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                                                Performance Assessment Rubric For Project

                            5                        4                       3                       2                        1           Marks
Organization      Extremely well          Well organized          Well organized,         Well organized,        Poorly organized
                   organized               Logical format that      logical format that      logical format that    No logical format
                  Logical format that      was easy to follow       was easy to follow       was easy to             to follow.
                   was easy to follow      Flowed smoothly         Flowed smoothly          follow
                  Flowed smoothly          from one idea to         from one idea to        Unsmooth flow
                   from one idea to         another and well         another                  from one idea to
                   another and well         conveyed                                          another.
                   conveyed                The organization
                  The organization         enhanced the
                   enhanced the             effectiveness of the
                   effectiveness of the     project

Content           Complete &              Accurate                Complete                Facts were             Facts not
                   accurate                All facts were          All facts were           accurate                accurate
                  All facts were           precise and explicit     precise and explicit
                   precise and explicit
Research        Gather information        Gather information       Gather information     Gather very less      No information
                   in various sources       in limited sources        in very limited         information on        No additional
                  Solicited material in   Solicited material in     sources under           sources under          material was
                   addition to what was     addition to what          supervision             supervision            researched
                   provided                 was provided             Obtained some          Less additional
                  Brought in personal     Brought in personal       additional material     material was
                   ideas and                ideas and                 in addition to what     researched
                   information to           information to            was provided.
                   enhance project          enhance project
                  Utilized many types     Utilized a few types
                   of resources to          of resources to
                   make project             make project
                   effective                effective
Creativity        Was extremely          Was presented with        Was presented          Less evidence of      No evidence of
                   interesting and          originality               with some               originality or          originality or
                   presented with         Approach used              originality.            creativity.             creativity.
                   originality              enhanced the
                  Unique approach          project
                   that truly enhanced
                   the project
Presentation      Was engaging,           Was engaging and         Was engaging and       Less clear.           Was unclear.
                   provocative, and         captured the              captured the           No apparent use       No apparent use
                   captured the interest    interest of the           interest of the         of visual aids and      of visual aids
                   of the audience and      audience but was          audience but was        multimedia.             and multimedia.
                   maintained this          unclear towards the       unclear towards
                   throughout the entire    end.                      the end.
                   presentation            Limited use of           No apparent use of
                  Great variety of         visual aids and           visual aids and
                   visual aids and          multimedia.               multimedia.
                  Visual aids were
                   colorful and clear


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