PLAYGROUND AND RECESS

Recess on the playground allows time for students to expend some energy, exercise
their bodies, and get fresh air and sunshine. Safety is of utmost importance.
Thoughtfulness, courtesy, and common sense, along with constant supervision from the
playground aides and parent volunteers prevent needless accidents. Specific
playground rules are posted and reviewed with students by the classroom teachers on
the first day and week of school and periodically as needed. Students who choose not
to follow playground rules will have “time outs,” lose playground privileges or recess, and
may receive a citation.

Each child should be sent to school with the thought that outdoor activity is part of the
daily program. Students are expected to participate in outdoor recess unless excused
by a physician with a written note from the parent. If children need to stay in more than
two days, then a note or fax from the child’s doctor is required. It is imperative that warm
clothing such a gloves, hats, and boots be worn during cold weather months. When the
weather is inclement, recess will be held inside. Students are assembled and involved
in quiet activities under the supervision of an aide and parent volunteer.

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