Building 310 items salvaged for reuse by mmcsx

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                      Published in the interest of the people of Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland                            July 15, 2010 Vol. 54, No. 28

   Post Shorts                     Building 310 items salvaged for reuse
                                   Story and photo by
ACS Birthday July 22               YVONNE JOHNSON
   Army Community Service          APG News
will celebrate its 45th birthday      Later this summer, a portion of build-
at Shore Park with a cookout,      ing 310, the former post headquarters of
children’s activities, a bounce    Aberdeen Proving Ground, will be partial-
house and open swimming in         ly demolished. Several items will live on
the Shore Pool.                    in Maryland homes, however, thanks to a
   Free tickets are available      June 30 removal operation supervised by
at Aberdeen ACS, Building          the Directorate of Public Works.
2503, open Monday through             During the operation, Second Chance,
Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.         Inc., a nonprofit architectural salvage com-
   ACS is currently in the         pany, took possession of various wood trim
process of moving to build-        pieces and moldings, oak doors, transoms,
ing 2503. Please call 410-278-     and windows with old wavy glass from the
7572/4372 to confirm location.     rear wings of the building.
   This event is open to the          Terri Kaltenbacher, from the cultural
entire Aberdeen Proving            resources program, DPW Environmental
Ground community.                  Planning and Sustainability Branch, and
                                   Edward Myers, DPW Asbestos Team super-
Counterintelligence                visor, coordinated the removal of the items,
recruiting team                    after months of coordination with the Mary-
visits APG                         land Historical Trust. Cultural Resources
                                   Program Manager Mark Gallihue, and Gail
    The U.S. Army’s CI Spe-
                                   Fuller, the director of the future APG Muse-
cial Agent Recruiting Team
                                   um, also were apprised of the operation.
will present an information
                                      Myers said Second Chance, Inc. was
briefing, 1 to 3 p.m., July
                                   cleared to take possession of old doors,
22, at Victory Hall, building
                                   windows, pressed metal, ceiling tiles, and
4727, Conference Room.
                                   a large quantity of trim pieces and mold-
    The briefing will include
                                   ings that were saved from the building for
information        concerning
career field MOS 35L (CI
                                      “These are all original pieces from when
Special Agent), including cri-
                                   the building was first built,” he said.
teria for entry, how to apply                                                            Joel Rye of the Directorate of Public Works carries part of a wooden office door away from building
                                      He added that the building was struc-
for reclassification and the                                                             310 during the removal of salvageable items June 30. A nonprofit architectural salvage company took
                                   turally safe and has not been condemned,
missions, assignments, and                                                               possession of several items for resale and reuse in Maryland homes.
                                   though health hazards remain.
training opportunities for CI
                                      Due to the potentially hazardous air               tors and leather gloves – entered the build-          Gene Metzger, Second Chance, Inc.
Special Agents.                    quality inside the rear wings, which are              ing. DPW personnel then passed the items           deconstruction manager, said the company
    The presentation is for        shut off from the rest of the building, sev-          to Second Chance, Inc. personnel who wait-         will resell the items at its warehouse out-
enlisted, grades E4 through        eral personnel from the DPW asbestos team             ed in a panel truck that was backed up to          let in Baltimore or to private individuals
E6. Army CI is made up of          – wearing protective Tyvek suits, respira-            the ramp.                                                        See DPW, page 15
unique individuals who have a
genuine desire to detect, iden-
tify, assess and then neutralize
or exploit foreign intelligence
and security service activities
                                                                                                                    Getting ready to roll
against U.S. Forces.
    For more information, call
Randall Long, 520-533-2320,
DSN 821-2320, or e-mail ran-; or
call Sgt. 1st Class Stephen
Rodgers, 520-533-5952, DSN
821-5952, or email Stephen.
Strong Bonds
Couples Retreat
   A Strong Bonds couples
training and retreat will be                                         Photo by RICHARD A. MATTOX, PEO C3T
offered at the Harbourtown         Lt. Col. Gregory H. Coil, incoming Product Manager, Multi-channel Satellite
Resort in St. Michael’s, Md.       Terminals, right, accepts the unit charter from Col. William C. Hoppe, Project
Aug. 4 to 6.                       Manager, Warfighter Information Network – Tactical, or WIN-T, left, during a
   Strong Bonds is provid-         Change of Charter ceremony at Top of the Bay July 8.
ed by the Aberdeen Proving
Ground Garrison Command
Chaplain and the Garrison
                                   BRAC organizations
Commander at no cost to the
Soldier and their spouse.
                                   change charters as APG
   Registration is being
accepted at the Main Post          relocation continues
Chapel.                            Story by                                es,” Hoppe said. “You will do
   To register, attendees must     YVONNE JOHNSON                          phenomenally well.”
                                   APG News
bring a DA31, as a PTDY,                                                      Amsler was awarded the
signed by their command to            The Aberdeen Proving                 Legion of Merit, plaques, and
the chapel and register with       Ground Transformation contin-           a U.S. flag commemorating his
Joyce Wood, the command            ued July 8, as organizations            retirement.
chaplain’s administrator. For      transitioning to the installation          Amsler called the multiple
information call 410-278-          from Fort Monmouth, N.J. held           changes during the past four
4333. Child care will be           change of charter ceremonies at         years, including base realign-                                        Photo by YVONNE JOHNSON, APG News
provided.                          Top of the Bay.                         ment and closure adjustments,            A 90-ton crane hovers over a Sherman Firefly tank decorated with the
    See SHORTS, page 4                In the morning, Lt. Col.             “amazing.”                               markings of the Canadian Army on the grounds of the Ordnance Museum.
                                   Gregory H. Coile assumed                                                         The museum is closed for the month of July due to loading and packing
                                                                              “Everyone has been continu-
 ISSUE                             the duties of Product Manag-            ally dedicated to supporting the
                                                                                                                    operations for nearly 50 artifacts headed to Fort Lee, Va. The closure
                                                                                                                    includes the museum grounds and gallery. For more information, call
                                   er, Multi-channel Satellite Ter-
 HIGHLIGHTS                        minals from Lt. Col. James E.
                                                                           warfighter,” he said.
                                                                              Coile said he felt “honored

                                   Amsler Jr. who retired after 24         and very fortunate” to assume the
 Page 2
                                   years of service.
                                      Col. William C. Hoppe, Proj-
                                                                           duties of product manager and
                                                                           working with the “the team.”
                                                                                                                    ACS/CYSS on the move
                                   ect Manager, Warfighter Infor-             “I am much honored to serve
 Page 3                            mation Network – Tactical,              our country and bring com-
                                   or WIN-T, presided over the             munications capabilities to the
   CECOM hosts first hail          ceremony.
   ceremony                                                                world.”
                                      Hoppe praised Amsler for his
 Page 5                            leadership and welcomed Coile           Project Manager WIN-T
                                   to the WIN-T Family. He called             Warfighters who perform
   USAF Detachment
                                   change, “a good thing.”                 missions at a variety of locations
   holds last APG
   graduation                         “It helps us grow and it brings      and echelons require a means
                                   new opportunities and challeng-         to achieve battlefield aware-
 Page 6                            es,” he said.                           ness, request support and coor-
                                      He called Amsler, who was            dinate activities which can be
   PM ACS holds change
   of charter ceremony             the organization’s first officer        accomplished with the ability
                                   to move from Fort Monmouth,             to exchange information from
 Page 7                            N.J., “phenomenally smart” and          point-to-point, center-to-cen-
   June Retirement                 “technically savvy.”                    ter across the battlefield. Project
   Ceremony                           “You taught me a lot and for         Manager Warfighter Informa-
                                                                                                                                                Photo by YVONNE JOHNSON, APG NEWS
                                   that I thank you,” Hoppe said.          tion Network – Tactical, WIN-T,          From left, Diana Hayes, Army Community Service information and refer-
 Pages 8 and 9                        He said Coile’s contract-            designs, acquires, fields and sup-       ral outreach program manager, checks a packing list as summer hires
   FMWR                            ing background will prove a             ports fully integrated and cost          Jenna Heffinger, 16 and Mari Williams, 15, remove boxes to be transport-
 Page 10                           valuable asset that will work           effective Tactical Networks and          ed to the organization’s new offices in building 2503 on Highpoint Road.
                                   “extremely well” for him.               Services that meet Warfighter            Along with ACS, Child, Youth and School Services is moving into building
   DES canine teams                                                                                                 2503 this week. All ACS appointments are limited to emergencies. Army
   win big at Iron Dog                “You have a lot of respon-           capability needs while sustain-
                                                                                                                    Emergency Relief services will continue without interruption. For infor-
   Competition                     sibility staring at you and it’s        ing a world class workforce.             mation about CYSS Central Registration, call 410-278-7571/7479.
                                   going to take you to great plac-            See CHARTERS, page 15
2     APG News • July 15, 2010

Story by                                          Emergency notification system
YVONNE JOHNSON                                       The Harford County Division of
APG News
                                                  Emergency Operation has developed a
    The 2010 Hurricane Season began               broad-reaching emergency notification
June 1 and already there has been record-         network in which residents can register
breaking activity in the Gulf of Mexico.          cell phone numbers and e-mail address-
Hurricane Alex, a rare June storm, made           es with the county’s Connect-CTY Emer-
landfall along the northeast coast of             gency Notification System. To register,
Mexico as a Category 2 hurricane with             log onto,
105 mile per hour winds June 30. Alex             follow the Connect-CTY link on the
was downgraded to a tropical storm July           home page and enter information, easily
1, but continued to dump heavy rain over          and securely.
Mexico and South Texas.
    Activity this early in the hurricane season   Preparation is the key
serves as a reminder that coastal residents          The Harford County EOC recommends
always should be prepared for the possibil-       that all Families prepare for emergencies
ity of a hurricane. Even tropical storms, or      such as major hurricanes by preparing
hurricane spin offs such as storm surge, tor-     Family Disaster Prevention Plans and
nados and torrential rains, can have damag-       Emergency Relief Kits. The assembled
ing - even catastrophic - effects.                information and supplies can help pre-           • Sleeping bag or warm blan-
    This is the first of a two-part series        vent confusion and prolong survival dur-       ket for each person. Consider
on hurricane preparedness. The infor-             ing various types of emergencies like          additional bedding depending
mation presented is based on guidance             Pandemic Flu outbreaks, terrorist attacks,     on season or climate.
from the Federal Emergency Manage-                chemical train derailments, or even bliz-        • Complete change of cloth-
ment Agency, the Maryland Emergen-                zards; not just hurricanes.                    ing including a long sleeved
cy Management Agency and the Harford              Get A Kit. Make A Plan.                        shirt, long pants and sturdy
County Division of Emergency Opera-               Be informed.                                   shoes.
tions. Readers outside of these areas also                             • Household         chlorine
should consult their local authorities.            Get A Kit                                     bleach and medicine dropper                           and diapers.
                                                      Families may need to survive on their      – When diluted nine parts water to one                   If your Family evacuation plan includes
It can happen here                                                                               part bleach, the bleach can be used as a
                                                  own after an emergency. This means stor-                                                             an RV, boat or trailer, leave early. Do not
   Maryland is in a hurricane/tropi-                                                             disinfectant. In an emergency, it can be
                                                  ing food, water and other supplies in                                                                wait until the evacuation order or exodus
cal storm-prone region. Residents who                                                            used to treat water by using 16 drops of
                                                  sufficient quantities to last for at least                                                           is well underway to start your trip.
remember Tropical Storm Isabel and Hur-                                                          regular, household liquid bleach per gal-
                                                  three days per person. Local officials and                                                              If you live in an evacuation zone and
ricane Ivan know it does not take a strong                                                       lon of water. Do not use scented, color
                                                  relief workers will be on the scene after                                                            are ordered to evacuate by state or local
Category 3 to wreak havoc in this area.                                                          safe or bleaches with added cleaners.
                                                  a disaster or emergency but they can-                                                                officials, do so as quickly as possible.
   Tropical Storm Isabel came through                                                              • Fire extinguisher
                                                  not reach everyone immediately. It might                                                             Do not wait or delay your departure, to
in September 2003. Of the 2003 named                                                               • Matches in a waterproof container
                                                  take hours, or it might take days. Be pre-                                                           do so will only increase your chances of
storms, Isabel was the costliest. Although                                                         • Feminine supplies and personal
                                                  pared for services such as electricity, gas,                                                         being stuck in traffic, or even worse, not
it was downgraded from a hurricane to a                                                          hygiene items
                                                  water, sewage treatment and telephones                                                               being able to get out at all.
tropical storm, damage to the Mid-Atlantic                                                         • Mess kits, paper cups, plates and
region was significant. According to Wiki-        to be cut off for days, weeks or longer.                                                               Be Informed
                                                      Recommended items to include in a          plastic utensils, paper towels                            Familiarize yourself with the terms, about 1.24 million people lost                                                          • Paper and pencils
power throughout Maryland and Washing-            basic emergency supply kit include:                                                                  used to identify a hurricane.
                                                     • Water, one gallon of water per per-         • Books, games, puzzles or other                        A hurricane watch means a hurri-
ton, D.C. The worst of Isabel’s effects came                                                     activities for children.
from its storm surge, which inundated areas       son per day for at least three days for                                                              cane is possible in your area. Be pre-
                                                  drinking and sanitation                           For more information, visit www.                   pared to evacuate. Monitor local radio
along the coast and resulted in severe beach                                           
erosion. In Eastern Maryland, hundreds               • Food, at least a three-day supply of                                                            and television broadcasts or listen to
of buildings were damaged or destroyed            non-perishable food                              Make A Plan                                         NOAA Weather Radio for the latest
by the storm surge and related tidal flood-          • Battery-powered or hand crank radio           The plan should identify an evacua-               developments.
ing. Thousands of houses were affected in         and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone             tion point where Family members will                      A hurricane warning means a hurri-
Central Maryland, with severe storm surge         alert and extra batteries for both             meet if an evacuation order is issued.                cane in your area is imminent. If advised
flooding reported in Baltimore and Annap-            • Flashlight and extra batteries                You may also choose a hotel/motel                 to evacuate, leave immediately.
olis. Many will remember the news cover-             • First Aid kit                             outside of the vulnerable area.                           Listen to local officials and learn about
age of flooding in the Fells Point restaurant        • Whistle to signal for help                    If neither of these options is available,         the emergency plans that have been estab-
district in Baltimore, which was devastat-           • Dust mask, to help filter contaminat-     consider the closest possible public shel-            lished in your area. In any emergen-
ed by the storm. Throughout Maryland and          ed air and plastic sheeting and duct tape      ter, preferably within your local area.               cy, always listen to the instructions from
Washington, damage totaled about $945             to shelter-in-place                                Use the evacuation routes designated              local emergency management officials.
million. Another example is the torrential           • Moist towelettes, garbage bags and        by authorities and, if possible, become                   Find out how to keep food safe dur-
rains of Hurricane Floyd in 1999, which           plastic ties for personal sanitation           familiar with your route by driving it                ing and after power outages by visiting
dumped up to 14 inches on parts of Mary-             • Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities    before an evacuation order is issued.       
land and the Mid-Atlantic leaving 250,000            • Can opener for canned foods                   Contact your local emergency man-                 index.html.
without electricity and causing $7.9 million         • Local maps                                agement office to register or get informa-                Find additional information about
in damages throughout the state.                     • Cell phone with chargers, inverter or     tion regarding anyone in your household               how to plan and prepare for a hurricane
                                                  solar charger                                  whom may require special assistance in                by visiting:
The greatest threat                                  • Prescription medications and glasses      order to evacuate.                                       • Maryland Emergency Management
   Storm surge is caused by a dome of                • Infant formula and diapers                    Prepare a separate pet plan; most pub-            Agency at
water pushed ashore by powerful hur-                 • Pet food and extra water for pet          lic shelters do not accept pets.                         • NOAA Hurricane Center: www.nhc.
ricane-force winds. Storm surge is con-              • Important Family documents such               Prepare your home prior to leaving by   
sidered the greatest killer of people in          as copies of insurance policies, identi-       boarding up doors and windows, secur-                    • American Red Cross:
hurricanes and it is particular threat to         fication and bank account records in a         ing or moving indoors all yard objects,     
areas lining the Chesapeake Bay.                  waterproof, portable container                 and turning off all utilities.                           • U.S. Environmental Protection
   Anyone residing in Joppa, Edgewood,               • Cash or traveler’s checks and change          Before leaving, fill your car with gas and        Agency:
Abingdon, Perryman, Aberdeen, Havre                  • Emergency reference material such as      withdraw extra money from the ATM.                       • U.S. Department of Health and
de Grace or Aberdeen Proving Ground               a first aid book or information from www.          Take all prescription medicines and               Human Services, Center for Disease
should be prepared to act quickly.                                            special medical items, such as glasses                Control:
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                                                                                       July 15, 2010 • APG News   3

CECOM hosts first
Hail Ceremony at APG
Story by                                  CECOM personnel and C4ISR partners
ANDRICKA THOMAS                           are occupying workspaces across the
CECOM Public Affairs
                                          installation. The team originates from
   The U.S. Army Communications-          a partnership between the U.S. Army
Electronics Command recently host-        Materiel Command and the Assistant
ed its first Hail Ceremony at Aberdeen    Secretary of the Army for Acquisi-
Proving Ground to welcome CECOM           tion, Logistics and Technology. These
personnel to APG. Edward C. Thom-         team members comprise the C4ISR
as, CECOM deputy to the command-          portion of the Army’s Materiel Enter-
er, greeted attendees; some of whom       prise. It is this partnership and collabo-
were new to CECOM and others who          ration that enables life cycle support for
were new to APG. With nearly 1,800        C4ISR systems. Together, these organi-
CECOM and Army Team Command,              zations develop, acquire, provide, field
Control, Communications, Computers,       and sustain C4ISR systems and bat-
Intelligence, Surveillance and Recon-     tle command capabilities for the joint
naissance personnel working at APG,       warfighter.
the center of gravity for the CECOM
mission is shifting from Fort Mon-        Army Team C4ISR reorganiza-
mouth, N.J., to APG, according to         tions include:
Thomas.                                     AMC Team Members:
   “I’m going to hail myself, because        • U.S. Army Communications-Elec-
I’m new,” said Thomas in welcome.         tronics Command (CECOM)
“This is yet another milestone in            • U.S. Army Communications-Elec-
CECOM’s relocation to APG.”               tronics Research, Development and
   Presenting office chiefs hailed        Engineering Center (CERDEC)
approximately 100 individuals at the         • CECOM Contracting Center
event. Many of the presenters also were   (CECOM-CC)
new to APG.                                 ASA/ALT Team Members:
   “We will be moving to the ‘big city’      • Program Executive Office Com-
in August,” said Thomas referring to      mand, Control, Communications – Tac-
the new campus with space for 7,300       tical (PEO C3T)
personnel. The C4ISR, Center of Excel-       • Program Executive Office for Intel-
lence campus groundbreaking took          ligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors
place in March 2008. Two years later,     (PEO IEW&S)
CECOM personnel can now expect to            • Program Executive Office for Enter-
move into the first completed building    prise Information Systems (PEO EIS)
in less than two months. Before mov-          For more information about CECOM,
ing to the new state-of-the-art campus,   visit

                                       Go to
                                 Click on “ARMY”
                                Proving Ground.  ”
4    APG News • July 15, 2010

FRIDAY                                     first served. There will be sandwiches     SUNDAY                                        to 4:30 p.m. for all ages. The cost is $2
                                           and light fare available.                                                                per person or $6 per Family. Registra-
JULY 16                                    For more information, call 410-642-        JULY 18                                       tion is required.
PATRIOTIC SALUTE DAY                       2771.                                      INVASINATORS                                  For more information, to register or
All veterans and active duty service       DADDY AND ME TEA                           As part of a volunteer team of inva-          for directions to the Anita C. Leight
members are invited to attend “Patri-                                                 sive plant removers and native plant          Estuary Center, call 410-612-1688 or
                                           A Daddy and Me Tea will be held 11                                                       410-879-2000, ext. 1688.
otic Salute Day, a special feature of
                 ”                                                                    restorers, learn why non-native inva-
                                           a.m. to 2 p.m., at Rockfield Manor
the 12th annual Mason Dixon Fair. The                                                 sive plants are a threat to the eco-
                                           located on 501 Churchville Road, Bel                                                     MONDAYS
Mason-Dixon Fairgrounds is located                                                    system, how to identify problem
                                           Air, Md. Share with a celebration of
at 6988 Delta Road in Delta, Pa., on the   that special bond between a father-fig-
                                                                                      plants, and removal and restoration           JULY 19 THRU AUG. 30
MD-PA Line, Route 165 and Route 74.                                                   strategies. Wear sturdy shoes, long           NATURE TOTS
                                           ure and his little girl.The Daddy and Me
Admission is free all day to veterans                                                 sleeves, and work gloves for field
                                           Tea is an event that will allow daddies                                                  Explore and discover the natural world
and active duty service members with                                                  work in the Reserve. Participants
                                           to provide the special moments their                                                     through sensory activities, songs, and
military, VFW or American Legion ID.                                                  receive an Invasinators t-shirt after
                                           daughters need to cultivate positive                                                     a short hike. Topics will be held 9 to 10
All veterans, active duty service mem-                                                attending two work days. This pro-
                                           relationships, build bonds, and plant                                                    a.m. each Monday, July 19 thru Aug.
bers and senior citizens are invited to                                               gram will be held noon to 2 p.m.
                                           seeds that garner self-esteem, self-                                                     30 for ages 2 and 3 (parents must
attend a special early show by the Re-                                                for ages 14 to adult. Registration is
                                           worth, determination and focus. Cost                                                     stay). The cost is $30 per child. Regis-
Creation, a song and dance troop and                                                  required.
                                           is $10 for daddy and daughter duo and                                                    tration is required.
enjoy fair exhibits and cash Bingo, 10                                                For more information, to register or
                                           $15 for an additional attendee.                                                          For more information, to register or
a.m. to 2 p.m. Admission is free for                                                  for directions to the Anita C. Leight
                                           For more information, call 410-638-4565                                                  for directions to the Anita C. Leight
this special event.                                                                   Estuary Center, call 410-612-1688 or
                                           or visit                                                       Estuary Center, call 410-612-1688 or
                                                                                      410-879-2000, ext. 1688.
For more information on Patriotic          FLOATING FEAST - MIDDAY                                                                  410-879-2000, ext. 1688.
Salute Day visit www.masondixon-                                                      RAINBOW HIKE                                  MUNCH ON THE MARSH
                                                                                      Hike the Discovery Trail and enjoy a          (Editors Note: More calendar events
BASKET BINGO                               Enjoy the perfect summertime combo:        cooling, rainbow-hued treat at the end        can be seen at
                                           boating and eating, featuring local        of the hike. This program will be held 3      mil under Community Notes.)
Basket Bingo to benefit the Eastern        foods and businesses. This program
Star will be held at the Aberdeen Fire     will be held 12:30 to 2 p.m. for 30 lbs.
Hall, Rogers Street, Aberdeen. Doors       to adult. The cost is $8 per person or
open at 6 p.m., bingo starts at 7 p.m.     $35 per Family (limit 5 per Family).
Tickets cost $12 each; extra packets       Registration is required.
cost $5 each. Bring a non-perishable       For more information, to register or
food item for a bonus prize ticket.        for directions to the Anita C. Leight        Pillars of a Godly Man Conference
Food and beverages will be available.      Estuary Center, call 410-612-1688 or
For more information or to purchase        410-879-2000, ext. 1688.
                                                                                        at APG Main Post Chapel
tickets, call Brenda Conjour, 410-273-
                                           TICKLE A TOAD                                  The men of the APG Gospel Service            Saturday’s youth session for young
7332 or Brenda Compher, 717-456-5490.                                                  invite men to a powerful weekend of          men includes some sports events and
                                           Meet a toad-ally awesome creature           community fellowship, Friday July 16         a necktie-tying contest. (Bring a tie if
SATURDAY                                   and build a house to attract toads to       and Saturday July 17, as they encour-        possible.) All youth must be accompa-
                                           the yard. This program will be held 3
JULY 17                                    to 4:30 p.m. for all ages; ages 10 and
                                                                                       age one another in the Lord and hear         nied by an adult or coordination must
TEXAS HOLD’EM                                                                          from some of the community’s Godly           be made in advance to ensure neces-
                                           under must be accompanied by an
                                                                                       leaders. This year’s Pillars of a God-       sary paperwork is on file.
American Legion Susquehanna Post           adult. The cost is $4 per toad house.
                                           Registration is required.
                                                                                       ly Man Conference theme - “I am my              For more information call Elder
135, 300 Cherry Street, Perryville, will
host a day of Texas Hold’em. The first
                                                                                       Brother’s Keeper” - intends to create        Giles, 443-866-2372 or email lvg-
                                           For more information, to register or
game starts 1 p.m., the second game        for directions to the Anita C. Leight
                                                                                       an environment conducive to learning; or Deacon Henry,
starts 6 p.m. Register by noon and 5       Estuary Center, call 410-612-1688 or        based on the way men think and the           443-655-6895 or email bigg_dogg_
p.m. with a $50 buy in. First come,        410-879-2000, ext. 1688                     unique way men interact.            .

                                                                                                                       P OST S HORTS
                                                                                      Hunter safety classes                         nar Room. Click on http://gunpowder.
                                                                                                                           for directions, or call
                                                                                      offered                                       Heather McDowell, 410-436-7816 for
                                                                                          Hunter safety classes will be held July   more information.
                                                                                      15 and 17 in building 4303. Classes on
                                                                                      Tuesdays and Thursdays will be held           Green Dragon Ball
                                                                                      6 to 10 p.m. Classes on Saturdays will           The National Capital Region 2010
                                                                                      be held 8 a.m. to noon. All classes will      Joint CBRNE Green Dragon Ball will
                                                                                      be held in building 4303. Students must       be held Saturday, Aug. 14, at Top of
                                                                                      attend class all three days. An addition-     the Bay. The keynote speaker will be
                                                                                      al class will be offered Sept. 19 for ages    the Honorable Paul McHale, Jr., for-
                                                                                      16 and older.                                 mer Assistant Secretary of Defense for
                                                                                          For more information or to regis-         Homeland Defense. For more details
                                                                                      ter, call 410-671-9070. Please leave a        visit the Green Dragon Ball Web site
                                                                                      message if no one answers. An instruc-
                                                                                      tor will contact students to verify their     onball/index.html. For more informa-
                                                                                      space in the class and obtain addition-       tion, call Tracey Kelly, 410-436-4438 or
                                                                                      al registration information. Do not call      Capt. Jessica Perez, 410-436-4000, or
                                                                                      after 9 p.m.                                  email to
                                                                                      CPR, AED classes available
                                                                                         Aberdeen Proving Ground Fire and
                                                                                                                                    KWVA recruiting new
                                                                                      Emergency Services is offering CPR and        members
                                                                                      automated external defibrillator class-          The Korean War Veterans Association
                                                                                      es on APG.
                                                                                                                                    chapter 271 is actively recruiting new
                                                                                         Two classes will be held 9 a.m. to
                                                                                      noon and 1 to 4 p.m., the third Wednes-       members. Membership is open to those
                                                                                      day of each month.                            who served honorably in Korea during
                                                                                         In the Aberdeen Area, classes will be      and after the Korean War or at anytime
                                                                                      held at the Post Chapel, classroom 3,         between 1945 to the present. Associ-
                                                                                      July 21, Sept. 15 and Nov. 17.                ate membership is open to non-Korean
                                                                                         In the Edgewood Area, classes will         War veterans who support the goals of
                                                                                      be held at the Conference Center, build-      the KWVA.
                                                                                      ing E-4810, Aug. 18, Oct. 20 and Dec.            The chapter is chartered under the
                                                                                      15. Class size will be limited to 30          National KWVA and meets quarterly
                                                                                      participants.                                 on the last Monday in February, May,
                                                                                         For more information or to register,       August and November.
                                                                                      call Mike Davis, 410-306-0572, or e-             For more information, contact
                                                                                      mail           Nick Guerra, chapter commander, at
                                                                                      Toastmasters meeting July 19
                                                                                          Gunpowder Toastmasters invites            Volunteer drivers needed
                                                                                      you to meet with them Monday, July               The     Veterans     Administration
                                                                                      19, to begin to discover your confi-          Maryland Health Care System needs
                                                                                      dence. Going on a job interview? Giv-         a few good drivers to serve at the Fort
                                                                                      ing a presentation? Toastmasters will         Howard Outpatient Clinic, transporting
                                                                                      help you -                                    veteran patients to and from sched-
                                                                                          * develop better speaking and presen-     uled appointments. The VA Maryland
                                                                                      tation skills                                 Health Care System will work around
                                                                                          * learn to think quickly and clearly      a volunteer’s availability. Drivers for
                                                                                      on your feet                                  weekday mornings or afternoons are
                                                                                          * build strong leadership abilities       needed. Volunteers can work one day
                                                                                          * hone your listening skills.             a week or more, or whatever best suits
                                                                                          Toastmasters offers this and more         their schedule.
                                                                                      in a supportive, self-paced, fun atmo-           For more information or to sign up,
                                                                                      sphere. The Gunpowder Toastmasters            call David Sevinsky, voluntary ser-
                                                                                      meet the first and third Mondays of each      vice specialist, 410-605-7102/7000 ext.
                                                                                      month (unless the date falls on a feder-      3929.
                                                                                      al holiday), 11:40 a.m. to 12:40 p.m.,
                                                                                      in the Chemical Demilitarization Train-       (Editors Note: More Shorts can be seen
                                                                                      ing Facility in building E-4516 Semi-         at under
                                                                                           July 15, 2010 • APG News   5

USAF Detachment graduates
final APG class
Story by                                     students enjoyed their time at APG.
RACHEL PONDER                                    “You are a legacy class,” he said.
APG News
                                             “You can say I was a part of the last class
   Members and guests of Detachment          to go through APG.”
1, 361st Training Squadron, gathered             Staff Sgt. Alexander Schlegel, a class
on July 1, to celebrate the graduation of    instructor, told the graduates to continue
class 20100223. The ceremony was his-        to work hard in their careers.
toric as it was the last graduation before       “Take the initiative. Don’t sit around
the detachment officially leaves and relo-   waiting for a project to come to you.
cates to Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas      Ask,” he said. “Take every opportunity
in September.                                available to you. Your career is in your
   Detachment 1, 361st Training Squad-       hands.”
ron trains, educates, and develops pro-          At the end of the ceremony, the grad-
fessional joint-service technicians in the   uates thanked the instructors and Fam-
aircraft metals career field.                ilies for their support. Many graduates
   Staff Sgt. Timothy Newcomb narrat-        noted that their classmates motivated
ed the program. He said that the grad-       each other to do their best.
uation ceremony recognizes a distinct            “I am glad that I was a part of this
group of Airmen in training that have        class,” said graduate airman basic Dan-
successfully completed all requirements      iel Pina. “We were a real close knit
to the Aircraft Metals Technology            class. I had the best class and the best
Apprentice Course, becoming 3-Level          instructors.”
Aircraft Metal Technologists. The grad-          Airman basic Justin Gardner, who
uates also completed 28 semester hours       was the top graduate, received a 98 per-
towards a Community College of the           cent class average and the Air Education
Air Force degree.                            and Training Command Award, said that
   Newcomb said that throughout the          the grade point average was high for the
last 19 weeks, the class went through a      whole class.
rigorous technical training program.             “We had a lot of fun, and did a lot
   “They were trained in many aspects        of work too,” Gardner said. “Compet-
of aircraft safety, maintenance concepts     ing with each other made us all better in
and the use of aircraft technical manu-      the end.”
als,” he said.
   Newcomb said that the graduates            Class 20100223 graduates
learned basic wielding concepts in oxy-        • Airman 1st Class Andrew V. Balint
acetylene, gas metallic arc, shielded met-     • Airman 1st Class Brian P. Clark
al arc, and gas tungsten arc wielding.         • Senior Airman David J. Foster
   After graduates received their diplo-       • Airman basic Justin K. Gardner
mas, Capt. Brian McKay, the detach-            • Airman 1st Class Matthew T. Holguin
ment’s commander, gave remarks.                • Airman basic William L. Kelly
   McKay said the detachment was               • Airman basic Daniel Pina
established at Aberdeen Proving Ground
in 1974, after the Air Force consoli-
dated its machinist training with the             Correction
Army. The Detachment 1 was estab-
lished to provide support and basic               In the July 8 issue of the APG
operating functions for staff personnel        News, Mary Doak of the Edgewood
and students.                                  Chemical Biological Center was
   McKay said an advantage of the              incorrectly identified as the point
detachment’s location at APG is that it        of contact for information about the
gave the Airmen a chance to associate          eCYBERMISSION program. The
with the Army and the Marines.                 APG News regrets the error.
   “That is part of what made this course         For more information about eCY-
here so great is that you get to inter-        BERMISSION, contact Dr. Katie
act with the other branches of service,”       Blanding, RDECOM, at 410-436-
he said. “When you deploy you will             8796, e-mail her at katie.blanding@
have experience working with them, and or visit the eCYBER-
know some of their lingo.”                     MISSION Web site at https://www.
   McKay said that he hoped that the 
6   APG News • July 15, 2010

                               PM ACS efforts changed the
                               concepts behind Airborne ISR
                               Story by                                    high value individuals,” said Carpen-
                               BRANDON POLLACHEK                           ter. “When you think about Task Force
                               PEO IEW&S PAO
                                                                           ODIN (Observe Detect Identify and
                                  Based on the original mission dic-       Neutralize) it has been given significant
                               tated to the Project Manager for Aerial     credit for taking down multiple IED
                               Common Sensors more than four years         makers and the network.”
                               ago, his time within the position, which        In 2006 when the PM first began field-
                               ended on June 28, would have been           ing the Medium Altitude Reconnais-
                               considered a failure; but in reality, it    sance Surveillance System (MARSS)
                               marks a transition point for an organiza-   to Iraq and Afghanistan, it proved to
                               tion that has changed the way the DoD       be an important first in both theaters.
                               conducts airborne ISR missions.             “We were delivering a capability that
                                  During a Change of Charter cere-         just wasn’t there at the Pakistani bor-
                               mony hosted by Brig. Gen. Thomas            der, providing signals intelligence to
                               Cole, Program Executive Officer Intel-      the tactical ground commander, while
                               ligence, Electronic Warfare & Sensors       in Iraq we started on a process to take
                               (PEO IEW&S), Col. Robert Carpenter          back the roads,” said Carpenter.
                               handed off the leadership of PM ACS             As he leaves his PM team the 26-
                               to Col. Keith Hirschman, at Aberdeen        year veteran believes the organization
                               Proving Ground, Top of the Bay.             has a large future role for the warfight-
                                  Upon arriving into the position of       er. “I see this being the single integra-
                               PM ACS in late 2005, Carpenter’s first      tion house for these (ISR) platforms,”
                               major action was to cancel a contract       said Carpenter. “PM ACS plays a sig-
                               for the Aerial Common Sensor with           nificant role as the organization (the
                               the follow-on mission of restarting the     Army) comes to for doing the assess-
                               program. As his time as PM comes to         ment or long term development and
                               an end, ACS as it was originally con-       procurement of manned platforms and
                               ceived has not been restarted, but rather   integration of payloads. A lot of things
                               restructured to the Enhanced Medium         that we did as a single or stove piped
                               Altitude Reconnaissance Surveillance        organization in quick reaction capabil-
                               System (EMARSS) and multiple Aeri-          ities we will now leverage other pro-
                               al ISR programs. In the meantime the        grams of record.”
                               PM fielded a plethora of quick reaction               With Carpenter at the helm
                               capabilities to both Iraq and Afghani-      of PM ACS the organization has suc-
                               stan, modernized the Guardrail Com-         cessfully fielded the Aerial Reconnais-
                               mon Sensor and ultimately changed the       sance Multi-Function System (ARMS),
                               face of airborne ISR.                       MARSS, and Constant Hawk aircraft to
                                  “Through our QRCs (Quick Reac-           Task Force ODIN in both theaters as well
                               tion Capability) one of the things that     as the supporting ground architecture;
                               has been noted is that we have taken        in addition to managing and upgrad-
                               down a lot of high value targets and        ing the Guardrail Common Sensor and
                                                                           Aerial Reconnaissance Low, both PORs
                                                                           with missions in OEF and OIF. Future
                                                                           programs, which the groundwork has
                                                                           been established for during the past five
                                                                           years include the tactical signals intelli-
                                                                           gence payload (TSP) and the Enhanced
                                                                           Medium Altitude Reconnaissance Sur-
                                                                           veillance System (EMARSS).
                                                                               Following his assignment as PM
                                                                           ACS, Carpenter will continue to sup-
                                  Visit APG News                           port the Warfighter working for the
                                                                           Assistant Secretary of the Army for
                                      online at                            Acquisition, Logistics, and Technolo-
                                                                           gy ASA(ALT) forward operations as a
                                 www.apgnews.                              representative in Afghanistan ensuring
                                                     Soldiers in the field are given an under-
                                                                           standing of how to use and maintain
                                                                           fielded equipment.
                                                                                                                                  July 15, 2010 • APG News                 7

Two honored during June retirement ceremony
Story by
APG News
    A Soldier and a civilian were honored during the
installation Retirement Ceremony at Top of the Bay
June 30.
    The honorees were Lt. Col. Robert F. Finn, Jr.
from the Army Capabilities Integration Center at Fort
Monroe, Va. who retired with 22 years of service and
Dennis Lukens, from the Advanced Chemical, Biolog-
ical, Radiological, Nuclear, and High-yield Explosive
(CBRNE) Training Program at the Edgewood Chem-
ical Biological Center, who retired with 36 years of
    Col. Darryl J. Briggs, G3, U.S. Army 20th Support
Command CBRNE presided over the ceremony and
presented awards. He was assisted by Master Sgt. Cur-
tis B. Johnson, 20th SUPCOM.
    Chaplain (Maj.) Fred Townsend, garrison deputy
chaplain, gave the invocation. The U.S. Army Materiel
Command Band’s Brass Quintet, led by Staff Sgt. Alan
Herold, provided music.
    Briggs thanked the Families, friends and co-workers
who came to recognize the retirees.
    “These retirements truly represent what makes our
Army great,” Briggs said. “Both have dedicated their
lives in a unique way and served as key elements of a                 Lt. Col. Robert F. Finn                                         Dennis Lukens
team that safeguards our nation.”
    Briggs also thanked the Families for supporting the       Finn’s awards include the Bronze Star Medal; the         ing Technology Directorate at the former Edgewood
retirees during their careers, adding that both retirees   Defense Meritorious Service Medal; the Army Com-            Arsenal. In 1986, Lukens transferred to the Detec-
were focused on their Families and were looking for-       mendation Medal and the Army Achievement Medal.             tion Directorate where he was a producibility engi-
ward to spending more time with them during their             Finn said that he would like to continue to work for     neer for fielding of several chemical agent detection
retirement.                                                the Army as a civilian in the areas of capabilities inte-   systems. In 1991 his team relocated to the Process
    Briggs said that the retirees have many more oppor-    gration and test and evaluation.                            Engineering Facility where he was directly involved
tunities to make positive contributions.                      Finn and his wife, Terri, have three children; Robert,   in establishing the Army’s first large-scale fermen-
    “You are great Americans,” he said. “I am positive     Megan and Danielle, and reside in Yorktown, Va.             tation facility at the 1500-liter scale. As a biopro-
that both of you will continue to contribute to your          Finn thanked his Family for supporting him during        cess engineer, he conducted large-scale pilot studies
nation, your communities, and your Families after you      his career.                                                 in the manufacture and purification of biologically-
retire.”                                                      He said that he wanted to have the ceremony at APG       produced products through fermentation for govern-
                                                           because it was close to most of his extended Family.        ment agencies and private industry. For the past eight
Lt. Col. Robert F. Finn                                       “It was a wonderful ceremony. It was special that        years, Lukens was a subject matter expert instruc-
   Finn received the Legion of Merit Award signed by       all my Family, from as far away as California was           tional trainer in large-scale biological and chemical
Martin E. Dempsey, U. S. Army Training and Doctrine        able to attend,” he said. “The retirement ceremony is a     production facilities and hardware for the CBRNE
Command; the Presidential Certificate of Appreciation      great way to honor all those that helped me during my       Training Program at the ECBC.
signed by President Barack Obama; and the Depart-          career.”                                                        Over the course of his 36 years of federal service
ment of the Army Certificate of Retirement signed by                                                                   as a chemical engineer, Lukens has numerous govern-
                                                           Dennis Lukens
Gen. George W. Casey Jr., Army Chief of Staff.                                                                         mental publications and received recognition of his
                                                              A two-star note was presented to Lukens, thanking
   The United States Flag and Pin were also present-                                                                   skills in the form of over 40 performance awards, let-
                                                           him for his outstanding service to the Army, signed by
ed to Finn.                                                                                                            ters and memorandums of appreciation; certificates
                                                           Maj. Gen. Nick G. Justice, commander of APG and
   Finn’s wife, Terri, received the DA Certificate of                                                                  and memorandums of achievement, and letters of
                                                           the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineer-
Appreciation signed by Casey.                                                                                          commendation.
                                                           ing Command. Lukens also received the Achievement
   Finn was born in Baltimore on Oct. 28, 1965. He                                                                         Lukens lives in Jarrettsville with his wife Sha-
                                                           Medal for Civilian Service, signed by Joseph D. Wien-
entered the Army in 1988 and has served three tours                                                                    ron of 30 years, and his son Timothy, who will be
                                                           and, Technical Director, ECBC. The Aberdeen Proving
overseas including Germany, Korea and Afghanistan.                                                                     attending Fallston Middle School in the fall. His
                                                           Ground Certificate of Appreciation was presented to
He served in several stateside assignments culminating                                                                 Family enjoys baseball outings with Timothy’s Har-
                                                           Luken’s wife, Sharon Lukens, signed by Col. Orlando
in his assignment as assistant executive officer to the                                                                ford Heat baseball club and vacations to Florida and
                                                           W. Ortiz deputy installation commander.
director, Army Capabilities Integration Center at Fort                                                                 the beach.
                                                              Lukens was born in Mechanicsburg, Pa. in 1951.
Monroe, Va.                                                                                                                “The ceremony was touching,” Lukens said. “I have
                                                           After high school he obtained a Bachelor of Sci-
   Finn retired July 1 with 22 years of service. During                                                                mixed feelings about saying farewell, as I have worked
                                                           ence degree in Chemical Engineering in 1973. In
his career he served in three combat tours: Operation                                                                  at APG for 36 years. However, I am looking forward to
                                                           June 1974 he began his federal career as an intern
Desert Storm in 1991; Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003                                                                  spending more time with my Family in Florida, as I am
                                                           in the Process Chemistry Section of the Manufactur-
and Operation Enduring Freedom in 2008.                                                                                a life-long Disney fan.”
8    APG News • July 15, 2010

New hours                                    New York City shopping trip                 certificate and the third place win-          and will return 9 p.m. Seats are limited,
    The Aberdeen Area Recreation Cen-           Leisure Travel will offer eight hours    ner will receive a $100 Pro Shop gift         Reserve a seat today. Open to all Dod ID
ter, the Leisure Travel Office and the       of shopping in New York City July           certificate.                                  card holders.
Library located in building 3326 have        17. Enjoy the city without the driv-            Entry Fee costs $10 per try and              For more information, call MWR
new hours of operation.                      ing or parking problems. Cost is $36        includes six golf balls and a chance          Tickets and Leisure Travel Services,
    The Aberdeen Area Recreation Cen-        per person and includes roundtrip bus       to participate at the $10,000 Long            building 3326, 410-278-4011/4907 or e-
ter will open Monday through Friday, 8       transportation.                             Drive Contest on Nov. 3, in Mesquite,         mail APGR-USAG-MWR-LeisureTrav-
a.m. to 7 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Sat-       The bus will depart 7:55 a.m. from       Nevada.                             
urday. The Leisure Travel Office will        the Edgewood Best Western parking lot           This event is open to all U.S. active     Swim Lessons
open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to        on Route 24 and return 10:30 p.m.           duty military personnel and Family
                                                                                         members age 18 and older with valid              Swim lessons run July 12 through
6 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.        For more information or to reserve a                                                   23 for youths; July 26 through 30 for
                                                                                         military ID card, Reserve and National
The Library will open Monday through         seat, call MWR Leisure Travel Office,                                                     adult swim lessons and toddlers at
                                                                                         Guard, active and inactive, and retirees.
Friday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.                    Aberdeen Area Recreation Center,                                                          the Shore and Bayside Pools. Swim
                                                                                             For more information or to register, e-
Maryland State Fair tickets available        building 3326, 410-278-4011/4907 or                                                       lessons cost $50 first Family mem-
                                             or e-mail APGR-USAG-MWR-Leisure-                                                          ber, $45 for each additional Family
    MWR Leisure Travel Services offers                      Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
discount tickets for the Maryland State                                                                                                member.
                                                                                         tickets available
Fair to be held Aug. 27 to Sept. 6 in        Military Long Drive Championship
                                                                                             Tickets are available for the 2010        Session 1 - through July 23
Timonium. Admission tickets cost $7 for      qualifier at Ruggles Golf Course
                                                                                         Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, located        Shore Pool
adults; $2.50 for children ages 6 to 11;        Ruggles Golf Course will host the        on 2775 Lebanon Road, Manheim, Pa.              8 to 9 a.m., levels 5 and 6
$17 for all-you-can-ride vouchers; and a     first level qualifier for the Military          Tickets cost $23 each for adults            9 to 10 a.m., levels 3 and 4
book of coupons costs $4.50.                 Long Drive Championship, 10 a.m. to         and $9 for children ages 5 through 11.          10 to 11 a.m., levels 1 and 2
    For more information or to purchase      2 p.m., Aug. 7. The first place winner      The Renaissance Faire will be held             Bayside Pool
tickets, visit MWR Leisure Travel Office,    will receive a trophy and advancement       on weekends 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Aug.              8 to 9 a.m., levels 5 and 6
Aberdeen Area Recreation Center, build-      to the second level event at Dallas, Tex-   14 through Oct. 31. Enjoy a marvel-             9 to 10 a.m., levels 3 and 4
ing 3326, 410-278-4011/4907 or e-mail        as on Sept. 11. The second place win-       ous trip back in time to the days of            10 to 11 a.m., levels 1 and 2              ner will receive a $200 Pro Shop gift       yore featuring 35 acres of jousting           Session 2 - Aug. 2 to 13
                                                                                         knights and royal delights. Tickets
    July bowling specials
    • Children bowl for free every Mon-      to 5 p.m., up to six people can bowl for
                                                                                         are good for any day. Themed week-
                                                                                         ends include Pyrate Invasion, Chil-
                                                                                         dren’s Fantasy, Heroes of the Realm,
                                                                                                                                        Shore Pool
                                                                                                                                          8 to 9 a.m., levels 5 and 6
                                                                                                                                          9 to 10 a.m., levels 3 and 4
                                                                                                                                          10 to 11 a.m., levels 1 and 2
 day with each paying adult.                 $14 an hour. Includes shoe rental.          Scottish Weekend, Octoberfest, Irish           Bayside Pool
    • Each Tuesday, bowl 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.       • Each Friday, Cosmic bowling 5 to       Weekend and more.                                8 to 9 a.m., levels 5 and 6
 for $1 per game. Shoe rental costs $1.50.   11 p.m. for $14 per hour.                       For more information or to purchase          9 to 10 a.m., levels 3 and 4
                                                                                         tickets, call the MWR Leisure Travel
    • Each Wednesday, bowl 7 a.m. to            • Cosmic Saturdays: Each Satur-                                                           10 to 11 a.m., levels 1 and 2.
 3 p.m. for 1.25 per game. Shoe rent-        day, receive one hour of bowling, one       Office, Aberdeen Area Recreation Cen-
                                                                                                                                        Olympic Pool -July 26 to 30
 al costs $2.                                whole cheese pizza and one pitcher of       ter, building 3326 410-278-4011/4907
                                                                                                                                          Adult and Parent/Toddler swim
                                             soda for $32.                               or e-mail APGR-USAG-MWR-Leisure-
    • Every Friday in July, from 7 a.m.                                                                                                lessons.
                                                                                                                                       APG Variety and Talent Show
    APG Bowling Center Snack Bar specials                                                Hershey Park trip
                                 Building 2342                                               Hershey Park happy, Hershey Park
                                                                                         fun! A trip to Hershey Park will take            A variety show and two talent shows
 The Bowling Center hours are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday and Tuesday; 7 a.m.               place Aug. 15. Cost is $55 per person         are planned for Sept. 24 and 25.
 to 10 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday; 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., Friday; 1 to 11 p.m.,            and includes park ticket and roundtrip           A Tribute to the Troops Variety Show
 Saturday; and 1 to 6 p.m., Sunday.                                                      transportation. Bus departs 7:30 a.m.         will be held 7 p.m., Sept. 24. APG’s Got
                                                                                                                                       Talent Show will be held Sept. 25. The
 Week of July 12                                                                                                                       youth talent show will be held 4 p.m.
    Special #1: American hero with potato chips, cookie and regular soda for $6.50.       Looking for a job?                           and an adult talent show will be held
    Special #2: Two beef Tacos with one burrito, cookie and regular soda for $6.95.                                                    7 p.m.
                                                                                            Visit FMWR Jobs Available at                  Auditions for both shows will be
 Week of July 19                                                                                              held 6 to 8 p.m., every Thursday
    Special #1: Manicotti with salad, cookie and regular soda                               All jobs for Aberdeen Proving              beginning July 9. Auditions are open
 for $4.95.                                                                               Ground are listed at http://acpol.           to the entire APG Community and its
    Special #2: Egg salad sandwich with potato chips, cook-                      or               partners.
 ie and regular soda for $4.25.                                                           check out AAFES Jobs link http://               Volunteers and performers are needed
   For more information or to place an order, call 410-278-                      for               for both shows.
 4041. Orders must be placed before 10:30 a.m.                                            additional job opportunities.                   For     more      information,    call
                                                                                                                                        July 15, 2010 • APG News                   9

APG teens visit ‘Mad Money City’
Story and photo by
APG News
   Aberdeen Proving Ground teens got a taste of per-
sonal financial management by visiting “Mad Money
City,” a youth activity held at the Aberdeen Area Rec-
reation Center June 30. The event was sponsored by
the Army Community Service Employment Readiness
Program, Child Youth and School Services, SKIES
Unlimited, HIRED program, and CYSS Edge in con-
junction with the Aberdeen Proving Ground Federal
Credit Union.
   During the activity, teens were transported into the
future where they had just graduated from college or
technical school and were starting their first full-time,
professional jobs.
   Teens were given realistic scenarios in which they
had a career, paycheck, Family, and lifestyle and were
instructed to visit different merchants where they
bought houses, cars, food, clothes, day care, and oth-
er necessities.
   Teens were also asked to build a budget based on
their income and debt.
   Tina Mike, vice president of financial education for
APGFCU said that Mad Money City allows partici-             From left: Shanice Lewis, 16, Brianna Taylor, 16, and Calynn Dorsey, 14, purchase clothes from a merchant, Tina Mike, vice
pants to make mistakes and suffer the consequences of       president of financial education for Aberdeen Proving Ground during Mad Money City, an activity held at the Aberdeen Area
                                                            Recreation Center June 30.
their decisions in a realistic, but safe, environment.
   “This activity is a fun, hands-on approach to teach-     and informative,” said Shanice Lewis, 16. “I am glad I            The next “Job vs. Career” session for teens, will be
ing financial literacy,” Mike said. “The learning comes     do not have these responsibilities yet. This makes me         held Tuesday, August 3, 12:30 to 1:30pm, at ACS in
into play when the teens spend too much money, and          appreciate being a teenager.”                                 partnership with the Financial Education Department
have to manage their money more effectively.”                  Nimisha Shah, a parent of two teens, said that she         of APG Federal Credit Union. Topics include:
   Brianna Taylor, 16, said that the activity helped her    wanted her teens to attend the activity to learn more           • what employers are looking for
learn more about managing money. Taylor added that          about financial management and to meet other teens in           • how to apply for a job
she liked using the checkbooks that were given to the       the community.                                                  • tips on resume writing, interviewing experience
teens to use for their purchases.                              “We just moved to the area from New Jersey. It is             To enroll teens in the free “Job vs. Career” session,
   “I did not know how to write a check until today,”       a big transition,” Shah said. “My husband heard about         call Marilyn Howard, ACS Employment Readiness
Taylor said.                                                the activity and we encouraged our children to attend so      program manager, 410-278-9669/7572. ACS is moving
   “I thought the program was really good, thorough         they can get involved with activities on post.”               to a new location Building 2503, Highpoint Road.

                                                                       SKIES Unlimited
   For more information or to register for   for six weeks.                                buried treasure and more. At the conclu-       a real live local hero. Bring a nut free
a SKIES Unlimited class, call the Central        Students also are required to purchase    sion of festivities there will be a pirate     snack daily.
Registration Office, building 2752, 410-     books required for the course as recom-       ship race. Yo ho ho... It’s a Pirate Cove      Twilight Teen workshop
278-7571/7479. Open to all DoD ID card       mended by the instructor.                     for you. Every pirate should bring a nut-
holders. For an appointment, e-mail sta-         Books are a onetime purchase. Stu-        free snack daily.                                  Twilight fans ages 9 to 14 can join                 dents must also provide their own guitar.     Local Heroes Workshop                          a workshop, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. July 19
                                             Pirate Captains Adventure                                                                    through 22. Take time to explore the
Private Guitar Lessons                                                                        Have you ever dreamed what it would         wonders of the books and movies. Par-
                                                 Welcome to SKIES Unlimited pirate         be like to be a fire fighter or policeman?
   Private guitar lessons for ages 7                                                                                                      ticipants will make Team Edward or
                                             cove where all the pirates will gath-         Children ages 4 to 6 will get an inside
through 18 will be held 1 to 7 p.m., on      er for a brand new adventure. Pirates,        scoop in this local heroes workshop, 9         Team Jacob t-shirts, create a trivia game,
Monday or Tuesday, through July 19           ages 7 to 9 will meet 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.,      to 11:30 a.m., July 19 through 22, at the      get creative by writing alternate endings
and July 26 through Aug. 16, at the AA       July 12 through 15 at the AA Youth Cen-       CYSS Administrative Building, 2522.            to the story and maybe even view one of
Youth Center, building 2522.                 ter, building 2522. Pirates aboard the        Cost is $45 per child. Children will read      the movies. Bring a white t-shirt and a
   No experience is necessary. Cost          ship will make their very own feather         stories of bravery and courage and then        lot of imagination and dive into this saga
of the lessons is $68 per student and        swords, discover the many place pirates       use their imagination for an activity          together. Every diehard Twilight fan
includes one 30-minute session per week      explored or use geocaching to search for      afterwards. They may even get to meet          should bring a nut-free snack daily.
10      APG News • July 15, 2010

                                                                                                      Photos by YVONNE JOHNSON, APG NEWS, Illustration by NICK PENTZ, APG NEWS
Directorate of Emergency Services police officer Leonard Moses leads his military working dog partner Bleky demonstrate some of the skills that won the Aberdeen Proving Ground K9 team 11
awards – including first place for best overall team – during the 2010 Iron Dog Competition in Virginia in May.

DES K9 teams win big at Iron Dog Competition
Story by
    On May 19, three canine
teams from the Aberdeen Prov-
ing Ground Directorate of
Emergency Services compet-
ed in the 2010 Virginia Police
Canine Association (VPCA)
10th Annual Iron Dog Competi-
tion at the Great Meadow Event
Center in The Plains, Va.
    Thirty-eight teams competed
in the event and the APG canine
teams took home 11 out of a
possible 30 awards, including
first place in the Team Overall
category and second and third
place in the Individual Overall
category. They also won a nar-
cotic storage safe.
    The teams members were
Officers Ronald L. Colbeck II
and his military working dog
partner Heidi, Christopher J.
Damko and MWD partner Laga,
and Leonard A. Moses Jr. and
MWD partner Bleky.
    The VPCA Iron Dog Com-           At the Directorate of Emergency Services Military Working Dog training facility, K9 Heidi waits for instructions from her partner, police
                                     officer Ron Colbeck.
petition tests the strength,
stamina, abilities and team-         second competition. Damko
work of law enforcement dog          said he trained especially hard
handlers and their K-9 part-         for this competition with bal-
ners. The competition con-           anced nutrition and daily ruck-
sisted of a number of stations       sack runs with Laga. When
with obstacles, firearms,            asked what inspired him to
scent tracking, decoy appre-         train so hard for the competi-
hension, vehicle searches,           tion, he said, “The first time
and environmental distrac-           I competed in an Iron Dog
tions to determine the overall       Competition was last fall. At
Iron Dog winner. First, sec-         that time I really was not pre-
ond, and third-place awards          pared for what I encountered.
were given at each of the            The course went up a hill that
eight event stations, as well        looked like a wall - straight
as an Overall Individual Win-        up. So, for this competition,
ner and a Team Award; for a          I vowed that I would finish a
total of 30 possible awards          heck a lot better than I did last
in 10 different categories.          time. It looks like the training
The team award was given to          paid off.”
the jurisdiction with the best          Officer Moses and K-9
combined overall score of its        Bleky also were competing
three K-9 teams for the entire       in their second competition.
event.                               Moses has been with his K-
    During this timed competi-       9 partner for less than a year
tion, K-9 teams were required        and has made great strides
to complete rigorous tasks at        in training and condition-
multiple event stations along        ing. “I think that the sky is
a one and-and-one-half mile          the limit,” Moses said when
course. The event stations           asked about his and Bleky’s
included firearms, scent track-      future in dog competitions.
ing (either narcotic or explo-       “I have been fortunate in
sive), decoy apprehension,           being paired with a fantas-
vehicle searches (either nar-        tic young dog in Bleky. It is
cotic or explosive), and envi-                                             DES police officer Chris Damko watches his K9 partner Laga low crawl under an obstacle.
                                     a pleasure to come to work
ronmental distractions. The          each and every day, knowing
teams had to navigate multiple
obstacles like fences, hedges,
creeks, and horse jumps while
                                     that (Bleky) is waiting for
                                     me. As far as the other han-
                                     dlers at APG, they make me
                                                                             2010 Iron Dog winners
running from station to station.     want to try harder to be bet-          Individual Overall
Each event station was timed         ter, I love a challenge. Bleky            2nd place, Ron Colbeck/K9
and the overall course comple-       is only four years old, [and]          Heidi, APG
tion was timed.                      he has unlimited potential.               3rd place, Leonard Moses/K9
    The event was Officer Col-       I look forward to the next             Bleky, APG
beck and K9 Heidi’s fifth com-       event.”                                Team Overall
petition in the past two years.         The Aberdeen Proving                  1st place, Ron Colbeck/Chris
When asked why he enjoys             Ground Canine Section sup-             Damko/Leonard Moses, APG
competing, Colbeck said, “I          ports the APG Community
enjoy the camaraderie amongst        through force protection mea-          Explosive Detection
law enforcement officers at the      sures, narcotics interdiction,           1st place, Ron Colbeck, APG
events, learning new things and      law enforcement support and              2nd place, Chris Damko, APG
overcoming challenges. Heidi         public safety. The sections’           Firearm event
is now almost ten years-old and      five certified canine teams               2nd place, Ron Colbeck, APG
it amazes me that she still has      support day and night opera-
the desire and stamina to go         tions for the APG Communi-             Muzzle event
through these competitions; and      ty, as well as special missions          1st place, Ron Colbeck, APG
not only do we compete, but          for the Department of State              3rd place, Chris Damko, APG
we have done very well in all        and the United States Secret           Narcotic vehicle search
the competitions that we have        Service.                                 1st place, Leonard Moses, APG
attended. I’m proud to represent        To view the complete results
the Army.”                           for the 2010 VPCA Iron Dog             Explosive vehicle search      From left, DES police officers Ron Colbeck, Chris Damko and Leonard
    Officer Damko and K9             Competition, visit the Web site          1st place, Chris Damko, APG Moses pose with their K9s Heidi, Laga and Bleky and the 11 trophies they
Laga were competing in their                      2nd place, Ron Colbeck, APG won during the 2010 Iron Dog Competition.
                                                                                                                                           July 15, 2010 • APG News                    15

Registration opens for VA Forum on women veterans
Department of Veterans Affairs                                     the Women’s Memorial in Arlington, Va., July                   Presentations from the event will be made available
   The Department of Veterans Affairs                                 28. Shinseki and VA department heads plan to             online. Feedback about this event and announcements on
has opened registration for a Women                                     attend.                                                future events will be available to forum participants. For
Veterans Forum that will address the                                         Because of anticipated demand, avail-             more information contact the Center for Women Veter-
quality of VA health care, the pro-                                       able seats will be filled on a first-come, first-    ans at 202-461-6193 or by e-mail at
vision of benefits for women, and                                         served basis, and confirmed registrants will            VA has undertaken major initiatives to transform
ways for VA to continue improving                                         be notified by e-mail once registration is           the department to meet the unique health care needs
access to the care and benefits for                                      filled. Register through the Center for Wom-          of women veterans and provide the best quality care
women Veterans.                                                        en Veterans by e-mail at . Reg-              at every VA medical center. In addition, the agency is
   “The VA forum will bring advocates                                istration closes when either all seats are filled or      working to shorten the delays for claims processing,
for women veterans together to learn about                        by July 16.                                                  improve access to VA health services for minority and
VA services and to share valuable information                    The Forum include morning presentations and an                rural veterans, end veteran homelessness, and ease the
with each other,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric     afternoon information marketplace in which partici-              transition back to civilian life.
K. Shinseki. “The forum will also give veterans’ advo-        pants are invited to gather resources and materials pro-            There are about 1.8 million women Veterans among
cates the tools they need to help build women veterans        vided by VA program offices and veterans service and             the nation’s 23 million living veterans. VA estimates
networks and communities throughout VA.”                      advocacy organizations. There also will be an afternoon          women veterans will comprise 10.5 percent of the vet-
   The forum which will be held 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at           screening of the updated “Lioness” documentary film.             eran population by 2020.

                                                                                                                                                on the battlefield.”
                                                                                                                                                    “The sun never sets on the SBC,” he
                                                                                                                                                said. “Keep up the fight.”
                                                                                                                                                   Lyttle thanked Moore and said he
             From front page                                                                                                                    was proud to be a part of the battle com-
PM, Strategic Battle Command                                                                                                                    mand team.
    Later in the day, Lt. Col. Brian J.                                                                                                            “When North Korea tests another
Lyttle assumed the duties of Product                                                                                                            nuclear weapon they will turn to us to
Manager, Strategic Battle Command                                                                                                               determine a strategic reaction,” he said,
from Lt. Col. Kevin Leonard. Col.                                                                                                               adding that he looks forward to meeting
David Moore, Project Manager, Strate-                                                                                                           the challenges of the battle command.
gic Battle Command, presided over the                                                                                                           PM, Battle Command
ceremony.                                                                                                                                          Battle Command provides integrat-
    In attendance for both ceremonies                                                                                                           ed battle command capabilities, training
was Brig. Gen. N. Lee S. Price, Program                                                                                                         and support to the joint land component
Executive Officer, Command, Control,                                                                                                            Warfighter. Battle Command is develop-
Communications-Tactical, PEO-C3T.
                                                                                                                                                ing interoperable innovations for tomor-
    Moore called Leonard “a strategic
                                                                                                                                                row while supporting Warfighters in the
thinker in the complex Army Acqui-
                                                                                                                                                field today.
sition area who was able to air con-
cise thoughts and achieve strategic                                                                                                             Change of Charter
positions.”                                                                                       Photo by RICHARD A. MATTOX, PEO C3T              In non-traditional military units, the
    He said that under Leonard’s leader-      Col. David Moore, Project Manager, Strategic Battle Command, left, presents the unit charter to   charter carries the same symbolic func-
ship the program achieved new Army ini-       Lt. Col. Brian J. Lyttle who assumed the duties of Product Manager, Strategic Battle Command      tions as the unit colors or guidon in tra-
tiatives at the strategic level and stayed    during a Change of Charter ceremony at Top of the Bay July 8.                                     ditional units. It represents the same
above the 95 percent readiness rate.             “With his computer science back-                 “This is the finest organization I’ve         responsibilities for the leadership and
    “As a result, I have great faith in the   ground, we could not have picked a bet-          served with in my nineteen years of              welfare of the people of the organization.
SBC Team,” Moore said.                        ter successor,” he said. “I know you will        wearing this uniform,” he said, add-             By accepting the charter, the incom-
    He welcomed Lyttle, calling him a         do extremely well.”                              ing that his great pride was “providing          ing commander assumes the leadership
“great person” who is inheriting a “great        “Leonard thanked Moore and said it            joint and Army commanders the tools to           and management of the product manag-
organization.”                                was an honor to serve the SBC.                   enhance their decision-making options            er office.
                                              because it’s something they don’t make           the post headquarters from its comple-           be rehabilitated in a manner that is com-
             DPW                              anymore.”
                                              Building 310
                                                                                               tion in 1918 until 1995 and oversaw the
                                                                                               development and evolution of APG from
                                                                                                                                                patible with the historic and architectural
                                                                                                                                                qualities of the historic resources at APG,
                                                 The administration building, or old           a proving ground to one of the Army’s            and consistent with the Secretary of Inte-
             From front page
                                              post headquarters, also known as build-          major ordnance, research and develop-            rior’s Standards and Guidelines.
needing building materials.                   ing 310, was designed as the primary             ment centers to meet military needs dur-            The installation has worked closely
    “Much of what is here is reusable,”       administration building at APG during            ing the 20th century.                            with the Maryland Historical Trust, as
he said. “Reuse is a good selling point as                                                         To better meet the mission demands           the State Historic Preservation Office for
                                              the fall of 1917. The high-style Classical
is the relationship these items have with                                                      of APG in the 21st century, building 310         Maryland, to photograph and document
                                              Revival south wing of the building, with
the proving ground.                                                                            is scheduled for a partial demolition. The       the building prior to demolition so that a
                                              its imposing and ornate portico, came
    “People love things that have a his-
                                              to symbolize the importance of APG to            front part of the building will remain to        thorough record of the building remains
tory and a lot of times they want it just
                                              the U.S. Army. The building served as            house mission support personnel and will         for posterity and future research.

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