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									Scholarships for Study Overseas
For study in Australia, check the scholarship websites of the University you wish to attend. New Zealand Citizens are normally classed as Australian students and are eligible for most scholarships.
For study in the UK, also check the website of the University you wish to attend. They often provide a fee support scheme for overseas postgraduate students of outstanding merit.

General Scholarship Databases for Study In…                                                                                                                                                        PTO for more
                                    Any country                                                                                                                     Postgraduate
                                    Britain                                                                                                                  Scholarships

Undergraduate Only                                                      Country          University            Faculty      Type                        Application Forms/ Info
Lingnan Overseas Student Scholarships                                   Hong Kong        Lingnan               Arts; B&E   Up to 3 yrs Honours
IED International Network Scholarships                                  Italy or Spain   Various               NICAI       3 yrs UG study     
Asia:NZ Travel Grants to Japan                                          Japan            Various               All         Grant for exchange 
Peter John Butler Memorial Awards                                       Russia           Various               Arts        Language study short trm
Douglas Myers Scholarship                                               UK               Cambridge             Various     3 yr UG study      
Girdlers' Scholarship                                                   UK               Cambridge             All         3/4 yr UG study    
Jeremy Howard Scholarship                                               UK               Kingston              NICAI       1/2 sem Barch 4th yr
Rebecca Lynch Memorial Fellowship                                       USA              Idaho                 All         1yr UG study       
Robertson Scholars Program                                              USA              UNC Chapel Hill & DukeAll         4 yr UG study      

Both Undergraduate and Postgraduate                                     Country          University            Faculty      Type                        Application Forms/ Info
Chinese Government Scholarship Programme                                China            Various               All         Various            
Confucius Institute NZ China Scholarships                               China            Various               All         1yr adv. lang study
Fred and Helen Hanan Endowed Scholarship in Chinese Studies             China            Various               Arts        1yr lang study     
DAAD Scholarships                                                       Germany          Various               All         Various            
PAD NZ - German Exchange Progr for Teaching Assistants                  Germany          Various               All         9 months lang ast. Work
JAL Scholarship                                                         Japan            Various               All         17 day sem/trips   
St Hilda's College Oxford NZ Bursaries                                  UK               Oxford St Hilda's     All         1 yr or more       
ADAM Architecture Travel Scholarship                                    Various          Various               NICAI       Travel grant       
AMP Scholarships                                                        Various          Various               All         Grant any project  
Ngarimu VC & 28 Maori Battalion Scholarships                            Various          Various               All         Up to 5yrs; for NZ Maori
Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships                            Various          Various               All         1-2yr study        
The University of Auckland Study Abroad Scholarships                    Various          Various               All         1yr study          
Zonta International - JM Klausman Women in Business Scholarships        Various          Various               B&E         1yr study UG or Mr 

Postgraduate Only                                                       Country          University            Faculty      Type                        Application Forms/ Info
Antarctica New Zealand Postgraduate Research Scholarship                Antarctica       Various               Various     Research up to 2 seasons
AFGW - ACT Inc. Bursary                                                 Australia        Australian National   All         <4wks research  
Water Leader Scholarships                                               Australia        Queensland            Science     Master's        
ACSANZ Postgraduate Travel Award                                        Canada           Various               Various     <6mths Can. Stud. res.
ICCS Graduate Students Scholarship                                      Canada           Various               Arts        4-6 weeks research
Icetex Scholarships                                                     Colombia         Various               All         1-3 yrs, Spec/Mr/Dr
QE II Technicians Study Awards                                          Commonwealth     Various               Various     1yr study for technicians
Shirtcliffe Fellowship                                                  Commonwealth     Various               Various     <3yrs PhD       
EU Centres Network Scholarships                                         EU               Various               Various     Exchange min. 2wks
Joussot-Dubien Award                                                    France           Bordeaux              Science     1 yr study chem/food sci
The Greek State Scholarships Foundation (I.K.Y.)                        Greece           Various               Arts        6mnth-4yrs Greek study
Onassis Foreigner's Fellowship Programme                                Greece           Various               Various     Greek lang/cult/pol rsrch
East-West Centre Graduate Degree Fellowship                             Hawai'i          Uni of Hawai'i        Various     12-48 months study/rsrch
Fulbright-Creative New Zealand Pacific Writer's Residency               Hawai'i          Uni of Hawai'i        Arts        3 months writing
The Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho:MEXT) Scholarship               Japan            Various               Various     PG study, research
Postgraduate Only continued                                          Country           University       Faculty        Type                          Application Forms/ Info
Jin Scholarship, Sun Scholarship, Int'l Student Stipend              Korea             Ewha Woman's     Arts           International Studies
Korean Government Scholarship Program                                Korea             Various          All            3-5 yr lang&PG study
Mexican Government Scholarships for Foreigners                       Mexico            Various          Various        1 yr study/research 
National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic for summer     Slovak Republic   Various          All            PhD study 1-12 months
Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Prince of Wales Scholarship             UK                Cambridge        All            <3yrs PhD           
Chevening Scholarships                                               UK                Cambridge        All            PG study/research   
Gates Cambridge Scholarships                                         UK                Cambridge        All            Various             
Rutherford PhD Scholarship                                           UK                Cambridge        Science        3 yr PhD            
Cranfield School of Management Scholarship                           UK                Cranfield        B&E            1 yr study MBA      
Ian Tucker Memorial Bursary                                          UK                Oxford           All            1 yr study, rugby talent
Rhodes Scholarships                                                  UK                Oxford           All            Up to 3yrs PG study 
Woolf Fisher Scholarships                                            UK                Oxf/Cam          All            3/4 yrs Doctoral    
Commonwealth Scholarships                                            UK                Various          All            Doctoral study      
LB Wood Travelling Scholarship                                       UK                Various          All            Suppl. other schol  
Sims Empire Scholarship                                              UK                Various          Sci; Med       2 yrs study         
Friends of the University of Auckland NZ/US Exchange Scholarships    USA               Various          All            Degree/diploma/doct 
Stanford Gr School of Business Summer School for Entrepreneurship    USA               Stanford         B&E            4 weeks             
American Association of University Women Foundation                  USA               Various          All            F/t study/research  
Frank Knox Memorial Scholarships                                     USA               Harvard          All            1 renewable yr Mr/PhD
Fulbright Scholarships                                               USA               Various          All            Various             
PEO International Peace Scholarship for Women                        USA/Canada        Various          All            >1yr f/t study      
Amelia Earhart Fellowship (women)                                    Various           Various          Sci; Eng       Aerospace rsrch     
American Association of University Women Foundation Fellowships      Various           Various          All            F/t study/research  
Anne Reid Memorial Trust Scholarships                                Various           Various          Arts; NICAI    1yr study Engl/Mus/FineA
ASIA:NZ-NZASIA Postgraduate research Award                           Various           Various          All            Fieldwork f/t Mr/Dr 
Association of University Staff Crozier Scholarship                  Various           Various          All            Research stud/staff related
Claude McCarthy Fellowship                                           Various           Various          Arts;Sci;Med   <1yr, research/presenting
Edward and Isabel Kidson Scholarship                                 Various           Various          Science        <3yrs PhD study/resrch
Faculty of Arts Doctoral Research Fund                               Various           Various          Arts           Research costs      
Frederick Ost Scholarships in Architecture                           Various           Various          NICAI          <2yrs study         
Freyberg Scholarship                                                 Various           Various          Various        1yr natl. security related
FWW Rhodes Memorial Scholarship (for Auckland Boys Grammar alumni)   Various           Various          All            Various             
Gordon Watson Scholarships                                           Various           Various          Arts; B&E      <3yrs Mr/Dr int.rel/
International Federation of University Women Fellowships             Various           Various          All            Various             
Kia Ora Foundation Travelling Scholarship in Music                   Various           Various          NICAI          Up to 1yr various purposes
Maori Education Trust Post Graduate Scholarships                     Various           Various          All            1 yr PG study/research
New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women Fellowships                 Various           Various          All            Masterate/Doctoral study
New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants Travel Grant          Various           Various          B&E            Research/conference 
New Zealand Law Foundation Ethel Benjamin Prize (women)              Various           Various          Law            1yr Mr/PhD research 
NZAID Postgraduate Field Research Awards                             Various           Various          All            Field research      
Patricia Pratt Scholarship in Musical Performance                    Various           Various          NICAI          Up to 2yrs music school
Quest for Excellence Postgraduate Scholarship                        Various           Various          All            Various, for deaf students
Resource Management Law Association Graduate Scholarship             Various           Various          Various        Research resource mgmt
Rotary World Peace Fellowships                                       Various           Rotary Centres   All            Master's            
Royal Society of New Zealand Travel Grants                           Various           Various          Various        Conference attendance
Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future (women)               Various           Various          Sci; Eng       PhD study           
Spencer Mason Travelling Scholarship in Law                          Various           Various          Law            <3yrs study         
UoA Music Scholarships                                               Various           Various          NICAI          1-2yrs study        
UoA Universitas 21 Doctoral Student Mobility Scholarships            Various           Various          All            Short term visit U21 uni's
UoA Universitas 21 Joint PhD Programme Scholarships                  Various           Various          All            Joint degree with U21 uni
Vista Linda Graduate Scholarship                                     Various           Various          Arts           PhD rsrch Spanish country
Waikato Raupatu Lands Trust Doctoral Scholarship                     Various           Various          All            Waikato-Tainui Doctoral st
William Chick Doctoral Scholarships                                  Various           Various          NICAI          <2yrs Architecture study
William Georgetti Scholarship                                        Various           Various          Various        <3yr Mr/PhD rel. to NZ
Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowships                         Various           Various          All            3wks-3months research


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