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Codeine Narcotics by mikeholy

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 the basics
The History
What is codeine?
•Group of drugs
   •narcotic pain medicines
 Morphine and codeine
   natural narcotic compounds that are
    contained in opium
  Used in prescription medications to help
    reduce severe pain
  Leads to dependence, loss of appetite, and
Street Names

Streets Names                 Chemical Names

 Empirin compound with        Methylmorphine

 Tylenol with codeine

 Codeine in cough medicine
                                     Brontex

                                     Capital and Codeine

                                     Cheracol with Codeine
Common Brand
                                     Robitussin A-C Syrup
Often combined with other            Tussi-Organidin-S NR
acetaminophen, aspirin, and other
cold and cough medicines             Guituss AC Syrup

                                     HaNew Riversin AC
Schedule Ratings

 Taken by itself: Schedule II

 In combination with aspirin
   or acetaminophen:
   Schedule III - V, depending
   on formula
The Purpose
Forms of Use

 Tablet

 Capsule

 Liquid by mouth
Common Uses of Codeine

                 Found in many cough

                 Can be used to reduce

                 Will treat cause but not
                  speed recovery

                 Can be given to assist with
                  severe pain
Codeine Addiction

 Highly addictive

 Prolonged use (2-3 weeks)

 Activates body reward

 Promise of reward 
  intense craving 
 Activates physiological and
  psychological addiction
Effects of Codeine
Physiological Effects

 Induces an "opioid
  analgesia” – or painkiller

 Alters perception of pain at
  spinal cord and brain

 Stimulating because they
  block inhibitory

 Alters nervous system
Psychological Effects

 Strong psychological           After taking, person may
  effects                         have trouble relaxing or
 Treats pain by altering the
  way that body senses pain      Codeine abusers will just
                                  "not feel good"
 Reduces coughing by             psychologically as the
  decreasing activity in part     brain readjusts to
  of the brain that causes        producing its own
  coughing                        endorphins
 Stops production of            Opiate induced euphoria
Possible Side Effects

 Dizziness          Constipation

 Lightheadedness    Stomach Pain

 Drowsiness         Difficulty urinating

 Mood changed      *Some symptoms can be very
                      serious, so if experienced,
 Nausea              call doctor immediately
 Vomiting
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