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                                                                                   all-in-one standalone
                                                                                    SMS networking and
                                                                                 audience response tool?

                             Pigeon !

Pigeon SMS Networking
 Send text messages to other conference attendees of the service without exposing your
 mobile number.

                    P02 Are you                                                                Are you available
                    available for                                                              for a meeting?
                    a meeting?                                                                 Greets Chris -
                    Greets Chris                                                               reply P01 + MSG
    P01                                                                                                             P02
    Chris                                       Translates code to the correct                                     Peter
                                                   mobile phone number

Pigeon Audience Response
  Use text messages for voting, polling and Q&A during interactive conference sessions.

                 Open questions              Yes/no questions                       Audience
                                    Multiple choice

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Windows 2K or higher and Pigeon.                   Audiovisual Technologies, Informatics and Telecommunications
                                                                                         Tel: +32 16 284 040
License cost of Pigeon is €1499                                                            e-mail: pigeon@atit.be
promotional code: IMEX                                                                  http://www.atit.be/pigeon