; Long Term Care for Veterans
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Long Term Care for Veterans


When it comes to long-term care, veterans do have some choices.

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									Long Term Care for Veterans

When it comes to long-term care, veterans do have some choices. Those
people who are veterans will have coverage for nursing home stays through
the veterans healthcare system. Along with nursing home stays, the
Departments of Veterans Affairs also offers coverage for other types of long
term care, such as home care and assisted living for qualified veterans.

Some of the requirements for a veteran to be eligible for this coverage
include that the veteran be disabled as a result of their active service,
receiving a Veterans Pension, or be below a certain income level. In addition
to these qualifying factors, a veteran must also meet other criteria before
they are guaranteed coverage for long-term care.

    Have a service related disability with a rating of 70% or more
    If the veteran has a disability rating of 60% and has been declared
      totally disabled, which prevents the person from maintaining
    A combined disability rating of at least 70%
    A veteran that needs nursing home service as a result of a service
      related disability.
    If the veteran is deemed to require nursing home care and meets the
      criteria for income and asset limits.
    In the case that there is space and resources available, other veterans
      can be declared eligible, but this is done on a case-by-case basis.
The nursing home care is offered by facilities operated by the Veterans
Administration, these are often located near the hospital. There are also other
nursing homes that are contracted to provide care for veterans.

If you are a veteran and are faced with the possibility of needing long-term
care, you may be covered through the veterans healthcare system. Contact
your local office to find out more about what services you may qualify for.

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