January Board Minutes 2011 by ashrafp


									                            BOARD MINUTES

DATE: January 12, 2011

MEMBERS:                    AFFILIATION                          ATTENDANCE
 WILLIAM DENT              NAACP                                       P
 JACK DEWEESE              Fayette County Commissioners                P
 MIKE GIBBONS-CAMP         Southeastern Ohio Legal Services            P
 Nikki Glispie             Victim Witness Program                      P
 GAYLE HANSEN-BROWN        Ministerial Association                     A
 MIKKI HUNTER-SMITH        Chamber of Commerce                         P
 CONNIE MATTHEWS           Washington School Board (designee)          A
 GORDON McCARTY            Miami Trace School Board                    P
 CHERYL ROYSTER            Fayette Memorial Hospital Social Worker     E
 NANCY STEGBAUER           Fayette County Health Department            P
 TAMMY WESTCAMP            Transitional Housing/DV                     P
 ROBERT WHITE              Fayette Inn Resident Council                P
 TAVIA WILKERSON-KETTLES   Head Start Parents                          P
 FAYE WILLIAMSON           Department of Job & Family Services         E
 CHUCK WINKLE              City Council                                P


Bambi Baughn, CAC Executive Director; Jenny Hollar-Young, Deputy Director;
Angela Siler, Fiscal Assistant; Jodie Baker, Family and Community Partnerships
for Head Start/Early Head Start; Christina Blair, CoC and Homeless Programs;
Roger Thompson, Transit Manager; Heidi McDonald, Mobility Manager


Secretary Michael Gibbons-Camp called the meeting to order at 11:45 AM.


William Dent moved and Niki Glispie seconded that the minutes of the previous
meeting be approved with the correction that William Dent was present at the
last meeting. Motion passed unanimously.


The attached program progress reports and balances of accounts were
distributed for review and discussion.

Jenny gave a year-end report to the board on the agency’s payroll: CACFC had
182 employees during 2010. Total wages paid was $2,800,855. $173,653.57 was
paid into Social Security; $40,612.65 paid into Medicare. $351,361.16 was
paid for health insurance, with employees paying $110,685. $38,358.52 was
contributed to employees’ 403(b)plan, with employees contributing $32,597.

Most of our concerns now are on state and federal activities. Bambi met with
several other Executive Directors with our new state senator, Dave Daniels.
We emphasized to him the effectiveness and efficiency of the Community
Development Division of the Ohio Department of Development, particularly with
the administration of the weatherization funds through the stimulus. If at
all possible, we would like to see the CDD remain intact in some part of state
government.   There is a statewide meeting of all Community Action Executive
Directors on January 21. The fate of the Housing Trust Fund is a major
concern (also, the only significant amount of state funding we get) The
Housing Trust Fund funds the homeless shelter, the transitional housing
program, part of the Fayette Inn, home repair for seniors, and down-payment
assistance and housing counseling. We have also used it for gap financing for
tax credit projects, and homeownership projects. Bambi is part of an group
organized by COHHIO that is working letting the General Assembly members know
about the importance of the Trust Fund.

Federally, the Department of Health and Human Services released $1.25 Billion
appropriated for 2011 LIHEAP funding in the Continuing Resolution, that brings
funding until Mar. 3, 2011 to $3.95 Billion. Every state will receive 98.8% of
the level used in the same time period last year, with 3 exceptions: CA, NC
and TN. The challenge ahead is to keep full funding at the $5.1 billion level
when Congress takes up the balance of 2011 appropriations.

Weatherization –The Department of Energy is conducting a review of State’s
operation of the weatherization program through the ARRA. DOE has contracted
with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to oversee the quality assurance. Our
agency is one of 23 grantees that will be looked at during the pre-ARRA
evaluation. They will start by looking at 13 homes done in 2008.

Cost Allocation Plan for Head Start – CAPLAW is now involved. This has been a
problem in other areas. A CAA in Vermont had the same issue and the only way
they were able to get the deficiency changed was to agree to move to an
indirect cost rate. We have contacted two other CAPs (Cincinnati and Ironton-
Lawrence) for assistance. Our federal monitors were supposed to send us
samples of cost allocation plans that would be acceptable. After e-mails from
Yvonne, we finally got one last week. It was one page long and it is what
we’re already doing.

The Eyman Fund provided some limited funding for the shelter, home delivered
meals and Head Start. Funds were half of last year’s allocation. The
Salvation Army received $50,000 (down from $60,000 last year). Right now the
plan is that we will not be doing school clothes this year except for foster
children. If the cuts in services at the state level occur, we anticipate a
greater demand for emergency assistance (especially medical)and we need to
budget the available funds carefully so we don’t run out.

     A.    Early Childhood Programs - Head Start, Public Preschool
           i.    Director’s Report

Jodie passed out a schedule of what actions would be brought to the Governing
Board during the coming year.

The Health Fair will take place on April 30, and Head Start will again have a
booth there.
           ii.    Actions Needing Board Approval
                 a.     Revised Quality Improvement Plan
The QIP approved and submitted last month was not approved by HHS. A revised
QIP was done, correcting the issues noted by HHS (cost allocation plan moved
to first activity, all activities completed by April 20). The revised QIP was
sent to board members last week.

Gordon McCarty moved and William Dent seconded to approve the revised QIP.
Motion passed unanimously.

                 b.     Family & Community Partnership Plan
The revised plan was emailed to board members Monday. It has been reviewed by
a committee. Changes are in red.

Chuck Winkle moved and Nancy Stegbauer seconded to approve the Family and
Community Partnership Plan. Motion passed unanimously.

     B.    Housing Programs – Self-Help, Development, Counseling, Youthbuild
           i.    Director’s Report

Self-Help Housing Activities:
      During December, CAC staff talked with 24 new interested families about
the self-help program. Four families are in preconstruction and their loans
should close in January to begin building in the Arrowhead Subdivision in
Frankfort, assuming that 502 funds become available. This will be the 2nd
group in the current grant. The existing group of three families contributed
182 hours of sweat equity on their homes in Arbor Village. They have
continued to work well together and as a result will move into their homes in
      At the end of December, the agency had 13 lots still available in Arbor
Village V and 33 remaining in Arrowhead in Frankfort for a total of 46 lots.
Twenty-five of these lots will be used during 2011-12 to complete the current
USDA Self-Help grant, leaving 21 lots for the next grant and/or for other
single family housing activities. Design work continues on the future
development in New Holland.
      In December, CAC received their annual FAVOR report from NCALL which
stated that their report “reflects an organization and program that is well
managed and incorporates a number of best practices to accomplish the goals of
the program and achieve the mission of the organization. Congratulations to
you and your staff for a job well done.” A copy of the report will be
distributed to all Board members at the January meeting.

Other Single Family Housing Activities:
      One single family home constructed by the agency was sold in December.
CAC staff attended the closing and had a ribbon cutting at the house because
the new homeowner had been a long time employee of CAC prior to her
retirement. A second home has been completed and an application is pending at
USDA. One LANDLOC home is completed and ready for sale and two more are in
the rehab process.
      In December, the agency purchased 3 NSP II properties in Fayette County.
 Funds are on order for the purchase of three more in Adams/Brown Counties.
In addition, Tier II Environmental Reviews are in process for 11 additional
properties. Preliminary architectural work was done in December on a
potential downtown NSP II project which CAC is coordinating with the City of
Foreclosure Prevention Activities:
      Kathy received 22 new referrals in December and counseled 46 families.
To date, she has been contacted by 221 families.

Training and Other Activities:
      Tina attended an intensive Counselor Max training in Washington DC in
December. This will be helpful for improved client record keeping and
tracking. She also attended an income tax training in preparation for the
upcoming Benefit Bank tax season. Kathy and Tina participated in a Ross
County Chamber event. Kathy participated in weekly foreclosure prevention

             ii.  Actions Needing Board Approval
                  a.    Approval to renew LANDLOC Loan through CDFF
We need to renew our LANDLOC loan agreement with the Finance Fund, for the
purchase, rehab and resale of foreclosed properties. We are requesting the
board to pass a resolution stating that the Community Action Commission of
Fayette County submit a renewal loan application to the Finance Fund’s Vacant
and Abandoned Property Land/LOC program in the amount of $200,000.00 to be
used for purchasing vacant properties to rehab and resell. Upon resell of each
property, the loan will be repaid. Lucinda Baughn, Executive Director, is
authorized to sign all legal documents for the closing of this transaction.

Chuck Winkle moved and Gordon McCarty seconded to adopt the resolution.
Motion passed unanimously.

      C.     Transportation – Public Transit; JARC, Medical, Mobility
             i.    Director’s Report

Transportation Activities: For the month of December Transportation did 1,756
general transportation trips. That was our 2nd highest month of the year. We
also did 3,312 JARC trips for December which was our highest amount of trips
for the year. We finished the year with 45,964 trips for the year. We hired 1
new driver in December and Ryan attended refresher training for reasonable
suspicion. We have started the beginning phases of implementing our new
software. We are currently in the process of pulling data from our old
software and having weekly conference calls with EcoLane. Software should be
installed and running in April.

Mobility Management Activities:
OPTA Conference/Rosa Parks COTA Tribute
Serving on the Re-entry Prisoner Committee
Coordinating with The Well for out-of-town transportation for those non-
Medicaid recipients
Ohio Benefit Bank tax training – coordinating transportation to and from Tax

             ii.  Actions Needing Board Approval
                  a.    Proposed policy on background checks
Heidi McDonald presented a draft policy on background checks for transit
drivers. She used a template from the Ohio Department of Transportation
website, and made sure the policy met the requirements of the PASSPORT
program, too. The policy was emailed to board members prior to the meeting.

Mikki Hunter-Smith moved and Bob White seconded to adopt the policy.    Motion
passed unanimously.
      D.    Homeless Program - Shelter, Transitional, HPRP, CoC

            i.       Director’s Report

The shelter is full again. The Transitional Housing units have been obtained
and 5 have been filled in the past month.

The HPRP was audited on December 29, 2010. There were no findings. However,
Community Action was advised that any missing documents from any participating
agencies will result in the agency being charged back in the event that HUD
monitors HPRP. In response, we have gone to a reimbursement method of
payments to other counties. This change may affect Clinton County’s ability
to operate the HPRP. Their Board will meet this month to discuss their cash
flow issues.

Continuum of Care:
HUD called regarding the Permanent Supportive Housing submission. They are
requiring that Community Action change its operations budget to leasing and
increase the number of units to be served. Supportive Services must also have
a 50% match. The Technical Submission must be redone for this grant.

The Point in Time Count training will be held January 19th.

Training Activities:
Christina Blair facilitated an HPRP Case Management Training. Mike Gibbons-
Camp facilitated a Landlord/Tenants Rights Training for the HPRP, Continuum of
Care, and Youth Build participants.

            ii.      Actions Needing Board Approval
                     None this month

      E.    Other Actions Needing Board Approval
            None this month

Fayette Inn – When we told the investors the board did not approve their offer
of financing, they counter-offered that they receive the funds from the
operating reserve and take a promissory note on the balance, that would only
need to be paid if cash flow permitted. Our attorney advised us against
accepting this counter-offer. The investors have now threatened to take us to
court to force us out of the partnership; our attorney says we have mortgages
recorded to the partnership for the gap financing we put in the project. The
amount of that mortgage is more than the appraised value of the project. We
sent fiscal records from 2007 to the present to the investors, showing how
little cash flow the project has, and also that the amount we have in the
reserve account is not as much as they thought.


None this month.


Motion to adjourn made by Gordon McCarty and seconded by Jack DeWeese
Motion passed unanimously and the meeting adjourned at 12:55PM


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