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Vo l . 1 0 , N o . 6                                                    Sacaton, Arizona                                                         August 2007

GRIC Harvard Graduate                                                                Adam Beach WOW!
                                          any college, but this was Harvard
                                          University in Camridge, Massachu-
                                          setts at John F. Kennedy School of
                                          Government! I watched and really
                                          looked around and saw the enormity
                                          of the whole event. Then it hit me!
                                          So hard that I not stand or hold back
                                          the tears. How die we–Akmiel
                                          O’Otham end up here at this gradua-
                                          tion ceremony! Why not? There will
                                          be more Akimel O’Otham coming
Sacaton AZ – Congratulations to
                                          with other parents who can someday
Kami D. Hart who graduated June 7
                                          enjoy this event too.”
from Harvard University’s John F.
                                          Kami received her Bachelor’s degree
Kennedy School of Government.
                                          in Behavioral Science from Western
Kami received her Master’s Degree in
Public Administration. She is a Com-
                                          The Gila River Indian Community
munity member from District 4, the
                                          Higher Education program funded
daughter of Frances Hart. Frances
                                          Kami at Harvard and she is now a
said, “I watched my daughter Kami
                                          Law clerk for the Community Council
receive her Master’s Degree in Public
                                          Secretary’s office.
Administration. It could have been

Clinton at Democratic Party                                                          Sacaton– Adam Beach the famed actor from the Saulteaux Tribe of Canada
                                                                                     greets fans from Gila River Indian Community. He protrayed Ira Hayes in the
                                                                                     movie Flags of Our Fathers. Adam attends Tribal Council, meets fans, signs
                                                                                     lots of autographs while promoting Natives in the movies. Wow what a day!
                                                                                                                              Adam Beach continued on page 12

                                                                                    Investing: Making Your Money Work For You
                                                                                    by Arthur Felder, GRIC Community Manager
                                                                                    Basic Investment: Making your      ments. Whether our source of in-
                                                                                    money work for you                 come is per capita distributions or
                                                                                        The Per Capita Initiative      business development, we owe it
                                                                                    passed. Now begins the arduous     to ourselves to learn and know
                                                                                    task of developing a comprehen-    money management principles.
                                                                                    sive Revenue Allocation Plan       As I see it, Native and non-Na-
                                                                                    (RAP). We know that the task       tive, advanced degrees, or scant
                                                                                    largely rests with tribal govern-  formal education, many individu-
                                                                                    ment to provide the means to       als are daunted by investment
                                                                                    meet the enormous financial com- concepts and practices. Hopefully
                                                                                    mitment to Community members,      this article about basic investment
                                                                                    but what about a Community         will begin to clear the air, so to
                                                                                    member’s responsibility regarding speak, and get one to think about
                                                                                    fiscal responsibility and manage-  a lifetime of opportunity to make
                                                                                    ment? For the first time ever,     money work for you.
                                                                                    many of us will have the opportu-      So, what is investing? We do it
Former President Bill Clinton Attends Democratic Party Fund Raiser on page 2        nity to make financial invest-    Dollars & Sense continued page 2

Veechij Himdag MashchamakuD Students Explore Costa Rica
VHM Students Explore Costa Rica           water carbon dioxide and temperature
                                          levels for their macro invertebrate re-
On June 7, 2007, seven students and       ports, and went white water rafting
two staff members from Vechij             down the Sarapiqui River. The ad-
Himdag MashchamakuD (VHM) set             venture did not stop there, as students
off on a seven day journey to explore     explored the 4,000 year old volcano at
Costa Rica. Students Gabriel Castro,      the Arenal Volcano National Park and
Martin Holguin, Jordan Morago,            witnessed lava eruptions during the
Moranda Morago, Jason Pablo, Josh         night. Students continued exploring
Paul, and Angel Ramirez all enjoyed       Costa Rica by evaluating insect and
an academically challenging and en-       plant life at Montverde and then zip-
riching experience to earn high school    ping across the cloud canopy on zip
credit in science.                        lines! The seven students from VHM
                                          took with them valuable lessons of
In working with certified staff, VHM      life and earth science, and how as
students studied a multitude of as-       people we have a responsibility to not
pects pertaining to life science and      only learn about our environment, but
thrilling experiences therein. Stu-       implement plans to effect positive
dents studied field ecology at the Tir-   change in interacting with the vulner-
imbina Rain forest Center, held and       ability of biodiversity. In addition to
studied bats, tested and analyzed         such lessons, students had the time of    VHM Students Explore Costa Rica continued on page 8 with photos
Page 2                                                  Gila River Indian Community                                                                                                    August 2007

Democratic Party Fund                                                        Investing Your Money
Raiser With Clinton As Guest                                                 Making Your Money Work For You” by Arthur Felder continued from page 1
                                                                             all the time. For example, we in-                                                 turns are not guaranteed. Returns
                                                                             vest our time in what we person-                                                  can be negative if there is a loss.
                                                                             ally believe are good causes; we                                                  Term refers to a period of time.
                                                                             invest in professional develop-                                                   You might take out a home mort-
                                                                             ment; or we can say we invest in                                                  gage loan on a 15-year or 30-year
                                                                             commitments with our spouse,                                                      “term.” (Note: this differs from
                                                                             family, friends, etc. We can say we                                               the phrase "terms," which refers to
                                                                             “invest” in each of these examples                                                conditions set forth in a loan docu-
                                                                             with the expectation that some-                                                   ment.)1
                                                                             thing good will come of it. The                                                       On a personal note, in my ca-
                                                                             same applies when investing in                                                    pacity as a community manager, I
                                                                             stocks, bonds or mutual funds—                                                    am tasked to coordinate the Tribal
                                                                             one does so, hopefully, because                                                   Government’s responsibilities
                                                                             the “value” will increase over                                                    through citizen participation. I
                                                                             time.                                                                             hope this article accomplished a
                                                                                 Investing money is putting that                                               little of both. In light of the pas-
                                                                             money into some form of "secu-                                                    sage of the Per Capita Initiative, it
                                                                             rity" which is a fancy word for                                                   is important that we take the ini-
                                                                             anything that is secured by assets                                                tiative by exercising fiscal man-
                                                                             (i.e., money). Types of securities                                                agement to enhance and enrich
Democratic Party Attendees are: D1 Councilman Augustine Enas,                are stocks; bonds; mutual funds,                                                  our livelihood.
Gov. William R Rhodes, D3 Councilman Myron Schurz, Gov Ex.                   and certificates of deposit (CDs).
Assistant to Gov Benjamin Notah and D5 Councilwoman Brenda                        Interest is the amount that is                                               Until next time. . .
Robertson                                                                    agreed to be paid in return for the
                                                                             use of a certain amount of money                                                  Arthur L. Felder, Jr.
                                                                             (principal). Interest is usually ex-                                              Community Manager
                                                                             pressed as a percentage of the
                                                                             principal. For example, the bank                                                  1 First Nations Development Insti-
                                                                             may give you 2% interest on your                                                  tute and NASD Investor Educa-
                                                                             principal of $100. Over the course                                                tion Foundation, Building Native
                                                                             of a year, you will earn $2 in inter-                                             American Communities: Investing
                                                                             est on your $100 deposit (that is, if                                             in our Future.
                                                                             you leave the $100 in the savings
                                                                             account all year).
                                                                             Market refers to people coming
                                                                             together to buy and sell invest-
                                                                             ments such as stocks and bonds.
                                                                             (More discussion on this topic will
                                                                             come later.)
                                                                                 Principal is the amount of
                                                                             money you invest to make money.
                                                                             For example, if you deposit $100
                                                                             in a savings account in the bank,
D1 Councilman Augustine Enas, D3 Councilman Myron Schurz                     that deposit is your principal.
with Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano                                       Return is the profit earned on an
                                                                             investment. The $2 you earned in
                                                                             interest on your $100 deposit is
While giving a speech at a Demo-      elections.                             known as your return. Returns
cratic fund raiser “Arizona Her-      The dinner, held at the Phoenician     come in from many forms such as
itage Dinner” in Phoenix, former      Resort, former state Chairman Jim      stock or mutual funds. Beware re-                                                   Arthur Felder, Community Manager
President Bill Clinton said, "I       Pederson announced that this
wouldn't be involved in politics if   year's dinner raised more than
Hilary wasn't running for presi-      $600,000 for the party in Arizona.                                                     Gila River Indian News
dent."                                Also speaking were Arizona Gov-                                                                                               LETTERS POLICY: GRIN welcomes
                                                                                                                                                                    letters and columns from readers. Let-
The Gila River Indian Community       ernor Janet Napolitano and current                                                   JERI THOMAS                              ters should be limited to 200 words
                                                                                                                                   and be in good taste. Material that
was recognized as one of the plat-    party Chairman David Waid.                                                       GRIN Office Manager                          could be libelous or slanderous is not
                                                                                                                    JEAN M. NAHOMNI MANI                            acceptable. All letters or columns
inum sponsors for this event. Dig-    Arizona Democrats picked up two                                                Acting Managing editor                         should be signed with the writerʼs true
                                                                                                                                                                    name, address and telephone number
nitaries from GRIC that attended      Congressional seats last year and                                                                                             in the event GRIN may need to contact
                                                                                                                       WANDA MONTANA                                the writer. Only the name of the writer
were Governor William R.              added seven members to the state                                   
                                                                                                                                                                    will be printed in the paper. Letters or
                                                                                                                                                                    columns without a complete signature,
Rhodes, his wife Ruby, Council-       Legislature.                                                                                                                  name, address or phone number will
                                                                                                                                                                    not be acceptable to GRIN for publica-
man Mryon Schurz, his son Skylar      But President Clinton was quick to                                       The Gila River Indian News (GRIN) is
                                                                                                                  published monthly. Copies are
                                                                                                                                                                    tion. GRIN reserves the right to edit
                                                                                                                                                                    submitted materials for grammar,
Schurz, Councilman Augustine          remind the audience that the                                                 available FREE to the GRIC                       spelling and content.
                                                                                                                      community and public.
Enas, Executive Assistant to the      party's success in Arizona has been                                      Information about mail subscriptions                 Write to:
                                                                                                                                                                                   Editor, GRIN
                                                                                                                and advertising rates are available.                               P.O. Box 459
Governor– Benjamin Notah, and         limited. Clinton was the last De-                                                                                                         Sacaton, AZ 85247
                                                                                                               Phone: (520) 562-9715, 9716, 9717
Councilwoman Brenda Robertson.        mocrat to win Arizona in a presi-                                              Fax: (520) 562-9712
                                                                                                                                                                      Published letters or columns do not
                                                                                                                                                                      necessarily reflect the opinion of the
                                                                                                                                                                     editor or Gila River Indian Community.
Other tribal dignitaries included     dential election when he took the                                           E-mail:
                                                                                                      Gila River News
Joe Shirley from Navajo Nation,       state by just 2 percent over Repub-
President Diane Enos from the Salt    lican Sen. Bob Dole in 1996. Clin-                                             Material published in the Gila River Indian News may not be reproduced in
                                                                                                                         any form without consent from the Gila River Indian Community.
River Pima Maricopa Indian Com-       ton was also the first Democrat to
munity and Wendler Nosie Sr.          win the state since 1948, when                                               Gila River Indian Community
                                                                                                                                                                   William R. Rhodes, Governor
                                                                                                                 P.O. Box 97, Sacaton, AZ 85247
from San Carlos who gave the in-      Harry Truman defeated Thomas                                               520.562.9500                    Jennifer Allison-Ray, Lt. Governor
vocation. The highlight of the        Dewey en route to a narrow na-                                                District #1: Arzie Hogg                  District #5: Gordon Santos, Sr.
                                                                                   Community Council Members

evening was recording artist Ce Ce    tional victory. Republicans control                                                        Augustine Enos                           Brenda Robertson
                                                                                                                                                                          Cecil Lewis
Peniston who conducted the Na-        both houses of the Arizona legisla-                                           District #2: Jewell Whitman                           Gordon Domingo
tional Anthem.                        ture. Pederson, who lost last year's                                          District #3: Rodney Jackson              District #6: Anthony Villareal
                                                                                                                                 Myron Schurz                             Albert Pablo
Former President Bill Clinton told    Senate race to Republican Jon Kyl,                                                                                                  Terrance Evans
a sold-out crowd at the annual        acknowledged the difficulties, not-                                           District #4: Malcom Eschief
                                                                                                                                 Rebecca Rowe                District #7: Devin Redbird
Heritage Dinner that the country      ing that most of those Democrats                                                           Darrell Gerlaugh
                                                                                                                                 John Antone
gave Democrats a chance, not a        were elected in traditionally Re-
mandate, in last year's midterm       publican areas.                                                             Alida Thomas, Tribal Treasurer       Kristina Morago, Community Council Secretary
August 2007                                           Gila River Indian Community                                                    Page 3

National Museum of the American Indian Hosts National
Powwow at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.
Submitted by The Smithsonian’s National Museum
of the American Indian.

The National Museum of the American Indian
(NMAI) holds its National Powwow set for August
10 - 12, 2007. Starting at 10 a.m. Friday, Saturday
and Sunday, at the Verizon Center in downtown
Washington, D.C. The Ira H. Hayes Post 84 of
Sacaton Arizona and from the Gila River Indian
Community have been invited as the color guard to
attend the NMAI Powwow. Members of the guard
include Tony White Thunder (Oglala/Lakota), James
Cournoyer (Yankton/Dakota), Tyndall Pasqual
(Pima), Leonard Enos (Pima), and Marcus Sekay-
ouma (Nez Perce/Hopi/Umitilla).
Three “host drum” groups will showcase three dis-
tinct styles of singing (Northern, Northern contem-
porary and Southern): High Noon (Cree) from
Alberta, Canada; Battle River (Anishinabe) from
Minnesota; and Southern Thunder (Pawnee) from
“I am proud of the commitment to present Native        Photo courtesy from Smithsonian Institute of the Ira H. Hayes Post 84 Color Guard
programming, such as the 2007 National Pow-                                zona. He joined the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II and served
wow,” said founding museum director W. Richard West Jr. (Southern          in three major battles in the Pacific. A dedicated warrior who earned the
Cheyenne). “The powwow celebrates both American Indian social tradi-       respect of his peers, he was made famous by the iconic photograph of the
tions and contemporary culture through our theme, “Honoring Warriors:      flag-raising at Iwo Jima. Hayes was one of only five members of his pla-
Past and Present.” The powwow will feature special guests John Herring- toon of 45 to survive the battle. He died in 1955 at the age of 32.
ton (Chickasaw), the first Native astronaut; six of the living Navajo Code Hayes has been celebrated in song and portrayed in movies, and this
Talkers; the Ira H. Hayes color guard; the Kiowa War Mothers, and oth-     year’s color guard, from American Legion Post 84 in Arizona, is also
ers.                                                                       named in his honor.
The masters of ceremonies for this event include Vince Beyl (Anishin-      General admission tickets are available through
abe) and Dennis Bowen (Seneca). The arena directors are Timothy            and or by calling (202) 397-SEAT.
Eashappie (Nakota/Lakota) and Joe Bointy (Comanche/Kiowa). The             For additional information about the powwow, the public may call toll
dance judges include Rusty Gillette (Arikara/Hidatsa) and Darrell Wild-    free (877) 830-3224 or visit the museum Web site at www.AmericanIn-
cat (Pawnee/Euchee). The head man dancer is Corey Reeder         
(Wichita/Kiowa/Navajo), and the head lady dancer is Carol Melting Tal-     General Inquiries Powwow Hotline 877-830-3224 mainationalpow-
low (Blood). The drum judges are Wayne Silas (Menominee) and Don  Media/Press Inquiries, Leonda Levchuk, 202-633-6613,
Patterson (Tonkawa/Apache).                                      
Ira Hayes (Pima) grew up on the Pima Indian reservation in Sacaton, Ari-

National Indian Gaming Legislative Update
Written by Ernest L. Stevens, Jr., NIGA Chairman

 Greetings!                            grant the National Indian Gaming         ment regulators are the first line of   fund regulation of their gaming fa-
                                       Commission (NIGC) with Class III         gaming regulation. The Tribal-          cilities;
 I'm happy to bring you the lat-       regulatory control.                      State gaming compacts are the
 est version of NIGA's Indian                                                   mechanism Congress established          * Tribal governments also provided
 Gaming Update to provide you          The draft legislation would amend        under IGRA so Class III regulatory      $70 million to states to fund regu-
 with up-to-date gaming news           IGRA to grant the NIGC broad au-         authority is shared between the         lation;
 and highlights from Indian            thority in the regulation of Class III   tribes and states.
 Country. Watch for future up-         Indian gaming. The National In-                                                  * The NIGC was provided $12
 dates and feel free to share our      dian Gaming Association (NIGA)           The NIGC, which is partially            million to assist with Federal over-
 news with your own readers            is opposed to this draft legislation     funded by Indian gaming, has an         sight.
 and members.                          and submitted testimony during a         important oversight role on a fed-
         Ernest Stevens, Jr.           recent hearing urging the Commit-        eral level in Class III gaming regu-    NIGA calls upon the Indian Affairs
         NIGA Chairman                 tee to take into strong considera-       lation to ensure that tribes are        Committee to acknowledge the
                                       tion the viewpoints of tribal            implementing and enforcing their        strong regulatory commitment by
                                       leaders.                                 tribal ordinances and Class III         tribal governments. Any legislation
                                       Across the country, tribal leaders       compact terms.                          to amend IGRA should respect the
Indian Gaming Legislative Update       are keenly aware of the need to                                                  existing Tribal-State Class III regu-
NIGC Continues Push for More           protect the integrity and honesty of     At a hearing about the issue on         latory framework and tribal law-
Control Over Gaming Regulation         their Indian gaming facilities and       June 28th, the NIGC acknowl-            making authority.
We've had a relatively quiet year so   therefore, this is an issue they do      edged that:
far with regard to challenging leg-    not take lightly. Indian gaming op-                                              As tribal leaders have repeatedly
islative issues facing Indian Coun-    erations are the most regulated in       * In 2006, tribal governments spent     pointed out, the NIGC's proper im-
try. But that changed last month       the country. No other gaming is          a total of $337 million to fund reg-    plementation of technical assis-
when Senator Dorgan, chairman of       regulated on three distinct levels       ulation of their industry which pro-    tance and consultation with Tribes
the Senate Indian Affairs Commit-      (tribal, state, and federal) like In-    vided over 670,000 jobs                 could minimize or eliminate the
tee, released his long-awaited draft   dian gaming.                             nationwide;                             need for this legislation.
discussion Bill to amend the Indian                                             * Of the $337 million, tribal gov-
Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) to        Under this scheme, tribal govern-        ernments spent $255 million to
Page 4                                                        Gila River Indian Community                                                       August 2007

 Community Manager Profile Derek White, GRIC
of Joseph Manuel           Community Manager Profile
J                          D
   oseph Manuel is the Community
   Manager in charge of operations
                                                                                            erek E. White is an enrolled
                                                                                            member of the Gila River Indian
                                                                                      Community (GRIC), District 5, and
who is tasked with providing day-to-
day facility management oversight to                                                  has spent his profession in telecom-
the entire government structure of the                                                munications, as a contractor, em-
Gila River Indian Community -- 66                                                     ployee of Gila River
departments employing approxi-                                                        Telecommunications, Inc., and a
mately 1500 individuals. Oversight                                                    Board Director for local and national
services provided by the operations                                                   telecommunications’ organizations.
component can be categorized into                                                     Derek is also a veteran of the U.S.
the following categories -- emer-                                                     Army, specializing in long haul mi-
gency services (medical, police, fire                                                 crowave transport systems and com-
protections) development                                                              munications electronic installation.
(capital/tribal projects) and health                                                  Primarily stationed in Frankfurt and
                                          Joseph Manuel, Community Manager            Stuttgart Germany maintaining radio       Derek White, Community Manager
and human services (environment,
public health and recreation).                                                        sites for the VII Signal Battalion and    ment to improve continuity within
                                         ployee Benefits Board of Trustees;
                                                                                      V Corp, he also enjoyed temporary
B    ackground. Joseph has been em-
     ployed with the Gila River In-
dian Community for the past 27 years
                                         the Maricopa Association of Govern-
                                         ments (Management Committee) as
                                                                                      duty assignments in Supreme Head-
                                                                                      quarters Allied Europe (SHAPE),
                                                                                                                                public safety entities, there has been
                                                                                                                                great success in coordinating effi-
                                                                                                                                cient and distinct roles at emergency
                                         well as the East Valley Managers As-
in a several capacities. Foremost,                                                    Belgium and various stateside loca-       scenes, incorporating the National In-
Joseph has extensive history with the                                                 tions, installing and modifying elec-     cident Management System, a com-
Community’s Tribal Employment
Rights Office. Joseph’s TERO lead-
                                         E    ducation: Joseph obtained his
                                              Bachelor’s of Science in Busi-
                                         ness Management and Masters De-
                                                                                      tronic equipment. Discharged
                                                                                      honorably, after seven years of serv-
                                                                                                                                mand system that has been adopted
                                                                                                                                by GRIC. Lastly, utilizing a local re-
ership included serving as Chairman                                                   ice, he considers his military training   port monitoring tool, Derek has es-
                                         gree in Business Administration from
and Vice Chairman of the Southwest                                                    a solid foundation for his telecommu-     tablished effective dialogue between
                                         the University of Phoenix.
and National TERO associations.                                                       nications career. His Father is Em-       departments, promoting open discus-
Other capacities include serving as a
Judge (Pro-Tempore) with the Gila
                                         P    ersonal. Joseph resides in Sacaton
                                              with his two boys, Joseph Jr.,
                                         Loma, and his wife, Nadine
                                                                                      mett S. White and his Mother is Ida
                                                                                      M. Long.
                                                                                                                                sion, collaborative solutions and
                                                                                                                                timely resolve.
River Indian Community Courts;           Pongyesva-Manuel. He is a
Community Council representative
for District Three (two terms); as
                                         renowned musician, song-writer, and
                                         Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusi-
                                                                                      A    s a member of the community
                                                                                           manager’s strategic team, defin-
                                                                                      ing resources and assistance with the
                                                                                                                                A     s an employee of Gila River
                                                                                                                                      Telecommunications, Inc.
well as assorted board experience        ast. Joseph also enjoys outdoor                                                        (GRTI), Derek became the Network
which include: the Four Rivers In-                                                    organizational restructure project,       Operations Manager, overseeing all
                                         camping with his family. Joseph’s
dian Legal Services; GRIC Law En-                                                     Derek has focused on Public Safety,       Central Office telephone offices,
                                         heart is with the Gila River Indian
forcement Commission (ten years);                                                     Housing, and interdepartmental com-       project management for the En-
                                         Community. He is dedicated and
GRIC Utility Authority (ten years);                                                   munications. As a recent member of        hanced Services division, oversight
                                         committed to perform to the highest
Gila River Telecommunications (six                                                    the Housing Administrative Task           for the Outside Plant department, and
                                         standards in his capacity as Commu-
years); and recently, the Wild Horse                                                  Force, the team resolved audit issues     management of the Information Sys-
                                         nity Manager.
Pass Development Authority. In his                                                    allowing continued funding opportu-       tems support staff. Projects included
capacity as Community Manager,                                                        nities for district development and       the upgrade and installation of the
Joseph is a member of the GRIC Em-                                                    renovation projects. With a commit-       Fiber Optic transport system, the de-
                                                                                                                                 ployment of high-speed internet serv-
                                                                                                                                 ice throughout the community, and
                                          Attention GRIN Reader                                                                  critical turnkey installations for
All articles and photos to the September 2007 GRIN issue should be submitted by August 16, 2007, 5pm.                            GRIC Department’s, as well as ex-
The GRIN office is located in the Governance Center. The phone numbers are 562-9717 or the secretary's                           tensive support to complete GRIC
number is 562-9715. Fax 562-9712 or email Website: Gila River News                              MIS Intranet connectivity. While at
                                                                                                                                 GRTI, Derek completed his educa-
                                                                                                                                 tion earning two Bachelor of Science
                                                                                                                                 Degrees, in Business Administration
                                                                                                                                 and Communication Information
           Special Offer For Gila River Residents and Families Only                                                              Systems and also a Microsoft Certi-
                                                                                                                                 fied Systems Engineering certificate

                               Cropper Auto Group has authorized me, Bob Niger, to offer special no-haggle, no-
                               hassle pricing to all residents and family members of Gila River. I have helped many
                                                                                                                                D    erek served on the Board of Di-
                                                                                                                                     rectors for Gila River Telecom-
                                                                                                                                munications, Inc., with continued
                               Gila River residents purchase vehicles with $0 down and low-monthly payments.                    interest and involvement in the com-
                                                                                                                                munity and the Telecommunications
                               We work with 30 different lenders so I am confident we can find the right deal to fit            industry. He is currently President
                               your needs and your budget. We specialize in challenge credit.                                   of the National Tribal Telecommuni-
                                                                                                                                cations Association, (NTTA), an or-
                               Bring this ad to Henry Brown and ask                                                             ganization which represents the
                               for me, Bob Niger, to receive a $500                                                             Nation’s eight Tribal owned and op-
     Ask for me at the blue
                               WalMart gift card as my way of saying                                                            erated Telecommunication’s compa-
       & white Chevrolet
                               “Thank you for purchasing a vehicle                                                              nies, and a director for the
     building, Pinal & Kort-
              sen in           from me.”                                                                                        Organization for the Promotion and
           Casa Grande                                                                                                          Advancement for Small Telco’s,
                               Bob Niger, Henry Brown                                                                           (OPASTCO), which represents over
                                                                                                                                550 rural telephone companies in the
                               (520)421-4949                                                                                    nation.
August 2007                                                Gila River Indian Community                                                          Page 5

The Coyote and the E”E                                                                                              Columnist: Gila River Elder Emmett S. White

    often think back to the days of my younger            up and found his son missing. He went outside and

                                                                                                                       was working at St. Peter Mission School many
    years and remember the things my daddy and            called for him. When he didn’t answer he went                years ago and would share some of this haichu
    mama told me to avoid so no harm will come to         looking for him. After several hours of looking and          a’ga with the students. I was profoundly scolded
me. Most of them were enough to scare the pants           calling for him he decided to return home and as he      by one of the grandmother by asking me what I was
off the bravest young boy!                                rounded a tall mesquite tree he found his son laying     teaching them. “My grandson will not go to his
                                                          by the tree dead and his intestines were hanging on      house next door at night now because you scared

           y daddy would take me on horseback with        a mesquite tree and there were coyote tracks all         him with that story about the E’E” she said. I tried
           him when he went rabbit hunting and            over. He remembered what he did to the baby coy-         to explain to her that was what kept me home at
           along the way he would began to tell me        otes. I was told never to kill a coyote for spite even   night and was only trying to send a message to the
the things he heard from his father, my Vosk. Once        though he may come steal my chickens.                    students about being out at night. She told me it
he told me about this man who went hunting for                                                                     was also impolite to argue with an elder!
game and came upon a den of baby coyotes. The
                                                                 he O’otham Niok of “Sikolk og Jev’ed or
mother coyote was not around so he decided to kill               “The earth is round” returns in many different
                                                                                                                          s far as I know the coyote is still around and
the little ones. As he began the gruesome task, he               ways. Be careful what you say and do to peo-             the E’E is ready to get you. This all holds
would disembowel                                          ple, places and things.                                         true to this day. Beware.
them and hung their
intestines in a tall
                                                              n the evenings my daddy, mama and my Vi’vi
mesquite tree. When         “  The E”E                        (great-grand mother) would tell me about the         Emmett S. White
he finished, he went                                          E’E. Now they never told me what it looked           District 5
off to hunt and then          will get                    like, how big it was, what color it was, where it
returned home to his                                      lived or where it came from. All they told me was
wife and little boy.        you” they                     never stay out after dark because that’s when things
                                                          happen and the E’E would get you. I was always
                           would say         ”
       fter supper                                        home before dark and didn’t want to chance run-
       they began to                                      ning into this –whatever it was. “The E’E will get
       get ready for                                      you” they would say. I was even scared to go to the
bed and laid the small boy between them and went          outhouse at night!
to sleep. As the sun rose in the morning, he woke

Letter to Roland H. Enos, Jr. PFC
    On March 9, 2007 it was an honor to see my            you.
nephew Roland H. Enos, Jr. complete his train-                There was only one person missing that day
ing and graduated from the United States Ma-              from our family. Roland’s grandmother, Made-
rine Corp. in San Diego, California.                      line Johns Murriette. She lost her battle with
    On this day, he received the rank of Private          cancer last year in June, but we know she was
First Class for his outstanding academic ac-              there in spirit and we miss her so much.
complishment before enlistment. This is only                  Roland returned home with us for two
given to a few during boot camp, way to go                weeks. We held a surprise dinner for him on
Roland.                                                   March 17, 2007. He received the Warriors
    Growing up he was a good kid. Two things              medal of Valor, and his mother, Kathy Garcia
that he enjoyed are video games and skate-                was presented with the Mothers medal of
boarding, also help-                                      honor from the Ira H. Hayes Post #84. Roland
ing mom out with                                          JR’s grandfather Barney Enos, Sr. was there
his sister Devin. He                                      and he shared that seeing Roland brought back
never got into                                            memories of himself. It was a sight to see two
drugs, alcohol,                                           Marines, one from the past generation and the
smoking or gangs.                                         present generation taking pictures together.
He finished his Sen-                                      Thank you Barney for being there for Roland,
ior year in                                               Jr.
Coolidge, AZ last                                             Roland is now stationed in Hawaii. I would
year.                                                     like to thank all of the family and friends that
    I want to say                                         attended Roland’s dinner, it was a very nice
“thank you” to                                            day. Well Roland, Jr. remember you are always
Roland for taking                                         in our prayers. One more thing, I can’t forget
oath to serve his                                         Ronald Herbert Enos. Jr., Private First Class,
county, you made our family so proud and we               you are one of the few, the proud, A Marine
love you always. May God bless you and all of             “Semper Fi”.
the other men and women that are serving our              Always in my heart, love
country, and also a safe return home to all of            Auntie Lilly Rivera Sam

Open letter to the Gila River Indian Community & Tribal Council
Open Letter to the Gila River Indian Community            felt that it was a hopeless cause to voice their con-    ocratic approach the GRIC leaders and Tribal
Tribal Council and Community                              cerns about a casino being built so close to their       Council took to carefully consider all options and
                                                          homes and schools. However, when the GRIC                entities involved before they took their final vote.
July 27, 2007                                             hosted a public meeting regarding the casino, a sig-
                                                          nificant number of residents from both communities       From all of us, we say “Thank You” to the GRIC.
To: Governor William Rhodes and the entire GRIC           came to meet their neighbors and to learn more           This issue has taught us that communication is the
Tribal Council and Community Leaders                      about the plans for the casino. We are forever           key to building and maintaining mutually beneficial
                                                          grateful to the GRIC for hosting this public meet-       relationships. As we go forward, we desire to keep
July 6, 2007 is a memorable day for our communi-          ing, as it was a first step in getting to know one an-   building upon the communication streams the peo-
ties, as it was the day the GRIC Tribal Council de-       other and learning how our communities can work          ple and community leaders have developed in order
finitively voted to relocate the Lone Butte Casino        together on common issues.                               to address other issues that are important to the citi-
near Highway 202 and Kyrene Road rather than the                                                                   zens of both communities. To that end, we hope to
previously selected site at Gilbert and Hunt High-        To many Chandler residents, and specifically those       meet again soon to accomplish this goal.
way. This decision lifted a cloud that was hanging        who are part of the Casino Hunt Hwy Concern, this
over many Chandler and GRIC residents for                 decision is a clear indication of the GRIC’s sincere     Respectfully,
months.                                                   desire to collaborate within its community and with
                                                          outlying communities impacted by its development         Rob Hood
In March 2007, when the residents of south Chan-          plans. As we watched the process unfold, we were         John Johnston
dler first learned of the proposed site, many initially   encouraged by the thoughtful, systematic and dem-        Ursula Johnston
Page 6                                                    Gila River Indian Community                                                  August 2007

                                                                               Whirlwind Golf Club Announces
Gila River Archaeologist Assists
                                 Contract with the Bird Golf Academy
Alambre Wildfire Response Team
                                                                               Phoenix, AZ - (July 2007) Whirl-       golf's top talent."
                                                                               wind Golf Club and the Sheraton        For more information or to book
                                                                               Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa re- an instruction session call Toll
                                                                               cently agreed to terms on a new        Free at: 877-424-7346 (877 4-
                                                                               ten year contract with The Bird        BIRDGO), email at: info@bird-
                                                                               Golf Academy, the on-site golf or visit:
                                                                               instructional team offering a wide
                                                                               array of services including per-       The Gila River Indian Commu-
                                                                               sonalized coaching, the finest         nity has woven championship
                                                                               PGA and LPGA professionals,            golf with its rich cultural heritage
                                                                               comprehensive packaging and            to create the Troon-Managed(r)
                                                                               unparalleled customer attention.       Whirlwind Golf Club. Named
                                                                               The long term con-                                         among Conde
                                                                               tract, signed on June                                      Nast's "Top 100
                                                                               23, solidifies the                                         Golf Resorts" in
                                                                               beneficial partner-        Whirlwind Golf Club 2005 and the
                                                                               ship forged between                                        "2004 Troon Fa-
                                                                               Whirlwind Golf
                                                                                                            offers 36 holes of            cility of the
Gila River Archaeologist Assists       Peak”) as a Traditional Cultural
Alambre Wildfire Response Team         Property. Iolkam is I’itoi’s Garden     Club, Sheraton Wild         championship golf              Year" this
                                                                               Horse Pass Resort                                          unique golf club
                                       and I’itoi is the prominent deity in    & Spa, The Bird             with the 7017-yard             beat out more
On July 10, 2007, Teresa Ro-           their story of creation.                Golf Academy and           Devil's Claw course than 140 other
drigues, Archaeologist for the Gila                                            the Wild Horse Pass                                        Troon courses
River Indian Community (GRIC)          The Alambre Wildfire began Sat-         Development Au-            and the 7,218-yard              around the
was sent to assist on the Alambre      urday July 7. The initial response      thority over the past               Cattail.               world to be
Wildfire in the vicinity of Kitt       areas encompassed 247,683 acres,        year. The new con-                                         named the "best
Peak on the Tohono O’Odham Na- encircling approximately 7,267                  tract provides the                                         of the best." Lo-
tion, Pima County, Arizona. The        acres of heavy burn. Protection of      foundation for the                                         cated at the
Community provided cultural re-        the cultural and natural resources      Bird Golf Academy to officially        Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort
                                                                               name Whirlwind Golf Club as            & Spa, the Whirlwind Golf Club
source technical support for three     required staffing each fire crew                                               offers 36 holes of championship
                                                                               their flagship location and offers
days under the GRIC-Bureau of          with professional archaeologists        the stability to develop               golf with the 7017-yard Devil's
Indian Affairs (BIA) Cooperative       and biologists who monitored po-        long-term programming.                 Claw course and the 7,218-yard
Agreement for the Implementation tential damage caused by the cut-             Currently boasting 16 satellite lo- Cattail. This award-winning facil-
of Fire Management Measures.           ting of fire lines, air drops of fire   cations throughout the United          ity features top of the line prac-
This agreement provides for neces- retardant, installation of water and        States, The Bird Golf Academy          tice facilities, the Sivlik Grill, one
sary services under the National       erosion control features, and other     has made Whirlwind Golf Club           of the "Top 100 Golf Shops" ac-
Interagency Incident Management measures used to protect the Kitt              its home since August of 2006.         cording to Golf World Business
System.                                Peak Observatory and surrounding        Bird Golf's offices are presently      magazine and unparalleled serv-
                                                                               located in an off-site facility but    ice. Gary Panks has designed
Archaeologist Rodrigues quickly        communities.
                                                                               plans are in the works to move         both masterpieces to challenge
mobilized and joined Peter Steere,                                             them to Whirlwind Golf Club in         players of all levels while main-
Tohono O’Odham Nation Tribal           Tohono O’Odham Nation commu-            the near future. grees of the teach- taining a sense of fairness and
Archaeologist and BIA Archaeolo- nity members, including Nina                  ing professionals, the Bird Golf       playability.
gist Garry Cantley in the protec-      Siquieros, Superintendent for the       Academy offers instruction from
tion of cultural resources             Papago Agency in Sells, met with
significant to the To-
hono O’Odham Na-
tion. Logistical
                                                         fire crews multiple
                                                         times daily at the
                         The initial response areas Incident Com-
                                                                               Sober Challenge For You
support was provided       encompassed 247,683 mand Post (ICP),                 The Department of Rehabilitation      most outstanding artwork and es-
by BIA personnel, in-               acres,               expressing thanks     & Supervision under the director-      says about what Sober Challenge
cluding Leon Ben,         encircling approximately for the good work,          ship of Mr. Perry Mitchell recently    means to them. This type of pro-
Division of Forestry        7,267 acres of heavy         organization, and     celebrated the “Sober Challenge        gram does have a thought provok-
Management, and for                  burn.               communication of      Day” at the Juvenile Division.         ing and positive impact on our the
the Pima Agency, Su-                                     the fire fighters.    This is an annual event to promote     Juvenile Division residents.
perintendent Cecilia Martinez and The Alambre Wildfire Incident                sobriety.
Firefighter Kirby Stone. Assistance Commander also provided a tour             The Department counselors invited      The event has inspired ideas for
was also provided by Chief Mark        of the ICP to community members,        speaker Ms. Paula Rhodes who           the acronym S.O.B.E.R. that will
Openshaw and Deputy Chief              including them in planning discus-      gave a heartfelt talk about her son    be suggested for next year's Sober
Dewey Ray of the GRIC Fire De-         sions for the protection of the cul-    who was killed due to drunk driv-      Challenge T-Shirts:
partment.                              tural and natural resources, and the    ing. They also brought in Mr.          >S-O-B-E-R
                                       local community, as well as, in         Dick Parkins from DPS who              Stay Off Booze & Enter Reality
Important Tohono O’Odham Na-           particular, the beehives that pro-      showed graphic and heart-breaking
tion cultural resources include Kitt vide income to local residents.           photos and recounts of tragic          Have a great and successful day!
Peak and other sites in the sur-       Upon release from the Incident,         deaths caused by individuals who       For questions on the Sober Chal-
rounding valleys. Kitt Peak is lo-     fire fighters and resource support      were driving while under the influ-    lenge event, contact:
cated on the north end of the          staff received a complimentary          ence of alcohol or drugs. This had     Dr. Lorraine Juniel
Baboquivari Mountains in the To-       pint of local mesquite honey!           a profound affect on the attendees.    Detention Education Teacher
hono O’Odham Nation’s Schuk                                                                                           Dept. of Rehabilitation & Supervi-
Doak (Black Mountain) District.        GRIC-CRMP Staff Writer                  The Department counselors pre-         sion - Juvenile Division
The Tohono O’Odham identify                                                    sented 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place         Phone: 520-562-7213
“Iolkam” (also known as “Kitt                                                  awards to the residents with the       Fax: 480-899-9856
August 2007                                         Gila River Indian Community                                                    Page 7

Shigella Found in Community DEQ Concern With Air Pollution
                                                                           From Surrounding Communities
How to prevent spread of disease
                                                                           GILA RIVER INDIAN COMMU-                  traffic that passes through the reserva-
Increased Cases of Shigella Found in Children in the Community             NITY, ARIZONA- The Gila River In-         tion.
                                                                           dian Community’s (GRIC)
When the weather gets hot, and children want to take a refreshing          Department of Environmental Quality       Another concern raised by GRIC
jump into inviting cool water, caretakers need to ensure the water         (DEQ) is extremely concerned with         DEQ is illegal dumping of solid and
                                                                           environmental issues related to the       hazardous waste. As cities grow so
stays safe and does not become a source of illness.
                                                                           rapid growth of the surrounding cities    does illegal dumping of solid and
                                                                           and counties. GRIC is facing an in-       hazardous waste.. This could affect
                                                                           creased need to address transportation    GRIC members’ health and the envi-
An increased number of children in the Community have been di-             corridors within GRIC and the nega-       ronment. Large magnitude spills or
agnosed with a disease called shigellosis. This is an infectious           tive environmental impacts associated     fires resulting from tractor/trailer ac-
                                                                           with these corridors. GRIC DEQ has        cidents could lead to potential human
disease which causes dehydration and bad diarrhea. The bacte-
                                                                           placed air monitors throughout reser-     exposure and soil and groundwater
ria can live in and be transmitted                                         vation, which document adverse im-        contamination, resulting in adverse
to children and adults in bodies of The table shows the most               pacts of air pollution produced by        health effects and costly cleanups.
water. Typical sources of water     common symptoms of                     vehicles from off-reservation sources.
could be a wade pool, tin/galva-                                           Due to the increase in population pro-    Roads tend to concentrate storm
                                    Shigella, spp. 30-75% of               jected in the communities surround-       water runoff, increasing potential for
nized bucket, or a tub.             the ill people suffer watery           ing GRIC traffic through the              pollutants in the runoff. This polluted
                                     diarrhea, and 50-85% suf-             reservation is expected to increase       rain water could potentially impact
The parents and caretakers play      fer abdominal pain.                   dramatically over the coming years.       the quality of ground water, including
a very important role in keeping                                                                                     drinking water. There is an increased
the water safe while the children                                          A 1997 GRIC emissions inventory           potential of contamination of water if
                                                                           document showed that vehicle traffic      accidents occur on the roads with
play, even beyond watching for injuries. The Gila River Health
                                                                           on transportation routes through the      hazardous cargo.
Resource Department / Environmental Health Services recom-                 Community (e.g., Interstate 10, Mari-
mend the following to prevent the spread of the disease:                   copa Highway, beltline/51 Avenue          Although development of the South
                                                                           etc.) constitute the largest air pollu-   Mountain Freeway (Loop 202) will
1. If a child has been ill with diarrhea, or had runny stools, or pain     tion source within reservation. Vehi-     alleviate off-reservation motorist cut-
                                                                           cle traffic through GRIC has tripled      ting through the reservation on 51st
in the abdomen, do not allow the child to get in the pool. They
                                                                           since 1997 and air pollution has in-      avenue it will, at minimum, triple air
might be ill or getting ill and infect others or get re-infected.          creased as well. GRIC has limited         pollution within GRIC’s boundaries.
                                                                           control over the amount of vehicular
2. Before the child gets into the water, add 1 teaspoon of bleach
per gallon of water. If the poolʼs capacity is 10 gallons, add 10
teaspoon bleach. Check the label; look for 5.25% sodium
hypochlorite. This chemical, at the concentration recommended,                    Gila River Office of Emergency Hotline
is safe for humans and will kill the bad germs, like Shigella spp.

3. If more than 2 children get in the water, CHANGE THE
                                                                                 HOTLINE                             (520) 562-9855

4. Change or discard the water before it gets cloudy or within 2.0
hours of use.
                                                                           West Nile
                                                                           “Bad West Nile season likely”             ance in 1999 in New York and
The table shows the most common symptoms of Shigella, spp.                 said the Arizona Department of            spread west, reaching Arizona in
30-75% of the ill people suffer watery diarrhea, and 50-85% suffer         Health Services, so break out that        2003. GRIC had one confirmed
abdominal pain. The most common species of this germ shown                 mosquito repellent, and spray             human case of WNV in 2003,
are: S. sonneii, S. flexneri, and S. dysenteriae. (CDC).                   down for what could be Arizona's          three human cases in 2004, one
                                                                           second-worst season of West Nile          human case in 2005, and one
                                                                           virus (WNV).                              human case in 2006. Statically
                                                                           Health Resource Department’s              speaking, eighty percent of the
                                                                           Environmental Health Services             people that have WNV never
Safety Tips for Control of                                                 administers GRIC’s vector con-
                                                                           trol program. EHS stated that so
                                                                           far this year, the Gila River In-
                                                                                                                     know it; therefore, the actual
                                                                                                                     number of Community Members
                                                                                                                     that had WNV is significantly
Household Pests                                                            dian Community has been fortu-
                                                                           nate not to have any human cases
                                                                                                                     Virginia Begay, Director of EHS
                                                                           of West Nile virus. Thirteen peo-         says that mosquito activity is typ-
When controlling household or          Follow these basic steps:           ple have contracted the mosquito-         ically monitored in the Commu-
yard pest problem using a pesti-       1. choose the right pesticide       borne illness elsewhere in the            nity from April through October.
cide, be aware that one of the            product,                         state. While GRIC has not had             EHS follows up by fogging areas
greatest causes of pesticide expo-     2. read the label,                  any human cases, mosquitoes in            that have numerous mosquitoes
sure to humans is the use of pesti-    3. determine the correct amount     District 7 have tested positive two       or WNV positive mosquitoes,
cides in and around the home.             to use,                          times this year for WNV.                  based on the monitoring or trap-
                                       4. what precautions must be taken   WNV can cause fever, encephali-           ping results. Since 2003, WNV
There are a wide variety of pesti-     5. store and dispose of pesticide   tis, nervous-system diseases, or          disease carrying mosquitoes have
cide products available in stores to   containers properly.                death. That is why EHS stresses           been trapped in all of the Districts
control weeds, unwanted insects                                            the need for people to protect            except Districts 3 and 6.
and other pests. No special train-     For more information, call the      themselves from mosquito bites            Ms. Begay urges everyone to fol-
ing is necessary to use these prod-    Gila River Department of Envi-      by using insect repellent and to          low the recommended protection
ucts but many of these products        ronmental Quality Pesticide         clean up waterlogged tires, repair        measures by using insect repel-
can be hazardous to you, your          Control Office at 562-2234 ex-      leaky faucets, clean up green             lent and eliminating sources of
family and pets. Especially when       tension 227 for free literature     pools, and eliminate other sources        standing water during the mos-
stored, handled, applied or dis-       on this topic.                      of standing water which are the           quito season. Anyone having
posed of improperly. Always read                                           breeding grounds for the mosqui-          questions related to WNV or
the label before buying and apply-                                         toes that help spread the virus.          mosquito protection can contact
ing a pesticide product.                                                                                             the Vector Control staff at (520)
                                                                           West Nile made its first appear-          562-5100.
Page 8                                                       Gila River Indian Community                             August 2007

Vechij Himdag MaschamakuD Adventure to Costa Rica
VHM Students Explore Costa Rica continued from page 1

Photos taken of Vechij Himda MaschamakuD students on their
trip to Costa Rica
their lives.                              much to do.”

  Each student seemed to really enjoy     It goes without saying that the journey
certain aspects of Costa Rica. Gabriel    to Costa Rica was an unforgettable
Castro appreciated seeing the mon-        learning experience for these seven
keys and exotic birds, while Angel        students from VHM. This opportu-
Ramirez was fascinated by the study       nity demonstrated the power of learn-
of the Sanguinivore and Microphi-         ing and was certainly intensified by
roptera bats. Josh Paul paid special      hands-on learning outside of class-
attention to how “much of the world’s     room walls.
tropical rain forests have been de-
stroyed because of burning, logging,      Vechij Himdag MashchamakuD
dam building, and poor farming prac-      (VHM) wishes to thank the Gila River
tices.” Moranda Morago appreciated        Community, Tribal Council, Educa-
the many different butterflies in these   tion Standing Committee, Department
rain forests, particularly the Morpho     of Education and Student Services,
Butterfly. Martin Holguin was in awe      the VHM School Board, and all those
over the volcano, stating that “the red   who made our educational experience
flames from lava coming out of the        to Costa Rica a reality.
volcano were so amazing at night-
time.” Student Jordan Morago appre-       And to the students, just know that no
ciated the cool water while               matter where you are and what your
experiencing the thrill of white water    circumstances may be, each of you
rafting. Jason Pablo seemed to sum        has the magic within you to learn and
up all of the learning opportunities in   do amazing things!
stating that there was “always so

                                                                                           Vechij Himdag MashchamakuD
                                                                                              Enroll for the ’07-’08 School Year

                                                                                           Students, we want you to join our educa-
                                                                                                 tional team at Vechij Himdag
                                                                                             MashchamakuD! We enthusiastically
                                                                                             offer a holistic academic environment
                                                                                            focusing on core foundation skills while
                                                                                           also catering to each student’s individual
                                                                                                       talents and goals!

                                                                                           If you are a student in grades 9-12 and
                                                                                              are ready to earn your High School
                                                                                           Diploma, then we challenge you to join us
                                                                                            for your educational journey. Space is
                                                                                                  limited, so we encourage you
                                                                                                         to enroll today!
                                                                                                      For more information,
                                                                                                    please visit our school at
                                                                                              168 S. Skill Center Road, Sacaton,
                                                                                               or contact us at (520) 562-3286.
August 2007                                            Gila River Indian Community                                                    Page 9

GRIC Organizational Update On                                                  Blackwater School Honored with
Assessment Project by ASU                                                      Three National Winners
By Dr. Pat Mariella
                                                                               Blackwater AZ –Blackwater                 been an active grandparent in the
Update on Organizational                from the School of Public Affairs      Community School was notified             lives of Kylie, Jayson and Jairo
Assessment Project                      who are experts on governmental        by the National Indian School             Brown and James Eller, her
The Gila River Indian Community         organization and change.               Board Association (NISBA) that            grandchildren. She attends all
(GRIC) Organizational Assess-                                                  it selected three nominees for its        events at school and contributes
ment project was introduced in the      The Project Team is setting up in-     national awards. Mr. Bill Fox,            her time in the school and com-
last Gila River Indian News July        terviews with groups of depart-        fourth grade teacher, won the             munity. She is an exceptional
2007 issue. The Arizona State           ment directors and managers,           NISBA Teacher of the Year. Mr.            role model for her children and
University American Indian Policy       Council members and continuing         Fox has
and Leadership Development Cen-         with presentations in the GRIC         been
ter has been contracted to assist the   Districts. Interviewees are asked      working
Community to develop an efficient       four basic questions:                  at Black-
organizational structure for its de-    -What is working well in your de-      water
partments by eliminating duplica-       partment’s/district’s relationships    Commu-
tion and matching program               with other departments/districts?      nity
staffing to Community needs.            -What is not working well and          School for
In the past month, the project team     what suggestions do you have to        seven
has met with the Governor and Lt.       improve the structural relation-       years and
Governor, District Coordinators,        ships?                                 in this
and conducted a presentation to         -Do you see duplication in the         time has
the Government and Management           Community’s departmental organi-       ensured
                                                                               that all
Standing Committee and Council          zational structure?
as well as District 4.                  -Do you see services or programs
                                                                               performedBailey Manuel selected as Student of the Year at Blackwater
                                        that are missing?
                                                                               well on Community School. Pictured with his family.
The ASU Project Team includes,
                                                                               the AIMS test. In fact, his stu-          grandchildren.
Dr. Eddie F. Brown (Pascua              If you would like to know more
                                                                               dents are the principle reason the        The winners will receive their
Yaqui/Tohono O’odham), Profes-          about the project, feel free to con-                                                                awards at the up-
sor of Law Kevin Gover (Pawnee),        tact the ASU American Indian Pol-                                                                   coming NISBA
Dr. Pat Mariella and Pam Johnson.       icy and Leadership Development                                                                      conference on
Pam is a recent graduate of ASU         Center at (480) 965-9005 or Pam                                                                     July 25 in Den-
and a resident of District 3. The       Johnson at                                                                                          ver, Colorado.
ASU team also includes advisors                                                                           The Board of
                                                                                                                                            Trustees is sup-
                                                                                                                                            porting the win-
      Gila River                                                                                                                            ners and their
                                                                                                                                            family members’
  Indian Newspaper
For article submission, feature               Skyline Tech                                                                                  participation in
                                                                                                                                            the national
   stories, advertisements,
 announcements, please call                   High School                          Suzanne Brown selected as Elder of the Year by
                                                                                                                                            recognition of
                                                                                                                                              their individual
                                               Grades 9 thru 12                    Blackwater Community School.                               contributions
                                                                                                                                              to education. Gila River News
         Jeri Thomas
                                            School Begins                      school has been labeled a Per-
                                                                               forming School by the Arizona
                                                                                                                         The Board and staff are very
                                                                                                                         proud of the national recognition
        Office Manager                         Monday                          of Education
                                                                               and has made
Celebration of                             August 6th, 2007                    AYP consis-
                                                                               tently. Sec-
Basketry & Native                           For additional infor-              ond, Bailey
                                                                               Manuel has
Foods Cancelled                             mation and to enroll,              been selected
                                                                               at the NISBA
PHOENIX, Ariz. — The Celebra-                     contact                      Elementary
tion of Basketry and Native Foods
Festival, slated to be held on De-            (480)763-8425                    Student of the
                                                                               Year. Bailey
cember 1-2, 2007 at the Heard Mu-
seum has been cancelled. Tohono                began at
O'odham Community Alliance, the                                                Blackwater
11-year-old event's organizer made                                                              William “Bill” Fox selected at Teacher of the Year by
                                                                               Community         Blackwater Community School.
the announcement today. TOCA
                                                                               School as a
Co-Director Tristan Reeder cited                Skyline Tech                   FACE student attending school             that Ms. Brown, Mr. Fox and Bai-
tight finances, staff challenges and                                           with his father, Dave Manuel. He ley are receiving.
the need to concentrate on local                High School                    was three when he enrolled. Over At the promotion event in June
community events as contributing
to the end of the event.                    15220 S. 50th Street               the years, Bailey has proven to be the Board of Trustees recognized
                                                                               an outstanding student in the aca- the above individuals with a
The event featured a unique market
with the finest of Native bas-
                                                   #109                        demic arena. He also has been             plaque and a cash donation for
                                                                               active in the school’s Spirit Line        their exceptional service to the
ketweavers and indigenous food
demonstrations, as well as food              Phoenix AZ 85044                  in third and fourth grade. He was school. In addition, the Board
sales.                                                                         the unanimous selection by the            recognized Leonard Johnson and
                                               (Ahwatukee)                     teachers as the school’s nominee          Richard and Olivia Quiroz as the
Debra Krol, 602.251.0218                                                       for this award. The third winner          Outstanding Parents of the Year.
Juliet Martin, 602.251.0232                                                    is Suzanne Brown as NISBA
                                                                               Elder of the Year. Ms. Brown has
Page 10                                            Gila River Indian Community                                           August 2007

        Vechij H imdag
     Graduation S tudents

                                                                                                           Congratulations to Bailey Drew
   Ruth Morago - VHM Graduate                                                                              Van Druff who graduated from
                                                                                                           Mountain Point High School,
                                                                                                           May 24, 2007. Bailey will be
                                                                                                           heading to ASU in the fall, as
                                                                                                           well as work part-time. Bailey
                                                                        Nissa Lynn Rhodes                  is a tribal member from District
                                                                           Class of 2007                   Four (Aerodyne Community).
                                                                      Casa Grande High School              Bailey is the youngest daugh-
                                                                                                           ter of Douglas and Tammie
                                                                                                           Van Druff. Bailey has three sis-
                                                                                                           ters, two brothers, and very
                                                                                                           proud grandparents.

                                                                    Penn State Graduate

                                 Christinia Moyah - VHM Graduate

Jose Castro - VHM Graduate
                                         Class of 2007
                                    & Promoted Students!!!

                                   Vechij Himdag MashchamakuD
                                   is proud to announce the high
                                    school graduation of the fol-
                                          lowing students:
                                                                    Pictured here is Carol Allen (left) with Lt. Governor Jennifer Allison-
                                          Jose C ast ro
                                                                    Ray, and John Tippeconnic, III (right) Ph.D.
                                          Rut h M ora go
                                        Chris tina M oy ah          Congratulations! Carol Allen, Dis-     can Indian teachers and leaders.
                                         Ange l R a mire z          trict 3, earned her M.Ed. in 2006      The program offered at Penn State
                                                                    from Penn State University, Col-       is exemplary and continues to in-
                                  We congratulate our graduates
                                                                    lege of Education, American In-        spire teachers to become leaders.”
                                  for their years of hard work &
                                  commitment in achieving their     dian Leadership Program. Carol         Carol is currently employed with
                                   high school diplomas and we      Allen is first Pima to attend and      the Head Start Program in District
                                    wish them the very best as      graduate from Penn State. Carol        4. Pictured here is Carol Allen
                                  they continue in pursuing their   was recruited by Penn State while      (left) with John Tippeconnic, III
                                                                    attending a National Indian Educa-     (right) Ph.D., Professor of Educa-
                                   Vechij Himdag MashchamakuD       tion Association conference. She       tion and Director, American Indian
                                    also proudly announces 8th      received was awarded a full schol-     Leadership Program at Penn State
Angel Ramirez - VHM Graduate        Grade Promotion Students:       arship at Penn State to earn a mas-    University. Dr. Tippeconnic visited
                                                                    ter’s degree and school principal      our leadership at Gila River Indian
                                    Ale xand rea C ervante s        certification. She began the Ameri-    Community; Governor William R.
All Vechij Himdag MashchamakuD          Am berei s J ose
                                                                    can Indian Leadership Program in       Rhodes, Lt. Governor Jennifer Al-
photos submitted VHM Staff        We congratulate our 8th Grade     January 2005. She drove to Penn-       lison-Ray (center) and several
                                   Promotion Students and look      sylvania through blizzard condi-       members of the Community Coun-
                                    forward to their success in     tions but quickly settled in and       cil. Dr. Tippeconnic was impressed
 Congratulations                           high school.
                                  A special thanks to all who at-
                                                                    began her coursework. The Ameri-
                                                                    can Indian Leadership Program
                                                                                                           with the different education pro-
                                                                                                           grams and the level of commit-
                                  tended and participated in our
from the GRIN Staff               2007 Graduation & Promotion       was established 1970. Their motto
                                                                    is “The future of our children rests
                                                                                                           ment to education by the
                                                                                                           leadership at Gila River Indian
                                                                    on having highly qualified Ameri-      Community.
August 2007                                                 Gila River Indian Community                                                         Page 11

                                    New Tribal Council Members
New Council Members Continue Family Legacy Of Public Service
By Kristina Morago, Community Council Secretary                                                                  Photos By Chris Allen, Public Information Office

         With the recent Community                                                     to “put the power back into the            is a product of the first GRIC
Council Election back in May, the                                                      hands of the people.” He also              Headstart Program and attended St.
Gila River Community Council                                                           hopes to update community legis-           John’s School his entire academic
saw a change with the addition of 4                                                    lation and address current and pre-        career until it’s closing.
new Council members in June                                                            vious issues such as housing and                    He attended Central Ari-
when six Council members re-                                                           health and social issues. During           zona College briefly, where he was
ceived their Oath of Office at the                                                     his down time, Councilman Schurz           on the Dean’s List. He also
first regular Council meeting.                                                         enjoys hobbies such as music and           worked for over 18 years in the
         New to Community Coun-                                                        cooking.                                   construction industry. That is why
cil is Myron Schurz, representing                                                                                                 he has made Housing his priority.
District #3, Darrell Gerlaugh                                                                  Councilman Pablo, is single        In his first term, it was to get more
elected to a District #4 post, and                                                     and a lifelong resident of District        housing into the District. This
Devin Redbird elected by voters in                                                     #6 community. His father is Win-           term, he’s focusing in on the qual-
District #7. Albert Pablo from Dis-                                                    field Pablo of Gila Crossing, his          ity of home that the community
trict #6 has returned after a one                                                                                                 members actually receive. Educa-
year absence. Re-elected was                                                                                                      tion is also a priority. He’s cur-
Jewel Whitman from District #2                                                                                                    rently Gila River’s Board
                                             District 3 Councilman, Myron Schurz
and Brenda Robertson from Dis-                                                                                                    representative to Riverside School
trict #5.                                    man Dean Schurz of Sacaton. His                                                      in Anadarko, Oklahoma.
         No stranger to Community            mother is the late                                                                            Councilman Pablo gives
Council, having served one term              Maxine Schurz.                                                                       credit to his upbringing and back-
from June 2003 to June 2006, Al-                      Councilman Schurz cur-                                                      ground to his mother Sally Pablo, a
bert Pablo and newcomer Myron                rently serves on the Legislative and                                                 former council member for many
Schurz having something in com-              Health and Social Standing Com-                                                      years. It was she who taught Al-
mon, parents who also served as              mittees. He also sits on the Plan-                                                   bert that people come first, as with
former Community Council mem-                ning and Zoning Commission.                                                          Pima tradition. Albert began his
bers of their respective districts.          Councilman Schurz believes in in-                                                    political career in the District. He
         Myron Schurz is married to          tegrity, preserving our land, and         District 6 Councilman, Albert Pablo        served as a former District #6
Marlo Milda Schurz and they make             fairness for all Community mem-                                                      Chairman and was a member of the
their home in Sacaton. He is a life-         bers, which was his platform dur-         mother the late Sally (Giff) Pablo         D6 Executive Committee. Albert
long resident of Sacaton, having             ing his campaign. He has worked           and he has one daughter Amerissa,          will strive to do his very best “to
lived off reservation when he was            for the Gila River Indian Commu-          one brother Marvin, and two                impact the community in a positive
serving his country as an enlisted           nity for 11 years, first with Depart-     nephews Brian and Christian. Al-           way going forward.”
Marine from 1985 to 1987. They               ment of Public Works, then more           bert’s maternal grandparents are
have two children, Erica Zuniga              recently as a Program Evaluator at        the late Ruth (Juan) Giff and the          If you would like to meet the
and Skyler and are proud grandpar-           the Office of Planning and Evalua-        late Joseph Giff.                          Council Members, you may con-
ents to Javonni Molina and Arianna           tion.                                             Currently, Councilman              tact the Governance Center at
Blackwater and recently welcomed                      When recently asked about        Pablo serves on the Education and          (520)562-9500 and ask for the
a third grand daughter at the end of         his platform and focus in his first       Natural Resources Standing Com-            Tribal Secretary’s office.
July. His father is former Council-          term, Councilman Schurz promises          mittees. He proudly shares that he

“The Foundered Mule” Book By Floyd ‘Buddy’ Lewis
    Floyd “Buddy” Lewis, a resident of       story that demonstrates the great         Whitney, with the 7th fleet in the         University of New Mexico at Albu-
Laveen, Arizona and Native American          power and ability of the human spirit     South Pacific. After the war he served     querque during summer session, at-
author from the Gila River Indian            to endure and overcome in a life full                                  aboard the    tending a course on rhetorical writing.
Community. He has written a won-             of hardships and challenges.                                           USS John      As part of the Bereau of Indian Affairs
derful piece of historical fiction for his       It is a fantastic book for all ages                                R. Craig,     relocation program, Buddy worked in
first book.                                  and would be a superb lesson for any                                   also with     the accounts receivable office for a
   The book begins after the protago-        teenager still learning about the pit-                                 the 7th       trucking firm in Chicago, then re-
nist, Victor Bright Eyes, returns home.      falls of life and the ways to deal with                                fleet based   turned home.
As Victor is perched upon his spot           and overcome them.                                                     at Tsing          Floyd attained a job with the Mari-
looking down over his Indian village,            Floyd "Buddy" Lewis was born in                                    Tao, China.   copa County Community college as a
he begins to recall his experiences in       Casa Blanca, on the Gila River Indian                                  While in      Clerk for the Skill Center. He retired
the Army while fighting in the Asiatic       Reservation in Arizona. His father                                     China,        from that position in 1996. He then
Theatre of War. He remembers battles,        was Stewart Lewis, and his mother                                      Buddy was     returned to his reservation and worked
heroic acts and friends lost in action.      was Minnie Soatkee, both from the                                      notified on   part time for the National Council on
As Victor moves on from the war, he          Akimel O’Otham (Pima) tribe. He                                        the death     Aging as a liason on behalf of the eld-
describes though memory his other            spent most of his early years on the                                   of his fa-    ers in his community in District 6.
experiences, including his traditional       Phoenix Indian School campus in                                        ther Cap-     Upon the completion of his contract,
performance exploits and intimate re-        Phoenix, Arizona where his father was     tain Stewart Lewis, and was given a        he resumed working on his novel and
lationships. After his recollections are     the Printing Instructor. During the       No. 1 priority to attend his funeral at    enjoyed visiting withhis friends and
done, the story shifts into a real-time      summers, Buddy stayed with his            Phoenix, Arizona. After the funeral        relatives.
account of Victor’s toil with his in-        Grand Parents in the village of Co-op,    Buddy received orders to resume duty       To his knowledge Floyd is very proud
juries and addictions. He becomes            better known as Chi-chin-au. He at-       in Photography at Pensacola Florida.       to be the son of the first Arizona In-
destitute and alone before he can fi-        tended Osborn Grade School, North            While attending school, he played       dian to be commissioned in the Ari-
nally overcome his problems and re-          Phoenix High School, and the Phoenix      football for the Navy as a line backer.    zona National Guard as a Captain; an
turn home to the hero’s welcome that         Indian School before enlisting in the     Later, he became an Aerial Photogra-       achievement respected by all members
he deserves.                                 U.S. Navy in 1943. He became a tor-       pher, and resumed duty at Guam.            of the Gila River Indian Community.
   The Foundered Mule is a moving            pedoman and served aboard the USS         Upon his discharge, he enrolled at the
Page 12                                                       Gila River Indian Community                                                       August 2007

Adam Beach Exciting Visit to GRIC & Kids
Continued from Page 1                                                                                              Photos by Jeri Thomas & Jean Nahomni Mani

Adam Beach (center) meets GRIC Community Council Representatives
                                           Photo by Kristina Morago

Sacaton, AZ – The Gila River Indian     honor to be where he is today. He
Community welcomed television           said, “from what I hear, you carry
and film actor Adam Beach, 34, Dog      the mantle well for leaders in the
Creek Lake, Manitoba, Canada at a       area.”
special council meeting on July 31,     Mr. Beach told of his meager begin-
2007. Mr. Beach explained to tribal     nings and spoke of the rampant so-
leaders that he has been an actor for   cial ills that devastate Native
17 years and is now on his second       American communities. “There has
journey. Adam recently participated     to be a means to find the next Adam
in Pipestone, a spiritual quest in      Beach. I am tired of conferences,
which he committed, among other         meetings, and talk. I am here to
things, to help Native people by        plant the dream in your hearts and
sharing his talents and knowledge.      minds.
Adam stated he has come a long          The Community Council compli-
way from his North End neighbor-        mented Mr. Beach in his portrayal of
hood and stated his disbelief and       Ira Hayes in Flags of Our Fathers.

                                        quired. A letter from the D.E.S.
  Gila River WIC                        for the applicant is required.
   Program Is Having                    Fathers, guardians or foster par-
                                        ents may apply for their children
    Open Enrollment                     under 5 years of age.
You are eligible if you meet ALL        Household      Monthly income
of the following:                       Size           before taxes
y       Live in Arizona                   1             1575
y       Are a pregnant, postpar-          2              2111
tum, breast feeding woman,                3              2648
have an infant or a child under 5         4              3184
years of age                              5              3721
y       Have a nutritional need           6              4257
(DETERMINED BY OUR STAFF                  7              4794
AT FIRST VISIT).                          8              5330
y       Have a total household          Each addʼl member add +537             Adam Beach did a “meet & greet” with many fans. He posed with Komatke
income that is less than or equal                                              Boys & Girls Club staff to thank them for inviting him to dance with the youth.
to the income guidelines below:         Call the WIC office for more in-       Adam spoke to the students about staying in school and to think about the ca-
                                        formation or to schedule an ap-        reer of becoming an actor and participating in the theater industry. He signed
You are automatically eligible for      pointment(520) 562-3318                tons autographs and took photos with everyone who wanted to meet him. One
WIC if you currently receive            WIC IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY            of the many questions they asked Adam was “where is Thomas? (from the
TANF, Food Stamps or AHC-               PROVIDER. THIS INSTITUTION IS AN       movie Smoke Signals). Adam replied, “heʼs in Canada and is a doctor.” The
CCS. Proof of enrollment re-            EQUAL OPPORTUNITY PROVIDER.            crowd broke out in an applause Great guy that Adam Beach!

  Gila River Indian Community Tribal Council            Office is not responsible for informing depart-       District #4: Malcom Eschief
  Meeting Dates                                         ments, programs, entities, or individuals to submit                Rebecca Rowe
          August 01, 2007                               material, nor is the Council Secretaryʼs Office re-                Darrell Gerlaugh
          August 15, 2007                               sponsible for making copies of material for Council                John Antone
          September 05, 2007                            packets.                                              District #5: Gordon Santos, Sr.
          September 19, 2007                                                                                               Brenda Robertson
          October 03, 2007                                    William R. Rhodes, Governor                                  Cecil Lewis
          October 17, 2007                                 Jennifer Allison-Ray, Lt. Governor                               Gordon Domingo
          November 07, 2007
          November 21, 2007
                                                            Kristina Morago, Council Secretary
                                                              Alida Thomas, Tribal Treasurer                  District #6: Anthony Villareal
          December 05, 2007                                                                                                Albert Pablo
          December 19, 2007                                                                                                Terrance Evans
  Written material submitted for Council review or            Community Council Members                       District #7: Devin Redbird
  consideration MUST be submitted to the Council
  Secretaryʼs Office no later than 12:00 (NOON) the                                                              **MEETING DATE AND LOCATION ARE
                                                        District #1: Arzie Hogg                                        SUBJECT TO CHANGE*
  Thursday prior to the meeting date. Presen-
                                                                     Augustine Enas                                  * Provided to GRIN by the Council Secretaryʼs office
  ters are responsible for providing twenty-one
  (21) copies: Resolutions and Ordinances re-
                                                        District #2: Jewell Whitman
  quire twenty-two (22) copies. Late material           District #3: Rodney Jackson
                                                                     Myron Schurz                                    Gila River Indian Community
  WILL NOT be accepted. The Council Secretaryʼs
                                                                                                                            (520) 562-9500
August 2007                                           Gila River Indian Community                                                   Page 13

Gila River Teams Participate In NABI Tournament

                                                                                                                       Photos by Shannon White
Gila River Boys Team Bottom row: Lucas Viarco, Andrew Milda, Steven
Jackson, Emmett Miguel and Weldon Salkey,                                     Gila River Girls Bottom Row: Melaine Eschief, Cheyenne Pratt, Emily
Standing: Coach Preston Soke, Harold, Ben Lisby, Michael Rhodes,              Rhodes, Kishia Benally, Cynthia Lugo, Latricia Brown. Standing: Coach
Luciano Molina, Thomas Francisco, Travis Kisto, Franicsco Poncho,             David Yesk, Alissa Nish, Lovie Antone, Lou Irving, Sienna Whittington,
Taylor, Coach Rudy Flores                                                     Shawna Wilson, Rochelle Enos, Laura Molina, Coach Larry Smith

Article by David Yesk
Sacaton AZ –The 2007 Native              The Gila River Girls Team games      The Gila River Boys Team were            the tournament and their first game
American Basketball Invitational        began on Monday July 9th, with        matched in their first game against      was against Young Guns of Church
(NABI) Tournament was held July         playing South Dakota Diva's. Gila     Chi'Hootso Wolfpack, a Northern          Rock, New Mexico. The second
9 through July 13th 2007.               River Girls ended up on the losing    Arizona team. The boys suffered          game opponent was the Blackfeet
The NABI teams from the Gila            side of this match up. The Gila       their first lost to the Wolfpack in an   Players of Browning Montana.
River Indian Community have par-        River Girls were scheduled to play    exciting game. Next was the              The last game was the 4 Corners
ticipated in the annual tournament      two games on Wednesday. The           Colville Tribes of Nespelem,             from Shiprock, New Mexico. All
four of the five years history of the   first game was scheduled at 11am      Washington. The team walked              three games were losses. A forth
NABI tournament. Teams players          against Lamedeer, Montana's Gym       away with an easy win.                   team was entered but did not make
are selected through annual try-        Rats.                                 The last was Team Utah, which            the tournament.
outs held at the beginning of the       Gila River Girls suffered a lost      came out of Kayenta Arizona. The         Thank you to all the parents and
year.                                   game putting them out of the play-    win moved the Gila River Boys            community for supporting these
The teams prepare for NABI by           off bracket for this year. A final    into the play off bracket with a         teams. Thank you to all the
participating Native High School        game was played Wednesday             match-up against the Jayhawks of         coaches for their time and efforts
Tournaments held in Ak- Chin In-        evening at 7pm. The original op-      Kayenta Arizona. Gila River Boy’s        and opportunity by making it pos-
dian Community, Salt River Com-         ponent was to be NCFST, which         win of 74 to 60 moved the team on        sible for our Gila River Teams to
munity, Ft. McDowell Community          was from Toronto Canada, how-         to face MHA Nation out of New            compete.
and on Gila River Indian Commu-         ever the team was unable to make      Town, North Dakota. MHA ended            Next year NABI will expand to in-
nity.                                   the trip. A exhibition game was       the Gila River Boys 2007 NABI            clude a Baseball Tournament. Gila
Other tournaments they participate      played with the Local Native Stars,   season with a 83 to 68 loss.             River will be looking for High
in include the Grand Canyon State       based out of Phoenix coached by       The Third team which was the Gila        School Baseball Players to partici-
Games, as well as competition held      Everett Largo. Gila River Girls       River Braves, coached by Tracy           pate. For more information log on
in other Native American commu-         was successful in a hard fought       Enos and Travor Thomas. This             to or con-
nities.                                 game, with a score of 32 to 31.       was the teams first participation in     tact David Yesk at (520)562-2025.

New School District Information Tool                                                                                           GRTI
                                                                                                                           District Days
Hits the Web
Getting the information you need about Phoenix School Districts just got easier. The cityʼs Youth and
                                                                                                                          • August 6 - Sacaton,
Education Office has posted an Adobe Flash map on the web that highlights important information                               Old Council Ki
about elementary and high school districts in Phoenix. Just click on the “School District Calendars                       • August 7 - Westend,
for 2007-2008” link at                                                                              Komatke Health \Re-
When you click on the color-coded map, an information window appears with the school-year calen-                              source Center
dar and other information including: superintendent, address, Web site and phone number. You can
select elementary or high school districts.                                                                               Pay your phone bill, talk to
        Now you can save time and search just one site for the Phoenix school district information                        Customer Service, sign up
you need. For more information on the Youth and Education Office or any of its available resources                              for free raffle.
visit or call 602-495-0314. Information provided by City of Phoenix.
Page 14                                                   Gila River Indian Community                                                     August 2007

 Indian Gaming Fueled                                                        Journey Home for Unrecognized Tribes
                                                                             by Zach Oliva
Governments With More                                                        Tears of joy streamed down Kim-
                                                                             berley Lyman’s face when she heard
                                                                                                                       “The way I produce is to go in with
Than $25 billion in 2006                                                     the news. On May 9th, 2007 a bill
                                                                             was unanimously passed to bring
                                                                                                                       an open mind and no preconcep-
                                                                                                                       tions of how I’m going to do (a)
                                                                             six previously unrecognized tribes        show and I listen to the people.
NIGA's 2006 Economic Impact            ices (resorts, hotels,                into recognition.                         They tell me what’s important to
Report Details the Benefits Gam-       restaurants, golf, entertainment      “They (the tribes) have spent many        them.”
ing Provides Tribes and Their          complexes, travel                     years, and I have been alongside          This feedback has led to some long
Neighbors                              centers, etc.);                       with them watching this journey for       lasting and important relationships
The work Indian tribes accomplish      * 670,000 jobs nationwide for         years and when I heard the news it        with Native Americans everywhere,
within the gaming industry brings      American Indians and our neigh-       was just tears of joy for their suc-      including the Virginia tribes.
many benefits to communities na-       bors (direct and indirect jobs cre-   cess,” says Lyman.                        “I have a very large group of people
tionwide, tribal and non-tribal.       ated by Indian gaming's economic      The journey began back in the             now that are considered very close
With 4.1 million American Indians      multiplier effect);                   1920s during one of the darkest eras      friends of mine. The reward is the
in the United States, roughly 1.5      * $8.6 Billion in Federal taxes and   in American history. In what be-          journey and the friendships that are
percent of the Nation's population,    revenue savings (including em-        came known as the “paper geno-            built as part of the process.”
the responsibility of Indian country   ployer and employee social secu-      cide” Virginia natives were forced        Lyman’s most recent work,
leaders is great.                      rity taxes, income taxes, excise      to profile themselves as either           Monacan Voices, includes tradi-
communities.                           taxes, and savings on unemploy-       “white” or “colored,” in effect,          tional Native storytelling, poetry
Nationwide, 225 Indian tribes in       ment and welfare payments);           eliminating “Native American” as a        and conversation with the Monacan
28 states use Indian gaming to cre-    * $2.4 Billion in state taxes, rev-   race. This wiped out much of the          people.
ate new jobs, fund essential gov-      enue sharing, and regulatory pay-     historical documentation of these         “I like to embellish whatever it is
ernment services and rebuild           ments (including state income,        tribes, making it difficult to gain       that is happening that is important
communities. In 2006, tribal gov-      sales and excise taxes, regulatory    federal recognition.                      to the tribes,” says Lyman.
ernments generated:                    payments and revenue sharing pur-     The passing of this bill brings the       “I see no end in sight regarding new
* $25.7 Billion in gross revenue       suant to Tribal-State compacts);      Chickahominy,          Chickahominy       and exciting stories that will come
from Indian gaming (before             * More than $100 Million in pay-      Eastern Division, Upper Mattaponi,        out of the Native people here in Vir-
wages, operating expenses, cost of     ments to local governments.           Rappahannock, Monacan and                 ginia and across the country. There
goods and services, capital costs,     We are proud of the success our re-   Nansemond to the verge of federal         is a lot of history that is not included
etc. are paid);                        port demonstrates and anxious to      recognition.                              in the history books that really be-
* $3.2 Billion in gross revenue        reinforce that success for genera-    “I am very excited for them, and it’s     longs there.”
from related                           tions to come.                        been a long time coming for the first     Recent years have brought an out-
hospitality and entertainment serv-                                          people of Virginia,” says Lyman.          pouring of content from the Native
                                                                             For someone who has dedicated a           point of view, partly thanks to
                                                                             good portion of her career to ad-         Lyman’s work.
                                                                             vancing Native American recogni-          “Native people are opening up and
                                                                             tion, this is especially great to hear.   beginning to trust to tell their his-
  Celebrate Our Children                                                     Lyman has been a filmmaker since
                                                                             her early years of college. While at
                                                                                                                       tory. I think they understand that the
                                                                                                                       responsibility lies with them to tell
                                                                             school she was doing some research        that history.”
                                                                             about her heritage and came to an         The change is evident in news sto-
             Gila River Kid Fest                                             alarming conclusion.
                                                                             “What I found was there was little
                                                                                                                       ries everywhere, and it is quickly
                                                                                                                       gaining steam.
                                                                             or nothing available regarding In-        “The winds of change are upon us
       Saturday, September 8, 2007                                           dian history, as told by the Indian       right now. There is a movement
        Boys & Girls Club of Sacaton                                         people…and I decided way back             across this country to reclaim our
               11am to 3pm                                                   then that I wanted to do something        heritage and our history as our
                                                                             about that.”                              own.”
                                                                             Since then Lyman has been creating        Producer Profile: Kimberley Lyman
    Free screenings for Children                                             programming about Native tribes
          Birth to 5 years                                                   across the country. Much of her           Jamestown 2007: The Native Amer-
         Hearing Screening                                                   work is specifically designed for the     ican Connection
                                                                             classroom and even includes links
          Vision Screening                                                   for teachers to help structure les-       Monacan Voices: True History of
             Developmental Screening                                         sons. The content of these programs       First Contact & the Paper Genocide
                                                                             result directly from feedback she re-     of Virginia Indians
                                                                             ceives from Native Americans              Indian Tribes of Virginia Federal
           Free Gift After Screening                                         across the country.                       Recognition Act
                                                                             “The most important part of my job
   Face Painting, Snacks & Drinks, Freebies                                  is to listen to what Native people
     Coordinated by GRIC Early Childhood                                     say is important to them,” says
                        Special Services
                                       Boys & Girls Club                                 Effective June 1, 2007
                                          of Sacaton                          The Huhugam Heritage Center will open to the
                                                                                      public on the following days:
                                      For questions call                      Wednesday through Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
                                (520)5662-3882, contact Judy                    The Museum will no longer be open on Saturdays
                                     Capps or Elena Pina.                      The administrative Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm
                                                                              Questions, call 520/796-3500 ext 225 or ext 221
August 2007                                     Gila River Indian Community                                   Page 15

                             Ira H Hayes High School
                     • Accepting Applications for the new School Year
                     • Public Charter High School Grades 9 through 12
                       • FREE Daycare While Students Attend Class!
                         • FREE Transportation: Districts 3, 4 & 5
                         Maricopa and Ak-Chin Indian Community

       Curriculum aligned to Arizona State AIMS Standards
                     Student-Centered Staff
  •               Award Winning Fine Arts Program
  •              Breakfast and Lunch Provided Daily

                      Located near Casa Blanca and Preschool Roads
                   Visit our website: (520) 315-5100

                                         The children of Gila River Indian Community
                                         need your help. Become a foster parent to
                                         children without a home. You do not need to
                                         be Native American to apply.
                                         Eva Soto,
                                         Tribal Social Services

                            Gila River Indian Newspaper
           The next issue is September 2007 and the deadline is Monday, August 13, 2007, 5pm.
                 Articles, letters or announcements should be in electronic form, either:
   MicroSoft Word document or Email. Disks can be dropped off at the Governance Center GRIN Office.
Photos: no larger than 1 (one) Megabyte in file size (print size less than 9 inches), all graphic file formats acceptable.
                       Email: Call 520/562-9717 for information.
“Mustering In Day”
 Mus ri       Da
“Mustering In Day”
   Saturday, September 15, 2007
     District 7, Parade at 9am

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