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									      MacKay migration
            on money

I was wondering the other day why there are so many Pommy
migrants in the Hutt Valley. So I thought I would ask our new
resident Pom, Ian Jordan, to give us some comments:–

           lot of people want to emigrate         our youngest daughter Olivia. This, together     allowed. In fact at the end of the holiday,
           because they are either unhappy        with our desire and entrepreneurial spirit to    I went back to work for a rest!
           with their lives or their careers.     try something new and challenging with               On reflecting on the NZ holiday, we had
That’s not true in our case We live in a          our lives. As the saying goes “You only live     come to the initial conclusion NZ was a
beautiful part of the country on the south        once”.                                           vibrant and beautiful place to visit and we
coast of England overlooking the Solent              Our decision to come to New Zealand           must return again one day and that stage
towards the Isle of Wight. I have a very          was not an instant one. In fact our Kiwi         I had not had any thoughts whatsoever of
successful financial planning business and         mates had been asking us year on year            emigrating here.
a lovely home.                                    when we were going visit to New Zealand              Six months later, I was given the Billy
    Despite this, I had reached the stage         for a holiday. After 15 years of their invites   Connolly World Tour of New Zealand DVD
in my life when I felt I needed a new             and our excuses of time and distance, we         for my birthday and as we all watched
challenge. Carol and I have been thinking         finally made our inaugural visit to New           and laughed at the content and reminisced
about emigrating to New Zealand for some          Zealand in December 2004. We had a               about all of the places we had visited on
time as we had come to the belief there           fantastic holiday, completed 11 flights in        our NZ tour, I suddenly had the light bulb
could be the prospect of an enhanced              three weeks and really got to see as much        go on in my head and I began to start
lifestyle and opportunities for ourselves and     as New Zealand as our short holiday              thinking about the possibilities of moving to

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   10     HUTT ALIVE JUNE/JULY 2008
NZ. I think the memories of our wonderful          they would go, the most important reasons               The friendliness of the people is another
trip and the friendly people we had met            were a better quality of life, better weather       reason. Everyone says hello and total
were revitalized as the wonderful sights and       and a feeling the UK is too expensive. Some         strangers will stop and start conversations.
sounds of NZ came flooding back.                    12 per cent said they did not like what the         The teenagers aren’t threatening! Most
    Another key consideration was we were          UK had become while one in 10 said they             of them say “hello” to you. It amazes me
in the very fortunate position of having           already had friends or family overseas.             when teenage kids stand to the side to let
built up numerous Kiwi friendships over            There are currently 215,000 British people          you pass, and say “hi” and are generally
the years through my 25 year attendance            living in New Zealand*.                             polite and cheerful, lost virtues in the UK
at the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)                                                               these days!
annual conferences in the United States and        SO WHY ELSE ARE SO MANY BRITS                           There is a lot more emphasis on sport.
Canada. MDRT, the Premier Association of           WANTING TO LEAVE THE UK?                            The Kiwis are a very sporty nation and
Financial Professionals, according to their        Overcrowding: By UK standards I own a               there is far more sports activity here in New
website is an international, independent           good sized family home in a lovely area.            Zealand than in the UK, both in the schools
association of more than 35,000 members,           However, there is very little space and the         and socially. Poms watch a lot of sport but
or less than one per cent, of the world’s most     local population has been increasing year           aren’t encouraged to be active themselves.
successful life insurance and financial            on year with new countries being enrolled           As a keen golfer, there seems to be a golf
services professionals from 476 companies          into the European Union. A high proportion          course around every corner in the Hutt
in 76 nations and territories.                     of the new countries’ population want to            Valley.
    MDRT membership is recognized                  come and live and work in the UK, and                   It goes without saying New Zealand
internationally as the standard of sales           this is putting extreme pressure on national        has amazing countryside with stunning
excellence in the life insurance and financial      and local services and infrastructure. In fact      scenery and as you all know, you can’t beat
services business.                                 when Poland joined the European Union               Wellington and the Hutt Valley on a bright
    So with great enthusiasm I called my           the UK Government estimated 100,000                 sunny day!
best Kiwi mate of 20 years, Chris MacKay           Poles would come to the UK and it ended                 New Zealanders drive on the same side
and discussed and commenced our embryo             up being over 265,000.                              of the road as the UK; although you do have
plans to emigrate to NZ to enhance and             Industry: The last time I looked, the UK            some weird traffic rules!
expand my financial services career. With           economy was about 30 times bigger                       It’s also an English speaking country and
two further visits to NZ and the excellent         than NZ. Factor in a 15 times population            has a general liking for us Poms!
help and assistance of Rosemarie Thomas            advantage and the UK is twice as powerful               Lastly, Kiwis enjoy the political benefits
of Thomas NZ, we set to the task of                per capita than NZ. The nature of the two           of life under a Constitutional Monarchy with
researching thoroughly what it all entailed.       economies is fundamentally different. NZ is         the Queen as Head of State. And I for one
I assembled my qualifications, completed all        predominantly led by agriculture followed           am a keen royalist!
the numerous forms and questionnaires and          by tourism. The UK these days is truly a                All in all we concluded New Zealand
sent them to the NZ Immigration department         service led economy and we don’t export             offers our family the opportunity of a better
in London.                                         much ‘stuff’. Some say the UK is on the road        lifestyle, a safer place to live, good long
    All three of us had to have medicals – our     to economic ruin. Nearly all manufacturing          term opportunities for our nine-year-old and
nine-year-old was not required to have the         industry has closed down, leaving Britain           us, all of which adds up to a great place to
x-rays or blood tests but we each had 40           as a service oriented country, which is bad         live and prosper.
minutes with the doctor, with Carol and I          news for the future as I’ve always found                We are tremendously excited about
being weighed, having hearing and sight            “customer service” back home is dreadful.           starting our new life in New Zealand. ■
tests, blood tests and blood pressure tests.       Even with the service industry, call centres
Even though there were no health issues,           are moving out to India and Eastern Europe          Hei kon mai”
we needed to have full medicals to ensure          where labour is cheaper.
we were all fit and healthy and were not            Social Culture: The Yob and the drinking            * Source: The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) UK
going to be a burden on the New Zealand            culture is a constant worry. Perhaps living
health system.                                     on the popular South Coast might put us at
                                                                                                         Ian Jordan joined CMFP in March
    We also had to obtain police reports to        the forefront of this, but the state of our local
                                                                                                         2008 bring with him 26 years of
prove we were all of good character with           towns every weekend is terrible, with lots
                                                                                                         knowledge and experience. He is
no criminal records. If we were going to           of litter and vandalism evident. There also
                                                                                                         a fully qualified Financial Adviser in
Australia, Chris tells us a criminal conviction    seems to be an increase in what would be
                                                                                                         the United Kingdom and in 1985 he
is still mandatory, but nevertheless I was still   described as “sick” crime in the UK.
                                                                                                         established his owned independent
slightly concerned about my two speeding
                                                                                                         financial services practice based in
tickets I had recently received! But all was       WHY IS NEW ZEALAND SUCH
                                                                                                         Fareham, Hampshire.
good and our Residents Visas were granted          A POPULAR DESTINATION FOR
                                                                                                            Ian is a member of the Chartered
without a hitch and we all eventually arrived      BRITISH PEOPLE TO COME AND
                                                                                                         Insurance Institute (CIA), Institute of
in Wellington on March 27 2008.                    LIVE?
                                                                                                         Financial Services (IFS, is a 25 year
    More British people than ever before           Quality of life is one of the main reasons,
                                                                                                         member of the Million dollar Round
want to turn dreams of a foreign life              followed by less people and more space.
                                                                                                         Table (MDRT) and a MDRT Court of
into reality, a poll for the BBC suggests.         The weather, is so much milder here than
                                                                                                         the Table member on 14 occasions.
About 1,000 people were questioned for             UK. Because of the milder weather you
                                                                                                         He has also joined the NZ Institute of
the survey and a majority said they had            spend more time enjoying an outdoor
                                                                                                         Financial Advisers (IFA).
considered emigrating. When asked why              lifestyle.

                                                                                                                   JUNE/JULY 2008 HUTT ALIVE              11

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