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									+ Professional Development Courses (PDCs) at a Glance

 PDCs offer the highest-quality educational opportunities for OEHS professionals,
 averaging over a 4.0 ranking in overall satisfaction on a 5.0 scale.
 Selections are made based on rigorous educational criteria and a competitive bi-level review process, this ensures a quality educational experience. Designed
 to broaden knowledge and enhance technical competencies, each PDC provides practical tools and skills participants can apply in their own practice.
 In 2011 PDC’s will bring even more value through a variety of extra “value added items” including publications, online communities, networking
 lunches, eHandouts and more.

   PDC #                      Course TITLe                                                                       VaLue aDDeD Info
  Three Days:                                                    CreDITs: 4.01 safety Cms & 2.4 Ceu/CoC
  frI, saT & sun, 5/13-5/15 8:30 a.m.-5:30 P.m.

                                                                                        Prepare for the CSP exam by focus on the major four areas of the exam
             Certified Safety Professional (CSP)
  001                                                                                   with lectures, sample problems, and discussions that will fine tune
             Exam Preparation Workshop
                                                                                        studies in specific areas. aBIh safety rubric, sPeCIaL fee: $799/$890

             Essentials of Hazardous Materials Management                               Receive an extensive course manual and the ACHMM Hazardous
             (EHMM). A preparatory course for the CHMM exam                             Materials Management Desk Reference. sPeCIaL fee: $820/$920
  Two Days:                                                      CreDITs: 2.67 Ih Cms & 1.6 Ceu/CoC
  saT & sun, 5/14-5/15, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 P.m.                      fees: $680/$780
             Management Certificate Course II:                                          Gain management skills for motivating technical teams, building
  003        Action Tools for Successful OEHS                                           stakeholder relationships, and establishing a competitive advantage
             Management and Leadership                                                  through health and safety. sPeCIaL fee: $795/$895
                                                                                        Receive a copy of NFPA’s 70E: Electrical Safety in the Workplace,
             Basic Electrical Safety                                                    discuss OSHA and NEC requirements for hazard control and manage-
             with Application of NFPA 70E                                               ment, and participate in hands-on sessions for implementing an
                                                                                        electrical hazard control and management program. aBIh safety rubric
                                                                                        Earn the OSHA 10-hour Construction Safety Outreach Card
                                                                                        (Yellow Card); receive a copy of Health and Safety Requirements
             Construction Hazard
  702                                                                                   in Construction Contract Documents (AIHA Guideline 4 – 2005),
             Recognition and Control
                                                                                        auditing tools, and checklists; review H&S requirements and
                                                                                        instrumentation. aBIh safety rubric
                                                                                        Receive software for performing Bayesian decision analysis
             Exposure Assessment                                                        calculations and a copy of A Strategy for Assessing and Managing
             Strategies and Statistics                                                  Occupational Exposures, 3rd Edition. Participate in workshops on
                                                                                        formalizing the exposure assessment process.

             Investigating and Evaluating                                               Receive versions of WUFI software and Microsoft Excel programs
             Water Damage Problems in Buildings                                         for ASHRAE vapor modeling and ANSI/ASTM ventilation estimating.
             Practical Project Management:
                                                                                        Receive a Microsoft Excel tool for building a work breakdown
  705        How to Plan and Deliver within
                                                                                        structure (WBS), project estimate, and earned value tracking.
             Budget and on Schedule
                                                                                        Receive software for performing hazard vulnerability assessment
                                                                                        (HVA), a template for creating a business impact assessment, and a
  706        Private Sector Preparedness: Are You Ready
                                                                                        model for plan development. Participate in workshops to complete
                                                                                        a HVA or improve an existing HVA.
             Professional Judgment in Exposure                                          Receive Bayesian decision analysis software and spreadsheets for
             Assessment Decision-Making                                                 performing exposure modeling.
                                                                                        Prepare presentations to obtain investment in worker protection
  708        The Value Strategy Business Case Study
                                                                                        projects utilizing the value strategy software/freeware.
                                                                                        Receive a copy of Using Mathematical Models for Estimating
             Using Mathematical Models
  709                                                                                   Occupational Exposure to Chemicals. A Microsoft Excel-based
             to Estimate Exposures
                                                                                        spreadsheet will be provided to explore models for estimating exposure.

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                                          Publication                         Electronic Handouts                      Online Community
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PDC #                   Course TITLe                                                              VaLue aDDeD Info
fuLL Day:                                                CreDITs: 1.34 Ih Cms & 0.8 Ceu/CoC
saTurDay, 5/14, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 P.m.                      fees: $340/$420
                                                                          Receive Welding Health and Safety: A Field Guide for OEHS
                                                                          Professionals as well as expert instruction on common welding
        Anticipation, Recognition, Evaluation
101                                                                       and thermal-cutting processes; an introduction to scenarios
        and Control of Welding Health Hazards
                                                                          associated with overexposure, ventilation, and respiratory protection
                                                                          techniques; and information on how to improve monitoring data.
        Bayesian Statistics: Overview and                                 Receive software for performing Bayesian decision analysis
102     Applications in IH Data Interpretation                            calculations and participate in workshops on formalizing the
        and Exposure Risk Assessment                                      exposure assessment process.
                                                                          Receive critical documents and forms essential to implementing an
103     EHS Management Systems 101                                        EHSMS and identify the requirements needed for developing
                                                                          an integrated system.

                                                                          Includes reference materials, a tool kit, and data-collection sheets
        Ergonomics Toolkit: Application of
104                                                                       for use with hands-on exercises and practical real-world ergonomic
        Common Ergonomic Assessment Tools
                                                                          assessment applications.

                                                                          Learn to evaluate workplaces and utilize nonionizing radiation (NIR)
105     Fundamentals of Nonionizing Radiation
                                                                          equations to describe aspects of NIR exposure.

                                                                          Receive a classification summary guide with detailed criteria,
                                                                          classification flow charts/examples, a GHS Classification and
106     GHS: The New Hazard Communication                                 Labelling of Chemicals symbol definition sheet, a URL to download
                                                                          the GHS and final OSHA standards and practices for classifying
                                                                          substances, mixtures and label development.
        If I’m Teaching, Why Aren’t They Learning?                        Hands-on demonstrations, videos, games, discussions, and Q&A
        How to Provide World-Class Training That Works                    sessions on skills for improving training methods.
                                                                          Prepare for combustible dust regulations, perform assessments,
108     Implementing a Combustible Dust Program                           review case studies, and work toward implementing a
                                                                          comprehensive combustible dust plan.
                                                                          Gain practical skills for documenting evidence in OEHS
110     Investigative Photography
                                                                          investigations for legal proceedings.
                                                                          Discuss common molds and causes for their growth. Develop
        Mold Recognition, Effective Sampling
111                                                                       investigation and sampling strategies, methods of control, and
        Strategies and Results Interpretation
                                                                          data interpretation for remediation.
        Practical Applications for                                        Hands-on equipment demonstrations and a reference guide on
        Portable Radiation Instruments                                    radiation instrument training included.
                                                                          Practical exercises in sampling methods, selecting a goal for a
        Surface Sampling for Metals:
113                                                                       sampling plan, preparing the strategy to execute the plan, and
        Issues, Methods, and Strategy
                                                                          evaluating the plan for implementation.
                                                                          Receive a program for modeling emissions and optimizing IAQ
                                                                          testing protocols, an AIHce Expo Hall “scavenger hunt” map for
        Taking the LEED: Putting the
114                                                                       green building products and services, and copies of LEED for New
        Human Element Back into Green Building
                                                                          Construction v.3, LEED for Existing Buildings v.3, Green Guide for
                                                                          Health Care, and Labs21 Design Process Manual.
                                                                          Break down the general sections of an occupational exposure level
        The Derivation of Occupational
115                                                                       (OEL) document and gain insight into the various types of studies
        Exposure Levels
                                                                          used to set an OEL.
        Topics in Product Stewardship:                                    Develop, implement, and improve chemical and consumer product
116     Chemical and Consumer Products                                    risk management systems by understanding the connection
        Risk Management                                                   between IH risk management and product stewardship.
                                                                          Learn the toxicology aspects of chemicals of concern for modern
        Toxicology of Chemical Agents That Could
117                                                                       modes of transportation using the most common chemical warfare
        Put You on the TSA No Fly List
                                                                          agents as a basis.
        Vapor Intrusion Investigation and Mitigation:                     Receive a copy of the State Vapor Intrusion Guidance Document
        Advances in Assessment and Practice                               matrix compiled by the AIHA Vapor Intrusion Project Team.
+ Professional Development Courses (PDCs) at a Glance

  PDC #                   Course TITLe                                                            VaLue aDDeD Info
  am haLf Day:                                           CreDITs: 0.67 Ih Cm & 0.4 Ceu/CoC
  saTurDay, 5/14, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 P.m.                   fees: $180/$220
          Scanning for Safety:                                            Includes a safety scanning tour of the AIHce expo floor for hands-
          How to Recognize Hazards in the Workplace                       on practice and expert advice on setting up your own program.
                                                                          Review the new American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
          Worker Fatigue Risk Management:
  202                                                                     standard on fatigue risk management systems (FRMSs) and get
          Applying New Standards to Improve H&S
                                                                          proven methods for implementing an FRMS.
  Pm haLf Day:                                           CreDITs: 0.67 Ih Cm & 0.4 Ceu/CoC
  saTurDay, 5/14, 1:30 P.m.-5:30 P.m.                    fees: $180/$220
                                                                          Learn to conduct an ergonomic evaluation, explore the principles
                                                                          of ergonomics, discuss creative cost-effective approaches to
  301     Ergo 101
                                                                          proactively addressing problems, and accrue benefits to employee
                                                                          well-being directly related to their bottom line.

          Introduction to EHS for                                         Learn to apply fundamental knowledge of occupational hygiene to
          the Nanotechnology Industry                                     the specialized topic of engineered nanoparticle exposure.

  fuLL Day:                                              CreDITs: 1.34 Ih Cms & 0.8 Ceu/CoC
  sunDay, 5/15, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 P.m.                      fees: $340/$420
                                                                          Explore a multi-disciplined approach to real-time detection. Focus
                                                                          on the management of exposures, identify risks and conquer
                                                                          IH problems. Learn to select and calibrate Real-Time monitors,
          Symposium: Conquering industrial Hygiene
  010                                                                     develop sampling strategies to measure, identify and access risks
          Problems with the use of Real-Time Monitors
                                                                          and exposures, work through real world case studies, discuss
                                                                          cutting edge technologies and get an update on the NIOSH DREAM
                                                                          initiative. sPeCIaL fee: $435/$555

                                                                          Hands-on exercises will compare, operate, and use a wide variety
                                                                          of real-time instruments and technologies to review case studies
          Methods and Applications for Exposure
  401                                                                     selecting optimal-detection technologies for chemical exposures.
          Assessment Chemical Detection in Real Time
                                                                          Flow charts and other tools to formalize the selection process will
                                                                          be provided.

          Application of Advanced Ergonomic                               Receive detailed explanations of how to utilize advanced tools in
          Assessment Tools in the Ergonomic Toolkit                       the Ergonomic Assessment Toolkit.

                                                                          Receive Guidance for Conducting Control Band Analysis and learn
          Applying and Implementing Real World                            techniques of evaluating hazards and controls across a broad range
          Health Hazard and Control Banding Strategies                    of chemicals that do not have exposure limits, using a complete
                                                                          and robust approach to chemical exposure management.

                                                                          Be empowered to improve your management abilities; learn to
          Applying Business Skills for                                    prepare for a meeting; and understand what topics to cover, how
          Presentations to Executive Management                           to format presentations, how to create financial graphs, and what
                                                                          questions to ask and answer.

                                                                          Review the origin, chemistry, and effects of corrosive drywall (CDW)
          Assessment and Remediation
  405                                                                     emissions along with case studies illustrating how homes have been
          of Corrosive Drywall
                                                                          classified and remediated.

                                                                          Receive a DVD copy of Interactive Guide to Working Safely with
          Beryllium Worker Protection:
  406                                                                     Beryllium and Beryllium-containing Materials, tools, and information
          A Model for Success
                                                                          on implementing a beryllium worker protection model (BWPM)

          Biological Monitoring:                                          Learn to design, implement, conduct, and interpret a biological
          A “How To” Guide and Case Studies                               monitoring program through real-world case studies.

          Biosafety 2: Advanced Biohazard                                 Outlines proven approaches to minimizing exposure and improving
          Control Concepts                                                or implementing a biohazard control program.

                                                                          Expert hands-on instruction on inspecting CBRN respirators;
          CBRN Respirator Selection, Use,
  409                                                                     discussions of standards, guidance, and fact sheets for creating an
          and Maintenance Guidelines
                                                                          effective respiratory protection program.

          Clandestine Drug Labs: H&S Aspects in                           Learn to support first responders, perform assessments, and lead or
          First Response, Assessment, and Remediation                     assist property contamination investigations.
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PDC #                   Course TITLe                                                          VaLue aDDeD Info
                                                                      Understand how to establish effective exposure control strategies
        Engineering Controls to
411                                                                   to minimize fugitive dusts in a way that makes sense in today’s
        Minimize Fugitive Dusts
                                                                      business environment.

412     Environmental Law and Regulation for IHs                      Explore federal environmental laws and regulations that impact the IH.

                                                                      Learn how ethical dilemmas arise and can be resolved. Review
        Ethical Fitness:
413                                                                   resolution approaches via case studies and discussions. Meets
        Choosing Between Right vs. Right
                                                                      ABIH Ethics Requirement
                                                                      Receive 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and focus on effective
414     Exceptional Functional Leadership
                                                                      skills for organizational value and becoming a successful EHS leader.
        GHS for the IH and Safety Practitioner:
415                                                                   Develop a compliance action plan for implementing the GHS.
        how to prepare your company for the GHS
                                                                      Receive Toxicology Principles for Industrial Hygienists and learn
                                                                      the method and reasons for establishing OELs as well as the
416     Introduction to Industrial Toxicology
                                                                      differences in toxicological properties of chemicals by class and
                                                                      route of exposure.
                                                                      Identify key H&S projects that support business goals and
        Introduction to the Value Strategy:
417                                                                   objectives, develop a project plan, and identify financial costs and
        A process for promoting H&S Interventions
                                                                      benefits to promote investing in worker protection.
                                                                      Case studies and exercises will illustrate the principles of the
418     Life Safety Engineering                                       National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Life Safety Code.
                                                                      aBIh safety rubric
                                                                      Covers fundamentals, biological calculations, and program
        Managing Ionizing Radiation                                   management, and demonstrates how to organize and develop an
        Programs for IHs                                              ionizing-radiation program. A CD containing additional references
                                                                      and a workbook for further study will also be provided.

                                                                      Receive a copy of the AIHA Noise Manual and a CD containing
420     Noise Control Engineering
                                                                      spreadsheet programs and references.

                                                                      Prepare to manage the impacts of the Registration, Evaluation,
                                                                      and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) regulation. Gain an
421     REACH: A Risk Management Strategy
                                                                      understanding of the process for the development of an extended
                                                                      safety data sheet (ESDS).
                                                                      Get ideas from leading experts in a variety of fields for risk
        Risk Reduction Methods and Strategies
422                                                                   reduction. Learn hazard assessment and analysis terminology
        for OSH Professionals
                                                                      methods and strategies.
                                                                      Gain hands-on experience as a facilitator and receive constructive
        Virtual Training:
423                                                                   feedback from peers to improve virtual training outcomes in the
        Have a Blast Without Breaking the Bank
                                                                      real world.
        Wellness and Health Education:
                                                                      Implement an action plan for merging and integrating wellness with
424     Making the Connection between IH
                                                                      an EHS program.
        and Worker Health
                                                                      Receive a spreadsheet tool for calculating the Reciprocal
        Setting OELs for Hydrocarbon Solvents:                        Calculation Procedure (RCP) and Group Guidance Values (GGVs)
        The Value and Use of RCP and GGVs                             for setting occupational exposure levels (OELs) for hydrocarbon
                                                                      solvents and an e-copy of ACGIH’s TLVs® and BEIs®.
                                                                      Guidance for presenting the results of IH investigations using tables,
426     Writing Effective IH Reports                                  graphs, and technical writing, and effectively presenting findings and
                                                                      recommendations so that they are easily understood by stakeholders.
                                                                      Includes a reference copy of Introduction to Risk Assessment for
427     Introduction to Risk Assessment for the IH
                                                                      the Industrial Hygienist.
                                                                      Includes a hands-on fitting and listening practicum, the AIHA Noise
        Ramping Up Your Hearing Protection and
428                                                                   Manual, up-to-the-minute information on late-breaking regulatory
        Jazzing Up Your Hearing Conservation
                                                                      changes, and expert advice tailored to attendees’ specific needs.

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+ Professional Development Courses (PDCs) at a Glance

  PDC #                    Course TITLe                                                            VaLue aDDeD Info
  am haLf Day:                                            CreDITs: 0.67 Ih Cm & 0.4 Ceu/CoC
  sunDay, 5/15, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 P.m.                      fees: $180/$220
                                                                           Discover similarities and differences between U.S. and
           Environmental Health and Safety                                 European IH trends toward different management systems;
           in the European Union                                           Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals
                                                                           (REACH) compliance issues; and information sources.

           Exposure assessment Using                                       Learn how traditional tube and pump sampling is transitioning
           Whole air Sampling Methods                                      to whole-air sampling.

           Managing Nanomaterial Hazards                                   Gain practical approaches and best-practice solutions to
           for EHS Professionals                                           managing hazards associated with nanotechnology.

                                                                           Understand the rationale for using size-selective samplers
           Particle Size-Selective (Inhalable, Thoracic                    and be aware of limitations associated with using “total dust”
           and Respirable) Aerosol Sampling                                (37-mm) cassette samplers to assess occupational exposures
                                                                           to dusts.
  Pm haLf Day:                                            CreDITs: 0.67 Ih Cm & 0.4 Ceu/CoC
  sunDay, 5/15, 1:30 P.m.-5:30 P.m.                       fees: $180/$220

           Analysis of Force Patterns for Preventing                       Evaluate causes of fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders using
           Fatigue and Musculoskeletal Disorders                           various methods, proposed guidelines, and acceptable force limits.

                                                                           Gain a better understanding of legal areas, promote
           IHs as Expert Witnesses:
  602                                                                      professionalism, and help foster healthier and safer working
           Anatomy and Physiology of a Civil Law Suit
                                                                           conditions. Review ethics and courtroom behavior.

                                                                           Designed for smart-device users who wish to expand their
  603      Smart Devices and the EHS Professional
                                                                           knowledge of how to get the most out of new technologies.

 PDCs with special features
 CerTIfICaTIon PreP Courses                                              meeTs The aBIh eThICs requIremenT
 001	 	 ertified	Safety	Professional	(CSP)	
      C                                                                  413	 	 thical	Fitness:	Choosing	
      Exam	Preparation	Workshop	                                              Between	Right	vs.	Right
 003	 	 ssentials	of 	Hazardous	Materials	Management	
      (EHMM).	A	CHMM	exam	prep	course	                                   offers aBIh safeTy ruBrIC
                                                                         201	 	 canning	for	Safety:	How	to	
 symPosIum                                                                    Recognize	Hazards	in	the	Workplace
 010			 onquering	industrial	Hygiene	Problems	with	
      C                                                                  408	 	 iosafety	2:	Advanced	
      the	use	of 	Real-Time	Monitors                                          Biohazard	Control	Concepts
                                                                         415	 	 HS	for	the	IH	and	Safety	Practitioner:	
 requIreD manaGemenT CerTIfICaTe Course                                       How	to	prepare	your	company	for	the	GHS	
 002			 ction	Tools	for	Successful	OEHS	
      A                                                                  418	 Life	Safety	Engineering	 	
      Management	and	Leadership                                          501	 	 nvironmental	Health	and	Safety	in	
                                                                              the	European	Union
 earn The osha 10-hour ConsTruCTIon                                      701	 	 asic	Electrical	Safety	with	
 safeTy ouTreaCh yeLLow CarD)                                                 Application	of 	NFPA	70E	
 702	 	 onstruction	Hazard	Recognition	and	
      Project	Management	for	the	IH	

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