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									Reflex Computer Recruitment

                         The Campaign Service
Reflex Computer Recruitment

                The Company

                Clients

                Services

                Recommended Solution

                Fee Structure

                SLAs

                Our expectations
Our Business is People

 Celebrating our 21st year of business

 Independent company

 Focused on IT & Communications people

 Pan-European coverage

 REC Accreditation

 Services tailored to clients needs

 International Telecoms         Multi-National        Overseas
   & Systems Supplies           Organisations        Assignments

Advanced Business Solutions          AVIVA              Algeria
    Aircom International        Cardif Pinnacle        Belgium
          Energis                Crown Agents          Holland
    Grosvenor Systems              EFG Bank             Ireland
            IBM               Moody International       Malta
         Origin UK            Ricardo Engineering       Nigeria
     Progress Software        Specsavers Opticians    Switzerland
           Sage                     Toshiba
     Sun Microsystems            Toyota Finance
 SAS Group of Companies            Toys R Us
          Unisys                   Twinings
The Reflex Approach

 A fundamental of Reflex’s success has been the
  establishment of a well-defined yet flexible approach to IT
  & Communications recruitment

 Our intention has and always will be to provide our Clients
  with effective and ethical recruitment solutions to the
  highest international standards
Recruitment Solutions

 These solutions fall into four main service areas

      The Campaign                   The Profile
         Service                       Service


      The Assignment                  Support
          Service                     Service
The Profile Service

 Using our unique applicant register updated by constant
  advertising, Reflex consultants select those candidates that
  match our Client’s recruitment profile
 Profile cuts to a minimum the time required by Clients for
  recruitment while providing the broadest range of
  applicants possible
 Reflex consultants co-ordinate the whole recruitment
  process. Chief within their remit is to adopt a pro-active
  role, ensuring that the assignment is carried out as
  smoothly as possible
The Campaign Service

 The service is centred on targeted advertising, which is
  particularly effective for the more difficult campaigns

 We can recruit one or a number of staff to a given timetable
  and budget

 Other facets of the service include open days, and
  technical and psychometric testing

 Clients benefit from our advertising expertise, reduced
  advertising costs and a dedicated tailored service
The Assignment Service
Do you need …

     Skilled                   Reflex
                                                  management at
   contractors?            is the answer           short notice?

                         Specialist technical
                        expertise for projects?

 We can find the right blend of skills, both in terms of
  technical and personal ability, in a prompt and cost
  effective manner
Our Support Service
Reflex can provide additional assistance such as

 Facilities Management

 Service Level Agreements

 Resource Management

 Technical/Psychometric Testing

 Remuneration Consultancy

 Comprehensive Outplacement Programme
Your Recruitment Business Partner

 Open & transparent relationship

 Clear lines of communication

 Mutual SLA

 Reflex Team Manager plus named Consultants

 Regular review meetings

 E-mail and telephone communication

 Long term strategy

 Urgent – Speed is essential

 Seeking staff of the highest calibre

 Comprehensive but targetable service

 Cost effective

 Specialist skills in high demand

 Image and changing business of our client

       A variety of positions & locations

        A variety of methods & media

   UK & Pan European
                                           Regularly Updated
                       Reflex’s Register

                        IT & Networking
  Dedicated             Telephone available              E-mail, Fax, Post,
  Client Team          incl. evening/weekend            Video Conferencing

                    All candidates acknowledged

                   Suitable candidates screened
                 (and if required technically tested)

        Rolling shortlist of appropriate candidates forwarded
         with candidate’s CV & Profile Form (+ Test Results)
Profiling Sheet
Applicant Testing

 Psychometric and Technical Skills Testing via the Internet

 Reduces cost of screening applicants

 Increases speed and accuracy of screening

 Produces results in a form interpretable by non-technical staff
Applicant Testing
Tracking Sheet
Client Interviews

            Client                        Candidate

   E-Mail confirmation      Confirmation Letter

                             Position & Salary Confirmation

                             Job Specification

                             Client Information

                             Interview Location Map

                             Interview Guidance Notes

                             Telephone brief before & after interview
Your Input
 Single point of contact for your organisation as a whole and/or single
  point of contact per location.
 Reflex to have access to both technical staff & line managers when
 Reflex to be fully briefed on:
  Your Company            Vacancies         Politics
  Benefits                Flexibility       Regulations and Future Plans

 Response/feedback to be given to Reflex within 24/48 hours of rolling
  shortlist and interviews
 Minimum delay from verbal offer being made to dispatch of offer letter
  from your Human Resources Department
Summary of Proposal

                                Book                        Response
 Sign Off    Research                        Advertising
                                Diaries                      Handling

             Follow-up before                        Client     Rolling
Conclusion                          Job Offers
               & after starts                      Interviews   Shortlist
Your Strategic Recruitment Partner

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