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									                                                                                                       University of Vermont
                                                                                                 RECRUITMENT/APPOINTMENT FORM
                                                                                See "Instructions" tab below for definitions, instructions, and help with top buttons
                                                                                             DO NOT use if the position's salary is less than $3,000
                                                                                                                    TYPE OF ACTION
(1) Check ONLY ONE:                                      (2a) Check ONLY ONE type of FACULTY action:                               OR            (2b) Check ONLY ONE type of STAFF action:

                        —OR—                                             —OR—                                                                                           —OR—
                                                                                                                                                              Appointment - Staff (check one):
                                                           Appointment - Faculty (check one):

                                                                                                          GENERAL POSITION INFORMATION
HCM BUSINESS UNIT #                  HCM BUSINESS UNIT DESCRIPTION                                                                 HCM DEPARTMENT DESCRIPTION                                                                        HCM DEPT #

             POSN #                                 POSITION TITLE (SYSTEM TITLE)                                     WORKING TITLE                            FY of Appointment     Anticipated Start Date          Reports To Position #

                          STAFF HIRING BAND                                                                                                   TERM OF APPOINTMENT
  FACULTY SALARY                                                                    TERM                                                                                                                                STAFF PAY TYPE
                          (Choose from drop-down list)             FTE
     MINIMUM                                                                      (months)                                                                                                                            (Choose from drop-down list)
                           Job standards online                                                                     Term Beginning Date                                     Term Ending Date

            SOURCE                       Combo Code                                                                 Combo Code                                                                   Combo Code

               OF                         Percentage:                                      %                         Percentage:                                               %                  Percentage:                                        %
         DISTRIBUTION:                   OR Amount:                                                                 OR Amount:                                                                   OR Amount:

                                                                                REPLACEMENT (INCUMBENT) INFORMATION (Complete each box if this is a replacement)
             POSN #                  NAME OF PERSON REPLACED                                                                       TITLE

       TERMINATING DATE                                  SABBATICAL/LEAVE DATES                         TRANSFER DATE                      CURRENT FTE                CURRENT TERM                       CURRENT INCUMBENT SALARY

                                                                                  POSITION ALLOWANCE MODEL (PAM) to be completed by BUSINESS UNIT MANAGER
If a PCO is required, attach to email. (PCO is required when fte, term or benefits eligibility changes)
*Refer to Instructions for a listing of the PAM Funding Commitment FTE types on 'Instructions' tab of this workbook.
   MODEL (PAM)         % OF FTE           Term                   Job Code                               Funding Dept #                                                               Budget Position Salary


POSITION                                       PAM Funding                                       PAM Funding                                                        PAM Funding                                   PAM Funding
(PAM)                  % OF FTE             Fund                  ST / LT         % OF FTE                   Fund                    ST / LT       % OF FTE          Fund            ST / LT      % OF FTE         Fund                Source



                                                                             SPECIFICS FOR JOB POSTING AND ADVERTISING - OR - JUSTIFICATION FOR APPOINTMENT

Recruiting/ Appointing Supervisor                                                                                              Email Address                                                                    Telephone #               Fax #

Recruiting/Appointing Contact                                                                                                      Email Address                                                                Telephone #               Fax #

SEARCH COMMITTEE CHAIR                                                                                                             Email Address                                                                Telephone #               Fax #

DEPARTMENT CHAIR/DIRECTOR                                                                                    DATE           AFFIRMATIVE ACTION/EQUAL OPPORTUNITY                                                               DATE

DEAN/TARGET DIRECTOR                                                                                         DATE                   PROVOST                                                                                    DATE

   Job Class Code      EEO Code          Job Group             Census Code             Under-utilized           Union Code                                                                     FAB

TYPE OF ACTION                                           COMPLETING A RECRUITMENT/APPOINTMENT FORM
First check whether you are Creating a New Position or Filling an Existing Position. Then check the appropriate Faculty or Staff action.
Staff Appointments:
Promotion                  A promotion is a re-assignment of an individual to a position at a higher level of responsibility in the academic or administrative unit
                           in which the individually is currently employed.
Opportunity Hire           An opportunity hire occurs when someone is hired for a compelling reason that is in the best interest of the University.
Prior Pool                 A hiring official may seek approval to hire from a previously developed pool of applicants if the vacant position is the same or
                           substantially similar to the one previously advertised and if the posting was closed for less than three months.
Temporary Appointment
                           A temporary appointment occurs in response to a short-term institutional need. A recruitment must be conducted at such time as
                           the University is prepared to fill the position on a permanent basis. Temporary appointments may not exceed 24 months.
Faculty Appointments
Opportunity Hire           Occurs when someone is appointed (without a formal recruitment search) for a compelling reason that is in the best interests of
                           the University. This is typically used for, but not necessarily limited to, non-tenure track positions.
Temporary Appointment Occurs in response to a short-term institutional need. A recruitment must be conducted at such time as the University is prepared
                           to fill the position on an ongoing basis.
Re-Appointment             Occurs when faculty (usually short term lecturers) are re-appointed on a part time, as needed basis. Re-appointments are typically
                           requested to cover leaves of absence, sabbaticals or over enrollment; appointments may be made by semester or academic year.
HCM Business Unit: Each position belongs to a single target area (two-digit code) defined for budgeting and reporting purposes.
HCM Business Unit Description: Largest administrative unit the hiring department reports to or is part of.
HCM Department Description: Primary responsibility for the position. A unit, center or program may or may not be a department.
HCM Dept #: Five-digit code that represents the department.
Position #: Use current PeopleSoft System six or eight-digit number. If new position, leave box blank, FAB will assign a number.
Reports To Position #: Use current PeopleSoft System six or eight-digit number.
Position Title: For staff replacements, use current title; otherwise leave blank. For faculty, rank and title approved by Dean and Provost.
Working Title: For staff positions only. Must be approved through Classification & Compensation Office .
FTE (Full-Time Equivalency): For staff, percentage of full-time hours per week. Normal work hours per week may be either 37.5 or 40 hours per week
represented as 1.00 FTE. For faculty, FTE is the percentage of full-time workload assigned to full-time faculty. Part-time faculty are not assigned an FTE.
Salary Minimum: For staff, minimum of the payband. For faculty, salary is set by the hiring school/college.
Term Months: Number of months for the normal work year (4, 5, 9, 10, 11, or 12 months).

Term of Appointment: If appointment is other than 12 months, include start and end dates (e.g. 10 month, start = 8/01 and end = 5/31). Start and stop
dates must be in the same fiscal year and must be continuous. Funding start and stop dates are not necessarily the appointments start and stop dates.
Staff Pay Type: Only staff positions - differentiate between salaried (37.5 versus 40 hours/week) and hourly.
Source of Funding: Indicate combo code(s) that will fund the position, either the amount or percentage for that combo code.

REPLACEMENT (INCUMBENT) INFORMATION: Information about current or most recent incumbent - include start and end dates for sabbatical and leaves.
Completed by business officer of the unit. If position or line commitment has changed for a short-term commitment, fill out line information. For any changes
to long-term funding commitments submit a PCO.

PAM FTE: Full-time equivalency of the authorized body of work.
PAM Term: Expressed as a number of months of employment during the normal work year expressed as 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, or 12 months for this line.
Job Code: This code is found on PeopleSoft HR (HCM) - from the menu go to Organizational Development - Position Management - Add/Update Position Info
search on position number. If you don't have the position number you can search Job Data by last name or empl id to get the position number.
Funding Department #: Five-digit code that represents the funding department. This may be different from the HCM Department #.
Budgeted Position Salary: Projected salary for position.
PAM Commitment FTE: Expressed as a percentage of full-time equivalency of the type of budget commitment to the authorized body of work, including distinctions between long-
term (LT) and short-term (ST) commitments. Funding types include:
                ● General Fund (GF) 100                     ● Gift & Plant Fund (GP)              ● Grant & Contract (GC)          300
                ● Endowment (EN)                                         Gift              310    ● Extension (EX)                 330
                     UNR Income        120                               Plant UNR         200    ● Income/Expense (IE)            150
                     RES Income        320                               Plant RES         370
Staff Pay Type
37.5 hrs/Salary Endowment
40 hrs/Salary Formula - Federal
Hourly          Formula - State
                 General Fund
                 Grant & Contract

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