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					                                                                     The President’s Notebook
                                                                                                         October, 2001

                             It’s nearly Xmas!
Yes. It’s that time of year again. I don’t know where the year has gone, do you? The Club has had a busy year and we
seem to have run a large number of events - all of which have been well attended. We would like to see a few more of
you though at the various social functions the club runs. You never know you might meet someone interesting. Your next
chance at a social function (and the last club event for the year) is the Xmas Lunch. Well Xmas yum cha to be exact. It’s
modestly priced and in a central location, why not come along. In this newsletter we largely review some of the events
that have occurred since the last newsletter and highlight some of those that will be coming up. The new Club Committee
has been determined and there are some new faces, who no doubt are well known to you. Just in case you think this
newsletter looks slightly different to previous issues, you’re right, we’ve changed the typeface. The content I hope remains
more or less what you would expect.

Xmas Yum Cha                                                                                  Advance Notice
Red Emperor                                                                     Annual Club Practice Day
Southbank                                                                    Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit
Sunday, December 9, 2001                                                                    Friday, January 18, 2001
Carol and Tracey Williams have been flat out recently trying    This is just a quick note for your calendar. The club will be
to devise a novel, but interesting venue for this year’s Xmas   conducting a closed event for financial club members only
Lunch, which has adequate parking, is centrally located         on Friday, January 18, 2002. That is you must have paid
and importantly is not outrageously expensive, yet offers       your membership subscription for 2002 to be eligible.
good value for money. A big ask, but I think they’ve done it.   Membership subscriptions for 2002 will be forwarded
                                                                during November.
If you have read the AGE Good Food Guide recently you will
have noticed the Red Emperor has been awarded two hats          Supplementary Regulations for the event will accompany
and a lot of praise. Situated on the Upper Level at             the next issue of this newsletter. Key details of the event
Southgate in Southbank the restaurant has impressed.            are:
The Red Emperor as the Good Food Guide describes it is
set over two sweeping levels, with sensational views over       •   A limit of 36 entries, plus 4 reserves
the Yarra toward the city. The restaurant focusses on           •   the field will be divided into 4 groups
Cantonese food as the Good Food Guide puts it, with brief       •   each group will have a dedicated period of 20 minutes
excursions into other parts of China and with some Hong             track time per session
Kong style preparation of local game.                           •   the event will start at 9.15 am and groups will be
                                                                    rotated throughout the day until closure of the track at
But the Guide’s most important advice is “don’t just come           5.00 pm
for dinner - Red Emperor’s Yum Cha is one of the best in        •   cost will be $135
town”. Carol and Tracey have taken the AGE’s advice and         •   entries will be accepted strictly in order of receipt of
have organised a Yum Cha session from 1.30 pm (sharp)               completed Official Entry Forms.
through to 4.00 pm. It’s all you can eat for $40 in that
period. It should be a lot of fun. We will look forward to      The club ran its first Club Practice Day on Thursday, January
seeing you there - a booking slip is enclosed with this         17 this year. Despite the attendance of only 20 cars the
newsletter.                                                     event was pronounced a great success by those who
                                                                attended. The day offers those who plan to compete in the
Club Calendar for 2002                                          various rallies and race events scheduled for the first few
                                                                months of the year to spend time on testing. For others
                                                                less interested in competitive pursuits it offers a great
With the recent release of the 2002 V8 Supercar calendar        learning opportunity. An opportunity for almost unlimited
the dates of many events will now start to be confirmed.        use of arguably Australia’s best race circuit.
We try our best to ensure that the club calendar is as
comprehensive as possible, so if there is an event in which     As noted elsewhere in this newsletter, the club’s Grand Prix
you have an interest and which has not been featured in         Track Day will be conducted at Phillip Island this year on
the club calendar, drop us a line and let us know. We will      Saturday, March 9, 2002 - the weekend following the
do our best to incorporate the event in the club calendar for   Australian Grand Prix. Due to the commencement of work
2002 which will be released with the December newsletter        on the redevelopment of the horse racing track at
and will be posted on the club website from January 1,          Sandown, the race circuit will be unavailable at this time.
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                           Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 2

                                      OTHER EVENTS THIS YEAR
                                                                     the last of the major historic meetings to be held in Victoria
                                                                     this year. The next meeting is the Phillip Island Classic in
                                                                     February and then Historic Winton in May. This year’s
                                                                     Historic Sandown looks like it will be the best yet. If you are
                                                                     not doing anything on the weekend of November 10 & 11,
                                                                     get along to Sandown, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

             Historic Sandown
              November 10 & 11, 2001
This year’s Historic Sandown is scheduled for November 10
and 11, 2001, which as we noted in the last newsletter is
a few weeks later than the customary October date. It
would appear however that future events are likely to be
held at a similar time, ie the weekend following the
Melbourne Cup.                                                             Alfa Romeo Owners Club
Historic Sandown this year is likely to be the largest historic
                                                                                  of Australia
meeting ever held in Australia. With over 400 entries it is             Spettacolo 2001- Alfa in motorsport
likely to run close, if not exceed the record established at               Melbourne High School Oval,
the Eastern Creek, NSW historic meeting, which I believe is
to the order of 420.                                                                South Yarra
                                                                                  Sunday, November 18, 2001
As was the case last year, this year’s event is sub-titled the
Tasman Challenge and a contingent of vehicles is expected            AROCA once again plan to conduct their annual concours
from New Zealand to further stimulate interest in the event.         at Melbourne High School. The club has extended an
Not that it needs it. Historic Sandown is presented by the           invitation to members of the Maserati Club with Italian Cars
Victorian Historic Racing Register and is run and organised          to participate in the day by bringing their cars along.
by the MG Car Club. There will be some 31 events with
racing on Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. Practice            Alfa Romeo Owners Club is proud to present SPETTACOLO
is on Friday.                                                        2001. This year we will celebrate Alfa’s rich sporting history
                                                                     with a focus on Alfa race cars and competition
The feature of the event is undoubtedly the Formula                  achievements.
5000's, 10 of which are expected to be on the grid. Also
raising extra interest will be the inclusion of the Marque           Come and see some 200 Alfas, from past to present,
Sports category in which a number of club members will be            including many current and historic Alfa race cars.
running. In all there are some 10 racing categories
represented at this meeting:                                         We are looking at having a concours event with a broader
                                                                     Italian flavour and therefore invite participation from other
•   Formula Ford                                                     Italian marques car & bike clubs. Timings are 9 to 9.30
•   J K Lb Sports & Racing                                           am car / bike arrivals for a 10 am concourse start. So
•   M & O Sports & Racing                                            please bring your machines, family and friends, and come
•   P Q & R Sports/Racing                                            and have a great day.
•   MG
•   Marque Sports                                                    For more detail call Scott Farquharson on (03) 9723 2266
•   Group Sa Sb & Sc                                                 or Alex Caldwell on 0412 004 284.
•   Historic Touring Cars (Group N)
•   Group C, and
•   Regularity

There are at least 16 club members running in this event,
including: Warwick Anderson, Barry Batagol, Richard
Batchelor, Brett Bedggood, Gary Blackman, Peter Doherty,
Gary Everitt, George Forbes, Winston Kim, Brendon Morter,
Romano Piva, Jim Reark, Mike Roddy, Phillip Schudmak,
Chris Stephen, Peter Peter Strauss and David Floyd, who is
Secretary of the Meeting. Sorry if I omitted anyone.

As mentioned in the last newsletter, Historic Sandown is

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                           Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 3

 An historic re-enactment to celebrate the launch of a
    new watch collection honouring racing legends                                      Maserati News
      Melbourne: Saturday, November 24 , 2001
       Como House , Como Avenue, South Yarra                         The much awaited Maserati Spyder finally arrived in
                  8:45 am - 11.15 am                                 Australia in time for the Sydney International Motor Show.
                     Public display                                  Photographs of the new spyder were featured in the last
                                                                     issue of this newsletter. In this issue we have also included
You may recall that in the August issue of this newsletter           some shots of the car as taken at the Sydney motorshow
we put out a call for 3 to 4 members and their cars to               and have included a detailed technical run-down of the car.
participate in a ‘Rally’ event to be organised by TAG Heuer.
Well that event has now been organised and I felt you
might be interested in what TAG Heuer had to say about it.
                                                                     Maserati Spyder Set for Another
                                                                     Sales Bonanza
TAG Heuer Australia will present an exciting launch of their         October 9 2001
new Classic timepieces when they stage the inaugural re-
edition TAG Heuer Targa Florio rally in Melbourne on                 The greatly anticipated unveiling of the Maserati Spyder at
Saturday 24th November 2001.                                         this week’s Sydney Motorshow will undoubtedly see
                                                                     another sales success for the famous Trident brand. The
With more than $20 million classic and vintage unique                Maserati Spyder was first unveiled by Michael Schumacher
marque sports cars on display, the event will be                     at last month’s Frankfurt Motorshow. Anxious automotive
representative of the famous original Targa Florio era               aficionados from around the world have already placed
(1912-1973) where cars will re-enact the rally through               more than 700 orders for the sexy new convertible. The
Melbourne and surrounding Victorian countryside, ending              successful relaunch back into the United States of America
at Domain Chandon Winery. The event will "start up" with             is already underway, with 270 customers already handing
champagne breakfast and TAG Heuer Classic Car Exhibition             over fully paid deposits. Germany is next with 185 orders
at Como House, South Yarra, with the cars then departing             and the United Kingdom rounding out the top three with
under a Police escort through Melbourne City, where they             117 orders.
will travel to arrive at the first check-point and move in
cavalcade form to begin the 2km Targa stage rally to the
Yarra Valley district and Domaine Chandon.

With the launch of the new "Classics" series, TAG Heuer
gives new life to the racing legends of the twentieth century
in a tribute to both the drivers and race tracks. With Monza
Calibre 36, Targa Florio, the Steve McQueen Re-edition
Monaco and the Carerra Panamericana, TAG Heuer
commemorates golden moments in an era of shared

Of the 50 available cars, there will be 4 icon cars, which will
be aligned to each of the Classic pieces to reinforce the
TAG Heuer heritage and motor racing association.
The 4 icon cars chosen to represent the Classic timepieces
are as follows:
                                                                     Maserati Spyder at the Sydney International Motor Show this month.
Monaco                 1966 Porsche Gulf 917
Monza Calibre 36       Ferrari F40 LM                                As was the case with the Maserati 3200GT coupé, the first
Targa Florio           1956 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing                  Australian showing is expected to see the entire first year’s
Carrera                1963 Porsche 904.                             allocation of Spyders sold. With only 30 examples of the
                                                                     Spyder destined for Australian shores in 2002, Maserati’s
                                                                     exclusivity will certainly not be jeopardised.

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                           Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 4

                                                                     last month. The Maserati Spyders’ styling, quality and
                                                                     outright performance will no doubt equate to a sales
                                                                     bonanza, much the same as the closely related 3200GT
                                                                     coupé. Being perfectly suited to the stunning Australian
                                                                     climate, a significant order bank is expected prior to the
                                                                     first customer deliveries in February 2002.”
                                                                     So those connoisseurs from other states are not
                                                                     disadvantaged, the Maserati Spyder will make a brief
                                                                     appearance in each capital city before being flown back to

                                                                     Maserati Spyder GT and Spyder
                                                                     Cambio Corsa
                                                                     October 16 2001
                                                                     The Spyder is an entirely new Maserati. A Maserati that
                                                                     blends pure style of an Italian sports convertible with the
                                                                     world’s most advanced technology. A car which artfully
                                                                     combines the classic timelessness of glamorous lines and
                                                                     unique Modena tradition with the most sophisticated sports

                                                                     The Maserati Spyder is a car built around a chassis and an
                                                                     engine designed, conceived and created at the historic
                                                                     Modena factory in Viale Ciro Menotti. Completely
                                                                     refurbished to make it the most advanced in the world, the
                                                                     factory is dedicated to the production of specialist
                                                                     manufacture of handcrafted vehicles which demand high
                                                                     technology and a culture of traditional workmanship.

                                                                     The model opens up a completely new chapter in the
                                                                     history of the marque, because the Spyder carries on the
                                                                     unrivalled tradition of the acclaimed Maserati convertibles
                                                                     –– high performing, unashamedly aristocratic cars which
                                                                     have never failed to delight an exclusive band of
                                                                     sophisticated, demanding and uncompromising customers.

                                                                     STYLING AND BODY WORK
                                                                     At the heart of the Spyder’s design is the quintessential
                                                                     Maserati ‘look’. A front engine design of which Maserati has
                                                                     historically been one of the most authentic and
                                                                     authoritative proponents. This brand culture, capable of
                                                                     producing distinctive, highly individual cars that transcend
                                                                     fashion, is perfectly expressed in the elegant lines and
                                                                     muscular stance of the all-Italian design developed by

                                                                     The Spyder’s body has the distinctive sleek aggressiveness
The National Sales and Marketing Manager for Maserati in             of the 3200 GT, yet its wheelbase is 220mm shorter than
Australia, Herbert Appleroth explains; “The return of                the coupé version. The elimination of air grilles, the more
Maserati to the all important United States marketplace will         compact tail and a new, elegantly structured clear-lens light
no doubt put pressure on allocation numbers around world.            structure add a more crouching poise to the profile, off-set
However, we are confident that the construction of the new           perfectly by 18 inch wheel rims with a 15 spoke design.
engine facility at Ferrari S.p.A. and the additional assembly
line at Modena, will see our 2003 Spyder allocation rise             The sporty elegance of that profile remains unchanged.
closer to 40 units. Australia is one of the most important           With the soft-top open, the two roll bars behind the seats
markets for Maserati in the world, consequently air                  emphasize the adrenaline-racing look of a sports
freighting the world’s first right hand drive version for the        convertible; with the hood down, it has the look of a
all-important Sydney Motorshow. Australia is the first               compact coupé, with a pleasing contrast between the
country to show the Spyder since the Frankfurt Motorshow             colours of the soft top and the car’s paintwork. The colour

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                           Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 5

of the top, like a great many other parts of the car, can be         The roof is fully automatic, with smooth, seamless electro-
co-ordinated with the paintwork. For the Spyder there is an          hydraulic operation controlled by a button on the central
exceptional selection of colours available, with the                 tunnel. When folded back it disappears completely into a
possibility of combining 16 paint finishes with 10 interior          closed compartment (separated from the boot) at the rear
leather colours and 5 roof colours, these being black, blue,         of the occupants, whilst the roof’s 3 layer covering with
burgundy and two shades of beige.                                    reinforced structure perfectly insulates the cockpit.

The design of the body places the maximum possible                   THE ENGINE
emphasis on all aspects of passive safety, starting with the
differentiated structure that incorporates two separate              A 4.2 litre, normally aspirated power unit, with 8 cylinders
fixed roll-bars. This structure has been designed to comply          in 90 degrees V, compact and very lightweight (it weighs
with the latest EC and USA standards to front and side               44.09 lb less than the 3200 turbo engine), with a
crash tests, and assures maximum safety in any                       sophisticated racing style construction, dry sump
eventuality. The safety package is completed with 4 airbags          lubrication and pump assembly external to the one-cast
(front and side) as well as seat belt pre-tensioners and the         engine block.
safety inertia switch which cuts off the fuel supply in the
event of impact.                                                     Valve control is by way of two chain-driven overhead
                                                                     camshafts per bank of cylinders operating four valves per
THE INTERIORS                                                        cylinder through hydraulic valve adjusters. The inlet
                                                                     camshafts are equipped with a continuous valve timing
The interior of the Maserati affords superlative comfort in          control system.
every dimension. The coverings are in the finest leather
complemented by other, equally luxurious materials, and              Output is 287 kW (390 BHP) at 7000 rpm with an
further enhanced by the handcrafted look of the trim. The            exceptionally high maximum torque of 451 Nm (46 kgm) at
overall feel is a successful marriage of traditional                 4500 rpm, assuring great flexibility of use.
workmanship with the precision techniques required by
today’s quality standards.                                           It is equipped with integrated Bosch ME7.3.2 ignition and
                                                                     injection systems, accelerator with electronic “drive by wire”
The seats, specifically designed for this car, are equipped          throttle control, and the microprocessor control units (MCU)
with all-electric adjustments with memory on the driver’s            interact with the older systems via high speed (Controlled
side (which also controls the position of the wing mirrors),         Area Network) line to optimise handling of the engine.
integrated headrest and an optional seat heater function.            All this translates into exceptional handling and driveability,
                                                                     resulting from a combination of superlative performance
Alongside the traditional analogue instrumentation in front          assisted by high torque at all speeds, within a context of
of the driver, there is Maserati Info Centre at the centre of        fuel-efficient operation. The efficiency of the new engine
the fascia equipped with a 5.9 inch colour display. This             design made it possible to lower fuel consumption by an
integrated unit controls the Hi-Fi system with single CD             average of 10% compared to the 3200 turbo engine, with
player as standard, the on-board computer, the automatic             peaks of 30% at higher performance levels. This engine is
climate control system and, a GSM telephone module with              also environmentally friendly and assures compliance with
hands free unit and voice-activated controls as well a 5 disc        existing and known future regulations.
remote CD changer stowed in the boot.
                                                                     Thanks to this new engine, the Spyder can reach a
On board equipment available as extras include;                      maximum speed of 283 km/h (176 mph) and accelerates
electronically controlled cruise control as standard                 from 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds.
equipment and optional rear bumper parking sensors.
                                                                     TRANSMISSION AND GEARSHIFT
For the interior, special care has been taken to include
functional storage compartments. These include a practical           The gearbox is at the rear, integrated with the differential.
lockable compartment at the rear of the cabin, between the           This transaxle layout makes it possible to achieve optimally
roll-bars and the boot, with a maximum capacity of 300               balanced weight distribution between the two axles (53-
litres. There is also a set of fitted luggage available as an        47% of the kerb weight, respectively, divided between the
optional extra. The boot is also able to accommodate two             front and rear), ensuring the very best performance in all
golf bags.                                                           conditions.

Discerning Spyder clients can fully personalise their chosen         As an alternative to the six speed manual transmission, the
car through the bespoke services of the OFFICINE ALFEIRI             Spyder is also available with Formula 1 style gearbox with
MASERATI program. In addition to a choice of 16 paint                computer controlled gear change known as the “Cambio
finishes, 10 colours for the interior leather and 5 for the          Corsa”. The 6-speed gearbox has an electro-hydraulic
soft top and the floor mats, the program also offers the             actuator controlled by means of paddles behind the
possibility of personalising the colours of many other               steering wheel, without the need for a clutch pedal. The
interior coverings (dashboard, door panels, top cover, roll-         system allows the driver to choose between four different
bars, steering wheel). The customer may even specify the             gear modes: Normal, Sport, Auto and Low Grip.
colour of the stitching and dashboard lining strip.

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                           Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 6

Each of these programs, is selected by means of console              vehicle is in motion, using the console-mounted button to
mounted buttons, corresponding to a different type of                switch between two different settings: Normal and Sport.
operations mode:
                                                                     In developing these two systems, particular care was taken
Select Normal for everyday, leisurely driving or Sports for          with the differentiation of the dynamic handling: soft to
earlier gear changes and a more involved driving                     benefit ride comfort in the Normal setting or, at the
experience. The electronic traction control automatically            opposite extreme, stiff for stable handling and minimised
adjusts to the selected mode.                                        body roll in the Sport setting.

When coupled with the adjustable suspension option, the              TEMPERAMENT AND SAFETY
Cambio Corsa Normal/Sport button drives the damping
settings as well as the gearbox and traction control                 The superb dynamic performance of the Spyder is
functions.                                                           attributable not just to its engine, but also to the overall
As well as a fully automatic gear change function (auto),            system of “intelligent” components for enhanced
there is a Low Grip option allowing controlled starting and          driveability, handling and driver control.
gear handling for surfaces such as snow and ice.
                                                                     Steering, brakes and integrated electronic management of
Cambio Corsa combines the pleasure of Grand Tourer style             suspension, gearbox and traction control achieve the two-
driving with fast-reacting performance, allowing the driver          fold result of a perfect balance between ride comfort and
to get the most of the engine and enjoy its power in                 sporting dynamics, allowing the driver to switch between
maximum safety. The driver is able to change gear at any             different behaviour settings as desired.
time without having to remove his hands from the steering
wheel or operate a clutch pedal.                                     There is a dashboard –– mounted button for overriding the
                                                                     ASR electronic traction control and, if the Skyhook system
THE SUSPENSIONS                                                      is installed, the button which controls the suspension
                                                                     setting also drives the ASR system, according to two
Double wishbone geometry, in light alloy, offers a                   different operating modes: Normal and Sport.
combination of superb performance and uncompromising
comfort.                                                             Normal mode tends to benefit stability, in response to the
                                                                     road conditions; Sport mode benefits performance,
The rear suspension is fitted with a toe-in regulator bar that       intervening to a lesser extent on the engine with traction
enhances the precision of the drive train, assuring optimal          control. It prevents skidding while still providing information
grip of the tyres in every situation and perfectly balanced          about the road holding limit.
cornering behaviour together with exceptional ride comfort.
                                                                     Handling safety is completed with the Brembo braking
The front and rear layout incorporates “anti-dive” features          system with light alloy four-piston calipers all round and
to prevent nose-dive under braking, and “anti-squat”                 cross drilled large ventilating disks (front 330 mm ØØ x 32,
features to prevent the opposite effect, of the trail end            rear 310 mm ØØ x 28). The two stage servo brake is
dipping under acceleration. The suspension system is                 calibrated to retain high sensitivity, even with a very fast
completed by anti-roll bars at the front and rear.                   reaction time and is assisted by the 4-channel Bosch 5.3
                                                                     ABS anti-lock braking system, the EBD electronic braking
The superlative road performance of the Maserati Spyder              corrector and the MSR system, which controls the engine
is enhanced by the innovative Skyhook system for                     to prevent locking of the rear wheels when using excessive
continuous automatic damping adjustment, introduced in               engine braking.
collaboration with Mannesmann-Sachs (on request).
                                                                     SERVICES AND CUSTOM OPTIONS
Our unique Skyhook telemetry concept is the state of the
art in automatic suspension control: a set of sensors                Maserati offers its clients a vast array of services and
continually monitors the movement of the wheels and car              custom options, ranging from the availability of financing
body, and transmit them to a central unit. By analysing this         plans for the purchase of leasing, to insurance policies
data, the control unit determines the road and vehicle               tailored to meet specific needs of each individual customer,
running conditions and instantaneously adjusts each                  to the OFFICINE ALFIERI MASERATI program for specifying
damper accordingly.                                                  personalised vehicle configurations.

This solution is ten times faster than the systems available         The custom vehicle configurations offered by the OFFICINE
to date, and radically improves ride quality in that it              ALFIERI MASERATI program are grouped into four
perfectly and “actively” controls the damping rate and               categories: colour schemes; interior trims; travel and sports
hence the vehicle response –– in all conditions, producing           dynamics, for a total of approximately 40 custom options.
maximum effectiveness in true comfort.                               Customers also have the possibility of requesting special
                                                                     custom configurations directly from Maserati, provided
In addition to this automatic adjustment, the driver can also        these comply with the appropriate technical, type approval
choose different behaviour modes at any time: in fact, the           and quality requirements.
basic damper adjustments can be changed while the

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                           Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 7

Special emphasis has been placed on the colour schemes.               Brembo braking system with four ventilated, cross-
In fact there are 3 million different possible combinations,          drilled discs: 330 mm x 32 mm at the front, 310 mm x
as well as the option, on request, of matching the paintwork          28 mm at the rear; light alloy calipers with four pistons
to a sample of any colour provided by a customer. This                of different diameter: 46-38 mm at the front with
flexibility gives the Maserati Spyder a traditional,                  ceramic insulating seals and 34-30 mm at the rear
handcrafted flavour that is reminiscent of the past.                  Ferodo HO1000 friction pads.

Other personalisation options include:                                Bosch 5.3 4-channel ABS. Electronic braking effort
                                                                      distribution (EBD).
•   Interior parts in briarwood or carbon (e.g. steering              TRANSMISSION
    wheel, gearshift knob or Cambio Corsa paddles),
    engraving of a custom signature on the sill plates.               Longitudinal Maserati gearbox, with a 6-speed
                                                                      mechanical transmission and manual lever selection,
•   Set of fitted luggage for the boot compartment; folding           triple cone sychronisers on 1st and 2nd, and double
    wind stop equipped with storage case and special boot             cone on 3rd and 4th.
    compartment; gas discharge lamp (xenon) headlights                Also available with the Cambio Corsa gearbox - with
    with retracting washer-wiper system.                              hydraulic operation and electronic management
                                                                      operated by levers behind the steering wheel. This is no
•   Enhanced “Auditorium 200" Hi-Fi system with 6                     clutch pedal and the reverse control is on the tunnel
    speakers and one central subwoofer controlled from                console, Normal, Sport, Low Grip and Auto functions.
    an amplifier which outputs 200 Watts RMS.
                                                                      Gear ratios
In short, the vast array of configuration options gives each          1st            3.286
customer the possibility of specifying a custom-made
Spyder, in accordance with their style, tastes, needs and             2nd            2.158
use of their Maserati. The first Maserati Spyders will make           3rd            1.609
their new homes in Australia in February 2002.
                                                                      4th            1.269
The Maserati Spyder GT is priced from $215,500 with the               5th            1.034
Maserati Spyder Cambio Corsa priced from $227,500.
                                                                      6th            0.848
TECHNOLOGY AND DATA                                                   Rev            2.563
Two door, two-seater convertible with 'Electro -                      Dry twin plate 215 mm clutch, with torsional flexible
hydraulic' roof operation. Front mounted engine and                   coupling, hydraulic control.
clutch with rear mounted transaxle gearbox connected
by a rigid torque tube providing rear wheel drive with a              Steel propeller shaft coaxial with engine-gearbox
CD of 0.36                                                            connection pipe. ZF asymmetrical self-locking
                                                                      differential (25% in traction, 45% in release), hypoid
CHASSIS                                                               bevel gear pair, final drive 3.73 (11/41). Bosch ASR
Stress-bearing steel with tubular superstructure                      traction control.
integrated in the front.                                              ENGINE
SUSPENSION                                                            90 degree V8, crankcase and cylinder heads in
              Double links with forged aluminium hub                  hardened aluminium silicone alloy, crankshaft in forged,
              carriers and struts: coil-over springs, pre-            refined steel, balanced individually on 5 main bearings.
              set steel dampers or as optional                        Timing gear with two chain-driven overhead cams per
Front:                                                                bank, and four valves per cylinder driven by hydraulic
              equipment, aluminium continuous
              adjustment dampers with proportional                    cups.
              solenoids (Skyhook system)                              Dry sump engine lubrication with the pumps and
              Double links with forged aluminium hub                  cooling pump all in a single unit. Bosch ME7.3.2 ignition
              carriers, coil-over springs, regulator bars to          and injection systems, electronic drive by wire
              control toe-in, pre-set steel dampers, or as            accelerator control.
              optional equipment, aluminium continuous                Weight:                           184 kg
              adjustment dampers with proportional
              solenoids (Skyhook system).                             Displacement:                     4244 cm3

Wheels        Light alloy 15-spoke                                    Bore:                             92 mm

Front         18 x 7J rims fitted with 235/40 Z .18 tyres.            Stroke:                           80 mm

Rear          18 x 9J rims fitted with 265/35 Z .18 tyres.            Compression ratio:                11.1:1

BRAKES                                                                Max. Power output:                287kW(390 bhp)
                                                                      At:                               7000 rpm

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                          The President’s Notebook
                                                                                            Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 8

Peak torque:                      451Nm (46 kgm)                               RECENT CLUB EVENTS
At                                4500 rpm
Max. engine speed:                7600 rpm                                   The Coonawarra Classic
Cooling circuit capacity:         11.5 1                                            The Club weekend away
Lubricating circuit capacity: 8.3 1                                                     August 18 - 19, 2001
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS                                                One of the highlights of the Club’s year is the Weekend
Length:                           4303 mm                             Away. Masterminded in recent years by well known
                                                                      adjudicator and gourmand John Hardy, this year’s Weekend
Width:                            1822 mm                             Away once again used that culinary oasis in Victoria’s
Height:                           1305 mm                             Western District the Royal Mail Hotel at Dunkeld as the hub
                                                                      of weekend activity. After arriving at Dunkeld on the Friday
Wheelbase:                        2440 mm                             night, instead of venturing South (Port Fairy) on Saturday
Front Track:                      1525 mm                             and North East (Avoca) on Sunday as we did last year, this
                                                                      year called for a change in bearing. Saturday involved a
Rear Track:                       1538 mm                             trip to the Coonawarra (North East to the nautically minded)
Front Overhang:                   963 mm                              and then finally to Skenes Creek (South East) on the
Rear overhang:                    900 mm
Turning circle:                   11.5 m                              Some 30 or so souls in an assortment of vehicles took up
                                                                      the challenge of the weekend and sampled the roads,
Standard boot capacity:           300 1                               wines and food on the route devised. It was a successful
Fuel tank:                        88 litres                           weekend, thoroughly enjoyed by all. I have been asked to
                                                                      by many of those attending the weekend to include John’s
                                  1,620 kg (Cambio Corsa              notes in this issue, so they and their friends can do it all
Dry weight:
                                  1,630 kg)                           over again. They are presented below.
                                  1,720 kg (Cambio Corsa
Kerb weight:                                                          Our thanks to John Hardy for setting the agenda for a
                                  1,730 kg)
                                                                      wonderful weekend. For those eagerly awaiting next year’s
Max. permissible weight:          1980 kg                             weekend, I can say that John will once again be taking
PERFORMANCE                                                           charge of proceedings in the north east of Victoria this time.
                                                                      More on this next year. In the meantime, here are John’s
                                  176 mph / 283 km/h                  Briefing notes. Use them and enjoy!
Top speed:
                                  (at 7500 rpm)
Max. speeds:                      45 mph in 1st                       THE COONAWARRA CLASSIC
                                                                      Briefing notes
                                  68 mph in 2nd
                                  91 mph in 3rd                       Welcome to the Maserati Club of Australia's "Coonawarra
                                                                      Classic". The plan is for a weekend of convivial wining and
                                  116 mph in 4th                      dining interspersed with some pleasant touring. I have not
                                  4th 143 mph in 5th                  been able this year to route-chart the event so we will resort
                                                                      to some old fashioned, but straightforward, navigation -
                                  176 mph in 6th                      using maps. There are no navigational traps whatsoever -
                                  58 mph in reverse                   no re-alignments, passage controls or Z boards. The route
                                                                      is suggested but not mandatory- if you know a better way -
Acceleration 0-60 mph:            4.8 s                               take it.
Acceleration 0-100 km/h:          5.0 s
Acceleration 0-400 metres: 13.3 s
Acceleration 0-1000                                                   The plan today is to leave Dunkeld by about 10.00 am. We
                                  23.9 s
metres:                                                               will travel to Penola, in the Coonawarra for lunch at Pipers,
                                                                      booked for 1.00 pm Central time (remember we pick up a
FTP75 + HW fuel
                                  6.23 km/l                           half hour - ie. the clock goes back 30 minutes). The route
                                                                      there is about 166km so there will be some time to stop
                                                                      somewhere for a morning coffee or perhaps a taste of wine.

                                                                      After lunch we are expected at the Rymill Winery for a
                                                                      tasting with the wine-maker at about 3.30 local time. After
                                                                      that you can either head back to Dunkeld directly being
                                                                      about 180km or you can divert via Mt Gambier if you want
                                                                      to gaze at the lake. This will involve another 60km

          For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                          or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                           Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 9

approximately.                                                            (d)   Yuulong;
                                                                          (e)   Lavers Hill;
The Route                                                                 (f)   Glenaire;
(i) From Dunkeld to Cavendish.                                            (g)   Apollo Bay.
      Initially proceed about 3km west of Dunkeld and then
veer right to Cavendish.                                             Enjoy this drive, considered to be one of the great driver's
(ii) Cavendish to Coleraine.                                         roads of the world, but please remember it is often
      Via Melville Forest.                                           trafficked by motor-cyclists and other lunatics!
(iii) Coleraine to Casterton.
      Via Glenelg Highway (Highway No. 112).                         At Skenes Creek turn left onto the Cape Otway Road
(iv) Casterton to Penola.                                            signposted to (inter-alia) Forrest and Colac. Proceed up the
      Via Heathfield and Lake Mundi entering Penola from             hill and as you enter the bush look for signs to Chris's at
the South East.                                                      Beacon Point. It is a right turn up a VERY steep incline.
                                                                     Part of the road in is dirt but it is well maintained and not
Upon arrival in Penola turn right into the main street (sign         far.
posted to right to Naracoorte and left toward Mt Gambier).
Then take first right into Riddoch Street (you will see              You have arrived at a restaurant that is now an Institution.
Heywards Hotel on the corner) and our lunch venue, Pipers            Chris and Lou are expecting us and I trust that yet again the
of Penola is 30 metres down the street at No. 58. Our host           lunch will be memorable. Enjoy.
is Hugh Cosh and I am assured there will be plenty of
parking in the street near the restaurant.                           After lunch, your return is up to you. You can head north
                                                                     and meet up with the Princes Highway or go back down the
After lunch we make our way into the Coonawarra by                   hill, turn left and finish The Great Ocean Road. Either way
travelling toward Naracoorte. 15km north of Penola on the            you are less than 3 hours from the city.
left (west) you will find "Rymill". We are expected for tasting
at about 3.30 pm.                                                    We hope you have had a great weekend and we wish you a
                                                                     safe trip home.
Your return to Dunkeld is at your discretion, for dinner at                                                     John Hardy
7.30 pm. Remember, we lose the half hour on our return.              Reference Maps:
Re-fuelling is also at your discretion and a near full tank for
Sunday would be in order. Accordingly, returning through             (i) Western Victoria Tourist Map
Hamilton may facilitate that.                                        (ii) Melways Maps 525 and 526

SUNDAY                                                               Venues:

Today involves a little more driving. I suggest we aim to
leave Dunkeld by about 9.30 am. We have lunch booked                   ROYAL MAIL HOTEL               RYMILL WINERY
at Chris's at about 1.30 pm. The journey is about 270kms.              Dunkeld                        15km North of Penola on
With 4 hours up our sleeves there will be time for some                (03) 5577 2241                 the Naracoorte Road
breaks en-route if you wish. The trip involves part of the                                            on Western side
Great Ocean Road including the new facilities at the 12                                               (08) 8736 5001
Apostles which is a suggested stop. Just after the Apostles,           PIPERS OF PENOLA               CHRIS'S AT BEACON POINT
at Princetown, there is "The Talk of the Town" where Barry             58 Riddoch Street              Cape Otway Road
took us for lunch some years ago. They make reasonable                 PENOLA SA 5277                 Skenes Creek
coffee.                                                                (08) 8737 3999                 (03) 5237 6411
The Route
(i) Dunkeld to Penshurst.
      Leaving the Royal Mail travel back toward Hamilton for
about 3km and then turn left to Penshurst.
(ii) Penshurst to Mortlake.
      Via the Hamilton Highway (106). At Penshurst turn left
and proceed via Caramut and Hexham.
(iii) Mortlake to Terang.
      Via Noorat.
(iv) Terang to Port Campbell.
      Via Cobden, Scotts Creek and Newfield.
(v) Port Campbell to Skenes Creek.
      Via "The Great Ocean Road" (B100).
      (a) The Twelve Apostles;
      (b) Princetown;
      (c) Lower Gellibrand;

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 10

                                                                     they are a little liberal with the truth. The tyres I used were
                                                                     great in the dry, but atrocious in the wet. Predictable but
                                                                     slow. Nevertheless we soldiered on, and everybody had a
                                                                     more or less faultless run. Just slow.

                                                                     Results in brief :- White 9th, Blue 10th, Red 13th & Green
                                                                     24th. Porsche teams 1st & 3rd, a Ford Laser SR2 team 2nd,
                                                                     and the rest everywhere else.
                Winton 6 Hour
            Winton Motor Raceway                                     From a personal perspective as my first real motor race, I
                                                                     should mention that my car proved very reliable, but very
                August 25 & 26, 2001                                 slow. The only time I passed a car was when they ran off
                                                                     the road, which was frequent. There were cars that I started
Philip Meiklejohn participated in this year’s Winton 6 Hour          a session with that were much faster than I was, but I was
for the first time. He was kind enough to pen a few lines            ahead in the end. The Alfa used 19 litres of fuel for the
and give his impression of the event.                                day, my fastest lap was under the safety car, and I’m sure
                                                                     that some cars passed me five times on the same lap.
At the risk of boring those who understand the Winton 6Hr,
I shall briefly explain. The event loosely works thus. You           I found the event a lot of fun and would highly recommend
take a team of any combination of manufacturer, and                  it.
drivers of various ability. Calculate each car’s lap time,                                                     Philip Meiklejohn
both wet & dry, guess whether it will rain or not, keep a car
on the black stuff at all times, hope nothing breaks, pray
you rub panels with nobody, ensure you do not pass under
the yellow flags, get it all right, and you should win. Sounds
easy doesn’t it.

August 25-26 saw this event conducted once again. I was
making my race debut in the Alfa Berlina. An Alfa Berlina
by way of explanation is an Alfa Coupe made with 4 doors.                              Winton 6 Hour
It is bigger heavier and not the ideal racecar. Why anybody
would want to race one is beyond me. The Maserati Club
                                                                                     TEAM MASERATI
this year entered four teams, a logistical nightmare in itself.                    Winton Motor Raceway
Maserati Red consisted of Jim Reark MGC, Mark Connelly                                 August 25 & 26, 2001
Fiat 124, myself. & Len Catlin in the beautiful Mustang
fastback. The list of helpers was huge, and when the team            The MSCA 2001 Winton 6 Hour got off to a promising start
photo was taken, there were people that wouldn’t fit, but I          this year. First of all there was a packed grid of 38 teams
got in. Maserati White consisted of Barry Finlay, Lotus              and even a team or two in reserve hoping for a spot - such
Super 7, Colin Goundrey, Alfetta, Steve Phillips and Steve           has been the resurgence in popularity of this event.
Coad also in a Honda Integra Type R. Maserati Green                  Secondly practice and qualifying on the Saturday
comprised Glenn Read, Torana, Andrew Gregory, Maserati               commenced in sunshine and managed to stay that way all
Ghibli Cup, Ian Raper A9X, and Ojars Balodis, Porsche 944.           day. In 2000 it managed to rain most of Saturday, leaving
Maserati Blue was a 3 car team with Peter Washington,                Team Managers pondering the question, will it be ‘wet’,
Tony Moodie BMW M635 CSI, and James Moodie BMW                       ‘dry’ or ‘intermediate’ for the event.           Whilst the
325i.                                                                circumstances had changed this year, the question of
                                                                     weather still dominated discussion at 5.00 pm on Saturday
Mechanical problems prior to Sunday did exist, and the               afternoon when Team Managers were due to nominate
award for perseverance has to go to Glenn Read who blew              times for their teams.
2 head gaskets, one on Friday, and another Saturday. He
could cope with that, but how he managed to keep his cool            For TEAM MASERATI our weekend got off to a flying start on
with all the advice he received is beyond me. Jim Reark              Friday night with a team dinner at Georgina’s Restaurant in
had continual brake problems, Mark Connelly electrical               Benalla. It proved a good opportunity for team drivers and
problems, Colin Goundrey CV boot failure, Steve Coad                 officials to get together to sort out some of the necessary
exhaust problems, Peter Washington brake problems,                   details before the event got underway the following day. It
Andrew Gregory clutch & brake problems, Ian Raper                    also served to underline the fact that the Winton 6 Hour is
gearbox problems. Apart from that there were no problems.            very much a TEAM event which utilises the skills and
                                                                     abilities of both drivers and officials.
All Maserati teams elected to nominate dry times, based on
aircraft control advice. The advice we received was that we          Team Composition
would have intermittent showers. They were right. What
they didn’t tell us was that interspersed between the                This year’s event saw the club enter four teams for the first
intermittent showers, were intermittent showers. It rained           time, a further reflection of interest in the event. With the
all day, save perhaps the last 20 minutes. I am now                  increased interest, securing a place for the fourth team was
convinced that tyre salesmen are a little like car salesmen,

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 11

not without some difficulty and in fact the final team only          awards and it was hoped that we would be successful again
managed to secure its place a week or so prior to the                this year and perhaps take the next step and win the event.
event. The teams for this year’s event were:                         Accordingly, teams were selected with a view to maximising
                                                                     the team’s overall performance by selecting a team that
                                                                     was eligible for the ‘pre-1970' award, one for the ‘under 2
                                                                     litre’ award, three that were eligible for the ‘post-1970'
 Reark, Jim              1968 MGC GT                                 award and two that were eligible for the ‘over 2 litre’ award,
                                                                     whilst seeking to ensure that each team would be
 Connolly, Mark          1967 Fiat 124 AC Coupe                      competitive in handicap terms for the overall team award.

 Meiklejohn, Philip      1969 Alfa Romeo Berlina                     As those who are familiar with this event will know the key
                                                                     to a competitive team is not so much outright speed, but
 Cattlin, Len            1967 Ford Mustang Fastback                  the ability to drive closely to a nominated time. The team
                                                                     that manages to drive the closest to it’s nominated time,
 TEAM OFFICIALS:         Gayle Cattlin, Sarah O' Brien,
                                                                     irrespective of speed, is usually the winner of the event. If
                         Andrew Ogg (Team Manager),
                                                                     overall speed can be combined with a team that can drive
                         Kath Ogg, Dee Stephen
                                                                     closely to its nominated times, then this is a real bonus and
                                                                     will put that team in a winning position. The four teams we
 TEAM MASERATI - WHITE                                               had selected were never going to be the quickest, but each
                                                                     had a combination of one or two quick cars with one or two
 Goundrey, Colin         1983 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV                 highly consistent, albeit slower cars, so as to achieve four
                                                                     competitive combinations.
 Finlay, Barry           1980 Lotus Super 7 MkIV
                                                                     Dry, Intermediate or Wet? The big question.
 Phillips, Steve         2000 Honda Integra Type R

 Coad, Steve             2000 Honda Integra Type R                   The big question on Saturday afternoon was, what would
                                                                     the weather do? Ojars Balodis (who pilots a plane when
 TEAM OFFICIALS:         John Aust (Team Manager),                   not in his Porsche) managed to obtain a forecast from the
                         Geoffrey Dicieri, Colin Fulton,             local airport of the likely local weather conditions in the
                         Matthew Goundrey, Troy Russell              area for the Sunday. The result was a forecast for
                                                                     persistent rain. The question was how heavy would the rain
                                                                     be? Would it be a real deluge, or would it be a drizzle that
 TEAM MASERATI - BLUE                                                would permit the emergence of a dry-line and therefore
                                                                     enable‘quick’times to be achieved. By 5.00 pm when
 Moodie, Tony            1985 BMW M635 CSi                           nominated times were due to be lodged for each team, the
                                                                     Team Managers had developed both ‘wet’ and ‘dry’
 Moodie, James           1985 BMW E30 325i
                                                                     nominated times for each team.               Following team
 Klaver, Jack            1976 Ferrari 308 GTB                        discussions it was decided that drizzle was more likely and
                                                                     therefore ‘dry’ times should be submitted. It was a decision
 Washington, Peter       1987 Toyota MR2                             that we would have the opportunity to review however,
                                                                     following the Driver’s Briefing the following morning.
 TEAM OFFICIALS:         Ces De Souza, Eddie Fontana,
                         Ian O' Connor, Angelo Palermo,              Discussion of likely weather conditions for the Winton area
                         Ruth Reark (Team Manager),                  continued over the Team Dinner that night. The 40
                         Greta Young                                 members of TEAM MASERATI swapped yarns and weather
                                                                     forecasts for most of the evening at the Hideout Restaurant
                                                                     at the Executive Hideaway. The Hideout Restaurant proved
 TEAM MASERATI - GREEN                                               to be a good choice and provided not only a good meal, but
 Read, Glenn             1976 Holden Torana LX                       a great environment for the whole team to get together and
                                                                     discuss the day to come.
 Gregory, Andrew         1996 Maserati Ghibli Open Cup
                                                                     Race Day
 Raper, Ian              1977 Holden Torana A9X
                                                                     Sunday morning was overcast but dry. The forecast we had
 Balodis, Ojars          1983 Porsche 944                            received just before leaving the Hideout Restaurant suggest
 TEAM OFFICIALS:         Ava Balodis, Anne Mc Farlane,               that it would start the rain at about 10.00 am, which just
                         Howard Mc Niece, Carol O' Brien,            happened to be the start of the race. Following drivers
                         Steve Ruston, Carol Williams                briefing at about 9.15 am the team managers met and
                         (Team Manager)                              determined to leave the ‘dry’ nominated times stand. It
                                                                     proved to be a fateful decision.
The determination of team composition of course took
place well prior to the event. In prior years the club has
been successful in gaining podium places as well as class

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 12

                         2001 Winton 6 Hour Relay Race- FINAL RESULTS, Revised 2/9/2001
                                              38 teams participating

                                                                         Laps          Credit
        Place Team           Club              Team Name                                      Penalties            LAPS
                                                                       Completed       Laps

           1      11     Porsche       PCM Motorsport 911                  174           33           0             207
           2      33     Various       We Have Ignition                    166           39           0             205
           3      10     Porsche       PCM GT3                             183           25           5             203
           4      19     Porsche       PCM Motorsport 4                    178           20           1             197
           5       7     Mini          Team Carlectrics                    157           40           1             196
           6       9     Porsche       PCM-RSCS                            179           18           1             196
           7      31     Mustang       Mustang Racing                      166           30           0             196
           8       8     Mini          MAP Automotive Racing               168           28           1             195
           9      25     Maserati      Team Maserati White                 165           30           1             194
          10      26     Maserati      Team Maserati Blue                  162           32           0             194
          13      24     Maserati      Team Maserati Red                   160           33           0             193
          24      40     Maserati      Team Maserati Green                 165           25           3             187

                                                                     award. We have been most fortunate to achieved both in
We learned about 30 minutes later as we were about to                each year we have entered the event previously. I guess
grid up for the event that the four Porsche teams and quite          there’s always next year.
a few others had done a late switch and were going to run
on wet times, which meant if they were right about the               Congratulations are of course in order to the Porsche Club
weather conditions their teams would run closer to their             of Victoria who managed to take out 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th
nominated times than ours. For us, it was too late.                  places. TEAM MASERATI’s performance in finishing 9th ,
                                                                     10th, 13th and 24th in a highly competitive field of 38 teams,
Sitting on the starting grid just prior to the warm-up laps,         was in the circumstances a solid performance.
we began to get a sprinkle of rain. By the time we had
completed the warm-up and the red lights went out,                   Thanks are due to the drivers who participated in the event,
signifying the start of the event, the heavens opened up             particularly those such as Glenn Read and Steve Coad who
and it started to rain.                                              travelled big distances to get there. This year’s team was
                                                                     well prepared and apart from a few more than anxious
Those in the team who had been concerned about brake or              moments on Saturday all vehicles got to take part in the
excessive tyre wear problems on a dry track were now                 event, save for Jack Klaver who was a late withdrawal -
floundering around in the lake that the circuit had become.          reducing TEAM MASERATI BLUE to just three cars.
With the rain cycling between ‘steady’ to ‘heavy for the first
four hours of the event, our selection of ‘dry’ times                Special thanks to Carol Williams for organising the team
emerged as the worst possible decision we had taken at               regalia and to Carol and Sarah O’Brien for not only
the event.                                                           providing some outstanding trackside catering, but for also
                                                                     helping out with the teams.
By 2.00 pm, four hours into the event, the rain had started
to ease. By 3.00 pm it had stopped and within 10 minutes             Thanks go to the four team managers, Andrew Ogg, John
there was a dry-line emerging right around the circuit. For          Aust, Ruth Reark and Carol Williams and their respective
the four Maserati teams the emergence of the dry-line                teams of officials who made it possible for the club to be
emerged as a bit of a saviour as each team happened to               represented at this great event.
have its quickest driver on the circuit and each of the
teams managed to make up some ground. Alas however
the damage had been done earlier in the day.

Nonetheless, given the circumstances, each team
performed creditably. Next year we might pay a bit more
attention to the forecast rather than attempting to second-
guess the forecaster. The end result for this year was that
we failed to get on the podium and failed to win a class

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                          The President’s Notebook
                                                                                           Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 13

                                                                                    Grand Final Lunch
Participation in the MSCA 2001 Winton 6 Hour cost the                                Percy’s Bar in Carlton
club some $2,225.34. This was down by approximately                                Friday, September 28, 2001
$75 on last year’s expenditure, when three teams were run.

                                                                      This year’s Grand Final Lunch was held at Percy’s Bar in
                                                                      Carlton. Whilst the hotel has an obvious association with
                                                                      Percy Jones and inter alia the Carlton Football Club it is in
                                                                      fact owned by club member Alf Gange.

       MSCA 6 HOUR RELAY RACE                                         For those who lost interest in Football when their team was
          Winton Motor Raceway, August 26, 2001                       beaten (or earlier) this year’s Grand Final was to be played
                                                                      between Brisbane and Essendon. Brisbane of course is a
               Revenue and Expenditure                                newer team in the AFL and was born earlier this decade as
                                                                      a result of a merger between one of the VFL’s founding
   Item                                                               clubs Fitzroy and the ill-fated Brisbane Bears. The new
                                                                      entity (the Brisbane Lions) was playing its first Grand Final.

   REVENUE:                                             Total         What has this got to do with the Grand Final Lunch? Well
                                                           $          you may ask. Alf Gange our host for the day is of course a
                                                                      stalwart Fitzroy fan - even though they don’t quite exist
   Entry Fees @$500                                 8,000.00          anymore. So naturally the hotel was filled with Fitzroy fans
                                                                      including some former executives of the club. The end
                                  Total:          $8,000.00
                                                                      result was a spirited and interesting lunch.
   EXPENDITURE:                                        Total$
                                                                      We thank Alf and of course Percy for providing a great meal
                                                                      and a terrific atmosphere. We will look forward to doing it
   MSCA Entry Fees                                   3600.00          all again, next year.
   Garage Hire - Benalla AC                          1320.00
   Security                                               80          Although there was only a small group this year of 20 or so,
   Numbers & Backgrounds                              275.00          a lot of fun and a few late evenings were had. The food at
   Dorian transponders                                360.00          the Hotel was terrific and the red wine prices quite modest.
   Catering - Carol O’Brien                          1400.00           All in all everyone had a great time, albeit that a few are
   Two-way Radio - Tech Rentals                       277.90          still wondering how it all finished.
   Fuel - Benalla Auto Club                          1064.64
   Regalia - Australian Clothing                     1877.70
   Co                                                                        Annual Spring Track Day
                                                                       Sandown International Motor Raceway
                                  Total         $10,255.24                           Sunday, October 21, 2001
        Net Contribution by Club                 ($2,255.24)
                                                                      It’s obviously difficult to write an account a track day that
                                                                      you weren’t at, so forgive me if this account lacks
Next year?                                                            the‘colour and movement’ of an eye-witness. This year’s
                                                                      Annual Spring Track Day continued the tradition of the
At the time of writing, the date for next year’s event has not        event by being held in excellent weather conditions. The
been determined. The format of the event is also under                club hasn’t experienced a ‘wet’ day at Sandown for this
examination by the Organising Committee and there is a                event in the past 7 years I have been involved with running
strong whisper that next year or the year after it may be a           them. Long may it continue.
24 hour race ... now wouldn’t that be fun!
                                                                      Unfortunately this year we were without the services of
                                                                      Brett Marriott who just prior to the event elected to close
                                                                      his business. The Maserati Club of Australia and many
                                                                      others I am sure will sorely miss the splendid service Brett
                                                                      provided. We wish him luck in whatever he chooses to do

          For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                          or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 14

                                                  Summary of Leading Times
                                                         Timed Session
                    Category                    Driver                     Time       Car

                    FTD                         Michael Roddy            1:19.80      Jaguar XJS
                    Quickest Alfa Romeo         Bruno Colautti           1:33.10      Alfa Romeo 105 GTV
                    Quickest Datsun             Peter Ruyg               1:32.36      Datsun 1600
                    Quickest Falcon             Chris Stephen            1:37.53      Falcon XW GT
                    Quickest Ferrari            Tom Warwick              1:25.92      Ferrari 360 Modena
                    Quickest Holden             Travis Melotte           1:28.65      Holden Commodore
                    Quickest Honda              Terry Wong               1:29.79      Honda Integra
                    Quickest Jaguar             Michael Roddy            1:19.80      Jaguar XJS
                    Quickest Jaguar XJ6         Brian Wheeler            1:32.23      Jaguar XJ6 Sprinter
                    Quickest Maserati           Andrew Gregory           1:32.42      Maserati Ghibli Cup
                    Quickest Mazda              Rohan Ambrose            1:21.66      Mazda RX7
                    Quickest MG                 Andy Sawyer              1:32.80      MGB V8 GT
                    Quickest Nissan             Sam Markov               1:22.13      Nissan Skyline GT-R
                    Quickest Porsche            Luke Warwick             1:22.15      Porsche 911 GT3

                    Under 1600 cc               Alan Pettett             1:30.75      PRB Clubman
                    1600 to 2000 cc             Terry Wong               1:29.79      Honda Integra
                    2000 cc to 3000 cc          Travis Melotte           1:28.65      Holden Commodore
                    3000 cc to 5000 cc          Rohan Ambrose            1:21.66      Mazda RX7
                    Over 5000 cc                Michael Roddy            1:19.80      Jaguar XJS

Despite the limit of 85 entries imposed by the club to               her time of 1:27.86 in the Porsche GT3 was pretty quick for
ensure the safe operation of the event, we once again had            someone who seldom appears at a race circuit.
a full field. Based on an analysis of the results there were
some quick times recorded on the day.                                Amongst the other standout times recorded on the day was
                                                                     Travis Melotte’s (1:28.65) in the 3 litre Holden Commodore;
Leading the way was Mike Roddy in his powerful Jaguar XJS            the 1:30 of Alan Pettett in the PRB Clubman, Andy Sawyer’s
with a 1:19.80, not his quickest time at the circuit, but            1:32 in the MG and Robert Pettet’s 1:31 in a standard
nonetheless the only one under the 1:20 mark.                        WRX.
Congratulations Mike! We will look forward to the Historics
and the Marque Sports race to see whether you manage to              Chris Stephen (1:37.53) and Barry Finlay (1:40.34) created
better it then.                                                      some interest in the Falcon GT’s as did Peter Ruyg in the
                                                                     Datsun 1600 (1:32.54) which seems to be going better
Competition for FTD was fairly intense at the sharp end of           every time it appears.
the field with three different cars in contention for the day’s
honours. In the end it was the Mazda RX7 of Rohan                    David Floyd tells me there were no incidents on the day and
Ambrose (1:21.66) from Sam Markov in the Nissan GT-R                 my thanks to him for what appears to have been a
(1:22.13) followed closely by Luke Warwick in father Max’s           successful and enjoyable day for all concerned. Special
Porsche GT3 (1:22.51) - less than a second separating all            thanks also to Andrew Ogg, Chris & Dee Stephen, Carol &
three. Not far behind was John Kennedy (1:23.28) in the              Tracey Williams, Greg Aimers and Edd Adamson, together
Mitsubishi GTO and Len Cattlin (1.24.79) who continues to            with all those other volunteers that made the club’s Annual
get quicker in his amazing Mustang Fastback.                         Spring Track Day a safe and successful event.

It was a day for quick times it seems. Brian Power in his
Porsche RSCS (1.25.66) squeaked narrowly ahead of Tom
Warwick (1:25.92) in the Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge
who was in turn just narrowly ahead of Francis Placentino
(1:26.20). Tom’s drive in particular should have been
pretty satisfying. With the time recorded Tom has landed
himself the 2001 Barry Williams Memorial Trophy for the
quickest time recorded at Sandown at a Maserati Track
Day. The trophy is awarded annually by the Ferrari Club of
Australia in memory of Ferrari and Maserati Club member
Barry Williams. Congratulations Tom.

There were as usual a whole range of good performances
on the day. Upholding the family performance on the day
was Georgia Warwick. Whilst not as fast as brother Luke

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                                      The President’s Notebook
                                                                                                       Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 15

         Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. - 2001 Annual Spring Track Day
             dns = did not start    dnr = did not run       nt = not timed
Sandown International Motor Raceway                             Sunday, October 21, 2001
                                                                 Practice   Timed
   #    Driver                    Make & Model
                                                                 Session    Session
  55    ADAMS GREG                Alfa Romeo GTV 2000            1:48.60     1:46.00
  57    ADAMS JYE                 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000               nt       1:49.61

                                                                                                         CAMS Corner
  36    AMBROSE ROHAN             Mazda RX7                      1:23.68     1:21.66
  22    BATAGOL BARRY             Lotus Elan                     1:51.90     1:44.30
  38    BAXTER LINLEY             Porsche 968 CS                 1:34.51     1:34.01
  79    BEDGOOD BARRY             Nissan Pulsar GTiR                nt       1:39.29
  31    BENNETT MARK              Datsun 1600                    1:54.44     1:51.11
  12    BYRNE PAUL                Alfa Romeo GTV                    nt       1:39.21       In this section we bring to you some of the PR
                                  Alfa Romeo GTV
                                  Jaguar XJS                        nt
                                                                             1:30.28       releases issued by CAMS which we feel may be of
                                  Alfa Romeo GTV 2000
                                  Lancia Delta Integrale
                                                                                           interest. This month however, we also bring to your
  14    CASERTA PETER             MGB V8 GT                         nt       1:33.73       attention some prospective changes in the criteria
        CHAN TONY
                                  Mustang Fastback
                                  Nissan Skyline GT-R
                                                                             1:36.45       used for the issue of rally licences which may have a
   3    CHIA DONALD               BMW E46 M3                        nt       1:30.23       significant impact on those with an interest in tarmac
  32    COLAUTTI BRUNO            Alfa Romeo 105 GTV             1:37.10     1:33.10
  62    DAILEY DAVID              Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV         1:49.60     1:46.38       rally events.
  49    DASH TIM                  Lotus Elan                     1:43.92     1:40.20
   4    DELANEY RAY               Porsche Carrera RS             1:42.57     1:40.53
        DRAKE ALAN
                                  Jaguar XJ6 Sprinter
                                  Falcon XR GT
                                                                             1:40.34       CAMS TO SPECIFY DRIVER
        GOCCA JOHN
                                  Nissan 200 SX-R
                                  Mazda MX5
                                                                             1:49.26       REQUIREMENTS FOR R3 AND R5
  30    GORDON GORDON             Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV         1:42.76     1:38.08
  29    GORDON JAMES              Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV         1:42.67     1:41.22
  35    GOULD DOUG                Alfa Romeo GTV6                  dnr         dnr
  19    GREGORY ANDREW            Maserati Ghibli Open Cup       1:35.93     1:32.42       October 30, 2001
  81    GRIGOR HAYDEN             Jaguar XJ6 Sprinter               nt       1:36.90
  46    HARRIS FRANK              Ford Escort Twin Cam           1:46.34     1:44.85
        HOW BOB
                                  Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon
                                  Jaguar XJ6 Sprinter
                                                                                           Based on a brief discussion I had today with Andy
  70    HUME STEPHEN              Ferrari 355 Challenge          1:32.58       dns         Clark, Manager - Rally & Off-Road at CAMS it would
                                                                                           appear that the long-awaited ‘tests’ for the R3 and R5
  39    JUIN CHENG LIM            Honda Civic                    1:45.37     1:39.30
  82    KENNEDY JOHN              Mitsubishi GTO                    nt       1:23.28
        LAU KAM WAH
                                  Mazda RX7
                                  Honda Civic
                                                                                           licences may be coming SOON!
  53    LAU RAYMOND               Honda Civic                    1:45.86     1:36.98
        LI MICKEY
        MARKOV SAM
                                  Nissan Skyline GTS R33
                                  Nissan Skyline GT-R
                                                                             1:22.13       Presently to obtain an R3 licence to participate in
  77    MARTIN JOHN               Jaguar XJ6 Sprinter            1:41.10     1:39.84       events such as the Grand Prix Rally, Winter Classic
  40    MATTHEWS GIL              Ferrari F40 LM                 1:32.89     1:32.55
  24    MAUCERI SEBASTIAN         Alfa Romeo GTV                    nt       1:33.33       Rally, Rally Tasmania or Classic Adelaide all that is
                                  Datsun 1600
                                  Morris Mini Cooper S
                                                                                           necessary is to complete an application and send a
  10    MEIKLEJOHN PHILIP         Porsche 944                    1:41.66     1:40.44       cheque to CAMS for $233. That’s it! Just pay your
  16    MELOTTE TRAVIS            Holden Commodore                  nt       1:28.65
  33    MINEO DANIEL              Subaru Legacy                    dnr         dnr         money and you have the licence.
  42    MOCKFORD DAVID            Jaguar XJ6 Sprinter              dns         dnr
  86    OLIVER LINDSAY            Jaguar XJ6 Sprinter            1:40.14     1:41.13
  59    PATSIOTIS LUCKY           Porsche 911                    1:40.40     1:33.60       For an R5 licence to participate in Targa Tasmania,
                                                                                           it’s more or less the same, except you pay more
  25    PETTETT ALAN              PRB Clubman                                1:30.75
  26    PETTETT ROBERT            Subaru WRX                     1:38.32     1:31.17
                                  Porsche 996 GT3 Supercup
                                  Ferrari 355
                                                                                           ($382) and must undergo a medical examination.
  78    POWER BRIAN               Porsche 911 RSCS                  nt       1:25.56       That’s it! Just see the doctor, pay your money and
        READ GLENN
        REDEL DIRK
                                  Holden Torana LX
                                  Jaguar XJ6 Sprinter
                                                                             1:36.07       you have a licence to compete in Targa Tasmania.
  17    REEDER SHANE              Datsun 1600                    1:38.32     1:36.64
  73    RICHARDS MICHAEL          Westfield SEi Wide             1:44.48     1:37.93
   2    RODDY MICHAEL             Jaguar XJS                        nt       1:19.80       Those who compete in special stage tarmac rallies
        RUYG PETER
                                  Datsun 1600
                                  Mazda MX5
                                                                                           such as Classic Adelaide, Rally Tasmania or Targa
  68    SANTIN LOUIS              Datsun 1600                    1:43.90     1:39.09       Tasmania would no doubt agree with the organisers
  13    SAWYER ANDY               MGB V8 GT                      1:37.02     1:32.80
  66    SCHULER STEVE             Ferrari 365GTB/4               1:44.35     1:39.46       of these events that some driver training or
                                  Alfa Romeo GTV
                                  Holden Commodore
                                                                                           experience is necessary. For these events, organisers
  60    SELKIRK IAN               Mazda RX7 SP                   1:39.55     1:33.82       insist on evidence of driver experience or alternatively
                                  Jaguar XJ6 Sprinter
                                  Ferrari Dino 246GT             1:41.82
                                                                             1:39.75       that ‘newer’ drivers attend an Advanced Driver
        TAN SHAUN
                                  Falcon XW GT
                                  Nissan Skyline GT-R
                                                                                           Training Course. For events such as the Grand Prix
  84    THOMPSON ALASDAIR         Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 ti        dnr         dnr         Rally, the Winter Classic Rally or simple road touring
                                                                   dnr         dnr
                                  Porsche 911 GT3
                                  Honda H22A Prelude                nt       1:37.60       events such as the Melbourne Mille no qualification
  76    WARWICK GEORGIA           Porsche 911 GT3                1:28.94     1:27.86       other than a valid civil driving licence is required.
  74    WARWICK LUKE              Porsche 911 GT3                   nt       1:22.51
  7     WARWICK TOM               Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge      nt       1:25.92       That however is all about to change!
  65    WEBSTER BRUCE             Sunbeam Alpine                 1:58.64     1:58.04
  21    WESTAWAY BRADLEY          Chrysler Charger               1:44.33     1:33.22
  47    WHEELER BRIAN             Jaguar XJ6 Sprinter            1:34.52     1:32.23       Based on my discussions with Andy Clark, I
  52    WONG TERRY                Honda Integra                     nt       1:29.79
  20    ZAZRYN PAUL               Jaguar XJ6 Sprinter            1:35.22     1:33.16       understand the following is envisaged for the R3 and
                                  Honda Integra
                                  Nissan 200SX
                                                                                           R5 licences:
                                                 Total Laps:       140         498         •   R3 Licence Tests: Scheduled for January 1,
                                                                                               2002 is the introduction of a compulsory lecture
                                                                                               and a CAMS observed driving test involving two
                                                                                               events (club level or higher) selected from a
                                                                                               motorkhana, a rally-sprint (most of which require
                                                                                               a harness and cage), an autocross or a

            For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                            or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 16

         khanacross event. It is intended that these events          or a Subaru WRX to get your licence, so that you can then
         be conducted on unsealed surfaces (ie dirt).                drive the car of your choice. No doubt we will hear more
                                                                     about these changes in the weeks to come.
•   R5 Licence Tests: Scheduled for January 1, 2003.
    Available only to the holders of an R3 licence the R5            CAMS EXTENDS APPROVAL OF
    licence would require participation in 3 national rally
    events (eg Rally Tasmania, Classic Adelaide) ONE of              SPECIALISED RACING FUEL FOR
    which must be a national championship event (ie a                SANCTIONED CATEGORIES
    round of the Australian Rally Championship).                     October 22, 2001
Whilst the final criteria for the R3 and R5 licences are still       The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Ltd, CAMS,
subject to some discussion, it is believed the executive of          today announced that specialised racing fuel may continue
CAMS is a strong proponent of these changes. If this is the          to be used until further notice by vehicles competing in
case then it does not, in my opinion, say much about the             CAMS-sanctioned events, where permitted under state
quality of thinking of this executive. For a start these             legislation.
changes seem to have completely ignored the tarmac rally
scene. You know, those events on sealed roads that range             This decision follows a 22 August determination by Senator
from the Winter Classic or Grand Prix Rally through to               Hill concerning the continued use of specialised racing fuel
special stage tarmac rallies such as Rally Tasmania and              in motor sport events held under the auspices of CAMS. In
Targa Tasmania. There is absolutely no doubt that some of            making this resolution, CAMS also took into account the
the competitors in these events have never driven on a dirt          representations and recommendations of many of its
road, let alone competed in a dirt rally. I can think of quite       members and technical advisors.
a few members of this club who whilst not concerned about
running around some witches hats on a sealed surface                 The term “specialised racing fuel” in this context includes
would have some serious objections to doing the same on              fuels marketed as “Racing 100” that are derived from
dirt in their new Maserati, Ferrari, Jaguar, BMW or Porsche          Aviation-grade gasoline. Just before you jump and down
for an R3, or participating in a round of ARC for an R5.             with glee, thinking you have averted a job on your valve
There is, after all, a substantial body of competitors whose         seats - if you are involved in rallying, then you should know
first and only choice is to compete in tarmac based events.          that this ruling does not apply to rally events, it only applies
                                                                     to circuit racing. AvGas might be ‘in’ for circuit racing, but
At this point of time there may be some choice in the three          its definitely ‘out’ for rallies.
rally events you choose to qualify for an R5 licence, if you
are looking for exclusively tarmac events. Classic Adelaide,
Rally Tasmania, East Coast Classic and even the Grand Prix           CAMS MANUAL RUN OUT
Rally would satisfy two-thirds of the event requirement. But         October 26, 2001
since only the rounds of the ARC are judged to be National
Championship events, the last third of the requirement               As of the 1st of November through to 31st December, all new
would mean lining up in an ARC round.                                licence applications where the purchase of a manual is
                                                                     compulsory can request that they be placed on a list and be
What about those who have done an approved Advanced                  sent a 2002 Manual as they become available. No request
Driver Course and gone on to get their C3 licence?                   results in 2001 Manual being sent.
Wouldn’t this be a reasonable substitute at least for dirt
gymkhanas or motorkhanas at the R3 level? If event                   This provides CAMS with the opportunity to retail the 2001
organisers of the leading special stage tarmac rallies seem          Manual at a discounted rate of $20 to those who have
to feel that this is an acceptable minimum qualification for         Level Two Licences, Officials and Clubs.
an R3 or R5, why shouldn’t CAMS?
                                                                     This is an initiative to provide those who would not normally
The thinking seems to be ‘dirt-centric’. Maybe that’s a              require the manual, access to a copy for reference as it
reflection of the background of the relevant CAMS                    contains category specifications, the National Competition
personnel?                                                           Rules and plenty of other motor sport information.

Quite apart from the dirt-rally orientation of the licence           For more information please contact the Victorian State
criteria is the cost of obtaining the licence itself. Not what       Office for information. (03) 9593 7777
you pay it, but what it costs you to get it. Many competitors
compete in only one tarmac rally a year, what will it cost
them in entry fees and car preparation costs (eg tyres etc)
to obtain an R3 or R5? Does this mean you have to do
Rally Tasmania and Classic Adelaide and then a round of
the ARC to get an R5? What if you have a 2001 Porsche
GT3 or Ferrari 360 Modena and want to get an R5? You
can’t get a run in Classic Adelaide because your car is
ineligible, so I guess you have to set it up for 2 rounds in
the ARC? What if your car doesn’t comply with the ARC
regulations? I guess the solution is to buy a Datsun 1600

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                          The President’s Notebook
                                                                                           Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 17

                                          OTHER RECENT EVENTS
                                                                      As we all know Adelaide got a bit cheesed off when Jeff
                                                                      pinched the Grand Prix, back in ‘95/96. Well! Their answer
                                                                      was to organize the best rally in the Southern Hemisphere
                                                                      if not the world. A lot of overseas visitors are very strong in
                                                                      their praise of the rally, which I was assured had no equal
                                                                      in Europe.

        Arthurs Seat Hillclimb                                        Adelaide provides a wonderful setting
            Sunday, September 2, 2001                                 The great thing in the rally’s favour, is the country and city
                                                                      through and around which it is staged. Adelaide must be
One of the more disappointing things to occur in the past             one of the worlds most beautiful cities, with it’s green belt
month or so was the cancellation of the Arthur’s Seat                 surrounding the city, it’s proximity to the hills and wonderful
Hillclimb. The cancellation of this event, which was                  windy roads, it’s beautiful old stone buildings, it’s lack of
featured in the August Club newsletter, was reported as               serious traffic and the welcoming people. You do really feel
follows in the Minutes of the Victorian State Council of              invited and very special.
CAMS of August 7, 2001:
                                                                      The rally is managed by seven hundred volunteers over the
"The Arthurs Seat Hill Climb in September has been                    five days alone, how many hours would have preceded this
cancelled this year due to consent for road closures not              is any one’s guess, and it ran like clockwork, with very few
signed by locals. There was an issue in regards to safety             delays, just one great stage after another.
barriers. Instead of water filled barriers, 3 metre concrete
barriers were agreed to by both the organisers and the                It seems as if most of the SA people are “petrol heads”. We
Track Safety Committee of CAMS."                                      were told at the briefing out of around sixteen hundred
                                                                      homes affected by the closed roads, less than ten
Whilst It can be argued that Victoria lacks any great hill            objections were received. Not bad, hey? Try doing that in
climb venues, it is certainly beyond question that                    Victoria and see what response would be forthcoming. All
Melbourne does. The proximity of this great venue to                  the Shires and local Councils get right behind it, with each
Metropolitan Melbourne makes it a natural magnet for all              of them bidding against each other, to host morning tea
those interested in this form of motorsport - even if it is           and lunch breaks and then turn it into a carnival
used on only one occasion each year. It is to be hoped that           atmosphere at most stops. We really did feel very privileged
the difficulties encountered this year can be overcome in             to be involved.
2002 so that the event can be staged once again.
                                                                      How does it work?

                                                                      The rally is divided into three entry levels, namely:

                                                                      •    Parade,
                                                                      •    Tour and
                                                                      •    Competition.
               Classic Adelaide                                       The Parade
      One of the world’s great rallies
                October 17 - 21, 2001                                 The Parade is by invitation only and comprised around thirty
                                                                      cars, which included some very rare, classic cars. For
Classic Adelaide bills itself as ‘One of the world’s great            example from the Mercedes Benz Museum in Germany a
rallies’. There were a number of club members competing,              1955 Mercedes 300SLS, accompanied by a 1957 190SL-
touring and parading in this year’s event and one of them             R, driven, respectively, by Wolfgang Rolli and Dieter Ritter
was Brian Canny. If you read Brian’s account of the event             no less. Paul Vesty (UK) enters each year in a priceless
as he saw it you will quickly appreciate that the claim made          Ferrari’s, this year again in a 1959 California Spyder.
by the organisers of Classic Adelaide really is an                    There were two Austin Healy 100S’, light weight, factory
appropriate one.                                                      specials, currently valued at well over $100k and both live
                                                                      in South Australia. Both were magnificent.
Question:     What’s the best fun you can have semi
              reclining (in a race-car that is)?                      Other interesting cars included two original 1964 AC Shelby
                                                                      Cobra’s, one entered and driven by John Blanden a famous
Answer:       The Classic Adelaide Rally, held in and around          racing name and latterly of Grand Prix rally fame, various
              the beautiful hill and wine country of South            Porches, a 1972 Lancia Stratos Replica, looking
              Australia all within 100kms of wonderful                immaculate, a 1999 Ferrari 360 Modena (UK), a 2001
              Adelaide.                                               Porsche 911Turbo(SA). These later model vehicles were
                                                                      allowed in the parade and tour section this year for the first

          For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                          or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 18

time. Regularly competitors in their magnificent 1933 Alfa           Doug too for showing off his prowess in the Zero car, the ex
Romeo Short Chassis, a famous racing car from another                Jeff Beaumont Evo IV, which apparently took seconds off
era, were Matt & Dianna Spitzley (UK), who were here for             the fastest time on a couple, if not all, sections they ran
the third or fourth time.                                            (unofficially of course).

This Parade group, drive at competition speeds if they wish,         The Competition
but are not officially timed.
                                                                     The Competitive section, with seventy-six vehicles entered,
The Tour                                                             also consisted of some very desirable cars. There were 12
                                                                     Datsun 240Z’s, most very nicely prepared, three Alfa 105’s,
The next category is the Touring section made up of around           Escorts in Lotus, Twin Cam, Mexico and RS1600 guise,
fifty-five vehicles. This consists of entrants who may not           Porsches of course, Jaguars, Mustangs, try 400bhp, Ford
have competed in rallies in the past or might value their            Capri Perana, also 400bhp, Torana’s, Mini Cooper’s,
cars a little too much to risk them at competition speeds, or        Healey’s, MG’s, and a magnificent Porsche Spyder 550
just want to be in the fun. Either way it is still a very            Replica, of James Dean fame, looking absolutely beautiful,
enjoyable way of being involved in the rally. The section was        built in America and reasonably quick.
split into groups of three and they followed and were
followed by “Zero” cars and each other at a “maximum”                Andrew Cavalli won the event in his 1973 Ford Escort
speed of 110kph, so we’re told. This group, normally cause           RS1600 Replica. This is the car that also won last year but
the most grief, by passing each other, and in some                   was protested out (talk to Peter Kyriakidis) because it had
instances passing the Zero car and generally hooning. Why            a later automatic body. They got over that problem this year
not? You might ask, what’s a rally for if not to hoon?               by calling it a “replica”.
The make of cars in this section was just as remarkable
with every body’s favourite being represented: Try a 1955            The Ford Capri Perana came second after having many
Mercedes 300 SL”Gullwing” Coupe (UK), priceless in silver.           rebuilds during the night, and Peter Landan third by forty
Another Ferrari, this one a 1962, 250 California Spyder,             two seconds behind the Perana, in his magnificent 1965
driven by Viscount Cawdrey (UK).                                     Lotus Elan. This car is so well prepared you could eat lunch
                                                                     off any part of it. He also won the East Coast Classic earlier
There were Jaguars of every description: 120’s, 140’s,               this year. Landan finished one second ahead of the Torana
150’s, a 1934 SS100 and E Types, all looking resplendent             XU-1 of John Beasley, which at one stage was running
and quite a few of these from overseas.                              second but mechanical problems forced them down the
                                                                     field. It is indicative of what a light-weight good handling
Other notables were: an original 1962 Lotus Super 7                  vehicle is capable of, in the case of the Escort and Elan
Cosworth looking wonderful in British Racing Green.                  mixing it with the 400bhp of the Perana.
Thunderbirds, Mustangs, a Corvette, Mini Coopers,
Healey’s, a Falcon GTHO and so on, a vast array of                   Mind you none of these cars are anywhere near standard,
beautiful, well and preserved or restored classic cars.              with AP Racing calipers and huge ventilated discs, special
                                                                     gearboxes, diffs, coil over suspension, some lightweight
A very popular car, particularly with we admirers of Italian         panels, high performance engines and state of the art
cars was a magnificent 1971 Ferrari Daytona Group 4 (UK).            everything. Peter Landon sourced the Lotus from the USA
This thing was painted a glorious yellow and had a noise             and finished the development here. The Cavalli Escort was
you would kill for. Even at 3000rpm, the V12 sounded                 built by Cavalli and his co-driver and business partner Mike
awesome with megaphones protruding from each side. We                Dale and is obviously a very fast competitive car.
saw him take off on one section, and I don’t think he was
game to rev it over 5000rpm, (redline at eight(?)) but even          The Perana is an interesting car. It’s a Ford Capri body as
so it disappeared very rapidly and sounded magnificent.              we new them in the late sixties and early seventies but they
Apparently he thought it was a bit fluffy under 3000rpm              were built in South Africa for racing and rallying. It has a
and rang home, their advice was it needed more, quote,               Ford 302 V8 now putting out around 400bhp, and fitted
“Wellie”, it chokes at 3000, fires at 5000 and boogies at            with lightweight panels (weighing less than 1000kg), fully
7000. Does this sound familiar?                                      adjustable suspension, AP Racing brake calipers, you name
                                                                     it, it’s got it. I would imagine it would be quite a handful, but
All of the cars from overseas arrive free of charge, courtesy        McDonough obviously drives it very well, they probably
of PO, who are a sponsor of the event, and considering the           missed out on first place due to mechanical problems on
parity of the $A the cost for overseas entrants would be             the first day. The clutch packed up and the valve gear on
very reasonable.                                                     one cylinder was not working, slowing his times. Needless
                                                                     to say they were repaired overnight.
A lot of the overseas people were also participating in a
tour around Tasmania in the wake of Targa Tas when this              Amazingly the car that cleaned them all up last year was a
rally finished. Organised by John Fitzpatrick                        Datsun 1600 SSS Replica with an 1800 motor. They put
                                                                     this car on the road for a reasonable figure, so rumour has
Talking sponsors: Doug Lehman of Peter Lehman Wines is               it,proving that it can be won for less dollars with the right
a major sponsor and the welcoming drinks, lunch at                   driver and co-driver. This is the same car that had problems
Lehman’s Vineyard on day one and the street party                    at Targa in 1999, due to compliance matters.
refreshments are all courtesy of Lehman. Thanks go to

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 19

The secret is to have a reliable, well prepared, fast car, with      street parties of Friday night and the Sunday finish, they put
good handling and good brakes and drive it like crazy. I feel        in the thirty thousand people bracket. We were even asked
I must be missing some vital ingredient.                             for our autograph by some uninformed kids.

The rally is staged over five days with the first day taken up       Fourteen Maserati Club members participated as follows:
with scrutineering, safety lecture and briefing. The
scrutineering is very thorough but very friendly affair              •    Jeff Beaumont and Jim Caudle in Jeff’s Porsche 911
conducted at the local TAFE automotive school in                          who came a creditable 5th ,only 2.37 off the pace, and
impeccable surrounds. Most cars are beautifully prepared                  as Jeff commented he drove faster than last year but
and our contingent from the SMA, (Ballarat), consisting of                still the winning pace is elusive.
our president Jim Stephen navigating for Bruce Sheppard,
in Bruce’s magnificently prepared Datsun 240Z and myself             •    Peter Kyriakidis and Will Logan, who had mechanical
with son Stephen navigating in the Alfa Romeo 105, also in                problems the first day and so were out of contention
pretty good nick, if I may say so, passing scrutineering with             for a top placing. Peter still managed to put in some
flying colours.                                                           excellent stage times.

The rally for us really stared a few days earlier, as we were        •    Ian and Val Swan in the thundering Mustang, a
able to use Pace, or Safety Notes, as they preferred to call              creditable result at fifteenth. Unfortunately they lost
them, for the first time this year, so we had a few days out              about seven or eight places due to mechanical
on the special stages punting around in the tow vehicles                  problems. Ian drives this car like crazy and the
checking the pace notes, and trying to test their accuracy.               spectators love it; big V8 grunt and wheel spins
This is not so easy in four-wheel drive’s so the Range Rover              everywhere.
and the Discovery got heaps, they were really put through
their paces and all under 100 kph.                                   •    Peter Eames and Chris Spiteri in a beautiful 1964
                                                                          Jaguar E-type Lightweight Replica, coming 21st, which
We thought we had the notes sorted until the first special                was a good effort considering ligfhtweight still means
stage on the rally proper when we found the difference in                 around 1300kg.
speed in the rally car and the rapidity with which we arrived
at the corners was very different, to say the least. Our pace        •    Barrie and Guy Edmunds were there in Barrie’s much
note calling had to go up a peg or two to keep “pace”.                    traveled 1969 Ford Mustang coming 24th.
Needless to say we were all at sea for the first couple of
sections but managed to cover them in pretty good time               •    The Porshe 911s of Bob Watson and Ian Vaughan
nevertheless.                                                             came in 29th, with Bob being pursued by a couple of
                                                                          Alfa’s one driven by myself and the other by Nick
The rally is staged over some of the most magnificent                     Rahimtulla from WA, and Bruce Shepherd in the
driver’s roads in existence. They wind up wooded hills over               Datsun 240z. We had a good tussle with similar times.
ridges with magnificent views and down again into green                   This equates to “sensible” driving or that’s my excuse,
leafy valleys, peppered with vineyards and gardens, then                  anyway.
climbing again to another ridge and so on it goes. The
stages vary in length with the longest being around fifteen          •    Il Presidente, Jim Reark and Il Presidente Posto
kilometers and the shortest three. There were twenty seven                (Past?), John Aust in the yet-to-be-given-the-treatment
stages spread over the four days, interspersed with                       MGC GT suffering from a little bit of overweight
transport stages which themselves are bloody good fun,                    problems, not you Jim, but still going great guns 43rd.
even at the legal limit.
                                                                     •    As mentioned previously as part of the SMA team
During the three days we were feted and fed at various little             Bruce Shepherd and Jim Stephen entering for the first
villages whose people lined the roads and cheered and                     time, drove Bruce’s Datsun 240Z to come 36th and had
waved, kids made horn-blowing requests or asked for wheel                 a wonderful time. They were full of praise for the rally
spins. Bottles of wine and stubbies were in abundance                     and had a trouble free run. As well they would with
along with BBQ’s, chairs and lots of waving and horn                      Bruce being the Proprietor of Bob Watson Service
blowing by ourselves. South Aussies really get behind their               Centre and commendably making sure his car was
events, they seem to enjoy it as much as we did.                          perfect.

This is a true classic rally, as I have stated with some very        •    Peter Strauss and Phillip West, 1972 Ferrari Dino
rare and truly exotic motor cars taking part. One of the                  2465GT, drove in the Tour.
things we found difficult being a competitor is finding the
time to look and marvel at these cars and to actually see            And not to be discounted, Parade entrants were:
them performing. We got so involved in our own vehicle due
to a bit of accident damage and being part of the rally that         •    John Rundell and Vic Spiteri, 1979 Jaguar XJS, who if
we didn’t get much time to do otherwise.                                  I’m not mistaken re-arranged the front of the car.
                                                                     •    Reg Kenny and Chris Wilson 1960 Jaguar Mk11 who
It is a great spectator event. The organizers estimated last              very sportingly chased this poor little deer all over the
year that sixty thousand people watched the various stages                road, so the story goes, till they finally caught it and hit
or lined the transport routes over the four days and the                  it with the front of the Jag. No damage to the Jag, but

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 20

    a couple of Bikies lurking close by, apparently,                 tourism) experiences to be had in this country.
    produced a rifle and put the deer out of it’s misery. The
    Jag was seen taking off very rapidly away from the               We drove past and through so many wonderful vineyards
    scene: a deer is one thing armed Bikies are quite                and towns that Will Logan, my navigator decided to return
    another.                                                         within the month for a week’s fun.

•   David Edwards drove his 1956 Jaguar XKD Replica                  The visiting international competitors could not believe how
                                                                     good the roads, hospitality and pace of competition were.
•   and last but not least; John Fitzpatrick and Gillian             They have vowed, given the right opportunities, to return
    Weinberger in the Delage.                                        with rallying’s equivalent of the “balmy army” to teach the
                                                                     colonials a thing or two.
As I mentioned, Stephen and I drove the Alfa which we had
going fairly well until a bit of bad luck on the last corner of      They were individually and collectively a great bunch of
the last stage of day one, when a tree jumped out onto the           people who loved every minute of the experience and yet
road and ran into us, but we repaired the damage that                they couldn’t believe that there weren’t more participants
night with the help of the local MTA Apprentices, who are on         and competitors. I make this distinction because the event
hand all through out the rally to lend assistance where              offers three events in one and you can take virtually any
necessary. Even to the extent of replacing heads,                    pre-1975 vehicle and find, according to your experience
gearboxes or repairing panel damage etc, on various cars,            and preparation level, somewhere in the field to join in. It
they are very obliging and helpful. We got back on track the         doesn’t take 2 weeks – as little as five days including pre-
next day and finished without further problems, well down            event processing if you wish.
the field as a result of our accident but we still had a ball
doing it.                                                            If this sounds like an advertisement it should, because its
                                                Brian Canny          there to be done.

                                                                     A few asides

                                                                     There were a number of club members participating this
                                                                     year and Jim Reark and John Aust were among them. There
                                                                     will undoubtedly be an account of their experiences in the
                                                                     “pommy XU-1” elsewhere and perhaps Messrs. Beaumont,
                                                                     Eames, Canny etc will also contribute. I do know that John
              Classic Adelaide                                       Aust pronounced a crisis when Jim ran out of cigars and
                                                                     they couldn’t find a supplier of the right brand in Adelaide.
       One of the world’s great rallies                              Seems like a good business opportunity as you’d only have
                October 17 - 21, 2001                                to be open for a week or so to make enough to take the
                                                                     rest of the year off!
Peter Kyriakidis must have a love-hate affair with Classic
Adelaide. He has come close to winning the event on                  From a personal perspective we had a great, if not
occasion only to have his efforts thwarted by mechanical             altogether successful, time. We were out of the event after
failure. This year was no different. A mechanical failure on         150m of the first special stage. At this moment one
the first day put him out on the very first stage. On the            following SA competitor announced “..there is a God.” I am
second day another failure sidelined him again. By Day 4             undertaking research to determine whether this “gent” is
he got it all together and was quickest on 7 or the 8 stages         related to Andrew Ogg who cleaned up having bet that we
contested. Despite Peter’s many trials in this event he              wouldn’t make lunch time. Andrew, Jim will tell you that real
remains one of its staunchest advocates. Here is his view            money was to be made on the Book on how far we actually
of Classic Adelaide, 2001. Needless to say, the opinions             travelled before stopping.
expressed here are those of PK.
                                                                     Looking at the bright side!
This year’s event was run from October 18-21 and was
deservedly won by Andrew Cavalli in an Escort RS1600. The            Anyway, in order to continue to provide amusement to the
Perana Capri of David McDonough was second with Peter                locals, we restarted the next day. On the first stage we lost
Landan’s exciting Elan 26R replica just clutching onto third         the water pump belt going up the hill and broke an axle on
from John Beasley’s XU-1 by the divine margin of one                 the start of the second stage. We couldn’t be unhappy
second!                                                              though as we had improved over last year when we broke
                                                                     the axle on the other side at the start of the third stage on
Motor sport and tourism - a great combination                        the same day! The camera crew were bemused to see a
                                                                     smile still on my face and said they would use last year’s
This year the Tour and Parade sections grew while the                footage instead.
Competition section shrank somewhat. Perhaps this was
due to the late release of the Regulations or the apparent           As you may have gathered, you may, with the indulgence of
lack of sustained marketing program for what undoubtedly             the Clerk of Course and the scrutineers, rejoin the event the
has the potential to be one of the great motorsport (and             following day. So we did and treated the remaining two
                                                                     days as a test session making adjustments to the car as we
         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 21

went. No two stages were attempted without a change                  there is no rest for either crew member. I do however feel
having been made from the previous one, most being                   that the event lacked for long stages and really needed
adjustments to shock absorber settings.                              more stages on the Thursday and Friday. Well, I’m sure I
                                                                     would have felt this if we got to do them.
Given the huge variety of roads encountered in an event
such as the Classic, it really brought home to me how little         What to do about average speeds?
value there is in setting a car up for this type of event on a
race track. Not that we had the time to do that anyway. In           We need to develop this arm of the sport into a sustainable
the end we ran out of stages and with the exception of a             package that remains socially acceptable (in a deviant kind
broken exhaust manifold were ready to start the event                of way). As one step towards this, CAMS this year imposed
again.                                                               a requirement that no competitor should exceed an
                                                                     average speed of 132kph on any individual stage. This
Too ‘quick’ for some?                                                appears to have resulted in a number of changes to, and
                                                                     removal of, stages this year, quite frankly to the detriment
During this process we concentrated on what the car was              of the event.
doing and our times versus last year’s results rather than
the other competitors. As it turns out we were doing rather          While I wholeheartedly support the containment of absolute
well.                                                                speed, I do believe that this issue needs to be revisited with
                                                                     an eye on the sustainability issue. I am told that we broke
The Clerk of Course therefore decided that the car would be          this barrier on five stages and that these stages are
impounded and the head would be removed. The winner                  regarded as great driver’s stages and are greatly loved by
was also marked down for this while the place getters and            the overseas visitors.
some class/category winners were directed to “parc ferme”
but did not appear to be subjected to component removal.             I suspect that in reality very few competitors in a given field
The Clerk of Course was initially insisting that this be done        are capable of exceeding this average speed on a given
in the street and while the engine was still hot – a definite        stage. Therefore, I do not support the view that these
no-no.                                                               stages or indeed other stages in events such as Rally
                                                                     Tasmania or Targa Tasmania should be dropped simply
When questioned by the CAMS Observer as to why my                    because a few competitors in a 100+ field exceed this
vehicle was impounded the Clerk of Course responded that             number.
he had had “complaints from a number of Competitors”
that as we were performing well since we rejoined the event          Perhaps one option would be to allow a tolerance of say up
we had probably fitted a 2litre engine (rather than 1.8). He         to 10% of competitors to exceed this limit before resorting
then stated “I’m not going to have an illegal car enjoy the          to further modification or rejection of roads that certainly
glory of fastest stage times”. This was apparently a policy          have the potential to develop international “must do”
change from last year’s event based on the fastest times             reputations.
attributed on many stages in the road books for this year.
                                                                     Once home I had time to do a quick analysis and it was
They both then agreed that my car was the “ chosen              revealing. On one of these stages we were the only car over
at random” for scrutiny. How silly of me to miss that!               the “limit” by just 0.06 kph, on two others only two cars
                                                                     were over with a substantial gap to the next car’s average
I totally support post event scrutineering, and have always          and on one stage four cars were over or on the limit with
advocated it, as the only way to ensure the integrity of             two others close.
competing vehicles. Both Andrew Cavalli’s and my car had
the heads removed on the morning following the event and             However, on “Paris Creek 1” my theory gets blown out of
surprise!..surprise!..surprise! they both complied with the          the water with 25 cars or about 37% of the Competition
measurements on their Vehicle Identity Forms.                        section that undertook the stage were over the limit. This
                                                                     year’s stage, was conducted on one part of a stage that
The bottom line                                                      had been around 26km in length in previous years. It is a
                                                                     remarkably challenging piece of road and was perhaps the
How do I feel about this event? I feel that Classic Adelaide         most talked about stage right across the participants from
is a wonderful event that everyone should have a go at. The          the Tour to the Competition section. It is greatly loved by
beauty is that there are many classes and categories in              the international visitors for its open, flowing nature and
which you can compete and there is the underlying theme              quality of surface. Some even enjoy the views.
that you can find a spot in the event to enjoy it at your own
chosen pace.                                                         Therefore, when viewed in isolation, even against my
                                                                     proposal, we have a problem. If we then looked at the
The Event offers an enormous variety of challenging roads,           incident/safety record on this stage I cannot recall any
which if treated with respect, are both safe and rewarding           incidents on the original full length stage or this year’s
to drive. They range from those akin to the Richmond                 stage over the last four events in which I have participated.
Boulevard wrapped over a roller coaster to the Kew                   This is just my “top of mind” view and may in fact be wrong.
Boulevard, halved in width. There are climbs and a variety
of descents and some such as “Montecute” and “Basket                 My point is that while there is much in common between
Range” where everything thing is wrapped up together and             tarmac and dirt rallying, there are also many differences

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                          The President’s Notebook
                                                                                           Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 22

and this needs to be fully recognised by those who                    And now to deal with an earlier assertion. Yes there is at
“manage” the sport. One limit, rule, policy may not be the            least one God and he says that you must have a BDA to win
only solution or issue to consider in both disciplines.               (apologies to John Spencer) and further he decrees that if
                                                                      you use his name in vain you shall come fourth by one
I also feel that, as the “eligible date” inevitably rolls             second!
forward, advances in specification of cars and tyre
technology will render such an absolute rule, and therefore           Hope to see you all at Rally Tasmania in February and in
Tarmac Events, largely untenable, at least under CAMS.                Adelaide next October – God willing of course. Anyone
Perhaps sustaining the current wheel width and tyre profile           wanting to buy an Escort RS1600 should give me a call.
restrictions would be one way of dealing with this.
                                                                                                                        Peter Kyriakidis
Will limiting brakes, limit performance?

To me brakes are another substantial contributor to speed.
One argument is that allowing freedom of brakes is a
necessary allowance to improve safety. While probably true,
I also believe that they allow or encourage much higher
corner approach speeds, whether real or perceived by the
                                                                               Melbourne Mille 2001
driver. I for one would be happy to run on the period,                          A Mille Miglia Retrospective
homologated brakes or dimensional equivalent although                                   October 14 - 21, 2001
the ability of drivers to out drive their brakes irrespective of
standard, is legendary. My reasoning for this change is that          Victoria’s more remote country roads were once again
it would hopefully lead to the striking of a better balance in        given a thorough workout as a record number of entrants
the competing cars and would (should?), by default, render            exercised their sporting machinery on some of the state’s
the continued pursuit for power meaningless if you can’t              most challenging roads amid the brilliant Victorian
stop the car.                                                         countryside in the full bloom of Spring - albeit somewhat on
                                                                      the cold side on occasion. For Max and Julie Hobson this
What about Safety Notes?                                              was the third Melbourne Mille they have conducted. Here
                                                                      is Max’s report.
This year the Event Organisers allowed the use of “Safety”
or “Pace” Notes for the first time. The Clerk of Course               The Melbourne Mille started with Registration and a
prepared a set for sale to competitors at what was a very             welcoming dinner at the Hyatt on the Park Hotel. On
reasonable price compared with preparing your own. I                  Tuesday 14th October, the 40 participants cars were parked
personally found this to be a positive step for the event and         along the driveway and around the Hotel forecourt, making
my observation was that there seemed to be fewer                      a great spectacle. Our sponsors Chrysler were driving a
accidents and fewer injuries. I would encourage anyone                Viper and Prowler with Co- Sponsor Jeff Dutton driving a 'C'
attempting this event to use these notes to assist you to             type Jaguar with Pat Coram. The range of cars included
learn and develop an understanding of the roads and the               Jaguar, Aston Martin, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, AC, Ferrari,
system.                                                               Ford, Lancia, MG and Austin Healey. A truly great
                                                                      representation of 1950's and 60's sports cars.
From a personal point of view we purchased a set of the
Official notes and, while we found them to be well                    A 6.45am start the following morning, and Judith Wheeler,
presented and developed, they were appropriately                      Chrysler’s Managing Director, flagged off each car. Soft
conservative and we decided to develop our own. I also                drinks and water courtesy of Splitrock were handed out to
found it interesting to see that a number of Teams that               each car. A breakfast stop at the Top of Mt Macedon and
previously had run right at the front of the field had                then a run through the hills to a lunch stop at Mitchelton
obviously not gained much from the freedom to use pace                Winery. A really great Spring day and lots of quiet back
notes.                                                                roads. After lunch we went through Euroa, Mansfield then
                                                                      through the picturesque and testing Tolmie Road to Mt
A final reflection                                                    Buffalo. As usual, a great night was held at Mt Buffalo with
                                                                      some 1950's motor racing films shown in the old theatre
Notwithstanding these developments, at the end of the day             after dinner.
the prime safety determinant is the driver’s attitude. That
is drive within your limits and don’t try to find out what they       Wednesday morning saw steady rain and 2ºC temperature
are during an event on unfamiliar roads where the nearest             for our run to Yackandandah and morning tea. The sun
object is an immovable tree.                                          started to shine through for the drive around Hume Weir to
                                                                      Walwa for lunch at a local winery. The drive to Mt Kosciusko
As mentioned above, the event caters for a huge variety of            for the overnight stop was truly spectacular and driving in
vehicles right through the field, including yours! Therefore,         a group of 10 or so classic sports cars through the
there is no reason, apart from the fact that the wonderful            mountains was really something to remember. The
Rally Tasmania precedes it each February, why this should             mountain weather really turned bad, bringing heavy rain.
not be your first Tarmac Rally experience so start planning           Many of the open cars elected to keep their hoods down
now and be there in 2002.                                             and push on, the theory being you only get wet if you stop!

          For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                          or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 23

The night at Lake Crackenback Resort had a real ski- resort
atmosphere with pre-dinner drinks by an open fire and
views across the lake to a snow covered Mt Kosciusko.

Our accompanying mechanic- Marty Robinson had been on
light duties so far with only the odd electrical and fuel
problem. All cars were running well, covering over 600
miles in the last two days. Particularly gratifying was to see
so many pristine classic cars being used in the manner to
which their designers had intended, not to be tucked away
in a garage only to be wheeled out on a sunny Sunday

The freezing overnight conditions took their toll with some                   Great Southern Classic
cars reluctant to start. Michael Valmorbida's DB4 GT                               Tour of Tasmania, 2001
decided it was just too cold. Some coaxing by Marty                                    October 22 - 28, 2001
Robinson soon had her burbling into life. Breakfast was a
few miles down the road at an old barn style restaurant              The Great Southern Classic was organised by a sub-
with 'walk in' open fires and a real 'Man from Snowy River'          committee of the Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. and
feel.                                                                conducted under a CAMS permit. This event grew out of
                                                                     the desire of the international contingent at Classic
A run down the Monaro Highway to lunch at Orbost and                 Adelaide to see a bit more of Australia following the
overnight stop at Metung saw sun, rain, snow, ice and                conclusion of that event. Club members David Edwards,
sleet. Julie and I were in the XK120 with snow inches thick          John Fitzpatrick and Gillian Weinberger subsequently
on the windscreen. We eventually succumbed and put the               obliged. Here is John Fitzpatrick’s account of this year’s
hood up for a short time. Victoria in spring time. Our first         event.
and only retirement saw the Alfa Romeo of visiting
Americans Dan Rhodes and Ray Klauer without a car,                   Following the success of last year's Great Southern Classic
having to abandon it at Jindabyne. Our friends from                  which was run around Victoria, we were asked to devise a
Chrysler put them in the Prowler for the day which cheered           run around Tasmania , primarily for the people who had
them up with the opportunity to try some top down                    brought their cars from overseas to do the Adelaide Classic.
motoring. The overnight stop at the quaint fishing village of
Metung made quite a contrast to the previous night spent             When you are trying to move a group of 60 or so people
at Kosciusko! Dinner gave everyone the chance to sample              around Tassie and you want to accommodate everyone in
local seafood.                                                       the same establishment, which you want to be as 5 star as
                                                                     you can make it, the options are limited and the route
The final day started early with 323 miles to the finish in          pretty much describes itself - Devonport to Freycinet Lodge
Queenscliff. So far, navigation had been relatively straight         on day one; Lenna of Hobart day two; Strahan on day three;
forward, but Saturday morning saw a few drivers missing              Cradle Mountain Lodge on day four and back on the boat
(hidden) turns. Everyone arrived at the Loy Yang Power               on the final night.
Station where the field was treated to a morning tea kindly
supplied by the Morwell Chrysler dealer. A fantastic run             This year the cars were again a wonderful and diverse
down through a very narrow and winding road of the                   group.
rainforests of the Tara Valley. As Katsutoshi Yamaguchi
from Japan put it - like Jurassic Park! A lunch stop at              Paul Vesty and Doug Nye were in Paul's ex-works Ferrari
Korumburra before the ferry trip from Sorrento to                    California Spider and were 'sistered' by Lord Michael
Queenscliff, and the final night at the Vue Grand. All of the        Cowdray's customer California Spider. Both cars were
cars arrived at the ferry together and made a great site,            beautifully presented without being overdone - and they
covered in 1240 miles of road grime, giving them a real              really flew! Stuart Loveday brought over his 360 Modena
Mille Miglia patina.                                                 which needed new rears after the Adelaide Classic. Jack
                                                                     Klaver was able to organise some new rubber for the car on
The participants were a wonderful group of people who                its arrival in Melbourne.
brought together a fantastic collection of wonderful cars,
each one presented ready for the demands of the Mille.               John Hunt brought his beautiful Gullwing from Guernsey
Everyone enjoyed themselves, covered all sorts of terrain in         and had some minor fettling done here by the Lindsay Fox
all weather and really had a feel of adventure and                   Collection workshops, after which it ran faultlessly.
accomplishment at the end. Our sponsors, Chrysler, Dutton
and Splitrock must be thanked for their support, for without         Stephen and Polly Lewis were XK 140 mounted. Tim
them the event would not be. We urge everyone to support             O'Rorke drove his lovely 1936 Bentley drophead and the
them. We also thank the Maserati Club under whose                    legendary Win Percy drove everyone around [sideways] in
auspices the event is conducted. The dates for next year             Stephen Coffey's Robnell. Win wanders around in a t-shirt
are 20th October to 25th October. New overnight stops - new          which says on the front "Win says;it isn't hard" and on the
roads.                                                               back "to be nice." Nice sentiment.
                                              Max Hobson

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 24

Matt and Di Spitzley came again in their 1933 Touring                names from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. In what
bodied straight 8 supercharged Le Mans Alfa. To me, it's             must be a competition first for the car, the event also
easily the best car I have ever seen. And it absolutely flys,        attracted an entry from Brian and Suzanne Wood of
driven beautifully by Matt.                                          Sydney in their Maserati 3200GT. The press release
                                                                     describing the outcome of the event is provided below.
Locals included Adelaide Classic co-founder David 'Duck'
Edwards in his newly repainted Daytona, Targa Legend Reg             ‘GODZILLA’ TAKES CLOSE FOUGHT WIN
Kenny and partner Kevin Hewson rollerskating around in
Reg's Lotus Elise, Tom and Jenny Barr-Smith doing it in              FROM PORSCHE GT-3
great style in the Healey Elliott, beautifully restored and          Friday, October 26, 2001
very brisk. Peter Buik from Adelaide came in his new
Porsche Turbo and loved the event so much that he's after            Sydney duo George Nittis and Peter Moore have taken
something from Stuttgart for tarmac rallies. Nigel and Jane          outright honours in the seventh running of the Strathfield
Price came over from N Z to drive the event in Gill's 356.           Indy Rally from Sydney to Surfers Paradise.

There were several other more modern cars and of course              Nittis and Moore took the win in the Nissan Skyline R33
the Delage.                                                          GT-R from Dean Cook and Cameron Rae in their
                                                                     Porsche GT-3, and 1999 winners Greg Muller and Bruce
We had a great time. The weather was kind. The roads                 Foote in a Porsche 911 RSC S. Whilst Nittis and Moore
were just fantastic. We didn't see a policeman and our               had both competed in the event previously, this was their
accommodations were excellent.                                       first event together.

Other highlights were a fish and chips lunch on the wharf at         During 6 days and 2,000km of competition incorporating
St. Helens, World Champion axeman David Foster and                   high speed tests at Darlington Park Raceway,
World Champion Whipcracker Chris Beck doing their stuff              Queensland Raceway, Willowbank Dragstrip and
for us. A cocktail party at Parliament House in Hobart               Hillclimbs at Kempsey, Grafton and Newcastle, the
hosted by the Tasmanian Premier. A most wonderful dinner             teams accumulated points based on their results from 17
cruise to the mouth of the Gordon River from Strahan and             driving tests, and also from their performance in the
the wind up dinner at Cradle Mountain Lodge.                         challenging navigation sections – including a 250km
                                                                     night section from Esk, South West of Brisbane to the
It's on again next year, this time in NSW. Stay tuned!               Hyatt Sanctuary Cove.
                                                John Fitzpatrick     In the end Nittis and Moore took the win by only 17
                                                                     points – remarkably close in a total of over 7,000 points.
                                                                     Third was only a further 80 points behind.

                                                                     Pirtek V8 Supercar driver Marcos Ambrose contested
                                                                     the event in an XR-8 AU II ute and put in some
                                                                     impressive performances in the driving tests, but was
                                                                     never in serious contention against the Porsche and
                                                                     Godzilla brigade. The tough navigation throughout the
                                                                     event is also a barrier to first time competitors – widely
          IndyCar Rally, 2001                                        regarded as the toughest navigation in any event of this
                                                                     type in Australia.
         Sydney to Surfers Paradise
                  October 20 to 24, 2001                             Top navigator for the event was Geoff Brown, partnering
                                                                     Peter Morley in Ford’s factory entered TE-50, and
One event which we don’t hear enough about is the                    assisting the team to a 3rd in class result. Brown scored
IndyCar Rally run by club members David Gittus and                   3,612 navigation points out of a possible 3,650 points,
Peter Washington. This year’s event lived up to its                  and did not miss a single checkpoint throughout the
reputation as being one of the best and most challenging             2,000 km course.
on the rally calendar. An official event of the Gold Coast
IndyCar CART series, the event is held to coincide with
the Honda 300. Club members in the event included Jeff               The event finish in Cavill Avenue on Thursday attracted
and Neridah Beable in the Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R N1                 a huge crowd and gave the public an opportunity to
who finished fourth. Dean & Gavin Grant in their                     inspect the field up close and chat with the tired, but
Porsche 911 GT3 finished 8th. Other club members                     satisfied drivers and navigators.
included, Garry Blackman and Jacqueline Gregory in the
redoubtable 5 litre Healey and John Lengton & Peter                  The field will hit the Gold Coast Indy circuit for a parade
Harbison in their BMW 535M (Sorry if I missed anyone!)               lap at 8.00 am on Saturday morning.
The event was filled with well know faces and the
capacity field of 70 vehicles attracted many well known

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                        The President’s Notebook
                                                                                         Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 25

                                                                    •    Position 1 starts - that is starting from pole either due
                                                                         to setting fastest qualifying time or winning a race - has
                                                                         been shared equally (as equally as it can be in 23
                                                                         races) - 12 to Holden and 11 to Ford. However, Holden
                                                                         have managed to convert 15 of these into a win
                                                                         whereas Ford have so far only managed 8 wins.

                                                                    •    BUT when it comes to race fastest laps - Ford have
                                                                         managed this 14 times compared to Holden's 9 times
                                                                         - with 5 lap records being broken so far - Adelaide (Ford
                V8 Supercars                                             - Craig Lowndes), Canberra (in each race by Ford -
                                                                         Lowndes, Ambrose, Lowndes) and Winton (Ford -
                 Series Statistics                                       Ambrose).
Stephen Rowe of Racetime Computing keeps volumes of
                                                                    •    Of the race fastest laps, Skaife has set 5 race fastest
statistics on the V8 Supercars series. We have presented
                                                                         laps so far followed by both Radisich and Lowndes
some of them below
                                                                         each with 4, then Ambrose with 3.
AS AT ROUND 10 (Winton)                                             •    Race wins are so far led by Skaife with 7 wins, Radisich
                                                                         with 3, Johnson, Murphy and Morris with 2 and Bright,
With 10 rounds now complete and 3 to go - the stats on                   Ingall, Richards and Lowndes all with one win apiece.
this years Shell
Championship Series are looking more and more                       •    Of the 862 laps raced so far, only two drivers have
interesting.                                                             completed 100% - Ingall and Bright. Johnson is next
                                                                         on 859, Ellery on 858 and Skaife 856.
•   Pole has been taken evenly by Ford and Holden with 5
    poles apiece - Mark Skaife (3 poles), Greg Murphy (1)           •    Skaife has managed to lead 209 of laps raced so far,
    and Russell Ingall (1) taking the Holden poles and                   radisich 162, Ingall 109, Johnson 108 and Lowndes
    Marcos Ambrose (2), Paul Radisich (2) and Craig                      99.
    Lowndes (1) taking the honours for Ford.
                                                                    •    Safety car periods have accounted for 18 separate
•   The number of people who actually posted fastest time                safety periods so far covering 83 laps (10%) or 2 hours
    during the qualifying session also increased markedly                30 min 53 secs (12%). Adelaide race 2 had the most
    at Winton because of the weather conditions.                         with 4 separate safety car periods covering 17 laps
                                                                         and 29 min 43 secs. Of the 'sprint' races, Winton lost
•   Adelaide had previously had the highest number of                    the most time with 12 min 10 sec in race 1 and 10 min
    individual fastest laps with 9 people setting fastest                40 sec in race 2 for a total of 13 laps (7 in race 1 and
    time before the session finished. Winton more than                   6 in race 2).
    doubled that figure to 20!
                                                                    •    Due to Compulsory Pit Stops, the races this year have
•   Pole time at 5 rounds have so far been under the                     seen a total of 29 different drivers lead a Shell
    existing lap record - Phillip Island, Adelaide, Eastern              Championship Race at one stage or another. Amongst
    Creek, Hidden Valley and Barbagallo. However,                        these have been Tratt (1 lap) Ashby (2), Weel (4) and
    converting these pole positions into wins and fastest                Reed (5).
    laps has been a little more lop sided.
                                                                    •    In all 76 drivers have so far scored points in the 2001
•   Over 10 rounds, and 23 individual races, a scheduled                 Shell Championship Series - although many have only
    distance of 871 laps have so far been run - however,                 competed in one event (as a c0-driver) they have still
    because of red flags in two consecutive races                        been awarded points. In addition, numerous Konica
    (Queensland 500 and Race 1 at Winton) only 862 laps                  Series drivers have also earned points in this years
    have been raced - 99% of the scheduled distance - this               series due to their inclusion in the Enduro events.
    is equivalent to 2,739 km of racing.
                                                                    AND WHAT ABOUT BATHURST?
•   An average of 32 cars have started each race - the
    lowest being 29 at both Hidden Valley (Race 4) and
                                                                    •    There were a total of 26 lead changes during the
    Oran park (Race 2) however, an average of only 27 has
                                                                         Bathurst 1000 race with 10 vehicles sharing the lead
    finished each race - the Queensland 500 only having
                                                                         during the race
    20 finishers still running at the flag.
                                                                    •    The longest single stretch in the lead was No 1 -
•   20 hours 26 min 2 seconds of racing has taken place
                                                                         Skaife/Longhurst for the final 26 laps.
    with the largest winning margin being 12.7205 at
    Barbagallo (Race 1) and 0.1465 being the smallest
                                                                    •    25 Vehicles set successive fastest laps during the race
    margin first to second at Calder Park (Race 3).
                                                                         with a total of 24 cars setting a fastest lap under the
                                                                         previous lap record.
        For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                        or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                          The President’s Notebook
                                                                                           Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 26

•    John Bowe finally lowering the 4 year old record to a
     2:`10.2011 on lap 59 - this is equivalent to an average                          FUTURE EVENTS
     speed of 171.8 km/h around the Mt Panorama track.

•    There were 8 safety car periods for a total of 52 laps
                                                                      The new TASMANIA CLASSICS
     covering 2 Hrs 26 Min 10 Sec of the race.                        Grand touring rallies on the finest tarmac rally
                                                                                    roads in the world
                                                                      Club member John Hamilton is well known to many in the
                                                                      club for his exploits in his Mini Cooper and of course the
           2002 V8 SUPERCAR CALENDAR                                  Hillman Hunter. John successfully completed both the
Round      Date            Event                   Location           1993 and 2000 London-Sydney Marathons and is a well
                                                                      known competitor in classic rallies in Australia. Apart from
Special    Mar 1-3         Australian Grand        Melbourne, Vic     his rally expertise John is also an expert tour organiser and
Event                      Prix
                                                                      has put together a variety of different tours of Tasmania for
1          Mar 15 - 17     Clipsal 500             Adelaide, SA       many interest groups. Earlier this year he began to offer
                                                                      touring rallies to various clubs and groups with an interest
2          Apr 12 - 14     Phillip Island          Phillip Island,    in Tasmania. In fact he has also linked with Baskerville
                                                                      and Symmons Plains so he can offer track days as well for
3          Apr 26 - 28     Eastern Creek           Sydney, NSW        clubs if they wish to bring over a contingent. For driver
                                                                      training he can organise John Bowe and his advanced
4          May 17 - 19     Hidden Valley           Darwin, NT         driving team. Given the interest in Tasmania of late, I
5          Jun 7 - 9       GMC 400                 Canberra, ACT
                                                                      thought this recent Media Release of John’s activities may
                                                                      also be of interest.
6          Jun 28 - 30     Barbagallo              Perth, WA

7          Jul 26 - 28     Oran Park               Sydney, NSW
                                                                      The new TASMANIA CLASSICS - The Events
8          Aug 16 - 18     Winton                  Benalla, Vic       The Tasmania Classics is a new series of themed touring
                                                                      rallies. These include a challenging Drivers' Classic, a
9          Sept 13 -       Queensland 500          Willowbank, Qld
           15                                                         Vintage Classic and a Food and Wine Adventure.
                                                                      Participants use their own cars or they can rent suitable
10         Oct 10 - 13     V8 Supercar 1000        Bathurst, NSW      vehicles in Tasmania.
11         Nov 8 - 10      NZ V8 International     Auckland, NZ
                                                                      Organiser, John Hamilton's plan is for a number of small
12         Nov 29 -        The V8 Ultimate         Melbourne, Vic     events which can be tailored to suit a wide range of
           Dec 1           Sandown                                    motoring enthusiasts rather than one or two larger events.
                                                                      The inaugural Tasmania Classic event, held in early June,
Note:      Race formats and the new points system will be
           launched in December 2001                                  was described as "very, very professional" and "a great
                                                                      event". Now there are more.

                                                                      The courses
                                                                      As a fifth generation Tasmanian John Hamilton uses
                                                                      extensive local knowledge to select the most interesting
                                                                      and, at times, challenging courses, not only over some of
                                                                      the best known rally stages and but also on classic side
                                                                      roads where it literally is possible to travel 100 km without
                                                                      seeing another car.

                                                                      Many of these roads have never before been used for any
                                                                      motoring events.

                                                                      The organisers
                                                                      As the only accredited tourism operators* offering touring
                                                                      rallies around Tasmania and as an experienced marathon
                                                                      rally driver John Hamilton is ideally placed to run the finest
                                                                      quality motoring adventures.

                                                                      John's tour company, which is fully accredited by the
                                                                      Tourism Council of Tasmania 2001, simply called
                                                                      Hamilton's, offers "civilised adventures for discerning
                                                                      travellers", specialising in top end private touring around

          For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                          or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 27

Tasmania for the competitive international market. This              As usual Tony Wright has been his usual hyper-active self
often means staying away from tourist routes and                     over the past few months and a lot is happening in Natone.
discovering the best little by-ways and out of the way gems.         Amongst the key developments are:
Selecting the finest wineries and restaurants is of the
utmost importance, a task which befalls John's wife                  New Website
Caroline, who has a Diploma from Leith's School of Food
and Wine in London.                                                  A boon for those interested in this event is the creation of
                                                                     a dedicated web site. You can access the site at:
New touring rallies for Tasmania, Calendar                  and keep yourself up with all
2001- 2002                                                           the latest developments.

•   November 2001 - Food and Wine Classic                            New Sponsor
    6 days, 10 wineries, six great restaurants, oyster and
    cheese farms, 1,500 km, concourse day                            With the demise of ComputerLand and Lactos as key
                                                                     sponsors, Tony has announced that Brambles Shipping will
•   February 2002 - Grand Summer Classic for grand                   become the major sponsor of Rally Tasmania and the
    marques                                                          Heritage Rally in 2002. Other sponsors include Fuchs and
    6, 8 or 12 days around the island, 1,500 to 3,000 km,            the City of Burnie.
    Cradle Mountain, Freycinet, Gordon River wilderness,
    leisurely touring, loads of sightseeing time                     Jim Richards to Compete
•   March 2002 - The Drivers' Classic                                There have been many competitors wonder how the ‘King
    6 days, 2,500 km, long days on the most challenging              of Tasmanian Roads’ Jim Richards would fare in Rally
    roads we can find, track day at Baskerville or Symmons           Tasmania. The answer is they will know soon as the Targa
    Plains                                                           pairing of Jim Richards and co-Driver Barry Oliver will be
                                                                     entering the event for the first time.       Based on his
•   April 2002 - Vintage Classic                                     performances at Targa one would expect Richards to start
    6 days, wineries and stately homes, concourse                    a fairly heavily back favourite, but he won’t have it all his
                                                                     own way. Tony Quinn, Ray Lintott, Max Warwick will give
•   May / June 2002 - Euro Classic for sporting and                  him a contest as will more specialist rally drivers Miles
    touring cars                                                     Sandy, Graham Alexander. If Andrew Mediecke can keep
    6 days, 1,500 km, stunning roads, great food and                 the Chrysler Viper GT3 in good condition he will of course
    wine plus a touch of colonial history                            not only be at the sharp end but give the Tasmanian
                                                                     spectators something awesome to look at as well. It should
•   September 2002 - Uncle Sam Classic for Detroit                   be a great event.
    6 days, 1,500 km, country pubs, bush barbecues,                  Classic Competition
    "chrome concourse"!
                                                                     The Heritage Rally is also shaping up as a bit of a shootout
For further information you can contact John at Hamilton's           as well. I note that both Andrew Cavalli and club member
- Civilised Adventures for Discerning Travellers, Office:            Peter Kyriakidis have yet to enter the event so competition
Brooklands, Taranna, Tasmania, Australia 7180 e-mail:                at the sharp end amongst the Escorts may be a bit Phone: (03) 6250 3230 Fax                    threadbare. On the other hand club members Jeff
(03) 6250 3406                                                       Beaumont in the Porsche 911 and Ian Swan who seems to
                                                                     have the Mustang going well should be contenders in this

                                                                     Maranello Magic Parade
                                                                     As mentioned in the last issue of this newsletter a parade,
                                                                     similar to the Tour in Classic Adelaide will be introduced
                                                                     this year. Of the 14 entries received for this section all but
                                                                     one are Ferraris (as intended) but club member Robert
Rally Tasmania/Heritage Rally                                        Molnar will give his Maserati 3200GT an outing making it
              February 15 to 17, 2002                                the first to appear in an event of this type. Of the 14
                                                                     entries in the Maranello Magic Parade, 5 are members of
                                                                     the Maserati Club.
The Supplementary Regulations and details of the course
for Rally Tasmania will be available in the next few weeks.
In the meantime however it is highly likely that the event           Club Member Participation
will be sold out, with a list of reserves hoping that someone
will drop out.                                                       As at October 3, 2001 a total of 117 entries had been
                                                                     received for the event plus a further 14, as noted, for the

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 28

Maranello Magic Parade.                                     . A limit of 200 vehicles has been
                                                                     placed on the event.
Rally Tasmania entries at this date stood at 69 with 13 of
these being Maserati Club members. The Heritage Rally at             For further information you can e-mail:
the same date had 48 entries, 10 of which were club         If you are not on the net, then
members.                                                             contact Octagon Worldwide at Suite 16, 663 Victoria Street,
                                                                     Abbotsford, Vic., 3067. Phone: (03) 9427 9655 Fax: (03)
If you are interested in participating in either Rally               9429 1591
Tasmania or the Heritage Rally then you shouldn’t hold
back.      An Entry Reservation Form for Rally                       For your interest we have reproduced here the recent
Tasmania/Heritage Rally is available via the Quick Access            Media Releases which outline what you can expect from
page on the club website at: and of              the 2002 Grand Prix Rally.
course from the new event website at:                                             NEW-LOOK GRAND PRIX RALLY HEADS
For further information concerning the event contact Tony            EAST
Wright at Rally Tasmania Promotions, 25 Upper Natone                 August 29, 2001
Road, Natone, TAS 7321 Phone: (03) 6436 2333 or e-mail:

              Grand Prix Rally
     A new direction for an old event
              February 23 to 27, 2002
No doubt some will argue that the Grand Prix Rally has
progressively gone down hill since that last and most
memorable event to the AGP in Adelaide in 1995. Whilst
for many the GP Rally was a convenient and interesting way
to get to Adelaide, for many more it was an interesting
motor sport event that provided the opportunity to visit
some great and seldom visited motor sport venues such as
Collingrove and Mallala. In 2000, Octagon Motorsports got
into the driver’s seat and despite the limited time available
under the direction of the new Clerk of Course Tom Snooks,
                                                                     Australia’s most successful touring road event – the annual
some major changes were made to the structure of the
                                                                     Trading Post Grand Prix Rally – will make a major break
event (eg a Modern and Classic Competition and Limited
                                                                     with tradition and take a new route to the 2002 Foster’s
Modified and Modified categories introduced) combined
                                                                     Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park. A new-look Grand
with modifications to the navigation and variations to the
                                                                     Prix Rally which will bring significant benefits to Eastern
route. Notwithstanding these changes the event still
                                                                     Victoria, will be one of the major events leading up to the
focused heavily on central Victoria and the use of familiar
                                                                     2002 Fosters Australian F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne.
venues such as DECA and Winton.
                                                                     While again starting in Shepparton, the five-day rally for the
With a full year to reflect on the changes the GP Rally has
                                                                     first time will take around 200 Classic and Modern sporting
embarked on a significant change in direction. Not only
                                                                     cars ‘over the top’ to Melbourne via the Victorian Alps and
has the route been dramatically altered, but some new and
                                                                     Gippsland. Scheduled to run from February 23-27, the
exciting venues have been added to the event whilst
                                                                     Rally will travel via Wangaratta, Milawa, Swifts Creek,
retaining the familiar venues of DECA and Winton. The
                                                                     Bairnsdale, Sale and Leongatha, with overnight stops in
combination adds up to an exciting new event which will no
                                                                     Shepparton, Bright, Lakes Entrance, Traralgon and Cowes.
doubt be successful in raising the level of interest in the
event and attracting a whole raft of new and past
                                                                     Following its support of the 2001 event, The Melbourne
                                                                     Trading Post has returned to become the event’s naming
                                                                     sponsor for a further two years, while BMW will again
The entry fee for the 2002 GP Rally is $3,000 including
                                                                     provide the Rally’s official vehicles for the fourth successive
GST. Entry Forms and Supplementary Regulations can be
found on the rally website at or from
the ‘Quick Access’ page of the club website at
                                                                     The new 1200km course laid out by Clerk of Course Tom

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 29

Snooks is the second major route change in the Rally’s 15-           time, will be widely welcomed by competitors and Eastern
year history and is an initiative of new organiser Octagon           Victorians alike.”
Motorsports, supported by the Australian Grand Prix
Corporation and Tourism Victoria.                                    TRADING POST RETURNS TO SPONSOR
Closed road sections in North-Eastern Victoria and in the            GRAND PRIX RALLY
High Country, a night navigation stage in the Traralgon area         August 29, 2001
and closed street driving tests in two major Gippsland cities
are among the many new events proposed for the 2002                  The Melbourne Trading Post has exercised its option to
Trading Post Grand Prix Rally.                                       take up the naming sponsorship of the Grand Prix Rally for
                                                                     a further two years. The decision follows the unqualified
Enthusiasts will also be able to unleash their valuable cars         success of this year’s Rally, which attracted more than 150
in safety at a number of dedicated venues, including                 entries despite a late change of both organiser and
Winton Raceway near Benalla, the Phillip Island Grand Prix           previous sponsor late last year.
Circuit and Holden’s Lang Lang Proving Ground.
                                                                     Meanwhile BMW Australia will supply the Rally’s official
As has become a tradition in the previous 14 Grand Prix              vehicles and support major media entries for the fourth
Rallies, the road to the Grand Prix will be punctuated with          successive year, mirroring its naming sponsorship of the
navigation challenges for drivers and co-drivers. However,           annual Celebrity Challenge at the Australian Grand Prix.
in a major change of format, the previous Opening Night
Navigation test has been rescheduled to the third night of           The 2001 Trading Post Grand Prix Rally broke the event’s
the Rally in the Traralgon-Maffra area. A closed street              then 13-year-old mould with separate competitions for
driving test is proposed for the centre of Traralgon as a            Classic (pre-1982) and Modern Competitions for the first
prelude to the navigation test, with a further test planned          time. The 2002 Trading Post Grand Prix Rally will build on
later that night in the Maffra area.                                 this move with separate sub-categories for ‘standard’
                                                                     (Limited Modification Specification - LMS) and Modified
The 2002 Trading Post Rally will build to a climax as                Specification (MS) cars, with extended engine capacity
entrants approach Melbourne, with speed events at the                classes to provide a more level playing field.
Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit, driving tests at Lang Lang
and further tests near the Melbourne CBD before a very               Director of The Melbourne Trading Post, Rob Reeves, said
public finish on the Wednesday afternoon before the                  the organisation was delighted with the exposure and
Foster’s Australian Formula One Grand Prix at Albert Park            support from the motoring community it received from its
on February 28 to March 3.                                           founding sponsorship of this year’s Rally. “We are
                                                                     enthusiasts and our core business has always been in the
Trading Post Grand Prix Rally organiser, Octagon                     automotive market,” he said. “Most of the Rally entrants
Motorsports, has also fine-tuned the event’s competition             have been our customers at one time or another and they
and regulations to create a more level playing field for both        appreciate our involvement and the exposure it brings the
Classic Competition (pre-1982) and Modern Competition                event.”
                                                                     Rob Reeves and his fellow director Ian Halliday are
Two levels of modification will now be permitted within each         passionate motoring enthusiasts. While both drive current
category – Limited Modification Specification (LMS) and              model Porsches day to day, Rob is just completing the
Modified specification (MS) – ensuring that modified and             restoration of a 1958 Chevrolet Corvette roadster, while Ian
unmodified cars compete for separate trophies, while the             has an award-winning 1957 Porsche 356A coupe.
class structure based on engine capacity has been
broadened.                                                           GIPPSLAND’S ‘WHEEL’ STARS EYE
The General Manager of Octagon Motorsports, Craig                    GRAND PRIX RALLY
Fletcher, said the changes to the Rally route and                    August 29, 2001
regulations were “timely” and were the result of extensive
feedback from regular Rally competitors.                             Two of Australia’s most dynamic sports people hope to be
                                                                     among the 200 competitors in the 2002 Trading Post
“We identified the need for change when we took over the             Grand Prix Rally from February 23-27.
organisation of the Rally in October last year, but there was
not enough time to do a lot before the 2001 event,” he               Bathurst winner and Holden Racing Team driver Jason
said.                                                                Bright and Olympic Gold Medal-winning cyclist Kathy Watt
                                                                     both have vast, but very different, experience on wheels
“The Grand Prix Rally has a long and proud history as                which they will bring to the five-day Rally from Shepparton
Australia’s safest, most popular and best-run event of its           to Melbourne, via the Victorian Alps, Lakes Entrance, the
type and we have been very careful not to tinker with any            Latrobe Valley and Gippsland.
of the key ingredients of this formula. However times
change and entrants need new challenges. We believe                  Bright, 28, was born in Moe and is one of Australia’s most
that this exciting new route, which will bring this world-class      versatile drivers, with experience in open-wheelers,
event to North-Eastern Victoria and Gippsland for the first          sportscars and 800hp Champ cars. He won the Bathurst

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 30

1000 in 1998 and went on to compete overseas in 1999                 communities it passes through.
and 2000, returning to Australia this year to join the Holden
Racing Team. He currently lies second in the 2001 Shell              Add to that the intangible but obvious tourism benefits
Series pointscore to HRT team-mate Mark Skaife.                      generated by national exposure of the event through press,
                                                                     radio, television, internet and video coverage, plus word-of-
Warragul-born Kathy Watt created cycling history when she            mouth endorsement and the 2002 Trading Post Grand Prix
won the first-ever road race Gold Medal for Australia at the         Rally becomes a million-dollar prize for regional areas.
1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. She almost won double
‘Gold’ several days later in the women’s 3km Individual              Next year’s Rally will be the first time the event has visited
Pursuit, narrowly finishing second to take the Silver Medal.         Gippsland in its 14-year history. For its first eight years the
                                                                     Grand Prix Rally headed for the Australian Grand Prix in
While worlds apart in their ‘wheel’ lives, Jason and Kathy           Adelaide via Central and North-Western Victoria, while since
share a common interest in motorsport from different ends            1996 the route has been focussed on Central and South-
of a camera lens. As one of Australia’s most dynamic and             Western Victoria.
popular V8 Supercar drivers, Jason Bright in his racing
Commodore VX is one of the most photographed.                        The initiative for the new route has been taken by Octagon
                                                                     Motorsports with the full support of the Australian Grand
Kathy, now 38, is a ‘veteran’ of Celebrity Challenge races at        Prix Corporation and Tourism Victoria.
the Australian Grand Prix when the event was in Adelaide.
She now operates her own sports photography business                 “The Rally has the ability to showcase Victoria’s
‘Watt Shotz’ and has regularly photographed Jason at work            magnificent roads, scenery and dramatically different
on various circuits. She also runs her own Personal Training         topography to an Australia-wide and even an International
business in Melbourne outside photographic commitments.              Market,” said Octagon Motorsports General Manager, Craig
                                                                     Fletcher. “After more than a decade going largely in the
Jason and Kathy were attracted to the idea of competing in           same direction, we felt it was time for a change. There is
the Trading Post Grand Prix Rally because of the change in           obviously the potential for further changes in the future so
route for 2002, which will take the 1200km event through             that competitors can enjoy every part of Victoria.”
their home towns in the Latrobe Valley, Gippsland.
Traralgon will host the major evening of the Rally on
Monday, February 25, with all entrants taking part in a
driving test in Kay Street outside the Latrobe Council offices
before heading off on a demanding night navigation test in
the Latrobe Valley area.

“It would be great to take part in the Rally and stir up those
Porsches and BMWs – even if only for a couple of days,”
Jason said. “I know I have a lot of supporters in Gippsland
and it would be great to fly the Holden flag for them. I’m                         East Coast Classic
hoping to fit at least a couple of days of the event into my                           March 14 to 17, 2002
2002 Grand Prix schedule.”
                                                                     With a new Clerk of Course on board and a major piece of
NEW RALLY ROUTE A WINDFALL TO                                        advertising distributing a Registration Form via the recent
                                                                     CAMS newsletter, there shouldn’t be a CAMS licence holder
GIPPSLAND                                                            in the country who is now aware of this event. Entry Fees
August 29, 2001                                                      for the Competition or Marathon sections of the event are
                                                                     $3,450 including GST. To be eligible for Competition or
The new route for the 2002 Trading Post Grand Prix Rally,            Touring, vehicle must have been released for sale before
which will take more than 500 competitors, officials and             January 1, 1978. Up to 120 entries will be accepted. The
support personnel to the Foster’s Australian Grand Prix at           most recent newsletter released by the Event Organisers
Albert Park via Gippsland, represents a million-dollar               contains a message from the Clerk of Course and some
windfall to local communities.                                       notes about Road Closures. We have reproduced these
                                                                     sections for your interest.
Rally organiser Octagon Motorsports expects the event to
occupy 250-300 rooms on each of its five overnight stops             Road closure approvals
in Shepparton, Bright, Lakes Entrance, Traralgon and
Cowes, injecting over $200,000 alone into the Victorian
                                                                     There have been stories in the media recently about the
regional economy.
                                                                     new process being instigated by the NSW Police Service to
                                                                     approve motor sport events. ECC Pty Ltd has been closely
The combined spending by Rally participants on
                                                                     involved with all negotiations since the changes were first
accommodation, meals and personal expenses could be
                                                                     mentioned at the beginning of August.
worth over $100,000 to each host city. On top of that, the
200 Classic and Modern performance car entrants, officials
                                                                     Because of the high profile of the Drive Safely East Coast
and support staff, collectively will spend over $50,000 on
                                                                     Classic we were the first event to be advised of the
fuel during the event, which will be spread among the

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                          The President’s Notebook
                                                                                           Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 31

impending changes and we were instrumental in advising                East Coast Classic maintain their own web site at:
CAMS of the situation and writing to the NSW Police         
Commissioner expressing our concerns.

There was some concern at first that no speed events or
rallies would be held on sealed or dirt roads in New South
Wales unless there were concrete barricades along the
entire length of every special section. Since that initial
shock there have been letters, meetings and more
meetings which ECC Pty Ltd has been kept informed about.
The meetings are still going on and from them very soon
will emerge a new code of approvals which the NSW Police
Service will use for motor sport events and we are confident
that this will allow us to run our event.
                                                                                      Targa Tasmania
                                                                                         April 17 to 21, 2002
Wayne Kenny, working with the board of ECC Pty Ltd and
with his Sporting Committee, has already come up with                 Although it is still six months away, it appears there is
alternative possibilities for special stages but so far the only      plenty happening at Targa Tasmania. For your interest we
changes that have been made are to delete sections which              have provided the latest in Media Releases we have
were always considered too long and/or too fast.                      received. As at the time of writing this newsletter more
                                                                      than 240 entry applications had been received, pointing to
We will keep you informed on progress in arrangements                 a probable record total by the time the event gets
being worked on now between CAMS and the NSW Police                   underway.
Service. Rest assured the 2002 Drive Safely East Coast
Classic Rally will take place, there will be closed road              RICHARDS TO RACE HEAVIER
special sections and the will be two laps of Mount                    PORSCHE IN TARGA 2002
Panorama. At this stage we are looking at about 200
kilometres of special stages in a 1,000 kilometre event.
                                                                      THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18:

                                                                      Targa Tasmania's most successful driver, Jim Richards,
Message from the Clerk of Course -                                    today announced he would enter the 2002 tarmac rally in
Wayne Kenny                                                           the same Porsche 911 turbo which he drove to victory in
                                                                      this year's event. However, Richards said that his
The 2002 Drive Safely East Coast Classic is really taking             four-wheel-drive Porsche for the 43-stage rally from April
shape. The Deputy Clerk of Course Adrian Dudok and I                  17-21 would be 20kg heavier than in the 2001 rally
spent three very long days developing the course and                  because revised regulations prohibited the use of
stages for next year’s event. We have some old favourites             lightweight panels.
from previous years plu some new stages that will please
everyone. There are around 35 stages covering over 200                "This year we ran with a lightweight bonnet and windows
kilometres of special stages over 4 days.                             which we can't use next year, and it will push the Porsche's
                                                                      weight up to about 1,480kg," said Richards. "It will bring us
The Sporting Committee have made a very conscious effort              back to the field a little, but I think making the cars as
to make the event as compact as possible. However, it is              production-based as possible, apart from safety measures,
a long way from Sydney to Bathurst and the kilometres for             is a good move because it keeps the costs down for
liaison stages are bound to be significant.                           everyone."

We have secured the rights to hold stages on and around               The 54-year-old Melbourne-based New Zealander also
Mt Panorama at Bathurst. This is a significant achievement            confirmed that his co-driver in his 450-horsepower Porsche
as you will be able to complete two competitive laps around           next year would be Tasmanian Barry Oliver, continuing a
the most magnificent racing circuit in Australia. This                partnership that has produced a record five wins since the
opportunity is usually only available to participants in the          event's inception in 1992.
Bathurst 1000 event.
The event has undergone some significant changes over                 Richards believes Targa will be more difficult to win in 2002
the past three years and 2002 will be no exception. We                than previous years because of increasing manufacturer
have planned major improvements including the new start               entries and the eligibility of production-specification
at Sydney Olympic Park at Homebush Bay, new stages,                   four-wheel-drive Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi Evo models.
improved competitor and spectator safety and a new final
stage at Homebush Bay. I have completed the draft                     "In the last couple of years the number of manufacturer
Supplementary Regulations for the event. These will be                teams has jumped from two to seven, so it's getting
available for distribution with entry forms by the middle of          tougher with the levels of competition and car preparation
November.                                                             being raised at the pointy end of the field," he said.

For further information, contact the Event Director, John             "The Subarus and Mitsubishis are rally-bred cars, and even
Flower at the ECC Rally Office on (02) 9410 2411. The                 in production trim they're going to be as quick as my

          For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                          or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 32

Porsche if they get their top drivers and teams involved.            Hipkins and Mark Burns.
I'm looking forward to the extra competition, and it's good
for the event because it proves the manufacturers are now            If you are interested in participating in Targa Tasmania,
looking more and more at Targa as a way to show the                  2002 then contact the organisers
capabilities of their cars."
                                                                     Octagon Motorsports, 136 Davey Street, Hobart, Tasmania,
Richards, whose career achievements also include six                 7000
Bathurst 1000 wins and five Australian Touring Car                   PO Box 216, Sandy Bay, Tasmania, 7006
Championship titles, said Targa was his favourite                    Phone: (03) 6224 1512 Fax: (03) 6224 3454
motorsport event.                                                    e -mail:
                                                                     web site:
"It's the greatest single event in the land for the motorsport
enthusiast, whether you're a part-time competitor out there
to have some fun, or a professional driver," he said. "Every
day there are something like eight to 10 races on different
tracks and roads where you test yourself against the clock
and the conditions. There's nothing else like it in Australia."

Targa General Manager Rob McGuire said a total of 220
entries had already been received in four competitions û
Shannons Historic (for cars from 1900-46), Shannons
Touring Classic (1947-61), Classic (1947-81), and Modern
(1982-2002).                                                                      Targa New Zealand
                                                                                October 28 - November 2, 2002
McGuire said he was confident a record field would be
assembled for next year's event, bettering the previous              The 2001 Targa New Zealand has just been run. In the
highest entry list of 300 in 2000.                                   past it has tended to coincide with Classic Adelaide
                                                                     perhaps limiting its appeal to some. Nonetheless a number
Apart from Richards, another past outright winner entered            of Australians have competed in the event, including one or
is Port MacQuarie's Andrew Miedecke in a Dodge Viper,                two from this club. The New Zealander’s would like to see
while 2001 runner-up Tony Quinn will also return in a                more Australians competing in their event and are keen to
Porsche 911 turbo.                                                   encourage Australian participation. For our part we will
                                                                     include the TNZ entry forms etc on the club website when
TARGA TASMANIA NEWS BRIEFS                                           they become available. You might care to note that
                                                                     Channel 10 will be showing highlights of the event on
A total of 25 senior Targa Tasmania officials and organising         Sunday, December 30, 2001. In the meantime we have
committee members underwent Confederation of                         reproduced a recent media release from Mike Johns the
Australian Motorsport (CAMS) Grade 2 accreditation in                organiser of the event.
Hobart last Saturday and Sunday (October 13-14). Targa
Competitions Secretary Stuart Benson said the program                Great response from Australians to this
covered matters such as legal issues, risk management,               year’s Dunlop Tyres Targa New Zealand
critical incidents, learning theory, leadership,
communication, and teamwork. Compulsory accreditation                Targa New Zealand has a limit of 100 competing cars for
of officials will be introduced over the coming four years.          it’s October Tarmac Rally. Already the organisers have
                                                                     accepted 90 entries with a reasonable amount coming
John Large, who was inducted into the Targa Tasmania Hall            from Australian’s whom are making use of the discounted
of Fame this year, has been appointed to the Federation              entry of A$3000.00 including return shipping.
Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) Senate. He is the first
person from the Southern Hemisphere and only the second              Event Promoter Mike John has said that in order for the
non-European appointed to the Senate, which comprises                event to grow they need the Australians.
the FIA President and seven members. Large was one of
the founders of Targa and responsible for its initial growth.        “We have enough confirmed Australians to be on target
                                                                     with what we set out to achieve although I hasten to add
The all-Tasmanian team of Philip Nichols and Phillip Blake,          we would still like more! It’s been very interesting dealing
winners of the Shannons Touring Classic Competition in               with the Aussies, I like their frankness however like New
2000 in a 1958 Austin Healey Sprite is splitting up for next         Zealand you also have your fair share of egotists!”
year's Targa rally. Nichols will compete again in the Austin
Healey, while Blake will switch from navigator to driver to          When explaining about how the event runs with the
race a 1955 Fiat 600.                                                emphasis being on having fast fun rather than hailing ‘The
                                                                     Winners’ it has been surprising when dealing with some
The oldest vehicle among the 220 entries received for                would be competitors, thankfully in the minority, with the
Targa 2002 is a 1925 Vauxhall 30-98, to be raced in the              seriousness in which they take this end of the sport.
Shannons Historic Competition by Victorians Michael

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 33

To explain let me quote what leading N Z motoring editor,
Allan Walton, had to say of last year’s Dunlop Tyres Targa
NZ:                                                                                     Bits ‘N Pieces
“Targa NZ is an event for those imbued with the
competitive spirit - It is not designed for under-achievers,         •    Hats off to D’Arcy Russell and his continuing great
prognosticators, or those who give up too readily. And once               performances in Nations Cup in the Dodge Viper.
you’re actually on the event, whether you want to throw in                Changes made to the vehicle since the beginning of
the towel or not, you soon find that you just can’t throw it              the year have made the car a front-runner. It hasn’t
all away. In a sense, Targa has taken on some of the                      been easy though. Despite some great racing by
characteristics of the event Organiser- Mike John- tenacity               D’Arcy the car still seems plagued with problems that
is expected, whinging is not tolerated and fast driving is                robbed him of a podium place in the Sandown 500 and
encouraged. Targa NZ is probably the most unashamedly                     problems at the Gold Coast Indy meeting at which he
non-PC (politically correct) event you’ll ever find!”                     made a promising showing in Race 1. With D’Arcy’s
                                                                          continued perseverance, no doubt good results are not
So bearing that in mind when we get Australians saying                    far away.
they won’t come because the event is not ‘pace noted’ and
the ‘locals’ would have a better chance of ‘winning’ and
even after explaining the way our system works which is as           •    Grant Kilvington sends me lots of amusing e-mails -
safe as you can get ,we feel they are missing the reason                  this one is fit to print however:
why you tackle this sort of event.
                                                                          Q: What's the definition of bad luck?
Lets face it the majority are amateurs, we don’t want them
hurling themselves over blind brows trying to kill them                   A: Sitting in Afghanistan holding your return ticket
selves because their ego tells them they are better than                     with Ansett, your travel insurance through HIH,
their brain is trying to tell them! Far better to drive it as                trying to call out on your One.Tel mobile and the
you see it.                                                                  only transport you can afford is a boat trip via
Locals have a better chance? The majority of roads we use
are changed each year and are not roads ordinarily used as
commuter roads. But still that misses the point Targa NZ             •    The HRA’s Alpine Rally, scheduled for November 17,
is an event where you can go as fast as you like in company               2001 seems to have hit a few hiccups when Hancock’s
with similar performance drivers and cars, we don’t ‘seed’                plantations, the group responsible for the majority of
cars on cc rating. Australians will be competing for the                  pine plantations in Victoria banned the use of their
‘Digger’ trophy awarded to the highest Australian finisher in             roads for competitive rallies, causing the cancellation
class as well as the various other trophies all competitors               of a round of the VRC and removing one third from
are competing for.                                                        Saturday and two thirds from the proposed route.
                                                                          Undaunted Stuart Lister has rerouted the event past
Most are happy to compete for the Targa Trophy awarded                    the banned area and still managed to use roads used
for finishing all Stages under the maximum time. So to                    in previous Alpines. The event looks as if it will be a
those that don’t want to come because of ‘no pace notes’                  great success with 80 entries and more than 500
or what ever other excuse they can come up with this is not               planning to be at the ‘nostalgia night’ on the Saturday
the event for you. Your ego’s would stop you from having                  night of the event.

If you want to join us next year, the dates for 2002 are             •    The Geelong Speed Trials were originally scheduled to
October 28th to Nov 2nd, Starting from Auckland and                       take place once again on November 24 and 25 this
finishing in Wellington taking in all the North Island race               year.    Due to difficulties associated with the
circuits. The entry fee includes Trans Tasman shipping.                   redevelopment of the area this year’s event was
                                                                          cancelled. However a “Geelong Sprints Get Together”
Channel 10 will be showing the 2001 Dunlop Targa NZ on                    is planned for Sunday, November 18, 2001. The get
Dec 30th.                                                                 together is planned as a ‘fun’ day and a demonstration
                                                                          of support for the Geelong Speed Trials. The day will
For more information contact: Mike Johns at Dunlop Tyres                  include car displays, demonstration of FTD machines
Targa NZ, email; Fax; 0011 649 298                       and other significant vehicles including an 1886 Benz.
8322, Phone; 0011 649 298 8266.                                           Craig Lowndes will award trophies to the best
                                                                          presented cars and motorcycles driven to the venue.
                                                                          Free sausage sizzle, tea and coffee will be provided to
                                                                          participants. Ford Discovery Centre will be offering
                                                                          special deals on the day. If you plan to be in or near
                                                                          Geelong, support the event to ensure the Geelong
                                                                          Speed Trials continue. The planned date for next
                                                                          year’s event in November 23 & 24, 2002.

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                        The President’s Notebook
                                                                                         Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 34

•   Another new event in the style of the Melbourne Mille                event will grow towards being the Goodwood and
    and the Great Southern Classic is scheduled to get                   Pebble Beach of the Southern Hemisphere. It is the
    underway in Adelaide on November 26, 2001. The                       aim of the Fox Museum to encourage international
    event, known as the ‘Great Ocean Road Rally’ is                      collectors to come to Melbourne with their cars and
    organised by Victorian Rally Services and is supported               take part in the Docklands event which is 2 weeks
    by the SA Tourism Commission, Tourism Victoria,                      before the Melbourne Grand Prix and one week before
    regional tourism authorities and Shannons. The event                 the Phillip Island Historic’s”.
    is styled as a classic touring car rally over 1200
    kilometres and a six day period. According to the
    club’s representative at the official briefing for the          •    If you are wondering where you are going to watch the
    event, cost per entry will be $3600 which includes                   AGP from next year then you might be interested in
    accommodation and breakfast. For further information                 enjoying the event from Glenn Coad Racing’s
    contact Victorian Rally Services on (03) 9739 7388 or                corporate facility on Turn 4. Generally regarded as
    visit      the     event        web       site    at:                the best facility on the circuit Glenn’s facility is also                                       home for one or two of the F1 teams. Cost this year is
                                                                         $2,640 including GST, but with the high level of repeat
                                                                         business Glenn receives you should do something
•   Motorex 01 Melbourne is scheduled to occur at the                    about reserving your place now if you are interested.
    Docklands on December 1 and 2, 2001. It follows on                   You can contact Glenn on (03) 9867 6200 or if you
    from what was a successful event first staged in                     require further information check out the Glenn Coad
    Sydney earlier this year. The event, which is sponsored              Racing website at:
    by Unique Cars, Australian Motorcycle, BP and
    Shannons is claimed to be ‘like no other public motor
    show’. To quote the organisers, “It is a two-day                •    Looking further down the track, the RACV intends to
    exhibition bringing together motoring clubs and other                keep those with cars 25 years or older busy with the
    enthusiasts from across Melbourne & Victoria with                    conduct of the ‘Fly the Flag Tour, 2002'. This event
    their cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles, racing,                 which is a touring assembly will commence on April 20
    rally, special interest vehicles, street machines,                   and run over 7 days to April 26, 2002. Starting in
    veteran and vintage. There will be static displays                   Melbourne the event heads to Warrnambool, then
    giving the chance for club to showcase their wonderful               Ballarat, Cobram, Albury Wodonga, Bairnsdale and
    vehicles while being able to talk with an expected big               finally to Inverloch. For further information contact
    public crowd of motoring enthusiasts.” The event will                Frank Douglas on (03) 8704 2533.
    be a combined indoor and outdoor event with most of
    the vehicle displays indoors. Motorex 01 Melbourne is
    supported by the AOMC. The Prancing Horse Racing
    Team, the Ferrari Club and the Mustang Club have
    taken stands. The Maserati Club of Australia has no
    plans to have a presence at the event.

•   The RACV intends to hold its ‘Great Australian Rally’
    again early next year. The event is scheduled for
    Sunday, January 20, 2002. The club will provide
    further details in the next newsletter, but if you are
    really keen, then call Frank Douglas the Rally Organiser
    on (03) 9739 4829 for further details or an entry form.

•   With the support of the VHRR the Fox Museum in
    conjunction with the Docklands Authority and Colonial
    Stadium are planning a ‘Docklands Speed Festival’ to
    take place in the Docklands Precinct on February 16
    and 17, 2002. Brian Tanti from the Fox Car Collection
    says, “..we are planning to resurrect the speed trials
    that were held in the Geelong East Beach area. As
    part of the heritage of the Docklands we would like to
    theme the event, give the cars an historical and social
    context and encourage the public and car owners to
    dress in period costume. We are working closely with
    the BIA to take advantage of Victoria Harbour so period
    boats can compete together with some of the more
    modern formula’s. An airshow component is being
    planned, therefore the festival will encompass all
    aspects of horsepower and speed. It is my belief this

        For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                        or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 35

      Club Track Days in 2002                                                 Victorian Motor Racing
Obtaining a date for a club track day in 2002 is likely to be                     Championship
a more difficult task than it has been this year. The                             Confirmed Calendar for 2002
reasons are twofold:
                                                                     There will be six rounds in the VMRC in 2002, the same as
•   first the increase in national events and major race             in 2001, according to the calendar which we obtained
    series that seem to have taken off this year, crowding           today. Details of the Venues, Dates and Organising Clubs
    the calendar, and                                                are shown in the table below

•   the closure of Sandown for renovations between March
                                                                       Date                    Venue              Organising Club
    1, 2002 and August 31, 2002 making the track
    unavailable for motor sport purposes.                              April 20 - 21           Calder             MSCA
Notwithstanding these difficulties the club has secured four           May 18 - 19             Sandown            MGCC
dates for next year which you might care to mark in your
calendar.                                                              June 8 - 9              Phillip Island     PIARC

                                                                       July 20 - 21            Sandown            Combined
 Friday                   Annual Club Practice Day -
 January 18,2002          Phillip Island                               September 7 - 8         Phillip Island     Mini CC
                          Restricted to 36 financial
                          members of the club. A great                 October 19 - 20         Calder             ASSA
                          private practice opportunity at
                          modest cost.                               Whilst Sandown will be closed for use by Clubs for Club
                                                                     Track Days, we have been advised that the circuit will be
 Saturday                 Grand Prix Track Day - Phillip             made available for the VMRC rounds.
 March 9, 2002            Island
                          Usually held at Sandown, but
                          due to the track closure will be
                          at Phillip Island. Open to                                    Can you help?
                          members of invited clubs

 Sunday                   Winter Track Day - Winton                  The success and safety of Club Track Days depends on our
 June 16, 2002            A bit earlier next year due to a           ability to provide officials to assist in the administration and
                          ProCar round the following                 operation of these days.
                          weekend. Open to members of
                          invited clubs. We have                     Whilst the Club can usually find sufficient qualified to assist
                          organised for the Ferrari Club to          with the Scrutineering, Administration and Pit Marshall
                          once again run their day on the            roles, we consistently have trouble in finding people who
                          Saturday (ie June 15)                      are prepared to put in time as Flag Marshalls.
 Saturday & Sunday        MSCA Winton 6 Hour - Winton
                                                                     It does not need to be emphasised that the safety of our
 August ???               Dates yet to be confirmed.
                                                                     Club Track Days is highly dependent on the persons who fill
 Sunday                   Annual Spring Track Day -                  this important role. If you can help, or know someone else
 October 27,2002          Sandown                                    who may be able to, then please contact Jim Reark on (03)
                          A bit later next year to avoid             9583 7675 and we will keep the details of the persons
                          conflicts with other events                concerned for future Track Days.

                                                                     Whilst the Club can not afford to pay for Flag Marshalls, we
                                                                     certainly do provide lunch and refreshments throughout the
The Supplementary Regulations and the Official Entry form            day and at the end of the event.
for each of these events will be provided in this newsletter
prior to each event. They will also be available via the
‘Download’ or ‘Quick Access’ pages from the Club website.

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website
                                                                                                         The President’s Notebook
                                                                                          Wednesday, October 31, 2001, page no 36

   Election of Club Committee                                                           New Members
             for 2002                                                The Club is pleased to welcome 18 new members since
                                                                     August, 2001.
Nominations for positions on the Club Committee closed
with the last mail received after October 31, 2001.                     Avramides, Tony                 PORT MELBOURNE VIC
Nominations were received for the following positions:
                                                                        Chan, Tony                      SPRINGVALE VIC
                                                                        Chiong, Allan                   DONCASTER EAST VIC
 Position                   Person Nominated
                                                                        Ciocca, John                    ROSANNA VIC
 President                  Jim Reark                                   Darwin, David                   MT ROWAN VIC
                                                                        Headley, Warren                 PORT HEDLAND WA
 Vice-President             Carol Williams
                                                                        Klauer, Ray                     LOS ANGELES CA USA
 Secretary                  Tracey Williams                             Mc Grath, Andrew                VERMONT VIC
 Treasurer                  Andrew Gregory                              Rhodes, Daniel                  LOS ANGELES CA USA
                                                                        Sanderson, James                BLACK ROCK VIC
 Committee                  Greg Aimers                                 Shilton, Christopher            COLDSTREAM VIC
 Committee                  Peter Eames                                 Smith, Clive                    TOORAK VIC
                                                                        Wignall, David                  YASS NSW
 Committee                  Colin Goundrey
                                                                        Wong, Terry                     NUNAWADING VIC
 Committee                  Jack Klaver                                 Wong, P Y                       SELANGOR MALAYSIA
                                                                        Yamaguchi, Katsutoshi           HYOGO JAPAN
 Committee                  Andrew Ogg
                                                                        Zhou, Chen Chen                 MELBOURNE VIC
 Committee                  Tom Snooks                                  Zuehlsdorff, Jarrod             FERNTREE GULLY VIC
 Past President             John Aust
                                                                     On behalf of the Committee and members we welcome you
                                                                     to the Club and look forward to seeing you at Club events.
As all nominations were unopposed, those nominated, in
accordance with Rule 23 of the Club Rules, are deemed to
be elected and will take office upon the conclusion of the                          2001 Committee
Annual General Meeting to be held early in the new year.
                                                                             Maserati Club of Australia, Inc.
John Hardy, who is presently a member of the 2001                                  PO Box 6058 CROMER VIC 3193
Committee determined not to seek re-election due to his
relocation to Beechworth. As has been noted elsewhere in             Contact numbers for members of the 2001 Committee are:
this newsletter, John will continue to assist the Committee
and in fact has already started preliminary planning for the           Position             Person                  Phone
Club Weekend Away next May.
                                                                       President            Jim Reark               9583 7675
Three new members join the Committee: Jack Klaver,                     Vice-President       Carol Williams          9427 8400 BH
Andrew Ogg and Tom Snooks. Each of the new Committee                   Treasurer            Andrew Gregory          9807 1990
members brings considerable experience in various facets
of motor sport at Club, State, National and International              Secretary            Tracey Williams         9745 2700
level, which will be of benefit to the Committee and to the            Committee            Greg Aimers             9521 9858
advantage of the Club.
                                                                       Committee            Peter Eames             9874 6223
In line with the changes to the Club Rules in October, 2000            Committee            Colin Goundrey          5988 0835
the Club now has a full complement of members on the
                                                                       Committee            John Hardy              9387 8229
Committee as provided for in Rules 21 and 22.
                                                                       Past President       John Aust               9836 2495

                                                                     The Committee meets on the first Monday of every month (other
                                                                     than public holidays, when it’s the 2nd Monday) at 6.30 pm at
                                                                     Bells Hotel & Brewery at 157 Moray Street, South Melbourne.
                                                                     Any member is welcome to attend. The next meeting is
                                                                     scheduled for Monday, November 12, 2001

         For further information contact: Jim Reark, President, Maserati Club of Australia, Inc. PO Box 6058, CROMER, VIC, 3193
                         or email to: or visit the Club’s website

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