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Livermore Yotsukaido Sister City


									Livermore Yotsukaido Sister City Organization
On March 14th the delegation from Livermore’s Sister City of Yotsukaido Japan will
arrive at the Livermore City Hall about noon. This year the Yotsukaido city delegation of
8 will accompany the 20 middle school students, 5 chaperones and a high school girls’
basketball team of 10.The basketball team will play the East Bay Panthers on Sunday
March 15th at 4:30pm and the Livermore Mystics on Tuesday March 17th at 5:00pm. The
games will be held in the Mendenhall Middle School Gym 1701 El Padro Dr. Livermore.
While here the middle school students will stay with host student family’s and
accompany their hosts to various schools. The girls' basketball team will visit the
Livermore High schools. Now is the time for Livermore 7th grade students should think
about applying for the 2010 student exchange program. A new application form will be
on web site soon.

Contacts for Basketball games
Linda Smith
Keith Jess cell 510 501 8652
Don Keech cell 925 640 8685

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