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					Lockhart Garratt Ltd
                                                 RISK ASSESSMENT                                                                                 Reference: 016
Location                        Multiple locations (Mineral sites + Landfill sites)
Work activity/Task              Working on mineral and landfill sites
STEP 1: Identify the Hazards (foreseeable risks) mark X if present/requiring control
Poor environmental conditions                      Lone working                                             Landfill gas + leachate
Slips, trips falls                                 Fence climbing                                           Lack of First Aid Provision
Ground conditions (marsh/ slopes)                  diseases (zoonosis)                                      Animals (livestock/ farmers dogs etc)
Working adjacent traffic                           Bites/ Stings                                            Weather/ seasonal difference
Working near water                                 Brambles/ dog rose
Specific Site Conditions: Describe site elements which create specific risks (i.e. weather conditions for roof work, etc.) which require precautions to be taken during works:
    onsite risk assessment (using this document) to be conducted to fill in the gaps…
    check Hansons Health and Safety operating policies
    check Viridor Health and Safety operating policies
    check for gas and leatchate

                                                                                                                                                                                                                The controls have been selected to protect the health and safety of individuals that may be affected by the work. If the task changes another risk assessment will be required.
STEP 2: Decide who might be harmed and how
Persons Exposed                              X Comments (include reference to disabled, trainees, etc.)
Employees                                          minerals consultant/ employees/ lone workers (most at risk)
Other (i.e. public, contractors)                   contractors/ onsite employees/ farmers public in direct area
STEP 3: Risk Evaluation (see checklist above)
State Hazardous Events (include existing controls):                                                                     Likelihood            Consequence            Overall Risk –
                                                                                                                           L/M/H                   L/M/H                 H/M/L
                                                                                                                        (L) Unlikely / (M) Possible / (H) Likely   (L) Minor / (M) Moderate / (H) Serious

access and egress to work area - injury from slips trips and falls                                                                      M                                          M                        M
injuries due to falling when climbing/ into holes/ uneven/ soft ground/ slopes                                                          L                                          H                        M
zoonotic diseases working around animals                                                                                                L                                          H                        M
bites/ stings from small mammals, reptiles, bees, wasps etc                                                                             M                                          M                        M
being hit by vehicles/ work equipment (i.e. dumpers/ FLTs on working sites)                                                             L                                          H                        M
lone working (note sites vary Hanson’s operate a "buddy" system"                                                                        M                                          H                        H
injuries from walking through brambles/ dog rose (punctures cuts and grazes)                                                            H                                          L                        M
(see working onsite for further details)
STEP 4: Control Measures – Safe System of Work (Record)
Human Factors (include necessary information, instruction and training):
Info/ Instruction/ Training required        Externally trained      Trained in house                                                           Briefed
Competence required                         Experienced             Competent                                                                  Novice
Supervision required                        Supervised              Part of a team                                                             Can work alone
Access equipment required                              Scissor/cherry picker             Mobile towers                                   Ladders/ a-frame
Applicable: No
                                                       Fixed scaffolding                 Steps                                           Other (state):
(site dependent)
Equipment required (state)
Applicable: No

PPE required                                           Hard hats                         Ear Protection                                  Harness + Arrest/ Restraint*
Applicable: Yes
(site dependent)                                       Safety boots                      Gloves                                          Other (state):
                                                       Safety glasses                    Hi viz vest                                     Other (state):
Working Environment:
Workplace/ environmental                                Safe working area                 Isolate equipment                                Other
                                                       Cones/ barrier                     Other                                            Other
Other requirements N/A                                 Asbestos sample                    MSDS required                                  COSHH assessment
Emergency requirements Yes                             First Aid Provision               Fire extinguisher                               Spillage response
STEP 5: Actions/ Procedures to follow + Assessment Review
Actions/ procedures to control the        onsite safe system of work to be adopted
risks required                            Buddy system to be adopted when lone working
                                          regular contact with HQ regarding times and whereabouts
                                          further checks on Viridor waste management Health and Safety
                                          good selection of contractors - contractor checks prior to issuing work
  Further reading: work at height risk assessment                 Legislation Applicable: MHSWRegs 1999
  Assessed by: Kevin Jones                                        Position: safety practitioner
           nd                        th
  Date: 22 August 07/ Reviewed 7 March 08/ 16 Apr 09              Date for reassessment: (on site)/ April 09
  Actions to be organised by: Justin Mumford                      Position: Associate Director
Risk assessments based on inspections only
Project and Contractor Management conducted using previous safety checks on contractors.