The Losses Caused By Hyperemesis Gravidarum by mikeholy


									                                     The Losses Caused By
                                    Hyperemesis Gravidarum
 CDC: “…there is little evidence to                                                        Impact On Employment
 suggest that overall maternal
 morbidity is decreasing. None of                                                                                                Quit due to HG
 these estimates take into account                                                             8%                36%
 women with complications who                                                  28%
                                                                                                                                 Lost Job to HG
 were not hospitalized…; therefore,
 they underestimate the true                                                                                                     Returned after HG
 magnitude of maternal morbidity.
 Potential reductions in maternal                                                                                                Other
 morbidity depend on a greater                                                                      28%
 understanding of their etiologies and
                                                                                                          Personal Losses of HG
                                                                                                             Drug-free/healthy pregnancy
     1 out of 4 HG pregnancies are aborted,                                                                         Financial Stability
     die, or do not make it to term.                                                                             Health (now and later)
     At least 10% of all HG pregnancies are                                                                  Trust in medical professionals
     terminated due to inadequate care.                                                                      Ability to care for self & family
                                                                                                              Ability to have more children
                                             [HER Foundation Research]                                             Child’s future health

    Despite published reports that hyperemesis gravidarum has no impact on ultimate perinatal
    outcome, this study indicated that women admitted repeatedly have a more severe nutritional
    disturbance, associated with significantly reduced maternal weight gain and neonatal birth
                                                                                     Journal of Reproductive Medicine 1991 Apr;36(4):287-90

                                                     Annual HG Hospitalizations






                          1993        1994          1995          1996        1997      1998   1999   2000      2001     2002    2003
  Weighted national estimates from HCUP Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS), Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), 2003

                                            There is now overwhelming evidence
                                          that much of our predisposition to adult                                                   HER Foundation
                                         illness is determined by the time of birth.                                                 National Office:
                                                                                                                                     932 Edwards Ferry Rd, #23
                                            Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2002 Dec;11 Suppl                             Leesburg, VA 20176
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   Hyperemesis Education And Research
           (HER) Foundation
                                                                                           HER FOUNDATION
                             MISSION STATEMENT                                             ADVISORY BOARD
  The HER foundation is dedicated to those suffering from
  hyperemesis gravidarum or those who have survived it. Our                                  Ann Marie King
  mission is to provide education and support to those seeking                                Jeremy King
  effective management strategies for hyperemesis gravidarum                              Kimber MacGibbon, RN
  (HG). Only those who experience HG can truly know how difficult it
  is! The HER foundation is the voice of support and education to all                      Marlena Fejzo, PhD
  who are faced with managing HG.                                                         Geneticist, UCLA/USC

                                                                                          T. Murphy Goodwin, MD
                                                                                           Professor Of Ob/Gyn
                        PUBLICATION & PROJECTS                                              LAC & USC Medical
  •Improve accuracy of pregnancy books               •Management complications                    Center
  •Protocol for nutritional support                  •Treatment protocol
  •Patient assessment forms                          •Survey Research Summaries          Shari Munch, MSW, PhD
                                                                                          Rutgers University, NJ
  •Continuing Education for nurses                   •HG & Foundation Awareness
  •Patient perceptions of prenatal care              •HG Symposium                            Roy Taylor, MD
  •Health professional attitudes & beliefs           •Abnormal outcomes Database         Professor of Medicine and
  •Multilingual brochures                                                                       Metabolism
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                 GOALS FOR HER FOUNDATION FUNDING                                               Consultants
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                                                                                          Aimee Brecht-Doscher,
          SUPPORT                     EDUCATION                  RESEARCH                         MD
        Psychosocial                    Physicians         Short and long term effects
        Med Insurance
                                                                                          OB/GYN, Camarillo, CA
                                          Nurses                  HG Protocol
         Employment                      Midwives             Drug effectiveness
           Abortion                      Families            Treatment outcomes          HER Foundation Impact
            Loss                         Friends                     Cause
                                        Employers                     Cure                   Volunteers: >300

                      REDUCTION IN LOSS OF LIFE AND                                          Registered Forum
                                                                                            Participants :>1100
                         HEALTH CARE DOLLARS

                                                                                           Site Visits Over Last 12
                                          USC / HER Foundation                                months: >250,000

                                       Proposed HG Research Topics
                                           ($2.5 million required)                         Research Participants
                                                                                              (FRS): >1800
                                     •Maternal/Fetal death
                                     •Rare Complications
                                     •Nutritional therapy & outcomes                        Number of Countries
                                     •Trauma after HG (PTSD)                                 Visiting Site: >10
                                     •Cognitive & neurological effects
                                     •Long-term fetal health
                                     •Genetic analysis
                                     •Attitudes of health professionals                            HER Foundation
                                     •Psychosocial effects                                         National Office:
                                     •Long-term health issues on mothers                           932 Edwards Ferry Rd, #23
                                     •Treatment strategies/outcomes                                Leesburg, VA 20176

HER FOUNDATION                                                                           
  HYPEREMESIS EDUCATION & RESEARCH                                                       
    The Cost Of Hyperemesis Gravidarum
                                                   Costs During Pregnancy
            Typical Cost of an Inadequately                                          Annual Inpatient Hospitalization
                 Managed HG Patient
      $100,000                                                                       Average Hospitalization Stay = $7,100
       $90,000                        Total = $88,000
                                                                                     Total Annual Hospitalizations = 60,000
       $70,000                                                                                                Total = $426M
       $40,000                                                    Inpatient
                                                                                     Cost of Zofran = $3,400/month
       $30,000                                                    ER
       $20,000                                                                       **Zofran reportedly 4 times more effective
       $10,000                                                                       compared with the other top 10 drugs given
                                                                                     which were reported to be effective by less
                                                                                     than 50% of participants. (HER Foundation Survey)
                   Total cost of singleton pregnancy. JB, Maine. 2003. Based
                                on Medical Insurance Summaries.

                                                     Costs After Pregnancy
   “It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that women of childbearing potential should
   maintain good nutritional status through a lifestyle that optimizes maternal health and reduces
   the risk of birth defects, suboptimal fetal growth and development, and chronic health problems in
   their children.” Position of the American Dietetic Association: Nutrition and lifestyle for a healthy pregnancy outcome. Journal of
   the Am Dietetic Assoc. Oct 2002 102(10) 1479

                                        Reducing The Cost Of HG
                  Maternal &                                      Proactive                           Research &
                 Fetal Nutrition                                  Treatment                           Prevention

                                                       Reduces overall medical
        Improves prenatal health                       care & costs                             Understand the cause
        Increases birth weight                         Reduces complications                    Decrease incidence
        Improves fetal brain                           Reduces future health
        development                                    risks & costs                            Reduce symptom
        Decreases postnatal &                          Decreases postnatal &
        postpartum care                                postpartum care                          Determine effective
        Decreases future                                                                        treatment protocol
                                                       Decreases recovery time
        medical care & risk of
        chronic disease                                Reduces productivity                     Develop safe meds &
                                                       loss                                     nutritional support

                                                       Reduces domestic

                                                                                                                       HER Foundation
                                                HG forces women to make difficult
                                        “    decisions… the HER Web site is the most
                                               comprehensive location to educate
                                                                                                                       National Office:
                                                                                                                       932 Edwards Ferry Rd, #23

                                               oneself to make the best decisions.                                     Leesburg, VA 20176
                                                            - Marlena S. Fejzo, PhD USA                      
  HYPEREMESIS EDUCATION & RESEARCH                                                                           

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