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									Profile XT

   Roche Poland
                           Hanna Dąbrowska
                  Human Resources Director
                                 Warsaw 2008
     The Application of the PXT Test in
           the Recruiting Process
 Historical outline – reasons for seeking a new tool

 Arguments for choosing the PXT test
          The Implementation Process
                of the PXT Test
 Decentralization of the recruitment process:

-    implementing PXT among management staff
-    involving managers in the recruitment process
-   delegating managers authority along with responsibility
     Advantages of the PXT Test as a
            Recruitment Tool
 Objectivisation of the recruiting process:

- psychometric tool (standardization)
- the participation of several people in creating the Position Profile
- the possibility of comparing all candidates with the Position Profile
- transparency of reports and percentage presentation
- candidate ranking
- consistency indicator

 Assuring a positive image of the recruitment process within the company:

- finding new people who match the team

- the PXT’s place in the recruitment process

- feedback for the participants of the recruitment process
       Opinions of Participans in the
            Recruitment Process
„ The tool shows who the candidate is, not who they would like to be”.

„ It gives a certain image, but it can’t be decisive”.

„ A universal tool, because it shows both strong and weak aspects, not
evaluating the person, whether they are good, or bad ”.

„ Universal, coherent, and fair – regardless of the peron’s experience,
everyone is evaluated the same way ”.

   „ It can be internally calibrated: the level of required qualifications
  can be adjusted to one’s needs ”.

  „ Very nice, a good starting point, better than the previous one ”.

„ We also analyze other data, we don’t look at candidates in terms of ‘binary
   arithmetics’. The test indicates what to take notice of later on ”.

  „ It’s very good PR for a company ”.
        Opinions of Participans in the
       Recruitment Process – Employees

„ I treat this tool as an additional source of information ”.

   „ A great advantage to the PR of a company is the fact the the candidates
  have a sense that they are taking part in a big event: there is an
  individual test and report for each participant ”.

„ A company shows that it is doing its best, it allocates financial resources,
   and it has a professional approach to recruiting ”.
      Opinions of Participans in the
     Recruitment Process – Employees

„ Thanks to the feedback I know what my strong points are, and what areas I
 need to develop ”.

„ My impression of the company was very good. A company which wants to hire
and employee, wants to get to know them first and test them, recruitment is
not a matter of chance ”.

„ I liked the thematic diversity of the tasks. The test was fun for me ”.

„ The test seemed very proffessional to me. The discussion after the test
concerned the results, which improved my opinion of the company and its
proffessionalism. After returning home, I found the report from the test in
my e-mail inbox and I was able to more or less judge whether or not I was
going to pass to the next recruitment stage ”.

„ Compared to other tools, this one examines several abilites at the same
 time. The analysis is performed by a computer, not the recruiting person

„ The results and description seemed to greatly coincide with what I think
of myself ”.

„ It helps in directing further recruitment interviews ”.
           Statistics of Performed
               Profile XT Tests
• Number of position profiles created   23

Oncology Department                          20%

SPC Department                                 28%

Medical Department                            12%

PDO Department                                 13%

Other Departments                                  26%
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