is still home to some small scale miners who work
the local mountains. Gold and silver were first discovered here in 1862. A hurricane in flooded all of the
local mines and the area was soon after left almost deserted. There is talk of some larger mining
operations returning to El Triunfo. The local economy is now almost totally based around the basket
weaving co-op which sells the local fare in a couple of small shops. Take a look, if you can find them
open, they have some very nice merchandise. A few of the town's old buildings, have been, or are in the
process of being, restored.

From El Triunfo you need to make a decision on weather to continue on or head back to Los Cabos.
After you leave El Triunfo you can continue on another 12 miles where you will meet the Junction with
Highway 19. From here you can continue straight to La Paz or head south to Todos Santos and back to
Cabo San Lucas.

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