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					                         Research Corner                                                                             5

       New Research to Examine Child Sex Tourism
The Gambia, a mere five-           this issue effectively. As a       responsible providers of serv-
hour flight from most major        new member of the ECPAT            ices to tourists such as taxi
European cities, has become        network, the CPA recognised        drivers, fruit juice vendors
a popular tourist destination.     that to open dialogue on the       and small hotel owners, has
Last year, nearly 120,000 vis-     issue and raise awareness          reported cases to the Child
itors enjoyed the quiet beach-     among the general public it        Protection Alliance, but feel
es and luxurious hotels. Their     would need to undertake            helpless because they are
contribution to the national       research. The CPA, in collab-      unsure of what can be done to
economy is significant,            oration with Terres Des            stop this abuse.
accounting for 10% of the          Hommes - Netherlands, is
GNP. There is little wonder,       launching a research project       Both research projects will,
then, why tourism is seen as a     specifically focused at look-      for the first time, shed some
means of relieving the high        ing at the extent of sexual        light onto this unacceptable
poverty level.                     abuse by Dutch tourists.           side of tourism, providing       Micheal Montgomery is working
                                                                      evidence and some quantifi-      on a research project with TdH.
Visitors are made welcome          UNICEF and the Department          cation of the incidence of
and asked to become special        of Social Welfare, both mem-       child sexual abuse in the
friends by contributing            bers of CPA, have combined         region. It is believed that      “States        Parties
money or food to families, as      their resources and have also      West Africa and The Gambia       ...shall undertake to
well as books or pens to           initiated research. The survey     have become destinations for
                                                                                                       protect the child from
schools. For some, this is a       examines child sexual abuse        men and women who would
way to make a difference and       in Senegal and The Gambia,         have previously gone to Asia     all forms of sexual
not just be tourists. For others   and the findings are due out       for sex with children. It is     exploitation and sex-
- tourists who come for sex -      by the end of 2002.                hoped that this research will    ual abuse and shall
The Gambia is a haven.                                                provide CPA with the infor-      in particular take
Sexual abuse of children is        Many organisations have            mation needed to tackle this     measures to pre-
rarely reported or discussed.      come forward with anecdotal        problem.                         vent...the use of chil-
Authorities lack training to       stories of tourists taking chil-
                                                                                                       dren in prostitution or
recognise and deal with child      dren to hotel rooms. One
sexual abuse.                      such     organisation,      the    (CPA also provided this arti-    other sexual prac-
                                   Association       of     Small     cle for the October 2002         tices.”
The absence of hard data           Enterprises in Tourism             issue of the ECPAT newslet-
makes it difficult to tackle       (ASSET), comprised of              ter.)                            - African          Charter
                                                                                                       Article 27
                        A Fond Farewell
       UNICEF Representative Departs The Gambia
Madam Maria Teresa                 decisions    and     issues        erous and supportive
Hevia, who has worked              affecting their lives, said        lady,     said   Jalamang
with UNICEF in The                 Bintou Sanko in a presen-          Camara, CPA National
Gambia since 1998, has             tation honouring Madam             Coordinator. She incul-
departed the country after         Hevia.                             cated in me knowledge of
serving as Representative                                             how to handle issues in a
for      the     Country           As       the      UNICEF           diplomatic manner, and
Programme for 4 years.             Representative, Ms. Hevia          she taught me how to
                                   was the overseer of the            come overcome any frus-
Ms. Hevia has devoted her          Gambian Government s               trations and look for alter-
career to advancing the            Country        Programme           natives. She regarded me
causes of children across          involving     the    CPA,          as her son, and I think of
the globe and has been a           Department of Social               her as my mother.
solid supporter of the CPA         Welfare, NAYCO and
since its very beginning.          other children s organiza-         The entire team at CPA
                                   tions. No matter how busy          would like to express its
 Thanks to her the chil-           her schedule was during            gratitude to Ms. Hevia for
dren and young people of           her time in this country,          all the work she has done
this country are now being         Madam always found time            for this organisation. We
taken seriously and are            to keep up with CPA s              wish her the best of luck
participating more than            developing agenda. She             in all her upcoming
ever before in national            has been a very kind, gen-         endeavours.

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