Best Practices for Asset Management by PaulyDeacon


									             Best Practices for Asset Management
                           Assessment Condition Assessment (ACA)
                                   Risk Assessment (RA)
                                  Business Planning (BA)

Asset demographics are not always a good indicator of true asset condition. Internal stakeholders
and regulators require documented justification for expenditures. This course will provide Utility
Engineers and Line Management with the knowledge, skills and process to perform Asset
Condition Assessment (ACA) and Risk Assessment (RA) to justify capital and maintenance
expenditures to internal and external decision makers. Only a legitimate health-indexing process
can lead to the accurate determination of an optimal timing and cost-benefit ratio. Kinectrics’
proven methodology is fully compliant with the Gold Standard of Asset Management Programs
outlined in BSI PAS 55 and has been used by numerous, large, fully-integrated utilities as well as
regional and municipal utilities.

Course Outline:
Introduction – What is Asset                         Module 5 – Determining Remaining
Management?                                          Life
    •   Asset Management Overview                        •   Estimating Probability of Failure from
    •   Equipment Focused and Business Planning              Health Index
        Focused Asset Management                         •   Determining Effective Age
    •   Kinectrics’ Expertise                            •   Calculating Remaining Life

Equipment Focused Asset Management                   Module 6 – Optimal Economic Life
                                                         •   Establishing Consequences and Cost of
Module 1 – Definitions and Overall ACA                   •   Risk Matrix
Process                                                  •   Risk Cost
    •   Health Index                                     •   Cost Benefit Analysis
    •   Condition Parameters
    •   Condition Parameters Score
                                                     Module 7 – Capital & Maintenance
    •   Condition Parameters Factors
    •   Condition Grades                             Plans
    •   Condition Criteria                               •   Optimal Replacement Timing and Capital
    •   ACA Process Steps                                    Plan
                                                         •   Maintenance Scheduling and Plan
                                                         •   Overriding Corporate and Financial
Module 2 – Identifying and Prioritizing                      Issues
Asset Groups
    •   Identifying Asset Populations
    •   Prioritizing Asset Groups
    •   Selecting Assets for Condition Assessment
                                                     Business Planning Focused Asset
Module 3 – Condition Data and Criteria               Management
    •   Establishing Condition Parameters and
        Condition Parameter Factors
    •   Identifying Condition Data Requirements       Module 8 - Investments Prioritization
    •   Collecting Available Condition Data              •   Business Values
    •   Selecting Sample Size                            •   Key Performance Indicators
                                                         •   Planning Indices
Module 4 – Formulating and Computing                     •   Investment Levels for each Asset
Health Indices                                               Category
    •   Health Index Formulation – Weighting and         •   Optimizing risk vs investment across
        Scoring                                              different Asset Categories
    •   Health Indexing for Replacement or
    •   Field Auditing of Asset Condition
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       Best Practices for Asset Management

Module 9 – Asset Management Plan
   •   Plan Components
                                                    Who Should Attend?
   •   Investment Buckets                           This course is designed for:
   •   Investments Integration
                                                    •   Utility Asset Managers
   •   Short-term and Long-term Plans
                                                    •   Utility Engineers
Module 10 – PAS 55                                  •   First Line Management
   •   What is PAS 55
   •   PAS 55 certification
                                                    Key Benefits:
Module 11 – Business Planning                       •   Apply Kinectrics’ ACA, RA & BA to
Forecasting Tool (BPFT)                                 your utility
   •   What is BPFT                                 •   Create Health Indices and Risk
   •   Methodology                                      Matrices for major asset classes
   •   Uses                                         •   Develop defensible Capital and
                                                        Maintenance Plans
Module 12 - Performance Metrics
   •   What is Performance Metrics
   •   Examples
                                                    One day $750 + GST
                                                    Complimentary lunch & coffee breaks

                                                                Stephen Cress, P. Eng

                                                                Stephen Cress is the Manager of
                                                                Kinectrics’ Transmission &
                                                                Distribution departments. He is a
                                                                recognized expert in Asset
                                                                Condition Assessment (ACA) and
                                                                Risk Assessment (RA) and has
                                                                been the Project Lead for ACA
                                                                and RA projects across North
                                                                Yury Tsimberg, P.Eng.

                                                                Yury Tsimberg is a Director of
                                                                Asset Management at Kinectrics
                                                                Inc. He has managed the
                                                                development and implementation
                                                                of a number of Asset Management
                                                                tools and is a recognized expert in
                                                                applying Asset Management
                                                                techniques and methodologies to
                                                                utility business practices.

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