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									                                                      Lakeside High School
                                                     3801 Briarcliff Road, N.E.
                                                   Atlanta, Georgia 30345-3856
                                                       Phone: (678) 874-6702


Administration                                Counseling                                      E-Mail Addresses
Joe Reed, Principal                           Brian T. Fenner, Director (A-F)       
Debra Bell                                    Dena McTyre (G-Ma)                              Dena_R_McTyre@
Jason Clyne                                   Yolanda McKinney (Mb-Sel)             

Karen Davis                                 Jan Blair (Sem-Z)              
Cindy Mosley                                Mary McIntosh, Graduation Specialist
                           Counseling office: (678) 874-6726        Fax: (678) 874-6710
School and Community
Lakeside is a public school encompassing grades 9-12. It is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary
Schools and the Georgia High School Accrediting Commission. The school is located in a predominantly upper middle class
suburban community and serves students from the Northlake area of the DeKalb County School System. The student body is
composed of 41.2% White, 35.3% Black, 12.3% Hispanic, 8.2% Asian and 3.3% other racial groups. In 1985, Lakeside was
honored as a State and National School of Excellence; an honor which reflects the positive relationship between the school and
community. Lakeside was 106 in the 2005 Newsweek Nation’s Best High Schools—the highest in the state of Georgia. In the
2008 edition, we were second in Georgia.

                                              Fall 2010 Enrollment           1812 with 391 seniors
                                              Fall 2009 Enrollment           1734 with 327 seniors

The school has a professional staff of 141, including 100 teaching faculty, five administrators, and five counselors. The professional
staff has an average of seventeen years experience in education and 82.8% have at least a master's degree.

In addition to a varied range of extracurricular activities, an excellent curriculum is offered from a standardized system wide
program of studies. Twenty-one Advanced Placement courses are offered in: English Lit, Calculus AB and BC, Statistics, Biology,
Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics B, Microeconomics, European History, Psychology, American History, American
Government, Computer Science A, French Language, German Language, Spanish Language, Music Theory, Studio Art Drawing, 2-
D and 3-D, and Art History. In addition, advanced or accelerated courses and courses for the gifted are offered in English, math,
science, French, Spanish and social science. Local colleges and universities coordinate Joint Enrollment programs with Lakeside to
serve students who wish to pursue college courses while still in high school.

Lakeside is on a traditional seven period class day. Each class period is 50 minutes in length with 180 instructional days in the
school year. Lakeside High School does not operate on a block schedule.

Graduation Requirements: (24 Carnegie Units for the Class 2008)
Technology/Career Prep Diploma: English - 4, math – 4, science - 4, social sciences -4, health/physical education - 2, computer
technology/fine arts/technical/JROTC – 1, world language -1, Career tech courses - 4.
College Preparatory Diploma: English - 4, math - 4, science - 4, social sciences - 4, world language - 2, health/physical education -2,
computer technology/fine arts/technical/JROTC - 1, world language 2, electives - 2. The requirements for the College Diploma with
Honors/Distinction are the same as the College Preparatory with the exception that the world language requirement is 3 years and
Cum GPA 3.5/Core GPA 3.0.

Marking System
For school years 1997 and after, the following grading scale is in effect:
A=90-100, B=80-89, C=71-79, D=70, F= Below 70

GPA/Class Rank/Transcript
The student's Grade Point Average (GPA) is based on all graded credit- bearing courses, with passing and failing grades given equal
weight on a 4.0 scale, except for AP courses which are weighted on a 5-point scale. A Core GPA is also reported on the transcript
and includes only grades in English, math, science, social sciences, and world languages. In 1994, a cumulative numerical average
was added to the transcript.
The computation of exact class rank was discontinued by the DeKalb County School System in 1976. Counselors can give an
estimated rank in class by deciles. The transcript contains descriptive information about the student, as well as course codes, titles,
grades, units, conduct grades, absences, test scores, overall GPA, Core GPA, overall numerical average and total credits earned.
Postsecondary Education of Graduates

Percent going to:                                        2010           2009              2008

    4 year colleges                                      80%            83.4%             82.4%
    2 year colleges                                      16%            12.4%             13.6%
    Business/Technical Schools                           3%             4.1%              1.5%
    Total continuing education                           99%            99%               97.6%
    Out of state colleges/universities                   18%            18.2%             24.3%
    Military Service                                     2%             1%                 1%

                                         Test Scores: SAT/ACT School Code – 110-184

The counseling office does not send out test results for seniors. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for the
                  direct transmission of SAT, ACT, and AP scores to the colleges they choose.

                    2010 SAT (235 students)
                                              Lakeside                  Georgia           National
                    Critical Reading          535               498               501
                    Math                      545               490               516
                    Writing                   537               475               492

                    2009 SAT (254 students)
                                              Lakeside                  Georgia           National
                    Critical Reading           538               490                502
                    Math                       532               491                515
                    Writing                    528              479                 494
                    Total                     1598              1460               1509

                    2010 ACT (154 students) Lakeside                    Georgia           National

                    English                   23.8              20.1              20.5
                    Math                      24.1              20.7              21
                    Composite                 23.9              20.7              21

                    2009 ACT (165 students)
                                              Lakeside                  Georgia           National
                    English                    22.2             20.1               20.6
                    Math                       22.5              20.6              21.0
                    Composite                  22.6              20.6              21.2

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams
May 2010 – 387 students took 855 AP Exams in 21 subjects. Approximately 41.9% of the year’s AP exam grades were three or
better (out of a possible 5).
May 2009 – 389 students took 825 AP Exams in 21 subjects. Approximately 49 % of the year’s AP exam grades were three or
better (out of a possible score of five).
National Merit & Achievement Scholarship Competition
2007-2008: 3 Finalists National Merit Finalists, 1 National Achievement Finalist
2008- 2009: 3 Finalists National Merit Finalists
2009-2010: 5 Finalists National Merit Finalists, 1 National Achievement Finalist
2010-2011: 6 Finalists National Merit Finalists, 2 National Achievement Finalist
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