; Let Marathon Custom Build the Coach of Your Dreams
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Let Marathon Custom Build the Coach of Your Dreams


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									    Let Marathon Custom Build
       the Coach of Your Dreams

by Sharleen Nelson

Imagine enjoying the comfort of a luxury home        stone and woodwork, to complex and innova-
away from home, designed the way you want            tive A/V and mechanical/electrical systems, as
it, on your schedule. If you have ever had a         many as four slideouts and exterior paint de-
custom home built, you know how complex it           signs that have garnered worldwide recogni-
can be. With full-service interior design, exteri-   tion, our experienced designers and craftspeo-
or paint, and production departments situated        ple invest their time, integrity, and pride into
under one roof, Marathon Coach—the world’s           building your luxury Marathon coach. And
largest Prevost converter—has streamlined its        when you join the Marathon family, our tal-
coach-building process. Whether you design           ented and friendly team of professional engi-
your coach for vacationing with your family,         neers and designers work with you exclusively
entertaining, conducting business, or simply         to craft your dream coach. If you can envision
for relaxing, your custom-designed Marathon          it, Marathon Coach can create it.
coach features all the luxury amenities of              Tailoring each coach to meet the individual
home or office in a spacious and welcoming           needs of the customer is Marathon’s primary
environment that reflects who you are.               goal. Because we understand that people have
   Because Marathon Coach has designed and           different hobbies and lifestyles, when a cus-
built almost 1,200 quality, custom-designed          tomer has an idea for a custom coach, Mara-
bus conversions, you are in good hands. With         thon listens and tries to accommodate any re-
deluxe features ranging from fine, hand-built        quest. From creating spaces for grandkids and
cabinetry, imported leathers, and stunning           pets, to installing wine cellars and bidets, ideas
for custom coaches are only limited by one’s         made cabinets, and a rope staircase. Another
imagination. For example, inside the coach           popular item for the bay is a “slide master,”
customers have requested 14-caret gold-plat-         a slide with bearings that works like a huge
ed sinks and valances, heated towel bars, a          drawer, allowing customers to easily stow and
swirl-pool hot tub, a built-in piano, a treadmill,   retrieve stored items.
and a crib and playpen. Many coaches feature           The interior and exterior design of each Mar-
amenities such as bunk beds, fireplaces, and         athon coach is unique, and with options for as
ceiling fans.                                        many four slideouts, the living space of the
  A sometimes overlooked area is the under-          coach is greatly expanded. Custom built around
belly, or bay sections, of the coach. The un-        a Prevost shell, highly skilled craftspeople cus-
derbelly of a coach is particularly well suited      tom design your coach using only top-quality
for creating space for custom uses. Although         residential furnishings and appliances, and the
the dimensions vary depending on the type            most advanced materials, components, and
of coach and whether there are slideouts, the        technology available. Marathon’s high-quality
space underneath can be transformed in a             bus conversions also feature the latest HDMI
variety of ways—from installing wine coolers,        electronics, including LED TVs and Blu-ray
freezers, and built-in barbecues, to extra stor-     players that deliver a true theatre experience,
age cabinets and closets. One owner’s coach          in-motion, high-definition satellite television
underbelly space was transformed into a feline       reception, entertainment centers, GPS map-
retreat, complete with a playhouse, custom-          ping systems, and much more.
Made to Order                                     readily available to discuss the project with you
At Marathon, we are committed to making the       and provide updates. Our experienced profes-
custom-design process experience as pleasur-      sionals guide you step-by-step through the pro-
able for our valued clients as possible—from      cess of creating your dream coach.
your first meeting with our professional staff       Design the floorplan yourself or browse our
to final delivery of your brand-new, custom-      more than two dozen proven show coach lay-
designed coach. Whether you decide to come        outs to get ideas. Beginning with the engi-
in and spend a day perusing design options, or    neering department, you’ll work with a skilled
provide our designers with an idea you already    project engineer, who translates your ideas to
have, you can be as hands-on during the design    a computer-aided (CAD) software program to
phase as you choose. Marathon works hard to       create a coach to your exact specifications.
accommodate your busy schedule so you can be         Next, you’ll meet with an interior design-
as involved in the process as you like—whether    er, who will help you come up with a design
it involves a comprehensive meeting with our      scheme, choosing everything from the uphol-
staff in person at the Oregon factory design      stery fabric and valances, to the countertops,
center, or working together remotely.             flooring, and fixtures—the same process as
   Before the project begins, our engineering     designing a home, but far less complicated.
manager and an interior designer contact you      Marathon’s professional interior designers have
to introduce themselves and get a feel for your   the experience, knowledge, and resources to
vision. Throughout the entire process they are    implement your unique vision. And with thou-
sands of different colors, materials, and styles     service accommodations and an array of spe-
from which to choose, the creative possibilities     cial effects from which to choose, including
are endless.                                         marbles, textures, shadows, and even pearl-
  According to Marathon Coach Interior Design-       escent paints that capture light when sprayed
ers Jennifer Clausen and Gail Curtis, their job is   over certain colors.
to listen to the clients’ ideas and guide them to       Every Marathon exterior paint scheme is a
a satisfactory end result. “If they want a cer-      custom piece of artwork and the Marathon paint
tain look, I encourage their selections and re-      department crew is an integral part of the en-
spect their personal taste,” said Curtis. Clausen    tire paint process. From pre-prep to the final
agrees: “Ultimately, I want the clients to feel      finish work, each member has a hand in creat-
comfortable in their environment, and that en-       ing the spectacular exteriors of every luxury,
vironment to reflect who they are.” “We are here     custom-designed Marathon coach. “The paint-
to bring their dreams to light,” Curtis said.        ers I work with are the best in the industry,”
  The final step in the process is to meet with      said Aldridge.
Linda Aldridge, Marathon’s experienced, in-             From order to delivery, your custom “dream”
house paint designer, who will work with you         coach will be exactly how you designed it when
one-on-one to create a unique exterior paint         you take delivery in as little as six months. From
concept for your dream coach. Options in-            concept to completion, your “dream” coach is a
clude anything from a simple design to a mu-         phone call away. Become part of the Marathon
ral. Marathon’s paint department offers full-        Coach family today! •

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