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                                    2004 WINNERS
AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES SINGAPORE PTE LTD ................ 10                                              NATIONAL DENTAL CENTRE ................................................... 43
ALEXANDRA HOSPITAL ........................................................... 11                       NATIONAL HEART CENTRE OF SINGAPORE PTE LTD ........... 44
APEX-PAL INTERNATIONAL LTD ............................................ 12                              NATIONAL LIBRARY BOARD ................................................... 45
BUKIT MERAH SECONDARY SCHOOL ................................. 13                                       NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL ........................................ 46
CANBERRA SECONDARY SCHOOL ...................................... 14                                     NATSTEEL LTD ......................................................................... 47
CARGILL ASIA PACIFIC HOLDINGS PTE LTD ........................ 15                                       NTUC INCOME INSURANCE COOPERATIVE LIMITED ......... 48
CEREBOS PACIFIC LIMITED .................................................. 16                           OTi CONSULTING .................................................................... 49
CHANGI GENERAL HOSPITAL ............................................... 17                              PARKWAY GROUP HEALTHCARE PTE LTD ............................ 50
CHERIE HEARTS GROUP OF CHILDCARE CENTRES .......... 18                                                  PREMAS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED ........................................ 51
CI YOU CHILD CARE CENTRE .............................................. 19                              REPUBLIC POLYTECHNIC ...................................................... 52
CITY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED ............................................. 20                              SHERATON TOWERS SINGAPORE ........................................ 53
CREDIT SUISSE FIRST BOSTON ........................................... 21                               SINGAPORE GENERAL HOSPITAL ......................................... 54
DBS BANK ............................................................................... 22             SINGAPORE HEALTH SERVICES PTE LTD ............................ 55
DEFENCE MANAGEMENT GROUP ........................................ 23                                    SINGAPORE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT ......................... 56
DU PONT COMPANY (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD ........................ 24                                         SINGAPORE MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY ............................ 57
FAMILY RESOURCE AND TRAINING CENTRE,                                                                    SINGAPORE NATIONAL EYE CENTRE .................................. 58
OF SOCIAL WORKERS ........................................................... 25                        SINGAPORE POLICE FORCE ................................................. 59
FOCUS ON THE FAMILY SINGAPORE LTD ............................ 26                                       SINGAPORE POLYTECHNIC ................................................... 60
HEALTH SCIENCES AUTHORITY ............................................ 27                               SINGAPORE PRISON SERVICE ............................................. 61
HP SINGAPORE ...................................................................... 28                  SINGAPORE TECHNOLOGIES ELECTRONICS ...................... 62
IBM SINGAPORE PTE LTD ..................................................... 29                          SOUTH VIEW PRIMARY SCHOOL ......................................... 63
ID TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD .................................................. 30                           SP CONSULTING (INTERNATIONAL) PTE LTD ........................ 64
INFOCOMM DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY OF                                                                       SPRING SINGAPORE .............................................................. 65
SINGAPORE ......................................................................... 31
                                                                                                        STAMFORD LAW CORPORATION ............................................ 66
                                                                                                        STRAITS CONSTRUCTION CO. PTE LTD ............................... 67
INVISTA (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. ........................................... 33
                                                                                                        TAN TOCK SENG HOSPITAL .................................................. 68
KK WOMEN’S & CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL ............................... 34
                                                                                                        TANGLIN TRUST SCHOOL LTD ............................................... 69
MAJLIS UGAMA ISLAM SINGAPURA ..................................... 35
                                                                                                        TEMASEK POLYTECHNIC ....................................................... 70
MERCK SHARP & DOHME (SINGAPORE) LTD ....................... 36
                                                                                                        TOUCH COMMUNITY SERVICES .......................................... 71
MICROSOFT SINGAPORE PTE LTD ....................................... 37
                                                                                                        TUAS POWER LTD ................................................................... 72
MIL-COM AEROSPACE PTE LTD ............................................ 38
                                                                                                        UBS AG .................................................................................... 73
AND SPORTS ........................................................................... 39               UMW EQUIPMENT & ENGINEERING PTE LTD ....................... 74
MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS, HEADQUARTERS ................. 40                                             URBAN REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY ................................ 75
MINISTRY OF MANPOWER .................................................... 41                            YAYASAN MENDAKI ................................................................ 76
PTE LTD .................................................................................... 42

                 Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                              AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES SINGAPORE PTE LTD
                              1 Yishun Avenue 7, S(768923)
                              (MNC, Technology, 2698 employees)

                                                                     introduced, as employees enjoy a fully equipped
                                                                     gym and bringing kids to work on Children’s Day.
                                                                     In addition, Agilent provides a variety of resource
                                                                     and referral services for employees who have
                                                                     dependent care responsibilities such as young
                                                                     children, elders or disabled family members.

                                                                     As a direct result of Agilent’s policies, her
                                                                     employees experience high morale and
                                                                     excellent levels of job satisfaction, to the point
                        Kids to Work Event
        Puff! Puff! I’m sure my rocket car can beat yours            where they would recommend their friends to
                                                                     work in Agilent. Up to 22% of Agilent’s 2003
Agilent Technologies Singapore is a                                  intake were referred by existing employees.
strategic operational site for Agilent                               Combined with a higher retention rate, this
Technologies, Inc., a global technology leader                       translates into savings in recruitment costs.
in communications, electronics, life sciences                        Absenteeism is also reduced as employees are
and chemical analysis. As a corporate Family                         more health-conscious, resulting in lower
Life Ambassador, the company places great                            medical costs to the company.
importance in her people. One of her core
values is the creation of an inclusive
environment that fosters respect for individuals,
their ideas and contributions.
                                                                            “I am proud of AGILENT.
To achieve this goal, Agilent has adopted a                                  We take good care of our
commitment to work-life harmony. Employees                                   employees and organize
have access to numerous family friendly                                   many wonderful family-friendly
programmes such as flexible work options and                                       activities.”
time-off programmes that allow them to meet
their individual needs, and family insurance                                 -Belinda Teng, Administrative
                                                                           Assistant/Union Branch Chairman
programmes subsidised by the company.

Workplace health programmes targeting both
employees and their families have also been

       Contributed by Agilent Technologies. Contact: Ms Lim Hwa Choo Tel: 6215 8533 Email:

                                                            - 10 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          ALEXANDRA HOSPITAL (AH)
                          378 Alexandra Road, S(159964)
                          (Public, Healthcare; 1000 employees)

AH is a general hospital providing quality
healthcare services to Singapore’s western sector.
Its vision is to add years of healthy life to the
people of Singapore, and to achieve this it aims
to provide an environment that encourages its staff
and their family members to lead a healthy and
balanced lifestyle.

AH focuses on two main areas, healthy lifestyle
and work-life balance. Staff are encouraged to
exercise with their families in a “Let’s Move” fitness                     Active Day is not only for staff but the family as well.
                                                                          Here is little Nur doing Kungfu Fighting with her mum
programme, consisting of weekly exercise classes                                    Zainab from Medical Records Office

and regular outings. Activities such as Kids
Wellness and Active Day are also held to further
promote fitness among staff and their families.

                                                                          “To add years of healthy life
In the area of work-life balance, AH recognises
                                                                           to the people of Singapore,
that its staff may encounter challenges in their
                                                                    we must first be healthy ourselves. It is
personal lives that demand more attention than
                                                                    therefore crucial to help our staff strike
they may be able to spare from a regular work
                                                                    a balance between work and personal
schedule. AH therefore offers flexible work
                                                                    life. While we may not be able to meet
arrangements to these staff members, allowing                          all their personal needs due to the
them to answer these challenges while giving them                    nature of our industry, we will try, in
the option to continue contributing to the hospital.                  every possible way, to provide them
                                                                           with the necessary support.
AH’s flexible work arrangements have helped the                     These initiatives are just some ways to
hospital to retain at least 6 staff members who                             recognise their good work
would otherwise have left for family and personal                          and to show appreciation.”
reasons. Its attrition rate has also been reduced
                                                                                     -Mr Liak Teng Lit,
by an average of 28 percent since it introduced
                                                                                   Chief Executive Officer
its work-life initiatives in 2001.

        Contributed by Alexandra Hospital. Contact: Mr Henry Wong Tel: 6379 3724 Email:

                                                           - 11 -
              Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                        APEX-PAL INTERNATIONAL LTD
                        1 Raffles Place, #49-00 OUB Centre, S(048616)
                        (Medium Enterprise, Food & Beverages; 700 employees)

Apex-Pal is a leading food & beverage group                           assistance to employees whose children are
comprising a number of home-grown F&B                                 of school-going age, and also recognise the
brands, viz Sakae Sushi, Crepes & Cream,                              importance of their children’s education.
Hibiki, Skäl and catering business Nouvelle
Events. The senior management at Apex-Pal                             Apex-Pal employees are also entitled to a wide
recognises the significance of family friendly                        range of leave benefits covering various work-
values in the company’s business culture, and                         life needs, including paid leave for child and
how, as a shared responsibility between em-                           elderly care, marriage and paternity leave and
ployer and employees, they can contribute to                          compassionate leave.
the company’s bottom line. Apex-Pal is com-
mitted to the implementation of a family friendly                     The organisation’s family friendly culture helps
work culture that will benefit the well-being of                      employees to meet their needs more effectively,
its employees while simultaneously contribut-                         creating an enhanced work environment in
ing to its business objectives.                                       which employees are comfortable. This results
                                                                      in reduced work stress and higher job
Among the family friendly programmes                                  satisfaction. Attendance rates are high, while
implemented is the awarding of bursaries to the                       costs from medical leave and absenteeism are
children of Apex-Pal employees who excel in                           correspondingly low.
their studies. These bursaries provide financial

                                      Apex-Pal staff and families at the Night Safari.

                Contributed by Apex-Pal. Contact: Ms May Foo Tel: 6438 6629 Email:

                                                             - 12 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                         BUKIT MERAH SECONDARY SCHOOL (BMSS)
                         10 Lengkok Bahru, S(159050)
                         (Public, Education; 47 employees)

Established in 1968, BMSS believes that a
happy workforce results in increased
productivity and effectiveness, and that                               “BMSS is truly a school with a
teachers will be more caring towards their pupils
                                                                   heart and it shows great concern for
when they are able to care for their own children
well. For this reason, the school shows great
                                                                  staff’s needs. I am able to easily apply
understanding towards the family needs of its                        for childcare leave, urgent private
staff.                                                              affairs (UPA) leave or take time-off
                                                                  during school hours to attend to urgent
BMSS staff are granted time-off during office                       family matters. I recall 4 years ago
hours to attend to urgent family matters, such                       when I lost my beloved 9-year-old
as caring for a sick child or elderly parent. In
                                                                     daughter, the understanding and
this way, staff members have greater peace of
mind with regard to their family commitments,
                                                                    support from the principal, the care
and can concentrate better on their work.                               and concern displayed by my
                                                                    colleagues, was invaluable - and I
The school also encourages teaching staff, in                              truly appreciate that.”
particular, to spend time with their family
members. They are urged to set aside at least
two Saturdays each month for family time, and                                 -Mrs Lim Guek Lee
during school holidays they are asked to remain                         Music/Chinese Language Teacher
with their family rather than return to the school,
unless there are school duties.

         “When my children or
          in-laws are not well,
 I am allowed to take time off to bring
them to the doctor without utilising my
 annual leave. My working hours are
 also flexible as long as I complete 42
              hours a week,
so that I can better look after the needs
      of my children or in-laws.”

             -Mdm Rahela Beevi,
           Operations Support Officer                                         Family day on Friday 28 May 04 at
                                                                                 The Waterfront Copthorne

  Contributed by Bukit Merah Secondary School. Contact: Anthony V H Loh Tel: 6474 8934 Email:

                                                         - 13 -
                 Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                              CANBERRA SECONDARY SCHOOL
                              51 Sembawang Drive, S(757699)
                              (Public, Education; 74 employees)

                                                                    Canberra Secondary upholds a Staff Health
                                                                    Charter that promotes a healthy lifestyle for all
                                                                    staff, encouraging them to take part in fitness-
                                                                    friendly activities that are customised to suit the
                                                                    needs of various age groups within the staff. In
                                                                    addition, teachers are also encouraged to
                                                                    participate in CCAs that coincide with their
                                                                    personal interests, providing them with a source
                                                                    of recreation and personal development within the
                                                                    workplace itself.

       Staff that play together, work better together.
                                                                    These measures have had a highly positive effect
                                                                    on the school’s work-life environment. In the 2003
Established in 2000, Canberra Secondary                             School Climate Survey, it was found that the staff
School adopts a philosophy of Play, Make Their                      of Canberra Secondary ranked far higher than
Day, Be There and Choose Your Attitude as part                      the mean in the areas of job satisfaction,
of a Wellness Programme that promotes more                          responsibility, rewards, team commitment,
positive energy in the workplace and upholds                        management of environment and perception of
innovation. An enthusiastic corporate Family Life                   performances.
Ambassador, the school advocates family friendly
practices – such as childcare arrangements and
referrals or the extension of financial assistance
– that enable staff to meet their family                                     “I am able to teach
commitments.                                                               better in class knowing
                                                                         that my family is well taken
The principal, Mr Puvan Ariaratnam, has often                               care off while I work.
articulated the core belief that the staff must be                         I also make an effort to
happy for a school to be effective, and this has                            contribute more to the
led to the school’s promoting an increasing                                 school that takes such
number of family friendly arrangements such as                       good care of my physical and mental
flexible start and end working times and                                         well-being.”
emergency leave for the care of sick children
or elderly family members. Staff may also use                                       -Mrs Irving Long,
free periods to attend to their personal needs.                                         Teacher

      Contributed by Canberra Secondary School. Contact: Mr Abdul Nasir Tel: 6758 5070 Email:

                                                           - 14 -
                   Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                                CARGILL ASIA PACIFIC HOLDINGS PTE LTD
                                300 Beach Road, #23-01 The Concourse, S(199555)
                                (MNC, Food and Beverage Manufacturing; 230 employees)

Cargill Incorporated is an international                                        The family members of employees are also
provider of food, agricultural and risk-                                        invited to participate in company events, either
management products and services. The                                           for free or at heavily subsidised rates. Such
company focuses on delivering value to its                                      events include Family Day, educational tours
customers through a total quality process that                                  for children, parenting workshops or the
seeks to involve all employees. Cargill lists                                   innovative Family Week, during which
“Employee Engagement” at the top of                                             employees can leave the office one hour earlier
performance measures in its vision statement                                    than usual and spend extra time with their
and has imprinted a culture where people care                                   families. This encourages family bonding,
for each other within the organisation as well                                  providing employees with the family support they
as the community within which it operates.                                      need to concentrate on their jobs.

Cargill has in place a flexi-benefit system, under                              Cargill’s supportive environment encourages
which the core benefits of employees’ coverage                                  employees to voice their opinions and use their
are fully provided by the company and their                                     initiative, creating engaged leaders in their own
different demographic needs are catered for.                                    spheres of work. In this way, Cargill experiences
These benefits cover not only employees but                                     profitable growth and is also an employer of
also their family members, helping to lessen                                    choice in Singapore.
the burden on employees.

                                          Cargill Celebrating Corporate and Community Bonding

Contributed by Cargill Asia Pacific Holdings. Contact: Mr Aamir Farooqi (Director of Public Affairs) Tel: 6393 8718 Email:

                                                                       - 15 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                            CEREBOS PACIFIC LIMITED
                            18 Cross Street, #12-01/08 China Square Central, S(048423)
                            (MNC, Health Products; 130 employees)

Cerebos Pacific Limited, the manufacturer of
BRAND’S Essence of Chicken, is a leading food
and health supplements enterprise with its
corporate headquarters in Singapore. It also
provides management services to subsidiary and
associate companies in the Asia Pacific.

Cerebos’ family friendly infrastructure is built on
the holistic approach that a healthy and happy
workforce leads to higher efficiency and better
customer service. In line with the BRAND’S                                         Movie Night - Family photograph of Executive VP,
                                                                                     Mr. Ramlee Bin Buang and Senior Manager,
platform, “Health Partner for Life”, the company                                    Regional Human Resource, Mr. Michael Yeong.

emphasises work-life balance and has
implemented family friendly policies such as
flexible work arrangements and medical coverage
extended to family members. Employees are also
entitled to a variety of leave benefits aimed at
allowing them to balance their work and family
commitments, including family care leave and
compassionate leave.

To promote the holistic development of the staff,                                        “We have found
Cerebos has organized value added work life                                          Work-Life Balance a very
initiatives to benefit employees and their families.                                    good initiative and
Some of the family oriented activities organized
                                                                                    we have benefited from it.”
include the “Family Movie Night”, organised in                                                     -Employee
conjunction with the National Family Week, and
the Standard Chartered Marathon 2003, during
which Cerebos encouraged not only a healthy
lifestyle but also strong bonding between
employer, employees and family.

          Contributed by Cerebos Pacific Limited. Contact: Ellen Tan (HR Executive) Tel: 6212 0323 Email:

                                                                 - 16 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          CHANGI GENERAL HOSPITAL (CGH)
                          2 Simei Street 3, S(529889)
                          (Public, Healthcare; 1987 employees)

CGH, a member of the SingHealth Group,                                  norm. Also, its health and wellness
serves as a healthcare hub for the eastern                              programmes have resulted in a drastic drop in
sector of Singapore. CGH’s family friendly                              the percentage of staff with conditions such as
infrastructure is based on the management’s                             hypertension and high glucose levels, leading
belief in offering a holistic programme that                            to a 25 percent decrease in medical expenses
caters to the physical, social and emotional well-                      per staff between FY2002 and FY2003.
being of its staff.

Working on the belief that healthy staff
are able to maintain a better work-life
balance and be a role model for healthy
living at home, CGH has implemented a
variety of health and wellness
programmes, including annual health
screening, weight loss management
programmes and health talks. The
families of staff members are also
encouraged to participate in healthy
lifestyle activities such as walkathons
and to make use of CGH’s in-house
facilities to monitor their own health.                              CGH Juniors @ Play (Bring Children to Work Day)

CGH has also arranged for various convenience
services to help its staff better manage family
and personal needs. These include courier pick-
up services, referral services on dependent
care and school holiday enrichment
programmes for the children of staff members.                                    “The staff participation
                                                                                     represents their
In addition, CGH has launched the first organised                                  acknowledgement of
peer support programme in Asia’s general
                                                                               management’s arrangements,
hospitals. It provides psychological support to staff
who are affected by cumulative stress in the
                                                                               which have proved useful for
healthcare environment, helping them to cope with                                 staff at the workplace
emotional problems at work.                                                           and at home.”

CGH’s family friendly initiatives have led to an                                            -Ong Ah Khiew,
improvement in its employee satisfaction index.                                            Director, Nursing
Its biennial Employee Opinion Survey shows
scores significantly better than the Singapore

       Contributed by Changi General Hospital. Contact: Ms Janice Chong Tel: 6850 2364 Email:

                                                            - 17 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                            46 Limau Garden, S(467905)
                            (SME, Childcare; 31 employees)

                                                                     personal commitment, allowing better planning
                                                                     of resources and staff satisfaction. In addition,
                                                                     staff and their families are entitled to free annual
                                                                     health screenings and group insurance
                                                                     coverage, and take part in a variety of family
                                                                     outings and healthy lifestyle activities.

                                                                     Due to a high proportion of Cherie Hearts’
                A high-tea gathering for
          Cherie Hearts staff and their families                     employees being mothers with young children,
                                                                     the organisation offers a wide range of flexi-work
Cherie Hearts Group of Childcare Centres                             arrangements including compressed work
is an alliance of companies providing quality                        schedules, flexi-shift and job-sharing as well as
early childhood education and related                                permanent part-time work arrangements. To
consultancy services. In promoting a family                          further assist staff in managing their family
friendly environment in the workplace, Cherie                        commitments, all staff members are allowed
Hearts adopts the ‘HIPO’ approach: healthy                           to send their children to any Cherie Hearts
lifestyle programmes, innovative flexi-schemes                       branch without charge. In this way, staff are able
and benefits, policies and infrastructure and                        to save at least $500 a month on childcare
outings and recreation.                                              arrangements.

Cherie Hearts’ most beneficial programmes are                        The organisation has also benefited from its
career development discussions, flexible work                        family friendly arrangements. Its programmes
arrangements and free childcare service for                          have led to an increase in staff satisfaction, with
staff. Career development discussions and                            zero turnover rate. This is an impressive
open appraisals are held annually with all staff,                    achievement in an industry where average
during which career development and training                         turnover is very high.
requirements are discussed and staff are
briefed on their advancement and opportunities
in the coming year.

A personal development programme was also
introduced in 2003 for the feedback of staff

        Contributed by Cherie Hearts. Contact: Mr Gurchran J Singh Tel: 6246 4494 Email:

                                                            - 18 -
                 Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                             CI YOU CHILD CARE CENTRE
                             29 Jln Bahagia #01-348, S(320029)
                             (Voluntary Welfare Organisation, 23 employees)

                                                                          leave. They may also work on flexible timing,
                                                                          which gives them greater freedom to attend to
                                                                          their personal and family needs.

                                                                          Also in place are a variety of staff benefits aimed
                                                                          at taking some of the burden off working
                                                                          parents. For instance, staff have their meals
                                                                          catered for by the centre, and they can utilise
                                                                          the centre’s childcare services at a discounted rate.

                                                                          Ci You also celebrates Family Day in recognition
        Attending Seminar. A day off to be together.                      of the dual roles played by many of its staff who
                                                                          are working parents. It acts as an
                                                                          acknowledgement of their efforts in contributing
Ci You Child Care Centre was established in                               to the centre’s success even while juggling their
1993 under the community services arm of Pu                               active family responsibilities.
Ti Lian She, a non-profit voluntary group. The
centre aims to support low-income working                                 Ci You’s family friendly programmes make its
parents by providing childcare services at low                            staff feel at home in the centre. This helps to
fees, together with schoolwork supervision and                            reduce work-related stress, allowing staff to do
care for school-going children while their                                a better job as they are happier with their work.
parents are at work.                                                      There is also a low incidence of medical leave
                                                                          and a very low staff turnover rate.
Ci You encourages its staff to work hand in hand
with parents for the best interests of their
children. To further this objective, the centre is
committed to giving its staff the strongest
support in balancing their family life and work                                     “The flexibility shown in
commitments. In this way, Ci You is able to                                      allowing us to take urgent time
present itself as a role model for good family values.                            off from work to attend to our
                                                                                 children’s needs, makes us feel
Over and above more common leave benefits                                              good about our job.”
such as vacation leave, maternity leave and
family care leave, staff of Ci You are entitled to
                                                                                                 -Irene Tan,
paid time-off, bonus leave and, in recognition                                                 Senior Teacher
of their contribution to the centre, long service

                Contributed by Ci You Child Care Centre. Contact: Ms Ivy Teo Tel: 6355 1433 Email:

                                                                 - 19 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                            CITY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED
                            36 Robinson Road, #20-01 City House, S(068877)
                            (Public listed, Property Developer; 279 employees)

Operating in 18 countries spanning Asia, Europe,                  Social activities planned for CDL employees are
North America and Australasia, CDL is an                          extended to the family, providing opportunities for
international property and hotel conglomerate                     staff and their families to come together, socialise
involved in real estate development and investment,               and bond. This also reinforces a positive working
hotel ownership and operations and provision of                   relationship among colleagues and boosts
hospitality solutions.                                            workplace morale, increasing job satisfaction.

CDL’s mission for its employees is to maximise                    CDL also promotes healthy living amongst its
the potential of staff and care for their personal                employees, and has adopted an “Eat for Good
well-being and career development. Guided by                      Health” programme in which talks, cooking
this mission, CDL believes that creating a family                 workshops and health screenings are regularly
friendly corporate culture will increase employees’               conducted. Employees and their family members
productivity and satisfaction at work.                            are also offered subsidised memberships at
                                                                  the California Fitness Club, to encourage them
CDL’s comprehensive pro-family policies cover                     to keep fit.
staff welfare and wellness programmes, as well
as family bonding and support activities. For
instance, employees with exceptional family                               “Working part-time has
commitments may request to be placed on flexible                      helped me to balance my work
work arrangements, or to switch to part-time work.                      and family commitments…
In this way, the company can retain valuable                      With this family friendly environment, I
employees who would otherwise have to leave.                      am able to contribute effectively to my
Employees are also allowed unrecorded time off
                                                                       family and to the company.”
to attend to family emergencies.
                                                                                   -Petrina Chan,
                                                                                 Assistant Manager
                                                                      (Corporate Communications Department)

                                                                   “By tailoring our work policies to the
                                                                  needs of the employees, we believe it is
                                                                  possible for employees to both enjoy a
                                                                   fulfilling family life and perform their
                                                                                best at work.”
                                                                                   -Kwek Leng Joo,
                                                                                  Managing Director
                A CDL staff with his wife
              keeping fit at California Gym

    Contributed by City Developments Limited. Contact: Mr Desmond Wong Tel: 6877 8510 Email:

                                                         - 20 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          CREDIT SUISSE FIRST BOSTON (CSFB)
                          1 Raffles Link, #03/04-01 South Lobby, S(039393)
                          (MNC, Investment Banking; 557 employees)

CSFB is a leading global investment bank
serving institutional, corporate, government and
high net-worth clients. CSFB continues to create
a corporate culture that attracts, develops and
retains the best employees; in support of this,
CSFB has implemented a range of family                                               To be successful
friendly work practices aimed specifically at                                [in the many diverse markets
answering the diverse needs of its employees.                                    where CSFB operates],
                                                                           it is critical that we leverage the
CSFB recognises that personal commitments
                                                                                  best talent available…
will affect all employees from time to time. The
                                                                                      By building an
                                                                         inclusive environment and bringing
company encourages all employees to
                                                                                 together employees with
demonstrate their personal judgement in
                                                                              a variety of experiences and
implementing           occasional            informal
                                                                                   approaches, the firm
arrangements.                                                                          maximises its
                                                                              ability to provide our clients
CSFB also has an Employee Assistance                                         with a full range of products,
Programme offering confidential telephone or                                   services and capabilities.”
face-to-face counselling support for all family
members. By assisting employees and their                                              -Paul Calello,
families, anxiety and stress levels can be                                  Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                    Asia Pacific Region
reduced to manageable levels.

In addition to the above programmes,
employees of CSFB have the opportunity to
apply for a paid sabbatical leave.

       Contributed by Credit Suisse First Boston. Contact: Ms Kirstie Ellard Tel: 6212 3686 Email:

                                                              - 21 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          DBS BANK
                          6 Shenton Way, DBS Building Tower One, S(066809)
                          (MNC, Banking and finance; 5467 employees)

The largest bank in Singapore as measured                         DBS also offers a wide range of leave benefits
by the value of its assets, DBS has dominant                      to cater to the different and changing needs of
positions in consumer banking, treasury and                       employees. One of the more unusual leave
markets, securities brokerage, equity and debt                    schemes allows staff to take two days of paid
fundraising. The Bank also serves corporate,                      leave to perform charity work together with their
institutional and retail customers through its                    family, thereby fostering close ties between staff
operations in the Asia Pacific region.                            members and their families, and enriching
                                                                  their lives.
DBS believes in working hard and playing hard,
and encourages its employees to lead a                            These family friendly practices have helped
balanced lifestyle, including spending quality                    DBS create a collegial environment where
time with the family. It is only when an employee                 employees enjoy rapport and camaraderie in
has a happy and fulfilling family life that he or                 the workplace, and are able to contribute most
she can concentrate and contribute at work. A                     fully to their jobs.
family friendly work culture makes good
business sense as work-life strategy is integral
to managing human capital and achieving
business goals.

Under DBS’ staff medical scheme, all staff are
entitled to claim expenses for medical
treatment, with the unused balance of the
benefit credited into their Medisave account.
This is to encourage them to take greater
interest in and responsibility for their health. Their
dependents’ medical expenses are also
defrayed through a medical contributory
scheme. As a result, the bank receives better
                                                                               A DBS staff member took volunteer
quality of work from employees who need not                            leave to care for the elderly at a home for the aged.

worry about rising healthcare costs.

                Contributed by DBS Bank. Contact: Ms Lee Kui Ngee Tel: 6878 6672 Email:

                                                         - 22 -
                   Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                                DEFENCE MANAGEMENT GROUP (DMG)
                                Ministry of Defence, Gombak Drive off Upper Bukit Timah Road, S (669638)
                                (Public, Ministry Agency; 1131 employees)

                                                                           adventure camp, specifically designed to allow
                                                                           fathers to spend quality time with their children
                                                                           through adventure and learning activities.

                                                                           DMG also organised a Family Day, aptly titled
                                                                           “Have Fun with Your Kids@Work” in conjunction
                                                                           with National Family Week, during which staff
                                                                           members were allowed to bring children to the
                                                                           workplace. In this way, the children are better
                                                                           able to understand their parents’ work
             Father-child bonding adventure camp
      DS(A) Mr Lim Hup Seng and son Zhi En, aged 11 yrs,                   environment and colleagues, and can relate to
   conquering the tunneling activity with each others’ support.
                                                                           their parents better.

As part of the Ministry of Defence, DMG’s
mission is to enhance Singapore’s defence
capability by optimising the use of knowledge,
financial and human resources.
                                                                                   “The SAF is concerned
DMG’s vision includes the statements “We are                                      with the well-being of its
one family” and “We care for our people”,                                  people and their families. It values its
recognising that happy staff members are more
                                                                                   people, looks after them
                                                                           and their families so that they can give
productive. DMG strives to provide a family
                                                                                     their whole-hearted
friendly and conducive work environment that
                                                                             attention to their assigned duties.”
takes care of the needs of all staff.

                                                                                        -Mr Lim Hup Seng,
The DMG Family Friendly Team has organised                                       Deputy Secretary (Administration),
                                                                                        Ministry of Defence
many activities and initiatives to promote a
family friendly work culture, including marriage
seminars, senior citizens’ week and a parent
support group. One of the more innovative
programmes is the father-child bonding

       Contributed by Defence Management Group. Contact: MAJ Alice Yeo Tel: 6373 1139 Email:

                                                                  - 23 -
              Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                        DU PONT COMPANY (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD
                        1 Harbourfront Place, #11-01 Harbourfront Tower One, S(098633)
                        (MNC, Manufacturing; 250 employees)

DuPont is a science company. The company’s                            work environment. An Employee Lounge with
vision is to be the world’s most dynamic                              audio/visual equipment, a miniature library,
science company, creating sustainable                                 game tables and other entertainment sources
solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier                     has been set up in the company’s new office,
life for people everywhere. With organisational                       and interactive activities such as treasure hunts
values steeped in safety, ethics, respect for                         or movie nights are regularly organised. In
people and care for the environment, DuPont                           addition, talks and workshops on topics such
has naturally adopted many of the family friendly                     as finance, wellness and safety are held for staff
practices used worldwide, and extends them                            enrichment.
unswervingly to its employees.
                                                                      Feedback           from      employees   and   the
At DuPont, our most valuable assets are our                           management indicate that DuPont’s family
employees. Employees who travel regularly or                          friendly and work-life balancing initiatives are
handle a large number of late telephone calls                         much appreciated throughout the company, and
are allowed to work from home on the following                        the high levels of participation and employee
day, giving them a chance to rest.                                    satisfaction underline the endorsement and
                                                                      support given to these initiatives by all levels of
To encourage employees to relax and interact,                         the organisation.
DuPont has adopted a fun, open and learning

                                     An employee trying out on an ironing competition,
                                     using an iron coated with DuPont TM Teflon® coating.

                   Contributed by DuPont. Contact: Ms Lili Ong Tel: 6586 3402 Email:

                                                             - 24 -
                 Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                             FAMILY RESOURCE AND TRAINING CENTRE,
                             SINGAPORE ASSOCIATION OF SOCIAL
                             Block 324 Clementi Avenue 5, #01-209, S(120324)
                             (Voluntary Welfare Organisation; 8 employees)

FRTC was set up in 1992 to lead the                                   such as part-time work, flexible start and end
professional development of family services. Its                      times and working from home. In terms of
mission is to support, nurture and strengthen                         family care leave, staff are given marriage leave,
families through leadership in research, training,                    paternal leave and dependent-care leave for
public education, consultancy and advocacy. It                        immediate family members. In addition, they are
provides continuing education and training to                         granted unrecorded leave for volunteering their
social workers and personnel in the helping                           expertise through the Singapore International
profession.                                                           Foundation to help Third World countries.

FRTC is a corporate Family Life Ambassador                            FRTC staff are allowed to bring their children
and organises talks and workshops on a wide                           to work as and when they need to do so, rather
range of family life education topics.                                than on a designated day or period. In this way,
                                                                      they are relieved of the necessity of finding
FRTC has implemented family friendly                                  alternative care. Management also contributes
practices including flexible work arrangements                        financially to a staff welfare fund.

                                                                      FRTC’s family friendly policies and practices
                                                                      have helped its staff to balance not only work
                                                                      and family commitments but also community
                                                                      responsibility. There has been no attrition for
                                                                      the past 7 years, and an understanding of mutual
                                                                      trust and responsibility is present between the
                                                                      organisation and its staff. Being the people
                                                                      professionals and offering a career that makes
                                                                      a difference, FRTC believes in walking the talk,
                                                                      and the accolade of the Singapore Family
             A balanced work-life helps staff to                      Friendly Employer Award is received with great
       achieve personal and professional satisfaction.

     Contributed by Family Resource And Training Centre. Contact: Mrs Linda Haverkamp Tel: 6778 7922 Email:

                                                             - 25 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          FOCUS ON THE FAMILY SINGAPORE LTD
                          22 Niven Road, S(228369)
                          (Voluntary Welfare Organisation; 5 employees)

Focus on the Family Singapore Ltd
is a registered local branch of
international charity Focus on the
Family, dedicated to the strengthening
of Singapore families through Family
Life Education programmes including
mass media, distribution of books and
pamphlets and the conducting of
seminars, workshops and talks.

Focus aims to cultivate an environment
whereby one can feel at home,
whether as a constituent who has just
walked through the door or as a staff
member or volunteer. The work culture
seeks to nurture staff to be part of the                         It’s always about family – Volunteer Appreciation Tea 2003

team and ‘family’.

The family services and resources Focus provides
its constituents are first made available to staff
and their families, with the objective of catering to
staff family welfare. The families of staff members
are also encouraged to become involved in
                                                                              “One thing I can vouch for
activities and volunteer work, giving them a better                                Focus is that the
understanding of what is involved in their work.                           people know how to appreciate
In this way, staff of Focus have the support of                             one another. It must be in the
their families to do a better job.                                                culture…Above all,
                                                                      it’s a joy serving their IT needs in every
Focus also offers its staff flexible work                               small way, and you get to work with
arrangements and a variety of leave benefits,                                       great people.”
including unrecorded time-off, so that they are
better able to manage their work and family                                                  -Anthony,
commitments. In addition, Focus encourages                                            IT Consultant (Volunteer)
team time, during which staff share their individual
or family needs and receive the support of their
colleagues in resolving any problems they
may have.

   Contributed by Focus on the Family Singapore Ltd. Contact: Ms Joanna Koh-Hoe Tel: 6336 1444 Email:

                                                            - 26 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                           HEALTH SCIENCES AUTHORITY
                           11 Outram Rd, S(169078)
                           (Statutory board; 562 employees)

HSA, a statutory board of the Ministry of Health,                             increased HSA staff’s motivation and
is the national regulator of health-related                                   satisfaction.
products, ensuring that the products meet
standards of safety, quality and efficacy. It also                            HSA has also implemented flexible work
operates the national blood bank,                                             arrangements, including flexi-hours,
Bloodbank@HSA, protecting the integrity of the                                telecommuting and permanent part-time. These
nation’s blood supply. As the national reference                              arrangements allow officers to take care of their
agency, HSA exploits specialised scientific,                                  family needs, and have been instrumental in
forensic, investigative and analytical capabilities                           HSA’s retention of quality talent. Working
in order to serve the administration of justice                               mothers, in particular, have chosen to stay in
and enhance safety in our community.                                          service rather than leave the organisation to
                                                                              care for their children. As a result, absenteeism,
HSA is committed to a family friendly work                                    lateness and sick leave have been reduced
culture, driven by its core value of valuing and                              along with their related costs, and employees’
nurturing its staff. Its efforts are reflected in                             morale, productivity and commitment have
initiatives such as the setting up of a lactation                             improved.
room, the granting of childcare leave and an
alternate Saturday-off arrangement.                                           HSA staff are also entitled to a wide variety of
                                                                              leave benefits that give them more time for
As a corporate Family Life Ambassador, HSA                                    personal and family development. These
holds monthly talks on family-related issues                                  benefits have enhanced HSA’s corporate image
such as parenting, work-life balance and                                      and established it as an employer of choice,
personal development. By assuring staff that                                  further contributing to staff morale and
HSA has their welfare at heart, these talks have                              productivity.

                                      Staff and their families enjoy our Family Day at Paris Ris Park.

   Contributed by HSA. Contact: Ms Anthea Ling (Manager, Human Resource Management) Tel: 6213 0674 Email:

                                                                    - 27 -
                 Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                            HP SINGAPORE
                            452 Alexandra Road, S(119961)
                            (MNC, Information Technology; 5615 employees)

                                                                    HP also organises regular recreational activities
                                                                    for employees and their families, including
                                                                    parenting talks, Family Days and school holiday
                                                                    programmes. The facilities in HP’s recreation
                                                                    centre are open for the use of all employees
                                                                    and their families.

                                                                    HP’s FWAs have benefited the business by
                                                                    helping to attract and retain a diverse workforce
                                                                    while increasing employee commitment and job
                                                                    satisfaction. The company’s culture is also
                                                                    enhanced through the incorporation of self-
                                                                    management and individual responsibility. The
                 A father-and-daughter team                         level of service provided to HP’s many
                  at the HP Cross Country
                                                                    customers in different time zones and
HP is a technology solutions provider to                            geographies is improved.
consumers, businesses and institutions
globally. The company’s offerings span IT
infrastructure, personal computing and access
devices, global services and imaging and
                                                                                 “Thanks to our
                                                                        FWA programme, I was able to
                                                                               work remotely from
HP’s corporate culture is centred on the creation                        home for my baby’s first year.
of a work environment that will help employees                               With FWA, it was easy
achieve the best possible work-life balance. In                         to balance my work and family
line with this commitment, HP has implemented                            commitments without having
many innovative policies, most notably flexible                                 to sacrifice either.
work arrangements (FWAs) such as flexible                                  Best of all, I could be there
start and end times, and telecommuting. These                          during my baby’s growing years!”
arrangements help employees handle personal
                                                                                    -Senior Manager
commitments with greater effectiveness,
thereby lessening their stress and improving
their productivity.

             Contributed by HP Singapore. Contact: Mr Stephen Chong Tel: 6374 3332 Email:

                                                           - 28 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                         IBM SINGAPORE PTE LTD
                         9 Changi Business Park Central 1, S(486048)
                         (MNC, Information Technology; 2500 employees)

IBM specialises in the creation, development and                      IBM has also launched a People-Oriented Work
manufacture of advanced information                                   Redesign programme that improves work
technologies, including computer systems,                             efficiency and reduces employee stress. This has
software, networking systems, storage devices                         improved work climate and helped IBMers achieve
and microelectronics. It provides professional                        a better work-life balance, and also raised the
service in these areas to clients worldwide.                          company’s overall productivity.

IBM Singapore recognises that work-life balancing                     As part of the IBM Global Work/Life Fund, which
programmes are beneficial to both employees and                       was set up to develop dependent-care
the company, with special impact on morale,                           programmes benefiting working families, IBM
productivity and retention. Its programmes are                        Singapore also organises holiday camps for
designed to reflect a new social reality where both                   IBMers’ children. These camps provide quality
husband and wife are breadwinners and the                             programmes at highly subsidised rates, enabling
division between work and personal/family life is                     IBMers to know their children are well taken
no longer as clear-cut as before.                                     care of and thereby work with greater peace of
Since 1996, IBM has had in place a mobility
programme that helps employees cut down on                            In addition to the above initiatives, IBM believes
travelling time and achieve a better work-life                        that a fit and healthy workforce is a productive
balance. The mobility programme enables IBMers                        one. The company therefore organises regular
to work from any place at any time, thereby                           health talks and annual health screenings for its
focusing on performance rather than the hours                         employees, and organises “Sports After Work”
of work clocked. In this way, IBMers not only feel                    activities such as tennis, soccer and badminton,
empowered to manage their lives, but can also                         at no cost to employees.
provide more rapid customer service, as they have
remote access to the information they need.

                         IBMers and family members participating in a walk at the Lower Pierce Reservoir
                      to learn about environmental conservation, organised by Anderson Secondary School.

          Contributed by IBM Singapore Pte Ltd. Contact: Ms Lim Ying Chia Tel: 6418 4039 Email:

                                                             - 29 -
                   Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                                ID TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD
                                1 Kaki Bukit Crescent, S(416236)
                                (SME, Manufacturing; 138 employees)

                                                                           Among the most popular programmes
                                                                           implemented by ID Technologies are flexible start
                                                                           and end times (which allow staff to plan their
                                                                           working hours according to their family needs)
                                                                           and child sick leave (which means staff do not
                                                                           have to consume their precious annual leave).

                                                                           In addition to these programmes, the company
                                                                           has set up work-life resource corners on its
                                                                           premises and organises talks on marriage,
                                                                           parenting and other topics related to work-life
                                                                           balance. A recreation club with gym facilities has
    Our Company’s Soccer Friendly Match, in which we welcomed              been set up to cater to employees’ health and
        both staff and their family members to join in the fun.
                                                                           wellness, and activities involving staff and their
                                                                           families are organised periodically to enhance
ID Technologies Pte Ltd, a leading contract
                                                                           family bonding.
manufacturer of adhesive components and
barcode products, is a firm adherent to the
concept of work-life balance. The company
constantly endeavours to be a responsible and
caring employer to its staff and has                                              “With the introduction
implemented many initiatives to help them strike                                  of the family Work-Life
a healthy balance between work and family life.                             programmes, I get to attend monthly
                                                                              lunch talks where I can pick up
An active corporate Family Life Ambassador, ID
                                                                                  more parenting tips.”
Technologies has also appointed a work-life
coordinator to implement and review its initiatives
                                                                                           -Liew Kah Yin,
and practices, so as to ensure these remain
                                                                                         Production Operator
relevant to employees’ needs and concerns.

                                                                                    “I feel glad that we are
        “I would like to thank the                                           entitled to child sick leave. It means
      Work-Life Committee and the                                           we need not have to apply for annual
  company. Flexi-work arrangements                                            leave when our children fall sick.
  will definitely help me to have better                                        This shows that our company
 control and balance between my work                                           cares for our children as well.”
               and family.”
                                                                                           -Liow Ah Guat,
        -Jaselyn Woon, Finance Manager                                                   Production Operator

  Contributed by ID Technologies Pte Ltd. Contact: Ms Fianna Lim, HR/Admin Manager Tel: 6740 2130 Email:

                                                                  - 30 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          SINGAPORE (IDA)
                          8 Temasek Boulevard, #14-00 Suntec Tower Three, S(038988)
                          (Statutory Board, 1120 employees)

                                                                        Flexible work arrangements such as flexi-time
                                                                        option and part-time employment, are also
                                                                        available to staff. These are applicable to
                                                                        married female staff who have childcare and
                                                                        other family commitments to manage. Also
                                                                        available is a telecommuting arrangement
                                                                        whereby staff may choose to work from home
                                                                        in the event of childcare emergencies and other
                                                                        unforeseen circumstances.

                                                                        A suite of employee support schemes and
                                                                        services are also in place so that staff can enjoy
                                                                        both a fulfilling job and an enriched family and
    Eat with Your Family Day@IDA Fund Raising Food Fest:
      Everyone’s Lending a Hand for Charity, 28 May 2004                personal life. Some of the benefits under this
                                                                        scheme include marriage and newborn gifts,
                                                                        medical subsidies and insurance for staff and
IDA is a statutory board under the Ministry of                          their dependents. Staff are allowed to claim the
Information, Communications, and The Arts.                              subscription fees for mobile and broadband and
IDA recognises that its people are its most                             to use the flexible benefits for reimbursement
valuable resources, and has therefore adopted                           of childcare and children’s educational
an all-encompassing ”Total Rewards” policy to                           expenses, just to name a few. In addition, zoo
develop, retain and reward its staff.                                   and bird park corporate passes and holiday
                                                                        bungalows are offered for the use of staff and
IDA has implemented a wide range of pro-family                          their families. Family life education talks and
policies and programmes aimed at providing a                            workshops are regularly organised for couples
balanced work and family life for staff. Among                          and families.
them are leave benefits such as childcare,
marriage, compassionate, paternity and                                  IDA’s policies have not only succeeded in
sabbatical leave. Unpaid leave is also available                        increasing employee satisfaction and morale,
to married female staff who need to take an                             but also turned in other benefits. The staff
extended period off for family care purposes.                           turnover rate is now 5% below the industry
Managers and supervisors are given the                                  average, which means recruitment cost is
autonomy and flexibility to approve such                                reduced. Medical cost and leave taken are also
arrangements.                                                           lower than the industry average.

                         Contributed by IDA. Contact: Ms Jan Lye Tel: 6211 0340 Email:

                                                               - 31 -
                 Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                             INLAND REVENUE AUTHORITY OF SINGAPORE
                             55 Newton Road, Revenue House, S(307987)
                             (Statutory Board; 1680 employees)

IRAS is the government agent administering,
assessing, collecting and enforcing the
payment of taxes. IRAS also advises the
Government and represents Singapore
internationally on matters relating to taxation.

IRAS works on the principle that “Everyone
Matters”, and its HR policies and staff welfare
programmes are formulated to encourage staff
to lead a balanced lifestyle. This is because the
organisation believes that happy staff will lead                                       We Work and Play Under One Roof
                                                                                         (IRAS staff and their children)
to a productive and happy organisation. To
ensure that the physical, emotional and mental
needs of its staff are cared for, IRAS caters for
family involvement in its programmes.                                      work every 3rd Saturday and can spend their
                                                                           free Saturdays with their families. It has also
As 80% of IRAS’ workforce are female, the                                  introduced an Elder Care Time-Off scheme,
organisation has introduced an on-site childcare                           which recognises the needs of staff to care for
centre to help staff balance their work and family                         their sick aged parents.
commitments. All staff members, including
male officers, have priority in registering their                          According to a biennial Organisational Climate
children for places in the centre, and they enjoy                          Survey, IRAS’ family friendly initiatives have
subsidised fees. In this way, staff have greater                           contributed to improve staff satisfaction. This
peace of mind and can concentrate better on                                is also illustrated by the drop in its turnover
their work.                                                                rates, which have come down from double
                                                                           digits to less than 5%. Ex-IRAS staff have also
To promote family involvement and bonding,                                 returned to work for the organisation, citing the
IRAS has implementd a 5-5-6 Work Scheme.                                   family friendly environment as a major factor in
This is a flexi-work work schedule whereby staff                           influencing their decision.

      Contributed by IRAS. Contact: Ms Adeline Lee Hui Lin, Senior Personnel Officer Tel: 6351 2047 Email:

                                                                  - 32 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                           INVISTA (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD.
                           1 Sakra Avenue, S(628225)
                           (MNC, Manufacturing; 523 employees)

                                                                     and resulted in more efficient scheduling
                                                                     creating a reduction in overtime.

                                                                     INVISTA’s Wellness Programmes focus on
                                                                     Occupational Health and improvements in
                                                                     health risk behaviors for the total well-being of
                                                                     our employees. We provide annual health
                                                                     screenings, influenza vaccinations, smoking
                                                                     cessation programs, professional counseling
                                                                     on hypertension, strokes, healthy minds, and
                                                                     sponsor exercise classes. Good health means
                                                                     lower medical costs not only to employees and
                                                                     their families but also to the company. It also
                                                                     contributes to high productivity in the workplace
             Jurong Island Dragon Boat Race.                         which is a competitive advantage to our
                                                                     business. In 2002, our average number of sick
INVISTA is a global integrated fiber and                             days per employee was 10% lower than the
intermediates business with a presence in                            national average. A 2003 survey conducted by
more than 40 countries, comprised of six                             an independent consultant on employee
businesses: Apparel, Performance Fibers,                             turnover across 375 companies in 10 different
Intermediates, Polymer and Resins and Textile                        industry segments showed that our attrition was
Fibers. INVISTA is committed to its customers’                       28% lower than the average of the companies.
growth through market insights and technology
innovations combined with a powerful portfolio                       These family friendly programmes increase
of the best known global brands and                                  employees’ commitment and satisfaction, and
trademarks in the industry.                                          improve INVISTA’s reputation as a vibrant and
                                                                     caring organisation that attracts and retains
We believe people, not names, make a                                 talented employees.
company great. Consistent with this belief,
valuing people and protection of their health,
safety and environment, come first. We take
this further by promoting a workplace culture                           “Work-life policies and practices
where employees can balance their work and                                take on greater importance in
family commitments and lead healthy lifestyles.
                                                                      today’s world where the demarcation
On 1st January 2004, our shift employees                                 of ‘work’ and ‘life’ is, as it were,
transitioned from an 8-hour to a 12-hour shift                        increasingly blurred. At INVISTA, we
schedule. This compressed workweek
schedule enables our shift employees to enjoy                           believe in recognising the ‘whole’
more rest and off days to spend with their                             person as it serves both the business
families. For day employees, we have a flexi-                                 and individual need.”
time programme that allows them to manage
their work schedule to meet personal family
arrangements more effectively. These                                                   -Dilip Kumar,
programmes have boosted employee morale                                              Managing Director

    Contributed by Invista (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Contact: Ms Amy Tay, HR Manager Tel: 6867 1295 Email:

                                                            - 33 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          KK WOMEN’S & CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL
                          100 Bukit Timah Rd, S(229899)
                          (Public, Healthcare; 2500 employees)

The only integrated women’s and children’s                            work, while still enjoying pro-rated benefits and
hospital in Singapore, KK Hospital maintains a                        the same career development pathway offered
policy of personalised, patient-centric care and                      to full-time staff. This has led to increased
sharing its expertise with the community. KK                          commitment from part-time staff who might
Hospital recognises that staff want to achieve a                      otherwise be inclined to leave the organisation.
balance between work commitment and personal
needs, and believes that promoting this balance
will enhance the well-being, productivity and
commitment of its people, resulting in greater
effectiveness for the hospital.

To ensure that its staff can meet the constantly
rising expectations of its patients, KK Hospital
places their welfare among its top priorities.
Staff are provided with a wide variety of services
and programmes aimed at easing the burden
of external commitments, such as convenience
services and dependent-care services, both
on-site and referral, which can be accessed on
short notice.                                                                   Great fitness fun for KK staff and their family
                                                                                   members at the first KKH Walk-a-Jog.

KK Hospital provides flexibility in the
arrangement of shift work schedules, thereby
catering to both the different needs of its staff
and the requirements of each work area.
Feedback indicates that this flexibility has                                   “I appreciate that the
enabled staff to better balance their work and                              organisation recognises the
personal lives, leading to increased staff                                importance of work-life balance
satisfaction. When staff derive a sense of                             through its flexible work arrangement
satisfaction from their work, they are able to                          scheme. It has certainly encouraged
deliver higher medical standards and better                                     me to put in my best
service for our patients.
                                                                              performance at work.”
KK Hospital is also currently piloting an                                                 -Han Wee Meng,
enhanced part-time scheme whereby staff are                                                  Dietician
allowed to choose the number of hours they

         Contributed by KK Hospital. Contact: Ms Han Mee Nee, Specialist, HRPM Tel: 6394 1978 Email:

                                                             - 34 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          MAJLIS UGAMA ISLAM SINGAPURA (MUIS)
                          273 Braddell Road, S(579702)
                          (Statutory Board; 108 employees)

Muis, also known as the Islamic Religious Council
of Singapore, is the statutory body whose role is
to protect and advance the interests of                                  “Muis prides itself on being not
Singapore’s Muslim community. Its mission is to                              only family friendly, but a
broaden and deepen the Singaporean Muslim                                family in itself. Every officer is a
community’s understanding and practice of Islam,                           family member, and therefore
while enhancing the well-being of the nation.                         our relationships go beyond structural
                                                                         and positional to the emotional,
                                                                         spiritual and psychological. The
A corporate Family Life Ambassador, Muis
                                                                       various family friendly schemes and
considers itself a family and treats its staff as
                                                                          initiatives in Muis may appear
family members. It actively promotes work-life
                                                                        similar to what is offered by many
balance through a range of activities and
                                                                       organisations, except that work and
initiatives, such as family-related leave benefits,                      family life in Muis is a synthesis
an alternate Saturday half-day work scheme and                                and not an aggregate.”
social family gatherings including Family Day, Hari
Raya Celebrations and Malaysia Car Convoy. A                                        -Dr Albakri Ahmad,
                                                                           Director, Corporate Development and
monthly Staff Contact Day is also held, during                                          Education
which staff participate in morning mass exercises
and sharing sessions.

Muis also encourages its staff to maintain a healthy
lifestyle and has implemented Health and Wellness
programmes through its Staff Recreation
Committee. These include weekly sports sessions
and quarterly lunch health talks.

As a result of its programmes, the attrition rate at
Muis has fallen dramatically, and medical leave
usage by staff has also dropped. In addition,
staff and their families experience closer ties and
greater camaraderie, resulting in higher staff
                                                                               Morning mass exercise involving all staff.
morale and job satisfaction.

         Contributed by MUIS. Contact: Mr Mohd Adam, Executive, Human Resource Tel: 6359 1132 Email:

                                                             - 35 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                            MERCK SHARP & DOHME (SINGAPORE) LTD (MSD)
                            21 Tuas South Avenue 6, S(637766)
                            (MNC, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing; 250 employees)

MSD is a subsidiary of Merck & Co.
Inc., a global research-driven
pharmaceutical company.                MSD
recognises that the ability to excel
depends on the commitment and
performance of its employees, and
strives    to      create     a   working
environment that not only rewards
commitments and performance but is
also responsive towards the needs of
employees and their families.

MSD’s preventive health and wellness
programme provides employees with                                          In-house Kickboxing Activities

free consultation, materials and
referrals covering a broad range of topics. Its
on-site healthcare provider also renders
evaluation and referrals for personal crises,                        MSD’s supportive environment helps to
relationship conflicts and behavioural health. All                   maximise the contributions of employees, and
employees are provided with a periodic                               stimulates the creativity and innovation
scheduled          medical        screening        and               required to discover, develop and demonstrate
personalised, confidential health counselling.                       the value of breakthrough drugs as a global
                                                                     company. In this way, MSD can bring value to
In addition to medical consultation, MSD also                        its shareholders and ensure that it has a
offers its employees free patronage at off-site                      competitive advantage in the marketplace.
fitness centres. The recreation committee also
organises active participation in weekly sports
activities such as outdoor hikes and national
runs. The increased fitness level of employees
in turn gives them greater energy to perform
their jobs well.

                   Contributed by MSD. Contact: Mr Victor Chen Tel: 6880 9011 Email:

                                                            - 36 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                           MICROSOFT SINGAPORE PTE LTD
                           5 Temasek Boulevard, #09-03 Suntec Tower Five, S (038985)
                           (MNC, Information Technology; 107 employees)

                                                                         These include lunchtime enrichment talks and
                                                                         a Bring-Your-Kid-To-Work Day.

                                                                         Microsoft’s employees are also entitled to
                                                                         benefits such as celebratory leave and general
                                                                         hospitalization and surgical plans where the
                                                                         same coverage is extended to their immediate
                                                                         dependents. This is intended to provide financial
                                                                         relief to employees in times of need. As part of
                                                                         our continuous efforts at enhancing the benefits
                                                                         program, Microsoft has introduced a maternity
                                                                         care benefit. This provides for normal or
        Kids at work on Bring-Your-Kid-to-Work Day
                                                                         Caesarean delivery as well as pre-, post-natal
                                                                         care coverage to employees or their spouses,
Established in 1990, Microsoft Singapore is                              for any number of children.
responsible for Microsoft’s sales and marketing
functions in Singapore, including corporate
communications, business development,                                           “Bring-Your-Kid-To-Work Day
partner development and customer care.                                            not only brought me closer
Microsoft believes that our success is due to the                              to my child, but also closer to my
dedication of our employees, whose enthusiasm                                    colleagues by allowing me to
for their work is fueled by the support of their                                      understand them as
families and Microsoft Singapore’s pro-family
                                                                                    individuals outside of a
benefits and programmes.
                                                                                    working environment.”
Microsoft Singapore’s Employee Assistance                                                    -Andrew Pickup,
Programme provides an avenue for employees                                                  Marketing Director
to seek advice on a wide range of issues,
including improving communication in the family,
balancing the demands of different roles and
parenting techniques. This service is extended
                                                                               “My company’s hospitalization
to employees and their families free of charge,                                and surgical insurance benefit
in recognition of the family’s role as the first line                       helped my family tide over a difficult
of care and support for employees.                                            time when my wife was very ill –
                                                                                 I really appreciated that.”
Family-friendly activities are held regularly at
Microsoft Singapore, to foster a sense of                                                    -Cholayil Shyam,
                                                                                             Product Manager
belonging for employees and their families.

               Contributed by Microsoft Singapore. Contact: Ms Melissa Kee Tel: 6433 5338 Email:

                                                                - 37 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                           MIL-COM AEROSPACE PTE LTD
                           11 Changi North Street 1, Level 2 Mil-Com Aerospace Training Centre
                           Changi North Industrial Estate, S(498823)
                           (SME, Aerospace Support; 70 employees)

Mil-Com Aerospace is a leading aerospace                                 experiences and areas of work with one another.
support company, providing specialised                                   These sessions provide employees with the
aerospace engineering services to airlines and                           opportunity to interact and build better relations.
aerospace-related companies. Mil-Com’s                                   They also serve to manage organisational
leadership believes in nurturing and fostering a                         knowledge and foster the entrepreneurial spirit of
family friendly environment and culture, and                             employees.
supports this by offering flexible work
arrangements, leave benefits and other initiatives
that encourage better employee relationships in
the organisation.

Mil-Com organises a quarterly Family Get-
Together session to thank employees for their
contributions throughout the year. During these
sessions, the management meets with employees
and their families, and receives feedback on their
work-related concerns. This practice serves as
an “open door” policy to encourage corporate
citizenry and show appreciation of teamwork. It
not only fosters better employee interaction, but                                            Mil-Com’s Alteon Day
also encourages team-building to the
organisation’s advantage.

Weekly “Share and Learn” sessions are also held,                                 “I can attest to Mil-Com
functioning as an in-house learning platform that                            being a family friendly company.
allows employees to share and impart their                                     Being an expatriate employee
                                                                          from Australia, when my wife’s father
       “Share and Learn is a very                                             passed away last year we were
    informative session that helps us                                      faced with an urgent and traumatic
     improve our knowledge of one                                              return home. When I phoned
           another’s work.”                                               our CEO in the middle of the night to
                                                                             inform her, she did her utmost to
                 -Mohan,                                                  ensure that our needs were addressed.
     Course Manager, Aerospace Training
                                                                             Her kindness and sympathy was
                                                                            mirrored throughout by my friends
       “Such family gatherings are                                          and colleagues here at Mil-Com.”
      useful to boost staff morale!”
                                                                                         -Ron Sinclair,
                -Richard Yeun,                                                          Chief Instructor,
    Vice President, Technical and Standards                                     Mil-Com Aerospace Training Center

     Contributed by Mil-Com Aerospace. Contact: Ms Ivy Hong (Hospitality Manager) Tel: 6545 4900 Email:

                                                                - 38 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          SPORTS (MCDS)
                          512 Thomson Road, MCDS Building, S(298136)
                          (Ministry; 818 employees)

The mission of MCDS is to build a cohesive                            MCDS will continue to review and implement
and resilient society for Singapore. MCDS                             policies/initiatives which will better help its staff
recognises that all its staff have family and                         to achieve work-life effectiveness and build
personal commitments outside work. By                                 stronger family ties. Some of the pipeline
focusing on work-life issues, MCDS aims to                            projects/initiatives include piloting new flexi-work
help both its staff and the Ministry align and                        arrangements and work-life training for staff.
achieve personal as well as organisational
objectives.                                                           With the various family friendly programmes/
                                                                      initiatives in place, MCDS is able to address its
MCDS aims to foster a Work-Life Friendly                              staff needs, attract and retain its talents and
Workplace culture through putting in place flexi-                     reduce the medical cost.
work arrangements, leave benefits and
employee support services for its staff. This is
complemented by workplace health
programmes such as sporting activities, health
screenings and talks which are organised from
time to time. Staff are also given 4 hours every
month to participate in healthy lifestyle activities
organised by their respective departments.

Some of the key initiatives implemented in
MCDS are:

! One-stop HR Portal                                                                         A.C.T.I.V.E Day
! Subsidised Counselling Service
! Set-up of Family Vitamins Room for nursing
  mothers and as a resource area for family
  life materials                                                            “MCDS is a key advocate of family
! Focus Group Discussions
                                                                         friendly work places. We applied for the
                                                                           Singapore Family Friendly Employer
! Work-Life Management Training Workshop
                                                                         Award to check if we are indeed walking
                                                                          our talk, and we are all very pleased to
The One-stop HR Portal was launched last year                           receive this affirmation. We will continue
for staff to have easy access to HR information                           to build a family friendly workplace in
i.e. information on work-life programmes such                            MCDS, and to encourage others to also
as the flexi-work guidelines, links to time-saving                              build a family friendly work
services (i.e. laundry and grocery services) and
dependent care service providers etc.                                                   -Ms Lim Soo Hoon,
                                                                                       Permanent Secretary

       Contributed by MCDS. Contact: Ms Serene Ho, Senior Personnel Executive Tel: 6355 8586 Email:

                                                             - 39 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          (MHA HQ)
                          New Phoenix Park, 28 Irrawaddy Road, S(329560)
                          (Ministry HQ; 233 employees)

MHA is committed to make Singapore a safe                               and organise in-house family activities to foster
and secure best home for our people. At the MHA                         family bonding. In addition, workplace health
HQ, we work, as part of the Home Team, with                             programmes such as health screenings,
the Homefront agencies and our community                                regular fitness classes and health talks are held
partners to achieve our vision. Guided by our                           to increase employees’ awareness of personal
core values of Honour and Unity, we formulate                           health and wellness.
policies to maintain law, order and security in
Singapore, manage joint operations of Home                              Employees may take up flexible work
Team agencies and upgrade strategies and                                arrangements such as compressed work
capabilities across the Home Team.                                      schedules or flexi-time. Alternatively, they may
                                                                        work on a part-time scheme that allows them
Key Programmes Implemented and/or                                       greater flexibility in managing their personal
Benefits Derived:                                                       commitments.

MHA HQ has a designated Staff Well-Being                                MHA HQ is a corporate Family Life Ambassador.
Secretariat to manage workplace health and
well-being issues, as well as a Staff Welfare                           Organisational Health Surveys have indicated
Committee to see to its employees’ welfare and                          that employees are more physically fit as a
recreational needs. These teams hold family                             whole, and they also experience greater job
life education programmes on a regular basis                            satisfaction with the family friendly initiatives.

                                            Fostering Unity through Group Activities

         Contributed by MHAHQ. Contact: Ms Lilian Liong (Asst Director, HR) Tel: 6478 5669 Email:

                                                               - 40 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                           MINISTRY OF MANPOWER (MOM)
                           18 Havelock Road, S(059764)
                           (Ministry; 1074 employees)

MOM is the central agency that brings together                         laundry pick-up are available to staff, helping them
all functions of manpower planning, entry                              manage their home and work commitments more
regulation and promotion issues in Singapore’s                         effectively.
labour market. As a People Developer
Organisation, MOM is committed to a people-                            MOM will continue to implement and improve
centric management philosophy. This credo seeks                        policies and practices that are family friendly, and
to enhance individual and hence organisational                         encourage family participation so as to help its
capability, by providing learning and development                      employees achieve work-life balance. Some of
opportunities and creating and adopting innovative                     its upcoming programmes include career
workplace practices that contribute to a good                          counselling, personal counselling and healthy
work-life balance for employees.                                       lifestyle activities.

MOM has introduced a wide range of alternative                         As a result of its various family friendly
job arrangements, staff leave and welfare                              programmes and initiatives, MOM is better able
programmes, complemented by a host of social                           to meet the needs and expectations of its staff.
and recreational activities for its staff. These                       This in turn has enabled it to better retain its talent
include flexible work arrangements, leave benefits                     and meet existing and new challenges with
over and above annual leave entitlements, and free                     committed staff.
access to a spa and gymnasium.

An on-site childcare centre is also provided for
parenting staff to place their children during
working hours, allowing them greater peace of
                                                                            “MOM is family friendly more
mind at work. MOM provides a subsidy to staff                                 because of the enlightened
who utilise this facility. In addition, a Nursing Room                  management rather than the standard
has been set up for the convenience and privacy                           schemes. My bosses initiated and
of nursing mothers, and family services such as                        followed through with the proposal for
                                                                         me to work from home when I had
                                                                          difficulties in the last stage of my
                                                                           pregnancy. This proactivity and
                                                                             tailoring to my needs is very
                                                                         heartening. It inspires me to do the
                                                                        same for those I supervise and I will
                                                                                  not hesitate to go the
                                                                                 extra mile for MOM.”

                                                                                        -Ms Liew Wei Li,
                                                                                   Director, Quality Workplace
                                                                                       Policy Department
            MOM Family Day @ Sentosa Island

              Contributed by Ministry of Manpower. Contact: Mr Hagen Ong Tel: 6317 1493 Email:

                                                              - 41 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                         PTE LTD (NCC)
                         11 Hospital Drive, S(169610)
                         (Public, Healthcare; 530 employees)

                                                                     schedules; therefore, the centre allows them
                                                                     to take care of their dependents without
                                                                     consuming their annual leave. To many staff,
                                                                     this comes as a great relief.

                                                                     The flexible work arrangements, comprising
                                                                     compressed work schedules and part-time
                                                                     work arrangements, also address staff
                                                                     members’ domestic responsibilities, and
                                                                     benefits both parties in the process: staff are
                 NCC Kiddies Day 2003                                provided with the flexibility to cater to their family
                                                                     commitments, while the flexible work
                                                                     arrangements can be scheduled according to
NCC is a national and regional centre providing
                                                                     NCC’s operational needs.
clinical services to cancer patients, as well as
developing public education programmes
                                                                     In addition to the above programmes, NCC
directed at the prevention and early treatment
                                                                     organises various activities that are extended
of cancer. NCC recognises that staff need to
                                                                     to the families and even the friends of
achieve a balance between work commitment
                                                                     employees, such as short overseas trips, festive
and personal needs, and believes that
                                                                     celebrations or Family Day. An intranet
promoting this balance will enhance the well-
                                                                     webpage has also been set up to inform and
being, productivity and commitment of staff,
                                                                     raise awareness of staff with regard to work-
resulting in greater organisational effectiveness.
                                                                     life balance and practices in NCC.

To meet both the objectives of the organisation
                                                                     NCC’s various programmes and policies have
and the needs of staff, NCC has implemented
                                                                     benefited the centre in terms of higher
a variety of family friendly programmes, most
                                                                     productivity from staff, who experience a higher
notably family care leave, flexible work
                                                                     level of job satisfaction due to the family friendly
arrangements and maternity medical benefits
                                                                     culture. Together with a lower turnover rate and
(which are also extended to the spouses of
                                                                     a drop in associated recruitment costs, this
male staff).
                                                                     results in a positive impact on the centre’s
                                                                     bottom line.
NCC recognises that staff with young children
or aged parents will need flexibility in their work

                     Contributed by NCC. Contact: Ms Winnie Wee Tel: 6236 9412 Email:

                                                            - 42 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                           NATIONAL DENTAL CENTRE
                           5 Second Hospital Avenue, S(168938)
                           (Public, Healthcare; 376 employees)

The National Dental Centre is the main                                 well-being, productivity and commitment,
referral centre for specialist oral healthcare                         leading in turn to greater organisational
services in Singapore and delivers a                                   effectiveness for the Centre.
comprehensive range of services for patients
needing them. The Centre strongly believes that
its people are vital for ensuring the Centre’s
long-term success and hence is committed to
the development and welfare of staff.

Recognizing that majority of the Centre’s staff
have care responsibilities for young children or
elderly parents/parents in-laws, the Centre
implemented the Family Care Leave benefit.
This allows staff to take time to care for their
dependents without utilising their annual leave.

The Centre also organises an annual event,                                       Learning about their parents’ work,
                                                                                     the fun and interactive way!
Kiddies’ Day, during the December school
holidays, to help staff lighten the burden of
keeping their children occupied during this
period. At the same time, the children have an
opportunity to gain greater understanding of
their parents’ job as they visit the workplace.
This event is also extended to the nieces and
nephews of staff and consistently draws
positive feedback.

The Centre’s family friendly policies and
programmes promote a balance between staff’s
work commitments and personal needs. The
win-win work-life approach enhances staff’s

      Contributed by National Dental Centre. Contact: Ms Chan Sai Hui Tel: 6324 8883 Email:

                                                              - 43 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                           LTD (NHC)
                           17 Mistri Wing, Third Hospital Avenue, S(168752)
                           (Public, Healthcare; 670 employees)

                                                                      signed by the Medical Director. NHC also
                                                                      participated in the ‘Eat with Your Family Day’
                                                                      as a way to encourage its staff to bond with
                                                                      their families.

                                                                      By creating a pro-family working environment
                                                                      for staff, NHC is able to maintain a high standard
                                                                      of care and good quality of work. In this way,
                                                                      both the objectives of the organisation and the
            NHC Family Day @ Pasir Ris Park
               “Let the muscles speak”.                               needs of its employees are met.

Part of the SingHealth Group, National Heart
Centre (NHC) is the national referral centre for
cardiovascular medicine. It was established in
recognition of the need for quality and effective
treatment of heart disease.
                                                                           “The success of NHC lies in
                                                                         our staff and the support of their
NHC recognises the need for staff to achieve a
                                                                              families. Here at NHC,
balance between work commitment and
                                                                       we strive to provide a conducive and
personal needs. Such a balance will enhance
                                                                              supportive environment
the well-being, productivity and commitment of                              for our staff so that they do
the staff, resulting in greater effectiveness for                     not have to worry about their family or
the organisation.
                                                                               personal problems.”

NHC staff enjoy pro-family work practices and
                                                                                    -A/Prof Koh Tian Hai,
leave benefits, including family care leave,                                          Medical Director
allowing them to better manage their roles as
family members. Employee support schemes
are also in place: for example, employees are
granted a day off on their birthday and also
presented with a gift as well as a card personally

                    Contributed by NHC. Contact: Ms Phuan Lee Choo Tel: 6236 4542 Email:

                                                             - 44 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          NATIONAL LIBRARY BOARD (NLB)
                          1 Temasek Avenue, #06-00 Millenia Tower, S(039192)
                          (Statutory Board; 868 employees)

Established in 1995, NLB spearheads the
development of Singapore’s library services. Its
mission is to enhance national competitiveness
and promote a gracious society by expanding
the learning capacity of the nation and
developing a relevant and responsive library
system that caters to the needs of the

NLB believes strongly that people are the key                                           We are one...... NLB family!!!

to organisational success. For this reason, it
has put in place a set of family friendly
programmes,        covering         flexible      work                   “Staff’s ability to contribute to the
                                                                             organisation is inseparable
arrangements, a health and wellness
                                                                           from the physical, mental and
programme for staff and their family members,
                                                                             emotional well-being of the
and employee support services including family                           staff and their family. Hence, it is
information and referral services, and flexible                               important to help the staff
benefits.                                                                 fulfill their family and personal
                                                                         responsibilities by creating a pro-
Staff surveys indicate that NLB staff experience                       family environment. Staff can then feel
a high level of employee engagement and job
                                                                         motivated to help the organisation
                                                                         achieve its goals and objectives.”
satisfaction, as their needs have been met
through meaningful welfare programmes. NLB’s                                        -NLB Senior Management
annual health screening also shows an overall
improvement in employees’ health. Most                                     “The part-time work arrangement
importantly, NLB’s turnover rate has decreased,                                  has helped me retain a
leading to a decrease in related recruitment                               valuable staff member who would
costs.                                                                          have otherwise resigned
                                                                             due to family commitments.”
                                                                                    -NLB Middle Management

              Contributed by National Library Board. Contact: Mrs Rose Tan Tel: 6332 3607 Email:

                                                              - 45 -
                   Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                             NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL (NUH)
                             5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, S(119074)
                             (Private, Healthcare; 3190 employees)

NUH is the first restructured
hospital in Singapore, a 951-
bed, acute care tertiary
hospital. NUH has achieved
the Occupational Health and
Safety Management System
(OHSAS)             international
standard,           creating        a
framework within which it can
provide its staff with a safe
and fulfilling work environment.

NUH’s family friendly benefit
programmes and practices                                                Staff Active Day 31 March 2004

include        flexi-time      work
arrangements, marriage and parenting leave,
long-term illness leave and SDU/SDS leave.
NUH staff also receive financial loans for home
renovation, housing and vehicle purchase, and
are entitled to staff discounts at participating                               “We are working towards
outlets.                                                                     more pro-family practices which
                                                                                  will benefit our staff,
Sports and wellness activities involving staff and                            and at the same time, help to
family members are organised to promote                                        make NUH an ‘Employer
family bonding, and holiday chalets for family                                         of Choice’.”
outings are subsidised as well. Working from
the basis that a happy family makes a happy                                            -Mr Chua Song Khim,
                                                                                      Chief Executive Officer
and productive staff member, NUH also
organises annual family friendly activities such
as Staff Appreciation Day and Eat with Your
Family Day.

           Contributed by National University Hospital. Contact: Mr Goh Song Puay Tel: 6772 5105 Email:

                                                               - 46 -
              Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                       NATSTEEL LTD
                       22 Tanjong Kling Road, S(628048)
                       (MNC, Manufacturing; 562 employees)

Incorporated in the 1960s to support                                   a service record of 10 years and above in an
Singapore’s nation-building efforts in                                 industry where high turnover is the norm.
infrastructural and residential development,
NatSteel is today one of the leading industrial                        NatSteel has also experienced an increase in
groups in the Asia Pacific for its steel and                           productivity and profitability as a direct result of
industrial businesses.                                                 its employees’ improved health and well-being.
                                                                       At the same time, it enjoys a low absenteeism
NatSteel acknowledges the importance of                                rate. The average medical leave taken by
promoting family friendly work practices and                           NatSteel employees has decreased from 8
policies in the workplace, and is committed to                         days to 5.8 days a year, well below the national
creating a conducive and safe working                                  average of 6 days
environment so that its employees look forward
to coming to work each day.

The NatSteel Bursary scheme has been in
place since 1991 to provide financial assistance
to employees facing difficulties in their
children’s education.

NatSteel’s senior management views
employees’ health as being of primary
importance and seeks to cultivate health
awareness through workplace health
programmes such as annual health screenings,                        NatSteel staff helping out at the Turf Club Charity Raceday 2003
weight management workshops and smoking
cessation workshops. NatSteel also has an in-
house clinic providing free medical consultation
and treatment. During these programmes,
employees from different levels and                                         “At NatSteel, we care for the
departments are able to meet and interact,                                 overall well-being of our staff.
thereby fostering better working relationships                          We conduct programmes that not only
throughout the organisation.                                            focus on healthy lifestyles but also on
                                                                                family togetherness.”
As a result of its family friendly practices,
NatSteel has built a highly motivated and loyal                                     -Mr Oo Soon Hee, President
workforce, with an excellent retention rate. More
than half of NatSteel employees have achieved

                           Contributed by NatSteel Ltd. Contact: Ms Liu Fang Joo Tel: 6660 7884

                                                           - 47 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                             75 Bras Basah Road, NTUC Income Centre, S(189557)
                             (Union Co-operative; 1271 employees)

                                                                    Under NTUC Income’s flexi-work arrangements,
                                                                    employees with young children or elderly parents
                                                                    are allowed to work from home for a fixed period,
                                                                    giving them the freedom to care for their dependents
                                                                    without compromising their work. They are also
                                                                    allowed to take up to two years’ unpaid leave of
                                                                    absence to provide their children with full-time care,
                                                                    or to accompany spouses who have been posted

               i-Exercise: Let’s get started!

                                                                               “Our practices have
                                                                         contributed to the achievement
NTUC Income is an insurance co-operative
                                                                     of a high satisfaction rate among our
focusing on life and general insurance. Formed
                                                                        staff and a motivated workforce.
in 1970 as an initiative of the “Modernisation of                     In my division, I have employees on
the Labour Movement”, NTUC Income today                              different schemes and the productivity
provides nearly a quarter of Singapore’s                                   of the unit remains high.”
population with insurance coverage.
                                                                                     -Tan Soon Heng,
                                                                                     General Manager
NTUC Income believes in providing a learning
and growing environment for its people, where
they can enjoy career development and have a
                                                                           “Since I had my first child
good work-life balance. Its family friendly work
                                                                    eight years ago, I encountered various
culture is supported by corporate policies such
                                                                      demands for which I had to request
as the provision of flexible work arrangements
                                                                    alternative work arrangements. Each
and employee support schemes, and the
                                                                      time, I received instant support and
involvement of employees’ families in corporate
                                                                          approval from management,
events. To oversee this drive towards a healthy                          colleagues and peers. I greatly
lifestyle and family friendly programmes, NTUC                       appreciate the high level of trust and
Income has appointed a Corporate Wellness                                     support given to me.”
                                                                                     -Christina Wong,
                                                                                    Assistant Manager

    Contributed by NTUC Income Insurance Cooperative. Contact: Ms Patricia Ng Tel: 6330 1821 Email:

                                                           - 48 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                           OTi CONSULTING
                           2 Finlayson Green, #18-00 Asia Insurance Building, S(049247)
                           (SME, Consultancy; 33 employees)

                                                                       OTi’s telecommuting arrangement has been
                                                                       particularly valuable to the organisation in terms
                                                                       of increased productivity and retention of top
                                                                       performers. Employees under the scheme are
                                                                       productive as they can focus on their work and
                                                                       family needs. They also have greater flexibility,
                                                                       due to time saved on travelling to and from the

                Mrs Praise Mok, Manager –
               working from her home office

                                                                             “This programme allows us
OTi Consulting is an international human
                                                                                to retain excellent staff
resource (HR) and organisational development
                                                                            who have family commitments
consultancy specialising in five areas:
                                                                          and also assures the staff that their
organisational development, organisational & HR                               contributions are valuable
systems, HR training and development, search &                                   to the organisation.”
selection and OD/HR diagnostic tools. Employees
of OTi are encouraged to place their families                                         -Mr Khoo Oon Theam,
                                                                                 Chief Executive Officer/President
before their work, and the organisation has
implemented a range of initiatives to help them
effectively manage their work and family life.
                                                                                 “Telecommuting has caused
                                                                                        them to be more
OTi’s family friendly programmes include
                                                                                  effective both at work and
flexible    work     arrangements             such    as                             with their families.”
telecommuting and permanent part-time, and
leave benefits such as compassionate leave,                                              -Ms Rachel Ong,
                                                                                      Director/Vice President
paternity leave and marriage leave. A Division
Staff Wellness Scheme has also been set up
to address the specific needs of staff from OTi’s
various divisions.

           Contributed by OTi Consulting. Contact: Ms Lynette Goh Tel: 6225 7811 Email:

                                                              - 49 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          PARKWAY GROUP HEALTHCARE PTE LTD (PGH)
                          1 Grange Rd, #09-01 Orchard Building, S(239693)
                          (Private, Healthcare; 2202 employees)

                                                                     pastoral care coordinator is available to provide
                                                                     in-house counselling, crisis support and referral
                                                                     service for employees and their families.

                                                                     PGH employees are entitled to a wide variety of
                                                                     family leave benefits that ease the time pressures
                                                                     faced by employees with family commitments.
                                                                     These include compassionate leave, child sick
                                                                     leave, critical illness leave and marriage leave
                                                                     for both employees’ and their children’s marriage.

                                                                     PGH’s many family friendly programmes have
                    Dinner and Dance 2004                            yielded great benefits for the organisation. These
                                                                     include a decrease in absenteeism, lower medical
With the largest network of private hospitals and                    leave incidences and an improvement in the
healthcare services in the region, PGH is Asia’s                     overall well-being of employees. In addition, PGH
premier fully integrated healthcare provider. A                      has observed improved morale, better staff
winner of the People Developer Standard, PGH’s                       retention and an increased job satisfaction level,
shared values are “We are Special, We Care and                       all of which contribute to lowered costs and
We Excel”. These values are reflected in PGH’s                       greater profitability.
firm belief that pro-family initiatives will help to
build a happy workforce, which translates into
higher productivity, improved service standards
and better quality of work.                                               “The work-life programmes
                                                                       have a positive impact on morale,
PGH has in place a Quality Worklife Programme,                             productivity and retention,
which aims to enhance employees’ total well-                          which in turn have a positive impact
being and personal effectiveness in balancing                                 on business results.”
work and family life, thereby promoting a caring
and supportive work environment that contributes                            -Ms Bella Ong, General Manager
to staff retention.

Among this programme’s initiatives is a                                “PGH has an excellent balance of
comprehensive health promotion programme,                             work and recreation which my family
which includes health screenings, health and                           and I have enjoyed over the years.
family life education talks and recreational                         Some of the activities include Dinner &
activities that involve employees’ families. Family                    Dance, Hospital Open House and
life information and support services are made                                Educational Tours.”
fully available for employees’ reference. PGH also
awards bursaries to employees’ children who                               - Mr Sumadi Bin Osman, Concierge
excel in their studies. In addition, a full-time

       Contributed by PGH. Contact: Ms Jenny Lim, Senior HR Executive Tel: 6739 1618 Email:

                                                            - 50 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          PREMAS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
                          Block 750 Oasis Chai Chee Road, #01-01 Technopark@ Chai Chee, S(469000)
                          (Government-linked, Real Estate Management; 1349 employees)

PREMAS International Limited provides real                           commitments. In further recognition of staff
estate management services to a global                               members’ need to attend to their personal and
clientele, aimed at optimising the operational                       family commitments, the company also offers
efficiency and yield of facilities and townships                     them a wide range of leave over and above the
under its charge.                                                    traditional annual and medical leave. This
                                                                     includes family event leave, under which staff
PREMAS believes and understands that staff                           may apply for leave on special occasions to
need to achieve a balance between work, family                       celebrate with their loved ones.
and personal commitments. Promoting and
encouraging this balance will help staff to                          Other benefits include a lactation room for
achieve total wellness, resulting in a healthier                     breastfeeding mothers, and a family relocation
workforce. The company has therefore put in                          assistance programme for staff who are
place many policies and benefits aimed at                            assigned to overseas offices and wish to bring
encouraging staff to adopt a healthy, all-rounded                    their families with them. In addition, a multi-
lifestyle that will help them work and live better.                  departmental Club Interact committee has been
                                                                     formed to identify the needs of staff and
Staff of PREMAS can opt for a flexi-hours work                       organise events and programmes for their well-
arrangement, compressed work week or work                            being. These include holiday programmes for
on a permanent part-time basis, according to                         staff members’ children, family tours and sports
their need to balance between work and family                        events to promote health and fitness.

                                             Hey, mummy, now I know where you
                                                have your lunch at the office!

        Contributed by Premas International Limited. Contact: Miss Joan Yap Tel: 6876 6008 Email:

                                                            - 51 -
                 Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                              REPUBLIC POLYTECHNIC
                              Tanglin Campus, 1 Kay Siang Road, S(248922)
                              (Public, Education; 119 employees)

                                                                        Employee welfare is also given top priority at
                                                                        the Republic. Staff are encouraged to “work
                                                                        hard and play harder”. They are empowered to
                                                                        initiate poly-wide social and leisure activities in
                                                                        addition to quarterly teambuilding events that
                                                                        foster camaraderie, and have free use of the
                                                                        in-house sports facilities.

                                                                        Through its programmes, the Republic has
       The Republic’s staff work hard and play harder….
        Taking time out for a game of human foosball…                   created a work environment where staff
                 and appreciating one another.
                                                                        members are physically energised, emotionally
                                                                        connected, mentally focused and spiritually
Established on 1 August 2002, Republic
                                                                        aligned. Organisational Climate Surveys have
Polytechnic is Singapore’s fifth polytechnic.
                                                                        shown that the Republic’s staff are generally
The Republic believes in nurturing and
                                                                        highly satisfied with the overall organisational
supporting a workplace culture that helps its
                                                                        culture and climate, especially in terms of
staff manage work and family commitments
                                                                        autonomy, risk-taking, commitment to
effectively, with the aims of enhancing the
                                                                        excellence and staff education.
productivity and performance of the organisation
as well as helping its staff to achieve job

To align both its organisational goals and its
                                                                                 “Very often, staff are at
employees’ personal goals, the Republic has
                                                                             their best when they are secure
introduced        a     number           of     innovative
                                                                               in the knowledge that their
                                                                            other personal needs can be met
programmes. These include a fully accessible
                                                                                 by their organisation.”
telecommuting scheme providing staff with
mobility while they remain productive and an                                           -Anderson Lim,
Administrative Associate Scheme covering                                      Deputy Director, Human Resources
permanent          part-time           and        flexi-time

        Contributed by Republic Polytechnic. Contact: Mr Anderson Lim Tel: 6376 8071 Email:

                                                               - 52 -
                  Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                              SHERATON TOWERS SINGAPORE
                              39 Scotts Road, S(228230)
                              (MNC, Hotels & Restaurants; 350 employees)

Sheraton Towers Singapore is a franchise of                         hotel. Associates are also given time off to
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, one of the                     participate in sports activities, with the overall
world’s largest hotel and leisure companies. Voted                  effect of raising the organisation’s health level.
one of the world’s top hotels by Conde Nast
Traveler Gold List, Sheraton Towers Singapore                       The associates’ restaurant is also stocked with
sets the benchmark in Singapore’s hospitality                       top quality food and beverages, as part of
industry.                                                           Sheraton’s drive to create a welcoming workplace
                                                                    in which all associates can experience a sense
Sheraton’s associates and their family members                      of belonging to the organisation.
are entitled to staff rates for room bookings at
sister hotels, and family members are also allowed
to work in the same organisation. It results in
                                                                             “Our managers are very
better family bonding, so that associates have
                                                                           understanding and allow us
greater support from their families and can do a
                                                                        flexible shifts when they know we
better job. They also have access to flexible work
                                                                       have some family matters to attend
arrangements such as flexi-hours and part-time                            to…I truly feel that we are all
employment as and when these are needed,                                   part of the Sheraton family.”
allowing them to manage their work and personal
commitments more effectively.                                                     -R. M. Ravindran,
                                                                                 Room Service Captain

Associates’ family members and friends are
encouraged to hold personal celebrations in the
                                                                        “We believe that when we care
                                                                    for our associates’ total well-being i.e.
                                                                      their health and family, they will in
                                                                      turn care for the hotel by providing
                                                                       good service to delight our guests.
                                                                     These delighted guests will then move
                                                                        on become our loyal customers,
                                                                          moving us from a good to a
                                                                              great organisation.”

                                                                                     -Francis Tan,
                                                                             Director of Human Resources
      Associates and their families at our hotel’s pool
                  during Family Day 2002

        Contributed by Sheraton Towers Singapore. Contact: Ms Dawn Yen Tel: 6839 5953 Email:

                                                           - 53 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          SINGAPORE GENERAL HOSPITAL (SGH)
                          Outram Road, S(169608)
                          (Public, Healthcare; 5234 employees)

Established in 1821, SGH is Singapore’s oldest                      Staff can also apply for paid family care leave
and largest acute tertiary hospital and a national                  to care for dependents and other family
referral centre for both general practitioners and                  members who are unwell.
specialists. As a SingHealth institution, SGH
practices the SingHealth Work-Life Policy,
which emphasises promoting staff’s work-life
balance. SGH’s mission statement also
includes a dedication to meeting the needs of
its staff through continuing development and

The SGH Work-Life Unit has implemented a
comprehensive children’s programme that
caters to staff members’ children who are
between the ages of 3 and 12 years. On
Saturdays and during school breaks, it provides
them with educational activities conducted by                         Santa Claus is really Uncle Yoke, an SGH staff, who brings
                                                                             Christmas cheer to his colleagues’ children
staff members with appropriate academic
backgrounds. In this way, staff members who
are parents can work with peace of mind,
knowing that their children are being taken care
of and also learning useful skills.
                                                                             “The 3 days of family
                                                                       care leave are really appreciated.
The Work-Life Unit also organises lifeskill                              Otherwise, my annual leave
classes, including cooking lessons, for staff who                             would have been all
wish to learn new abilities that can be shared                                used up in no time.”
with their families. By encouraging bonding
between staff members and their families, these                                       -Ms Norah Adam,
                                                                                         mother of 6
classes ensure that SGH staff have the family
support needed to concentrate on their work.

       Contributed by SGH. Contact: Ms Lau Say Wei, Asst. Manager, Worklife Tel: 6326 5478 Email:

                                                           - 54 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                           SINGAPORE HEALTH SERVICES PTE LTD
                           11 Third Hospital Avenue, #07-00 SNEC Building, S(168751)
                           (Public, Healthcare; 320 employees)

                                                                       also maintains an on-site childcare centre,
                                                                       whose services are open to the staff of all
                                                                       SingHealth institutions at a preferred rate.

                                                                       SingHealth also organises family events such
                                                                       as Family Day, and outings and tours that
                                                                       involve family members. For health and
                                                                       wellness, staff members are encouraged to
                                                                       participate in healthy lifestyle activities such as
            Our staff and their family members
           having a great time on the telematch                        sports tournaments and a corporate fitness
         and games at SingHealth’s Family Day 03.
Singapore Health Services is one of
Singapore’s two public healthcare clusters,                            SingHealth’s work-life initiatives highlight the
comprising 3 acute care hospitals, 5 national                          importance of work-life balance and family
specialist centres and 8 polyclinics. SingHealth                       cohesiveness, thereby enhancing the well-being
recognises the importance of work-life balance                         and commitment of its staff. These initiatives
as part of its strategy for talent management                          have proved instrumental in attracting and
and employee satisfaction. Its work-life policy                        retaining talent: SingHealth has experienced
is aimed directly at enhancing the well-being                          better staff retention and a lower turnover rate
and commitment of its staff which in turns                             in the past two years, along with a drop in
brings about greater effectiveness and                                 associated recruitment and training costs.
performance outcomes.

SingHealth staff can opt for a variety of flexible                          “The purpose of the work-life
work arrangements including flexi-time, job-                                    programme is to bring
sharing and permanent part-time, all of which offer                     out the best in all of us. It is meant to
a flexible work pattern for staff with different work                        help us have a well-balanced
and personal needs.                                                    lifestyle between our work, family and
                                                                                   personal needs.”
Staff, both married and single, are entitled to
                                                                                   -Professor Tan Ser Kiat,
paid family care leave to take care of their unwell                             Group Chief Executive Officer
parent or child. SingHealth’s Outram Campus

           Contributed by SingHealth. Contact: Ms Anna Cheong Tel: 6557 4981 Email:

                                                              - 55 -
                 Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                             SINGAPORE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT (SIM)
                             461 Clementi Road, S(599491)
                             (Private, Education, 343 employees)

SIM is an independent, not-for-profit professional                   A study commssioned by the Ministry of
membership organisation founded in 1964. It                          Community Development and Sports and
provides a comprehensive range of academic                           conducted by the Singapore National Employers
programmes as well as executive workshops and                        Federation in 2003 showed that more than 90%
seminars, and has a collective membership base                       of SIM’s employees remained with the
of close to 19,000 members.                                          organisation due to its work-life programmes.
                                                                     Many of them were also attracted to join SIM
SIM is firmly committed to creating a work                           because of the availability of these programmes.
environment that encourages employees to
balance family and work responsibilities. This                       Employees of SIM have also expressed greater
guiding principle forms the basis of its work-life                   motivation and a willingness to give their best at
programmes, which cover a comprehensive range                        work, as well as greater ability to focus on their
of employee benefits and facilities aimed at                         work because of the programmes implemented.
enhancing the staff’s personal and professional
growth. They include access to work-life education
programmes and resources, and convenient and
quality childcare facilities to ease work and family
                                                                           “As a people organisation,
                                                                        SIM has been consciously guided
To enhance its existing programmes, SIM plans
                                                                     by the principle of maintaining family
to further incorporate flexible work practices at all
                                                                       and work-life balance. Supporting
levels of the organisation. In addition, it will also
                                                                     and facilitating this balance well has
train its employees to balance work and family
                                                                       certainly strengthened staff morale,
life on their own initiative.
                                                                         which in turn has led to quality
                                                                      performance and a stronger sense of
                                                                        belonging. Our work-life ethos…
                                                                        remains a pivotal feature of SIM’s
                                                                      commitment to the development and
                                                                             welfare of our people.”

                                                                                    -Ronald Tan,
                                                                            CEO and Executive Director, SIM

           SIM Family Day – a special day for staff
               and family to have fun together

      Contributed by Singapore Institute of Management. Contact: Ms Peggy Lim Tel: 6248 9318 Email:

                                                            - 56 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          469 Bukit Timah Road, S(259756)
                          (Private, Education; 296 employees)

Opened in 2000, SMU is Singapore’s first                            Staff feedback through internal surveys is highly
government-funded private university. Modelled                      positive on the benefits, health and wellness
after the Wharton School of the University of                       programmes. SMU has registered a high level of
Pennsylvania, America’s top business school,                        workplace satisfaction and a reduction of
SMU’s broad-based curriculum aims to groom                          workplace stress, leading to low medical leave and
outstanding business leaders and creative                           absenteeism.
entrepreneurs capable of excelling in a rapidly
changing and dynamic world.

SMU aims to attract and retain the best local and
global talents, and places high priority on staff
development with the ultimate aim of achieving
excellence in both personal and organisational

To encourage staff and their families to adopt a
healthy lifestyle, SMU has introduced a weekly
time-off benefit whereby staff take one hour off to
                                                                                            Farm Tour
participate in physical exercise. Corporate fitness                          We are having so much fun - come join us!

tests show an overall improvement in the fitness
level of SMU employees, as a result.

SMU also has flexible work arrangements in place,
                                                                        “At SMU, we believe that our
which has raised its ability to attract, retain and
                                                                      people are our most valuable asset.
motivate high-performing and experienced                                We aim to create an engaging
employees. More importantly, flexi-hours and                        workplace that provides opportunities
telecommuting allow staff to manage their time to                    for them to develop and realise their
suit their family needs, leading to increased job                      potential professionally; and an
satisfaction, energy, creativity and ability to handle               environment that not only focuses on
stress.                                                             employee well-being but embodies the
                                                                        great family friendly culture.”
To further encourage staff to recharge themselves
and thereby increase their capacity to handle their                             -Professor Ronald Frank,
work effectively, SMU has put in place a highly                                         President
popular holiday reimbursement benefit.

                   Contributed by SMU. Contact: Mr Ong Tiong Eng Tel: 6822 0185 Email:

                                                           - 57 -
                   Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                                SINGAPORE NATIONAL EYE CENTRE (SNEC)
                                11 Third Hospital Avenue, S(168751)
                                (Public, Healthcare; 371 employees)

                                                                           evidenced by the wide range of programmes
                                                                           catering to different age groups, interests and
                                                                           levels of participation. These programmes are
                                                                           heavily subsidised by SNEC, and include annual
                                                                           Family Outing activities such as overseas weekend
                                                                           vacations, Family Days at the Jurong Bird Park
                                                                           or the Singapore Zoological Gardens, and shows
                                                                           and special interest activities.

                                                                           These activities have helped to forge stronger
                                                                           bonds among staff, improving cooperation and
     Nurse Clinician Wendy Hui explaining the work of the                  teamwork in the centre. More importantly, staff
   Operating Theatre staff to her young visitors on Kiddies Day            are more confident and better able to manage
                                                                           relationships and challenges in the workplace,
SNEC is the national centre for specialised                                thereby contributing to SNEC’s success.
ophthalmologic services, providing treatment for
the full spectrum of eye conditions as well as
conducting clinical trials and research into the
causes and treatment of major eye conditions.                                    “I am really glad that SNEC
                                                                                not only cares for me as a staff
SNEC is strongly committed to helping its staff
                                                                                member but also remembers to
achieve a balance between work and family life,
with the aim of enhancing staff well-being and                              reward my family’s contributions and
thereby their work productivity. In addition to                            support by organising lots of activities
initiatives such as flexible work arrangements,                              for them. In this way I have greater
leave benefits and employee support schemes,                                       peace of mind at work.”
SNEC places a strong emphasis on the fostering
of closer employee ties through monthly staff                                             -Ms Serene Foo,
events such as centre-wide staff lunches and an                                       Director, Quality Service
annual dinner and dance.

As a member of the SingHealth Group, SNEC                                     “The outing to the Science Centre
places importance on the physical well-being of                              organised in Dec 2003 was great for
its staff and encourages them to adopt a healthy                              my kids. They thoroughly enjoyed
lifestyle. Basic health screenings are organised
at the workplace and staff are encouraged to
                                                                           themselves interacting with other kids,
participate in a wide range of subsidised sports                            learning to be more independent, and
and exercise activities. In addition, health talks                               gave the parents a day off to
are regularly conducted to increase staff                                          get some things done.”
                                                                                      -Dr Chan Wing Kwong,
SNEC’s support for work-life balance targets not                                  Head, Refractive Surgery Service
only employees but all their family members, as

                    Contributed by SNEC. Contact: Ms Jeanny Lau Tel: 6322 8366 Email:

                                                                  - 58 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                        SINGAPORE POLICE FORCE (SPF)
                        New Phoenix Park, 28 Irrawaddy Road, S(329560)
                        (Public Service; 9093 employees)

SPF upholds the law, maintains order and                             spending time with their children or elderly
keeps the peace in the Republic of Singapore.                        parents. This has, in turn, translated into a
Working round the clock, solving crimes and                          committed and productive group of employees.
keeping the streets safe mean that police
officers must stay constantly alert and vigilant,
a difficult task considering that police personnel
are continually faced with demands that can be
stressful for both themselves and their families.

Recognising its people as its most valued
asset, SPF has accordingly implemented a
Wellness@Work approach aimed at helping its
employees maintain a healthy lifestyle and
dealing with work-life challenges. It includes
                                                                               Fathers and children at play during the
educational programmes, the provision of a                                         Father-Child Bonding Camps
supportive environment and organisational
policies such as employee support. For
instance, when SPF officers are sent abroad
on peacekeeping missions, welfare officers are                                 “SPF recognises that
assigned to their families to ensure that their                            employees have lives and roles
needs are met, and communication between                                outside work. We acknowledge that
the overseas officers and their families is                            they work best when they are able to
provided by means of regular video-                                       achieve an effective equilibrium
conferencing. In this way, the officers can                          between their work and personal lives.
discharge their duties with peace of mind.                                  The achievement of work-life
                                                                      effectiveness contributes to their social
Office-hour employees, meanwhile, are offered
                                                                     and mental well-being, leading to their
a flexi-place scheme that helps them balance
                                                                              health and happiness.”
their increasing work demands and mounting
                                                                                    - Mr Khoo Boon Hui,
family responsibilities. This scheme gives them                                    Commissioner of Police
peace of mind while working as they are more
available to attend to family needs such as

                    Contributed by SPF. Contact: Ms Clare Tan Tel: 6557 5757 Email:

                                                            - 59 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                             SINGAPORE POLYTECHNIC
                             500 Dover Road, Singapore 139651
                             (Public, Education, 1492 employees)

                                                                        among the staff are also entitled to opt for a
                                                                        part-time employment scheme, subject to a
                                                                        minimum number of hours. This scheme is
                                                                        open to those who need to look after young
                                                                        children or whose children are ill, as well as
                                                                        those whose children are preparing for important
                                                                        exams and those who have sick elderly parents.

                                                                        No-pay leave is also granted to staff on a case-
                                                                        by-case basis, mainly for post-maternity
                                                                        purposes. Those who apply also include staff
                                                                        who need to accompany their spouses on
          SP families having fun on Family Day 2004                     international postings, and staff who are
                                                                        experiencing situational changes in their lives
Singapore Polytechnic was established in                                and have difficulty coping.
1954 as the first institution of its kind, and has
since then established itself as Singapore’s                                   “We have been able to keep a
leading polytechnic. Through the years, its staff
                                                                          few good staff who would have left us if
have played a vital role in its success. The
institution lives one of its core values of care
                                                                          we did not allow them to be on the part-
and concern through encouraging its staff to                              time employment scheme or to take no-
lead a well-balanced life, by providing an                                  pay leave. Our staff feel comfortable
environment supportive of their personal needs                            because they know that the department
and sensitive to the demands of their family                             and colleagues will support them should
obligations. It stresses the importance of staff                         they need to work part-time or go on no-
wellness so that employees will find meaning                                    pay leave because of family
and fulfilment in the workplace.                                                      circumstances.”
The institution has in place flexible work                                             -Mr Liao Kuo Tang,
                                                                                     Director, Department of
arrangements, including flexible start and end                                       Mathematics and Science
times whereby staff can opt for a regular starting
time that best suits their needs. Married women
                                                                        “I’m very thankful to our management for
                                                                             allowing me to go on the part-time
   “The part-time scheme has helped
                                                                         employment scheme. It has enabled me to
me achieve a good balance between work
                                                                          spend precious time with my family and
responsibilities and family commitments.
                                                                        still pursue my interest in teaching as well
 The satisfaction derived from fulfulling
                                                                           as the other aspects of my challenging
my familial responsibilities has made me
                                                                            work in SP. Although it is not easy to
     a happier and more productive
                                                                          juggle family and work, this scheme has
           worker in the office.”                                           been, and still is, very rewarding and
          -Ms Yong Sheue Horng,                                                    satisfying all around.”
    Administrative Officer, Department of
     Educational and Staff Development                                       -Mrs Lau Yuen Kit, Lecturer, School of
                                                                             Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

                Contributed by Singapore Polytechnic. Contact: Ms Jenny Heng Tel: 6772 1271 Email:

                                                               - 60 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          SINGAPORE PRISON SERVICE
                          407 Upper Changi Road North, S(507658)
                          (Public Service; 2256 employees)

As part of the Criminal Justice System, the                           The Prison Service’s efforts to create a
Singapore Prison Service works to protect                             supportive work environment have been
society through the safe custody and                                  successful and highly beneficial. Among the
rehabilitation of offenders. Its main focus is                        results of its initiatives are a rise in officers’
providing offenders with the opportunity to                           morale and job satisfaction and an increase in
reform and re-integrate into society. The Prison                      productivity and commitment, as well as
Service recognises that its officers are                              reduced absenteeism and fewer cases of
invaluable assets and, with this in mind, strives                     burnout.
to develop a strategic framework to build up
officers’ resilience so as to enable them to cope                     Family friendly strategies such as work-life
with the impending challenges in this fast-paced                      balance and self-developmental programmes have
society.                                                              also been useful tools during recruitment drives,
                                                                      enabling the Prison Service to attract and retain
The Prison Service is keen to set up a conducive                      the right talents. It has further been instrumental
environment for supporting parenthood and                             in helping to instill officers’ identity as “Captains
ensuring a future generation of core                                  of Lives”, thereby underscoring the Prison
Singaporeans. To this end, it has organised                           Service’s mission to guard and rehabilitate
programmes that cater to both married and                             offenders.
single individuals. For married officers, it offers
parenting and marriage enrichment workshops,
as well as children’s holiday activities. These
promote family bonding, enabling officers to
cope well with their family life and thereby
perform better in their work. Singles are
meanwhile encouraged to widen their social
circle through development programmes,
including full sponsorship for SDU and SDS

Corporate membership schemes are also
in place, entitling officers and their family
members to free entry to places of attraction
such as the Zoological Gardens, the Bird                                          “Hoot, Hoot . . .. Who’s that?”
                                                                        It’s Sundance, our adopted animal @ Night Safari.
Park, Snow City and the Science Centre.

       Contributed by Singapore Prison Service. Contact: Ms Wong Yee Yee Tel: 6546 9585 Email:

                                                             - 61 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                             (ST ELECTRONICS)
                             24 Ang Mo Kio Street 65, S(569061)
                             (Large Local Enterprise, Engineering; 2230 employees)

                                                                         To let employees know that they are valued by
                                                                         the organisation, ST Electronics also provides
                                                                         a wide range of family friendly schemes and
                                                                         services which allow them to improve their lives
                                                                         in terms of convenience, financial ability and an
                                                                         enhanced family relationship. These include
                                                                         wellness programmes catering to family
                                                                         participation and subsidies on housing,
                                                                         renovation and children’s education.
         Staff getting engrossed in our Workshop on
                      Emotional Quotient
                                                                         ST Electronics’ many schemes and services
                                                                         play a pivotal role in maintaining the
                                                                         organisation’s low staff turnover rate. In addition,
ST Electronics is the electronics arm of
                                                                         ST Electronics conducts an annual Employee
Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd. It is
                                                                         Opinion Survey to assess the satisfaction level
one of the largest electronics system houses
                                                                         of its staff. This survey has shown constant
in the region.
                                                                         positive employee feedback and improvement
                                                                         in categories such as organisational systems
ST Electronics recognises that an employee’s
                                                                         and policies, effectiveness and overall
ability to contribute is critically dependent on his
                                                                         satisfaction level.
physical, mental and emotional well-being,
which in turn depends on that of his family. In
helping its employees to fulfil their family
responsibilities and maintain their well-being,
the organisation nurtures a healthier, more                                       “A company needs its
effective and productive workforce. This                                     employees to be motivated and
workforce will enable the company to excel in                             committed. ST Electronics encourages
the business world.
                                                                           our employees to balance their work
                                                                          with a healthy family life. It is a win-
ST Electronics has put in place an e-HR
system, which allows employees to access HR                               win situation that ultimately achieves
services via the Internet at any time, allowing                                 better results for both the
them great convenience in managing their time                                    company and the staff.”
between personal and work matters. This
system gives them more time to focus on work-                                      -Mr Seah Moon Ming, President
related issues during working hours, thereby
increasing productivity.

                   Contributed by ST Electronics. Contact: Ms Florence Lee Tel: 6413 1998 Email:

                                                                - 62 -
                 Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                           SOUTH VIEW PRIMARY SCHOOL (SVPS)
                           6 Choa Chu Kang Central, S(689762)
                           (Public, Education; 104 employees)

Formed in 1990 through the merger of Nam                               childcare centre to provide their services at a
San and Ama Keng Schools, SVPS strives to                              discounted rate.
achieve excellence through the nurturing and
inspiring of creative thinkers with a passion for                      SVPS is a corporate Family Life Ambassador,
learning and serving. The school’s underlying                          and both its staff and senior management confirm
work policy encourages staff to achieve a                              the existence of a family friendly culture in the
healthy work-life balance.                                             school. The principal, Mdm Kok Chow Hiong,
                                                                       encourages staff to spend more time with their
SVPS has implemented many family friendly                              family rather than at work, and invites those who
initiatives, among them an annual year-end wish                        are parents to bring their children to the school
list that gathers feedback on staff preferences for                    during weekends and appropriate occasions. She
the coming year. In this way, the job                                  maintains an open door policy to all staff,
responsibilities and schedules of staff members                        encouraging them to discuss work and family
can be optimised according to their specific                           problems with her.
needs. This is especially useful for staff who need
to make childcare arrangements or have health                          Feedback from staff of SVPS indicates a high
issues. It also allows staff to specialise in                          level of appreciation of the school’s efforts to
particular teaching areas according to their                           provide them with a supportive working
abilities and preferences.                                             environment, as well as high job satisfaction
                                                                       derived from the school’s work-life culture.
A time-off scheme has also been introduced,
allowing staff to leave work earlier, report later,
or take time off to attend to urgent matters, as
long as arrangements are made to cover their
absence from scheduled classroom sessions.
This frees them of the necessity of taking a
full day’s leave.

SVPS also organises workshops and
educational sessions for parents and staff,
themed around family issues and parenting
in particular. Family members of staff are
welcome to join in the school’s celebrations
and major occasions, and in the event that
childcare arrangements are needed, SVPS                                     Together we soar to greater heights
has liaised with a neighbouring private

       Contributed by SVPS. Contact: Mdm Jackie Kok Chow Hiong (Principal) Tel: 6769 7176 Email:

                                                              - 63 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                            SP CONSULTING (INTERNATIONAL) PTE LTD
                            Block 5 Kallang Sector, #04-01, S(349279)
                            (SME, Consultancy; 13 employees)

SP Consulting is a leading provider of quality                      customers’ needs and very productive in their
management consultancy services and training,                       work.
covering a wide range of consulting services
aimed at assisting its clients to improve their                     The company also organises volunteerism projects
business effectiveness and strengthen their                         in which both staff and their families can
competitive edge.                                                   participate. Such projects provide employees with
                                                                    a break from their routine work, while
SP Consulting values its human capital as its most                  simultaneously encouraging family bonding and
important resource, and has continually                             at the same time, promoting the values of respect,
implemented various innovative schemes to retain,                   integrity, compassion and love for society. SP
motivate and train its staff. These schemes include                 Consulting plans to increase the number of such
fully sponsored participation in Family Life                        projects in the future.
Ambassador activities, paternity and childcare
leave and insurance coverage extended to the
non-working spouses of staff.

                                                                       “The introduction of flexible work
Most popular with employees is the introduction
                                                                            arrangements gives me the
of flexible working hours and telecommuting                                opportunity to balance work
from home, which allow employees to achieve                                and family life commitments
a balance between their work and personal                             effectively without compromising the
responsibilities. As a result, the staff of SP                          quality of service to the clients.”
Consulting are enthusiastic in meeting
                                                                            -Ting Lay Khim, Senior Consultant

                                                                        “We observe that our work-life
                                                                         programme nurtures positive
                                                                         attitudes as well as a sense of
                                                                     corporate responsibility and bonding,
                                                                          to the extent that [staff] are
                                                                      willing to sacrifice for the company
                                                                               during bad times.”

       Going together as a company for trekking at                               -Benson Leong, Director
                    Bukit Timah Hill

                Contributed by SP Consulting. Contact: Ms Joyce Hia Tel: 6749 5698 Email:

                                                           - 64 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          SPRING SINGAPORE
                          2 Bukit Merah Central, S(159835)
                          (Statutory Board; 370 employees)

Established in 1996, SPRING Singapore
(Standards, Productivity and Innovation
Board) is the national agency in charge of
enhancing the competitiveness of
enterprises for a vibrant Singapore
economy. SPRING believes that staff need
a balanced work life with good family
support to help them stay focused at work,
leading to greater productivity. In support
of this philosophy, it has adopted a multi-
pronged strategy in the creation of a family
friendly work culture, which provides a
supportive system and implements
programmes to improve the well-being of
employees and help them achieve a good                                   Family bonding with sandcastles building”

balance between work and family.

Among the programmes implemented by
SPRING is a flexi-benefit scheme designed to
cater to the individual needs of staff as dictated                                  “The flexi-benefits
by their diverse ages, marital status and
                                                                              package is most useful to me.
lifestyles. This scheme encourages staff to take
                                                                             I have used the scheme to cover
ownership of their personal well-being.
                                                                                   insurance premiums
As 70% of its staff are married, SPRING has                                     for myself and my family.”
specially designed a flexi-work scheme that allows                                     -Mr Kuok Hong Chee,
staff to opt for staggered working hours or a                                           Technical Executive
compressed work week, enabling them to manage
their work and family responsibilities more
effectively. Staff well-being is further enhanced
                                                                             “The work-life programmes in
by its Sports and Wellness Programme.                                            SPRING have boosted
                                                                             motivation and helped our staff
Other family friendly programmes include talks to                                  to be more focused
equip staff with knowledge and skills on parenting                            and effective in their work.”
and relationship building, outdoor discovery
                                                                                        -Mr Teo Nam Kuan,
activities for staff and their families and
                                                                                         General Manager
Kids@Work, in which children of staff are given
the opportunity to visit their parents’ workplace
and gain a better understanding of their
parents’ jobs.
              Contributed by Spring Singapore. Contact: Miss Koh Soh Har Tel: 6274 3345 Email:

                                                              - 65 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                            STAMFORD LAW CORPORATION
                            9 Raffles Place, #32-00 Republic Plaza, S(048619)
                            (SME, Legal Services; 46 employees)

                                                                               Recognising that many of its employees
                                                                               have very young children, the firm has
                                                                               introduced sick child leave and time-off. A
                                                                               paternity leave benefit is also offered to
                                                                               married male staff who wish to spend
                                                                               meaningful time with his wife and their

                                                                               Staff feedback indicates that Stamford
                                                                               Law’s employees are very happy with its
                                                                               programmes and policies.                     Their
                                                                               increased job satisfaction has contributed
            Balloon show during our “Bring Your Kids to Work Day”.
                                                                               to greater efficiency and productivity for the

The first law corporation to be established under
the Legal Profession Act of Singapore, Stamford
Law focuses mainly on mergers and                                                    “I come to work happy
acquisitions, corporate finance and capital                                    and grateful, knowing that my
markets-related work.                                                                employer understands
                                                                              and cares for my changing family
Stamford Law’s most important asset is its                                           needs. This knowledge
employees. As many of them are young
                                                                                   increases my loyalty to the
parents or newly married, Stamford Law has
                                                                                firm and empowers me to give
                                                                                 my best at work and be more
developed a policy to help promote a healthy
                                                                                        committed to the
work-life balance. The firm holds activities
                                                                                  firm’s business objectives.”
specially catering to family members, such as
“Bring Your Kids to Work Day”, which
                                                                                -Lois Wong, Billing Administrator,
encourages family bonding through giving staff’s                                    mother of a young toddler
children a better understanding of their parents’

    Contributed by Stamford Law Corporation. Contact: Ms Hazel Ng Tel: 6389 3000 Email: Fax: 6389 3099

                                                                     - 66 -
                 Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                             STRAITS CONSTRUCTION CO. (PTE) LTD
                             2 Jalan Kilang Barat, #08-01 Panasonic Building, S(159346)
                             (SME, Civil and Building Construction; 120 employees)

Incorporated in 1969, Straits Construction Co.
is one of Singapore’s industry leaders in public
and governmental construction projects.

The families of staff members are encouraged
to participate in events organised by the
company, such as trips and outings that also
promote health and fitness. Staff are also given
long weekends off every month to spend quality
time with their families.
                                                                                          Top management family participated
                                                                                              in the Bigwalk 2003 event.

Straits Construction Co. also offers its staff a
flexible annual leave arrangement, which allows
them to schedule their time-off to fit in with their
family commitments.

                                                                                     “We understand the
In addition, staff receive sponsorships for personal
                                                                                importance of balancing work
development programmes, and are subsidised for
                                                                                   with family life and are
medical and dental costs and health screenings.
                                                                            committed to providing our employees
                                                                                     with a safe, healthy
As a result of the family friendly programmes,                               and enjoyable working environment.
staff of Straits experience a high level of                                       We believe that individual
cohesiveness in the workplace, and colleagues
                                                                              success equals company success.”
are helpful and supportive towards each other.
There is a high level of satisfaction and reduced
                                                                                         -Mr Wong Chee Herng,
work stress, leading to low medical leave and high                                      Deputy Managing Director
attendance rates. Straits Construction Co. is
continuously upgrading and expanding its work-
life programme, with the aim of becoming an
employer of choice.

     Contributed by Straits Construction. Contact: Ms Amelia Soh, HR Manager Tel: 6222 6722 Email:

                                                                  - 67 -
                 Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                            TAN TOCK SENG HOSPITAL (TTSH)
                            11 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, S(308433)
                            (Public, Healthcare; 3943 employees)

TTSH is Singapore’s second-largest hospital, with                        their daily tasks more effectively, allowing them to
specialty centres in Rehabilitation Medicine and                         relax and spend more time with their family after
Communicable Diseases. The hospital is a                                 work. This is particularly important in the
member of the National Healthcare Group and                              healthcare industry, where staff are expected to
focuses on providing holistic healthcare services                        deliver timely and precise medical treatment
of a high quality to the people of Singapore.                            and care.

TTSH’s tradition and history are steeped in family                       The introduction of family education has helped
values and heritage, a core value that can be seen                       to create awareness amongst staff of how to
in the health benefits extended to family members                        empower and strengthen their family ties.
of staff and the inclusion of the family in many                         Together with free counselling provided to help
workplace events. Being a corporate Family Life                          staff manage staff-supervisor grievances and
Ambassador has also given the hospital access                            personal problems that affect their work, this has
to many resources that help achieve its objective                        helped to increase staff job satisfaction and
of being a family friendly employer.                                     morale. Employee Climate Surveys have shown
                                                                         that more than 65% of TTSH staff are happy with
TTSH believes that employees who are well                                their workplace.
supported with a wide range of family friendly
services, and subsequently freed of domestic
concerns, are better able to concentrate and
contribute effectively at the workplace. To achieve
this aim, the hospital has not only introduced family
friendly policies but also supporting physical
infrastructure such as childcare and infant-care

Convenience services such as car wash facilities
are also being introduced to help staff manage                                        Tan Tock Seng Hospital... here we come!

           Contributed by Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Contact: Prema Govindan Tel: 6357 8545 Email:

                                                                - 68 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                            TANGLIN TRUST SCHOOL LTD
                            Portsdown Road, S(139294)
                            (Private, Education, 333 employees)

                                                                          are held to help them settle in, along with
                                                                          counselling and referral assistance. Family
                                                                          insurance coverage is also provided, as are
                                                                          financial assistance schemes including interest-
                                                                          free educational loans.

                                                                          Tanglin encourages health and wellness among
                                                                          its staff. Regular health talks are organised for
                                                                          all staff, whilst a vaccination campaign has also
                                                                          been launched. As a whole school initiative,
               So much more than a school.
                                                                          Tanglin provided professional health screening,
                                                                          managed by Alexandra Hospital.
Tanglin Trust School, established in 1925,
provides innovative British-style education to
                                                                          Tanglin’s programmes have been tremendously
expatriate students of mainly British and
                                                                          beneficial to the school. Every year, Tanglin
Australasian nationalities. In 2002, Tanglin
                                                                          experiences a high percentage of perfect
embarked on its journey towards “Investors in
                                                                          attendance, with low absenteeism and a very
People” accreditation to attain high standards
                                                                          low staff turnover rate. The feelings of being
of people development. This includes helping
                                                                          valued and included that its programmes inspire
staff manage their work, welfare and family life
                                                                          have led to high staff morale on the job. As a
                                                                          result, the school also experiences overall
                                                                          savings in manpower and productivity costs.
In addition to flexible working hours and start/
end times, Tanglin has a high percentage of job
sharing and part-time positions, which are not
only family friendly but have also helped to                                 “…Tanglin is so much more than a
engage the most suitable candidates for the                                    school, but a place where real
positions open. Educational support and                                      community is valued, where a well
specialist groups get annual leave benefits of                             established network of support ensures
50 and 30 days respectively, considerably                                        that every member of staff,
higher than the average.                                                    as well as every student, is shown a
                                                                                   complete duty of care.”
For local and new expatriate families who have
recently become associated with the school,                                   -Head of School, Mr Ronald Stones OBE
effective mentoring and induction programmes

               Contributed by Tanglin Trust School Ltd. Contact: Ms Linda Ang Tel: 6770 3184 Email:

                                                                 - 69 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                         TEMASEK POLYTECHNIC (TP)
                         21 Tampines Avenue 1, S(529757)
                         (Public, Education; 1298 employees)

TP aims to be a world-class institution, a vision                   scholarships, travel and living arrangements are
achieved through the strategic thrusts of being                     provided for spouses accompanying them.
both people-centred and principle-centred. As
a family friendly institution, TP is concerned                      TP believes in a holistic approach to staff
about staff’s welfare as well as that of their                      wellness, encompassing the physical,
families. The institution accepts and endorses                      emotional, intellectual, social, occupational and
its staff’s family roles and invites staff’s family                 spiritual aspects. Staff are provided with training
members to share in TP activities.                                  and development for both work- and family-
                                                                    related competencies, including talks and
TP supports any action necessary to help staff                      workshops on personal development. The Staff
members fulfil their family commitments, such                       Wellness Section under TP’s HR Department
as flexible reporting times, alternate Saturdays                    also organises many activities in which family
off and time-off to attend to urgent matters, as                    members are encouraged to participate, such
well as part-time employment for female staff                       as the annual Family Day.
who wish to play an active part in the upbringing
of their young children.

In addition, employee benefits are extended to
cover the dependents of TP staff. Among such
schemes are subsidised insurance packages
for the entire family, medical and dental benefits
for dependants and the free services of the staff
psychologist. Staff are also given holiday

TP staff are also entitled to a variety of leave
schemes tailored towards addressing their                                 On-site childcare centre at Temasek Polytechnic
family commitments, including child sick leave
and maternity leave up to the third child. For
staff on overseas study leave and/or

             Contributed by Temasek Polytechnic. Contact: Mr Lee Wee Li Tel: 6780 5192 Email:

                                                           - 70 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                          TOUCH COMMUNITY SERVICES (TCS)
                          3615 Jalan Bukit Merah, 3 rd Floor TOUCH Community Theatre, S(159461)
                          (Voluntary Welfare Organisation; 130 employees)

                                                                       to adjust their work schedules and adapt to the
                                                                       needs of their families without unnecessary
                                                                       hassle. An example is a part-time scheme
                                                                       under which parents with young children can
                                                                       work for less than 30 hours a week. Meanwhile,
                                                                       the medical policies assure staff that their
                                                                       families will be well taken care of when they fall
                                                                       ill. Both these initiatives help staff to focus better
                                                                       on their work.

             Staying united and connected at
                  TCS Staff Retreat 2003
                                                                        “Flexibility in the workplace is about
Established in 1992 as a mentoring effort                                trust and relationship, which is also
towards the children of single-parent and low-                              true in the home. When we are
income families, TCS is a non-profit                                   successful both at work and at home—
organisation that seeks to provide for society’s                       only then is it true success. It pays to be
needy and disadvantaged regardless of age or                                  a family-friendly employer.”
                                                                                 -Simon Sim, General Manager

TCS sees families as the basic building block
of society, and its commitment to the welfare                             “The part-time scheme offers an
of those whom it helps is matched by a similar                         opportunity for us to retain good staff
commitment to the growth and success of its                            who otherwise may have to quit…They
staff and volunteers. ‘Strengthening the Family’
                                                                         can also focus better as they work
is the central tenet of TCS’ vision, and this core
                                                                                  shorter hours.”
value is cascaded to staff through policies that
focus on strengthening their families. For                                           -Teo Seok Bee, Manager
instance, TCS gives staff a day off on their
birthday, a move that has helped to raise
enthusiasm and morale in         the workplace.                            “The medical subsidy and the
                                                                        hopitalisation insurance for our child
Other initiatives that have been equally                                 are practical... so that we can do a
beneficial to the organisation are flexible work                         good job even if our child falls ill.”
arrangements and the extension of medical and
                                                                                         -Deirdre Lim, Staff
insurance coverage to the families of staff.
Flexible work arrangements enable TCS staff

           Contributed by TOUCH Community Services. Contact: Ms Teo Pin Pin Tel: 6370 7305 Email:

                                                              - 71 -
                 Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                            TUAS POWER LTD
                            111 Somerset Road, #12-02 Singapore Power Building, S(238164)
                            (Government-linked, Utilities; 212 employees)

Tuas Power Ltd was formed in 1995 as the first                            and cost saving services to staff. Flexible benefits
independent power company to complete with the                            are also offered to answer the personal needs of
incumbents in the Singapore Electricity Market. Its                       various employees, including subsidies for medical
initial focus on power production has since expanded                      insurance and training for personal interests.
into a fully integrated portfolio comprising power
generation, trading and retail.                                           A variety of employee support schemes and services,
                                                                          such as family information services, have been made
Family and a balanced work-life are important aspects                     available. Tuas Power’s health and wellness
in Tuas Power’s human resource efforts, as we                             programme has received several accolades, including
believe that a fulfilling family life will leave employees                the prestigious Singapore H.E.A.L.T.H.(Gold) Award
more focused on their career. To help employees                           in 2003. Tuas Power also dedicates the months of
maintain the balance between the sometimes                                June and December each year to family life promotion,
conflicting work and personal commitments, Tuas                           reminding staff of the importance of spending time to
Power has put in place a comprehensive programme                          interact and build bonds with family members.
that ensures employees have the right environment
to pursue both their work and personal goals.

Family Power, a work life promotion programme at
Tuas Power, was introduced in 2001. Under the
umbrella of Family Power, Tuas Power has launched
several initiatives to promote the importance of
achieving a balanced work-life among employees. As
part of the Family Power initiative, Tuas Power has
implemented flexible working arrangements to help
employees match their work and family
commitments. The company also organizes activities
                                                                                           Family Power for Tuas Power!
for staff and their family members and provide time

                                                                             “I have two young children whose
  “Our people are our most valuable                                            usual waking-up time is 7 in the
assets and a healthy and happy family                                         morning. Under normal working
  environment both at home and the                                        hours, I have to leave for work before 8,
 workplace will help us develop even                                       leaving me only about half an hour to
    more productive employees. It is                                         interact with them. Under the flexi-
   important for us to develop work                                       hours scheme I have been able to spend
 practices that support effective work-                                   double the time with them and the extra
   life harmony for our employees.”                                                  bonding is evident.”
                 -Mr Lau Gar Ning,
                 CEO of Tuas Power                                                     -Mr Tan Joo Nhee,
                                                                                Deputy General Manager (Trading)

               Contributed by Tuas Power Ltd. Contact: Mr Gabriel Yap Tel: 6838 6707 Email:

                                                                 - 72 -
                Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                           UBS AG
                           5 Temasek Boulevard, #18-00 Suntec Tower 5, S(038985)
                           (MNC, Financial Firm; 820 employees)

Headquartered in Zurich and Basel, UBS is                              is an Employee Assistance Programme that
the world’s largest wealth manager, a premier                          offers a free and anonymous consultation/
investment banking and securities firm, and one                        counselling service on work and personal
of the largest global asset managers. Globally,                        matters. By keeping its staff in good physical
being family friendly is an integral part of UBS’                      and emotional health, UBS is able to further
corporate philosophy. This includes catering for                       achieve its goal of being a great place to work.
the family requirements of its staff across all
levels, in tandem with its mission to be an employer                   UBS’ work-life initiatives have proven invaluable
of choice.                                                             to the company in terms of employee
                                                                       commitment. Employees find UBS a great
UBS offers its employees flexible work                                 place to work and have referred friends and
arrangements that make for a win-win situation.                        family members to UBS, and surveys show that
On the company’s part, it can present itself as                        they are highly motivated to contribute beyond
a highly attractive employer. This also enables                        what the company expects of them.
the Bank to retain talented employees, reduce
staff turnover and increase employee
productivity. From the employees’ perspective,
                                                                            “It has really been a joy and
they have the flexibility to attend to personal                           privilege to work with a trusting,
matters (subject to business considerations)                               understanding and supportive
and thereby meet both their personal and                                     management team in UBS
professional objectives.                                                 who truly believes in catering to the
                                                                              diverse needs of its staff.”
Employees are also entitled to enhanced staff                                            -Elsie Tan,
benefits including a flexi-benefits scheme,                                Business Unit Controller for IT functions
additional leave benefits and a wide range of                                        across Asia Pacific
health and wellness programmes. Among these
                                                                        “We are focused on making UBS the
                                                                       workplace of choice for our employees.
                                                                           We believe that beyond just the
                                                                        tangible compensations of work, our
                                                                       staff need to have a balanced, healthy
                                                                       and fun lifestyle to be fulfilled in their
                                                                          professional and personal lives.”
                                                                                       -Brad Orgill,
                                                                              UBS Singapore Country Head and
                   The “Blues Brothers”
                                                                                     Branch Manager
        kicking up a storm @ the UBS Annual D&D

        Contributed by UBS AG. Contact: Ms Angela Lum, Director, Human Resources Tel: 6431 8038 Email:

                                                              - 73 -
                  Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                                UMW EQUIPMENT & ENGINEERING PTE LTD
                                108 International Road, S(629173)
                                (MNC, Trading; 152 employees)

                                                                       the children of low-income employees, encouraging
                                                                       them to support their children’s education up to
                                                                       polytechnic level.

                                                                       UMW’s family friendly policies have given it the image
                                                                       of a caring employer that offers assistance to the less
                                                                       fortunate among its workforce. This has increased
                                                                       employee loyalty and helped the organisation to
                                                                       recruit staff, retain talent and improve productivity. As
                                                                       a result, UMW has experienced substantial savings
                                                                       on personnel and opportunity costs.
       En. Mohd Ziham bin Soeb, Technician (1st from left)
            with his 3 children at the UMW Children’s
                Education Subsidy presentation

                                                                               “I will always remember the
UMW Equipment & Engineering Pte Ltd is a
                                                                           generosity of my company. When my
subsidiary of UMW Corporation Sdn Bhd, a leading
supplier of material handling and heavy equipment as
                                                                          wife was diagnosed with cancer a few
well as airport ground support equipment. UMW                          years ago, UMW willingly paid for all her
considers it an integral part of its corporate mission                     medical expenses. Knowing that my
to help employees lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve                    company is taking care of my family’s
work-life balance and has implemented many work-                       medical expenses, I can concentrate better
life benefits for them.                                                 in doing my work well and be committed
                                                                            to customer support and service.”
The most popular benefit among employees is a
comprehensive leave package with the option to                                         -En. Ismail Baker,
exchange annual leave for family benefits and                                          Workshop Executive
healthcare according to individual needs, enabling
employees to strike a good balance between work                              “I am very grateful to the company
and family life. UMW employees can also apply for                           for the Children’ Education Subsidy
family care leave to attend to family matters and                          Scheme. My three children have been
unlimited examination leave to continue education and
                                                                           receiving the awards every year. With
skills upgrading.
                                                                            these awards, I can use the money to
In order to manage the organisation’s healthcare bill                   finance my children’s enrichment courses
without compromising employees’ healthcare needs,                            conducted by their schools. It also
UMW has implemented a comprehensive medical co-                        lightens my financial burden as it helps to
payment insurance scheme that covers the                                  pay for the extra assignment textbooks
immediate families of married staff, and can be
                                                                                    required each year.”
extended beyond employment at UMW.
                                                                                   -En. Mohd Ziham bin Soeb,
UMW has in place a Children’s Education Subsidy                                           Technician
Scheme that provides annual financial assistance for

    Contributed by UMW. Contact: Ms Josephine Cheong, HR Manager Tel: 6265 3155 / 4696 Email:

                                                              - 74 -
                 Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                            URBAN REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (URA)
                            The URA Centre, 45 Maxwell Road, S(069118)
                            (Statutory Board; 1017 employees)

URA is Singapore’s national land use planning                             In addition, URA officers are presented with
authority, in charge of planning and facilitating                         training       opportunities           and      overseas
Singapore’s physical development.                                         postgraduate scholarships to ensure the
                                                                          continuing relevance of their skills and
URA strives to be a great place to work, develop                          knowledge. For the purposes of health and
and grow. To this end, one of its key strategic                           recreation, URA has a wide range of in-house
thrusts is to build an excellent organisation that                        facilities such as a gym, squash and table
is not only customer-focused, but people-                                 tennis courts and a karaoke lounge. Fitness-
oriented. In addition to providing its officers with                      oriented activities such as aerobics, yoga,
opportunities to develop and enhance their skills                         and taiji classes are also organised after
and knowledge, URA also provides a wide range                             office hours.
of benefits, facilities and programmes that cater
to their needs.

One of the programmes useful to URA is the
part-time employment scheme, which allows
employees the flexibility to adjust their working
hours according to their family needs. This
scheme lowers recruitment and training costs
by helping to retain employees who may have
otherwise resigned. Their experience and
expertise allows them to continue contributing
to URA.

                                                                                     Staff and family members participating
The provision of leave benefits such as                                                in games at URA Family Day 2003”

compassionate leave, marriage leave, paternity
leave and no-pay leave also helps employees
to achieve a good work-life balance, leading to
greater job satisfaction and productivity.

          Contributed by Urban Redevelopment Authority. Contact: Lee Chiat Yin Tel: 6321 8200 Email:

                                                                 - 75 -
               Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award 2004 Winners

                           YAYASAN MENDAKI
                           51 Kee Sun Ave, S(457056)
                           (Voluntary Welfare Organisation, 76 employees)

                                                                       and flexi-hours have been implemented to cater
                                                                       to staff’s needs in accordance wth their various
                                                                       family commitments. These initiatives have
                                                                       been particularly effective in helping the
                                                                       organisation to retain talent.

                                                                       MENDAKI also makes a practice of celebrating
                                                                       Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day as one big family,
                                                                       acknowledging the challenging dual roles played
                                                                       by the working parents among its staff. Through
                                                                       such family-oriented activities, MENDAKI aims
                                                                       to forge a strong bond and a sense of belonging
                  A visit to the zoo.
                                                                       to the organisation among staff and their

Set up by Malay/Muslim community leaders in
                                                                       In a 2004 Climate Survey, the majority of staff
collaboration with the government, Yayasan
                                                                       indicated high job satisfaction and good morale,
MENDAKI is a self-help group dedicated to the
                                                                       as well as a willingness to remain with the
empowerment of the disadvantaged through
                                                                       organisation. This is reflected by a 50%
excellence in education.
                                                                       reduction in turnover rate between 2002 and
                                                                       2003. Work productivity has also increased,
MENDAKI’s manpower composition is 85%
                                                                       as the implementation of family friendly
women. In light of the challenging dual roles
                                                                       initiatives inspires staff to achieve a higher
assumed by a majority of its staff, it becomes
                                                                       number of organisational goals.
imperative to have family friendly initiatives in
place. MENDAKI therefore makes specific
efforts to create a working environment that is
both vibrant and flexible. This approach is
                                                                         “I am grateful to MENDAKI for the
encapsulated in its staff motto: “Towards Fun-
                                                                         telecommuting arrangement when I
Work Fusion and Rich Lives!”
                                                                          had my first baby…I got the most
MENDAKI recognises the significant moments                               satisfaction from being able to fully
in its staff’s lives, and has introduced pro-family                     breastfeed my baby for a year, and the
leave to enable staff to attend and celebrate                           same time I was able to contribute my
these special occasions. Such leave benefits                             services to the organisation. In that
include wedding anniversary leave, 1st day of                                 way, everybody benefited.”
school leave and convocation leave.
                                                                                     -Aidaroyani Adam,
Telecommuting has also been introduced to                                    Senior Education Resource Executive
provide an option for staff to work from home,

             Contributed by Yayasan MENDAKI. Contact: Ms Suriati Supani Tel: 6245 5790 Email:

                                                              - 76 -
    List Of Family Friendly Programmes
    Provided By Winners
                 Employee Support Schemes                                           Family Friendly               Flexible Work                 Leave Benefits
                                                                                     Infrastructure               Arrangements

                                                        m                                             Me
                                  tiv Child         Eld ily I           Fa                               d
                                                                                                     He ical                     D            Pla
                                     itie     Ca
                                                       er nfo
                                                          Ca rm
                                                                                           Fin         alt /In           Tim Wo esig Supe        nn Reg
                                           nc re A          re     a
                                                                              ly      Fa
                                                                                 Lif m an                 h a su       S    e-S rk-L nat rvis St ng fo ular                              Em
                                                               Ar tion              e A ily      cia         nd ran  On ocia av ife ed W ors aff F r S Re                                                   Re
                                             lud rra                           F            R                  W c                                          v Co F                         erg                ne
                                                ing ng Cou rang and amil mba elo l As Gift elln e Co -Site l Act ing S Bala ork Tra eed taff W iew mpr lexib                   Pe
                                                                                                                                                                                 rm       Be enc    Fa
Legend:                                            Fa eme nse eme Ref y/La ssa catio sist for ess ver Ch iviti erv nce -Lif ined bac or of W ess le S                              an  Te   rea y L   mi M Pa l Lea tudy
                                                     mi      nts llin nts err cta dor n/ anc                    Ma  Pr age ildc es f ices as C e Of on k on k-Li or ed W tart Jo ent lec vem eav ly C arr ter ve/        /
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   n S Exa
! = available to 100% of staff;                         ly
                                                           Me /Su g Se /Sub al Se tion /Edu Orie e Sc rriag ogra for are or S /Fa              o fi     W W fe k-            /E b     P     o    e e/    a ia
" = available to less than 100%;
                                                             mb    bs     r       s      r     R     c      nta he e/B m Fa Ce in ci re V cer/T ork ork Bal Life ork W nd T Sha art-T mmu nt L Time re L ge L ity L abba m L
[ ]     = not available                                         ers idie vices idies vices oom ation tion mes irth mes mily ntre gles lities alue eam -Life -Life ance Plan eek ime ring ime ting eave -Of eave eave eave tica eave
                                                                        s                                                                                                                                 f                   l
AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES SINGAPORE PTE LTD                  ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                              ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! " " " " " ! ! ! ! ! ! !
ALEXANDRA HOSPITAL                                      !          !         !          ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                                   ! !            ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
APEX-PAL INTERNATIONAL LTD.                             !          !         !                     ! ! !                                ! ! ! ! ! ! " " " "                                            ! ! ! !                  "
BUKIT MERAH SECONDARY SCHOOL                            ! ! !                !          ! ! ! ! ! "                          !          ! ! ! !                         " " ! !                   ! ! ! ! ! " !
CANBERRA SECONDARY SCHOOL                               ! ! !                !          ! ! ! ! ! !                          ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                 "                    ! ! ! ! ! ! !
CARGILL ASIA PACIFIC HOLDINGS PTE LTD                   ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                              !          ! ! ! ! ! ! " "                                " " ! ! ! ! ! ! !
CEREBOS PACIFIC LIMITED                                 !          !         !          ! ! ! ! ! "                               ! ! ! ! ! ! ! " "                                               ! ! ! ! !                      !
CHANGI GENERAL HOSPITAL                                 !          !         !          !          ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! " " " "                                                          !          ! ! !                !
CHERIE HEARTS GROUP OF CHILDCARE CENTRES                ! ! !                ! ! ! ! ! ! ! " ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! " ! ! ! " ! ! ! ! ! " !
CI YOU CHILD CARE CENTRE                                ! ! !                !          !         " ! !                 !               ! ! ! ! ! !                          !                    ! ! ! !
CITY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED                               !          !         !          ! ! ! ! !                            !          ! ! ! ! ! ! " " " "                                       ! !             !         " !
CREDIT SUISSE FIRST BOSTON                              !          !               !         ! ! ! ! !                                  !               ! ! !           ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! " !
DBS BANK                                                !          !                         ! ! ! ! !                       ! ! ! !                    ! ! !                !         !          ! !             ! !            !
DEFENCE MANAGEMENT GROUP                                ! ! !                ! " ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                   "      ! ! ! ! ! !                     ! !            ! ! ! " ! ! ! ! !
DU PONT COMPANY (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD                     !          !         !          ! ! ! ! ! !                                     ! ! ! ! ! !                          !         !          ! ! !                ! !
FAMILY RESOURCE AND TRAINING CENTRE                     !          ! ! ! ! !                       ! !                                  ! !             !               " ! ! "                   !         ! ! !                !
FOCUS ON THE FAMILY SINGAPORE LTD                       !          !         ! ! ! ! ! !                          " "                   ! ! ! ! !                       " "            " " ! ! ! ! ! " !
HEALTH SCIENCES AUTHORITY                               !                    !          ! ! ! ! ! ! !                             !     ! ! ! ! ! !                          " " ! " ! ! " ! !                                   !
HP SINGAPORE                                            ! ! ! !                    ! ! ! ! ! ! !                             ! ! ! !                                    ! ! ! ! ! ! !                             ! !            !
IBM SINGAPORE PTE LTD                                   ! !                  ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! " "                                       " " ! ! ! ! ! " !
ID TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD                                 !          !         !          ! ! ! ! ! "                               !     ! ! ! ! ! !                          "         "          ! ! ! ! !                      !
INFOCOMM DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY OF SINGAPORE             !          !                    ! " ! ! ! !                          !          ! !             ! ! !                !         " " ! ! ! ! ! ! !
INLAND REVENUE AUTHORITY OF SINGAPORE                   ! ! ! ! !                       !          ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                                 !         !          ! ! ! ! !                      !
INVISTA (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD.                           !          !                    ! ! ! ! ! !                                     ! ! ! ! ! ! " !                                           ! !             ! !            !
KK WOMEN’S & CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL                        ! !                  ! " ! " ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                                          ! ! ! !                   !         ! ! ! ! !
MAJLIS UGAMA ISLAM SINGAPURA                            !          !         !          ! ! ! ! ! !                          "          ! ! ! ! ! !                          !              ! ! ! ! ! !                          !
MERCK SHARP & DOHME (SINGAPORE) LTD                     !          !         ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! "                                                    ! !             ! ! ! !
MICROSOFT SINGAPORE PTE LTD                             !          !               ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                        ! ! ! ! ! !                          !         !          ! ! ! ! ! ! !
MIL-COM AEROSPACE PTE LTD                               !          !         ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                   ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                            ! ! ! !                   ! !             ! !            !
MINISTRY OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND SPORTS            !          !         ! ! !                 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                                 "         " "                  ! ! !               "
MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS, HEADQUARTERS                  ! ! !                ! ! !                 ! ! ! !                   !          ! ! ! ! ! !                          !         ! !             ! ! ! !                   !
MINISTRY OF MANPOWER                                    !                               ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                           ! ! !                !         !               ! ! ! !                   !
NATIONAL CANCER CENTRE OF SINGAPORE PTE LTD             ! ! !                !               " ! ! ! !                       ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                            ! ! ! !                   ! ! ! ! !                      !
NATIONAL DENTAL CENTRE                                  !          !                               ! ! ! !                   !          ! ! ! ! ! ! " "                                !          ! ! ! ! !                      !
NATIONAL HEART CENTRE OF SINGAPORE PTE LTD              !          !         !          ! " ! ! ! ! ! " ! ! !                                           ! ! !           ! "            " " ! ! ! ! " " "
NATIONAL LIBRARY BOARD                                  ! ! !                ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                 !          ! !             ! ! ! " " " ! " ! ! ! ! !                                                !
NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL                            ! !                  ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                                          ! ! ! !                   ! ! ! ! ! ! !
NATSTEEL LTD                                            !          !         ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                      ! !             ! !             ! ! ! !
NTUC INCOME INSURANCE COOPERATIVE LIMITED               ! ! ! ! !                       ! ! ! ! ! !                          ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
OTi CONSULTING                                          !          !         !          !         " ! !                      !          ! ! ! ! ! !                          "         " " ! ! ! ! ! " !
PARKWAY GROUP HEALTHCARE PTE LTD                        !          !         !          !          ! ! ! !                              ! !             ! ! !           ! !            !          ! ! ! ! !                      !
PREMAS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED                            !                          ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                        ! !             ! !             " !            ! ! ! ! ! ! !                             !
REPUBLIC POLYTECHNIC                                    !          !               !               ! ! !                     ! ! ! !                    ! ! !                !         ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
SHERATON TOWERS SINGAPORE                               !          !         !          !               ! ! "                           ! ! ! ! ! !                                    "          !               ! !            !
SINGAPORE GENERAL HOSPITAL                              !          !         ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                                          ! ! ! ! ! " ! " ! " ! !
SINGAPORE HEALTH SERVICES PTE LTD                       !          !         !          !          !         ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! " ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
SINGAPORE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT                       !          !         !          !          ! ! !                !         !     ! ! ! ! ! !                          !         "          ! !             ! ! ! !
SINGAPORE MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY                         !          !         !          ! ! ! ! ! !                          ! ! ! !                    ! ! !                !              ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
SINGAPORE NATIONAL EYE CENTRE                           !          !         !          ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                                   ! ! ! ! " ! ! ! ! !                                      !
SINGAPORE POLICE FORCE                                  ! ! !                !          !          ! ! ! !                   !          ! !             ! ! !                "         " "             ! ! ! ! " !
SINGAPORE POLYTECHNIC                                   !          !         !               ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                    ! ! !                 ! " !               ! ! ! ! !                             !
SINGAPORE PRISON SERVICE                                ! ! ! !                         !         " " !                      ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! " "                                       " "             ! ! ! !                   !
SINGAPORE TECHNOLOGIES ELECTRONICS                      !          !         !          ! ! ! ! ! ! !                             !     ! ! ! ! ! !                          ! ! ! " ! ! ! "                                     !
SOUTH VIEW PRIMARY SCHOOL                               ! ! !                !          ! ! ! ! !                            !          ! ! ! ! ! !                          !         ! ! ! ! ! ! !                             !
SP CONSULTING (INTERNATIONAL) PTE LTD                   !          !         !          !          ! ! ! !                              ! ! ! ! ! !                     ! !                 " ! ! ! ! !                          !
SPRING SINGAPORE                                        ! ! !                ! ! !                 ! ! ! !                   ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                 !         ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
STAMFORD LAW CORPORATION                                !                                         " ! !                          "      ! ! ! ! ! ! " "                                     " ! ! ! ! !
STRAITS CONSTRUCTION CO. (PTE) LTD                      !          !         ! ! ! ! ! ! ! " " ! " ! ! ! ! ! ! " ! " "                                                                            ! ! ! ! !                      !
TAN TOCK SENG HOSPITAL                                  ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                                                         " ! " " " ! !                            " "            "
TANGLIN TRUST SCHOOL LTD                                !          !         ! !             " ! ! ! "                                  ! !                       !          " " " " ! " ! ! ! " !
TEMASEK POLYTECHNIC                                     !          !         !          ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                                        !         !          ! ! ! ! ! " !
TOUCH COMMUNITY SERVICES                                ! ! !                !          !          ! ! ! ! !                            ! ! ! !                              " " " " ! !                          ! !            !
TUAS POWER LTD                                          !          !         !          !          ! ! !                     ! ! ! !                    ! ! !                "         "          ! !             ! !            !
UBS AG                                                  ! ! ! ! !                       ! ! ! ! ! !                          ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                 !         ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
UMW EQUIPMENT & ENGINEERING PTE LTD                     ! !                  !          ! ! ! ! ! !                          ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! " ! " " " ! ! ! ! !                                                                 !
URBAN REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY                           !                    ! ! !                " " ! " ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !                                                  "         " " ! ! ! ! !                             !
YAYASAN MENDAKI                                         !          !         !          !          ! ! ! !                              ! !             ! ! !                !         ! ! ! ! ! ! !                             !

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