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Green Globe Membership


									Green Globe Membership


       As a Green Globe Member your business enjoys a multitude of benefits:

    ⇒ Immediate access to the Green Globe Certification System
       Full access to the online system to review all criteria for certification. Businesses can immediately begin evaluation and certification by
       uploading documentation that addresses the criteria and assigns tasks to staff throughout the organization. Determine your own timeline for
       the certification process. A comprehensive budgeting program to plan investment in new solution to improve sustainability performance.

    ⇒ A copy of the Green Globe Certification Criteria
       Receive a copy of the Standard detailing all criteria. This document can be used internally by businesses for planning and training purposes.

    ⇒ The Green Globe Environmental Trainings Program
       A comprehensive program based on tutorials which instruct management and staff on how they can achieve sustainability for the business
       and in their communities. The program teaches the importance of sustainability and why it has become a global movement for better

    ⇒ Updated Certification Criteria
       International standards for sustainability are constantly developing to drive improved environmental performance and greater social
       commitment via its international partnerships. Green Globe is at the forefront of this process and keeps its members up-to-date with the latest
       recognized criteria. Green Globe members are assured of always being the ‘greenest’ travel and tourism business.

    ⇒ Listings as “Green Globe Member” on all Green Globe websites
       Green Globe Members are immediately recognized as being committed to better environmental and social outcomes.

    ⇒ Access to accredited Green Globe Consultants and Auditors to pursue certification
       Choose from one of our professional consultants to help you through the certification process. A complete list of accredited auditors is
       available to choose from to have your certification independently audited. (Charges apply for consulting and auditing services)

    ⇒ Marketing Services provided by Green Globe Marketing
       Promote your achievements to a worldwide audience of approximately 1 billion consumers (through Marketwire, AP, Reuters, CNN & others),
       350.000 travel professionals, 50.000 meeting & incentive specialists, 1.800 tour operators as well as 5.000 investment houses. Green Globe
       promotes all members at the following trade shows: World Travel Market – ITB – IMEX – Arabian Travel Market – ITB ASIA – Luxury Travel
       Market and many other local trade shows. Green Globe certified businesses also enjoy discounts on published advertising rates in Islands




    Green Globe Membership Rates 2010

    Attraction, Business, Conference Center, Organization, Restaurant, Transportation Company,
    Travel Industry

    Annual Membership Rate

    Micro                                  1 - 9 employees            € 650,00
    Small                                  10 - 19 employees          € 1.200,00
    Medium                                 20 – 69 employees          € 2.000,00
    Medium Large                           70 – 119 employees         € 2.900,00
    Large                                  120 employees and more     € 4.500,00
    Consulting and third-party auditor fees not included.

    Golf Course

    Annual Membership Rate                                            € 2.500,00
    Consulting and third-party auditor fees not included.

    Hotel & Resort

    Annual Membership Rate

    Micro                                  5 - 19 rooms               € 650,00
    Small                                  20 - 59 rooms              € 1.200,00
    Medium                                 60 – 99 rooms              € 2.000,00
    Medium Large                           100 – 249 rooms            € 2.900,00
    Large                                  250 rooms and up           € 4.500,00
    Consulting and third-party auditor fees not included.

    Certain discounts can be applied.




    As a Green Globe Members you enjoy high visibility in the market and demonstrate a commitment to the
    environment and sustainable operations and management. The Green Globe Membership will guide you
    along the direct path to better environmental performance and improved Corporate Social

    More Information:

    Green Globe website:                    

    Register for a Green Globe Membership:  

    Green Globe Brochure:                   

    Sales & Marketing Contact:

    Green Globe Certification                         Green Globe Preferred Partner - Germany
    5959 W. Century Blvd., Suite 610                  Dr. Peter Zimmer
    Los Angeles, California 90045                     Zirbelweg 11
    U.S.A.                                            80939 Munich, Germany

    phone:+1-310-337-3000                             phone: +49 (0)89 3181-2361

    Green Globe Preferred Partner France,             Green Globe Preferred Partner – Spain, Andorra
    FRANCOIS - TOURISME –                             Green Team
    CONSULTANTS & ECORISMO                            C/ Aguere, 9 oficina 1
    17, rue de l'Isère                                38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
    31500 Toulouse, France                            Islas Canarias, Spain

    phone: +33 6 15 09 27 21                          phone: +34 922 249017


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