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Sponsored Sock Walk


									Crisis at

       Cold Feet, Warm Heart
       Sock Walk
       What do we need to do?                       How long will it take?
       Hold a sponsored walk themed around          Preparation for the walk may take a few
       socks. Set a safe but challenging            weeks. Once the location and distance
       distance and encourage those taking          is confirmed you can encourage
       part to wear colourful or patterned          participants to start raising sponsorship.
       socks with their trainers or shoes.          A day will be needed for the event itself.

       What do we need?                             Fundraising
       Download a sponsorship form from our         Encourage participants and sponsors
       website at          to think about how far homeless people
       schools You can photocopy this sheet         walk every day and the fact that they
       for all of your pupils. You will also need   have no home to go to and rest in at
       to make sure you have volunteers to          the end of the day. Raise as much
       help marshal the route on the day.           money as you can through gaining
                                                    sponsorship for those taking part.

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