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									                                                                                                                          APRIL 2007 VOLUME 16 NO. 1

                         ON GLAUCOMA
                          The Glaucoma Service Foundation to Prevent Blindness
                                           GLAUCOMA SERVICE STAFF AT WILLS EYE INSTITUTE
              Anne K. Chan, MD • Mary Jude Cox, MD • Eugene Fernandes, MD • L. Jay Katz, MD • Marlene R. Moster, MD • Jonathan S. Myers, MD
             Joseph Ortiz, MD • Michael J. Pro, MD • Ralph S. Sando, MD • Courtland Schmidt, MD • Geoffrey Schwartz, MD • Louis W. Schwartz, MD
                                     George L. Spaeth, MD • Tricia L. Thomas, MD • Tara Uhler, MD • Richard P. Wilson, MD

   The 1st Annual Glaucoma Service Foundation CARES Conference
                                 A Tremendous Success!
The 1st Annual Glaucoma Service                      educate glaucoma patients, the                         potentially blinding disease. As
Foundation CARES Conference                          Glaucoma Service physicians                            Mr. Jim Lasher said in a post-
held on January 20th featured                        and the Foundation staff worked                        conference letter, “It is comforting
lectures by ten Wills Eye Glaucoma                   together to address the many                           to know that we are not alone
Service physicians. Free                                                                                    on this journey.”
screenings for family members
of glaucoma patients and the                                                                                In addition, attendees had
community, and information about                                                                            the opportunity to visit with
resources offered to individuals                                                                            representatives from Allergan,
living with glaucoma were also                                                                              Alcon, and Pfizer, Associated
available. More than 200 people                                                                             Services for the Blind and Visually
from around the country attended                                                                            Impaired, Sunrise of Dresher, the
this free patient directed education-                                                                       Wills Eye Low Vision Service, and
al conference and 54 received free                                                                          the Wills Eye Glaucoma Research
glaucoma screenings.                                 Dr. Jonathan Myers, CARES Conference                   Center.
                                                     Medical Advisor, answers questions during             (continued on page 3)
In an effort to raise awareness                      a break.
about glaucoma and to further
                                                     issues glaucoma patients face.
                                                     Topics included an overview of
                                                     glaucoma, its risk factors, treat-
                                                     ments, adherence to therapy, and
                                                     communicating with your doctor.
                                                     Each lecture was followed by a
                                                     question and answer session. This
                                                     unique conference allowed for
                                                     patients and their families to speak                   Volunteers: Glaucoma Research Center employees,
                                                                                                            Ms. Sheryl Wizov (left) and Ms. MaryJo Schwartz
                                                     directly with glaucoma physicians                      (right), with Sheryl's daughter, Eleni Wurster
                                                     in a relaxed atmosphere. It also                       (2nd from left) and her friends, Stephanie Merget
Glaucoma Service Staff members, who                                                                         (middle) and Julie White (2nd from right).
volunteered at the CARES Conference, distribute      afforded them the chance to speak
programs and assist with registration.               with others who are living with this                   Photos by Roger Barone

           SEARCHLIGHT ON GLAUCOMA                                                                          APRIL 2007

Letter from the Executive Director
Happy New Year! And what a              contact the Foundation office.          current clinical care. The web-cast
year it has been so far. As you can                                             will be available for physicians to
see on the cover of this issue of       As you may know, in addition to         view on the Foundation’s website.
Searchlight on Glaucoma, the            patient education programs, the
Foundation’s 1st Annual CARES           Foundation also supports continu-       In closing, as in every April issue
Conference was extremely suc-           ing medical education. Through the      of Searchlight, we have included
cessful. We have received many          efforts of Dr. L. Jay Katz, Wills Eye   a list of individuals who have made
letters and e-mails from grateful       Glaucoma Service Director, Dr.          contributions to the Glaucoma
participants who benefited from         Brian Francis Clinical Professor,       Service Foundation. On behalf
various aspects of the conference.      Doheny Eye Institute at the             of the many glaucoma patients
If you attended the conference and      University of California, and the       who benefit from the Foundation
haven’t done so already, please         physicians on the Glaucoma              sponsored programs, I would like
take a moment to fill out the           Service, the Foundation is helping      to personally thank each donor for
questionnaire we mailed to you in       to coordinate a glaucoma web-cast       his or her generous support. We
March. Your feedback will help          program. This interactive meeting       couldn’t do it with you!
ensure the success of the next          (supported by an unrestricted
CARES conference. If you would          educational grant from Merck) will      Sincerely,
like to suggest a topic for inclusion   explore novel ideas in glaucoma
in the 2008 program, please             management and will re-evaluate         Nancy Petrongolo

The Importance of Family Awareness                                   By: Bonnie Carr Long

It has been proven that family          with this disease. I had surgery        asked to share my story, and that
history of glaucoma puts you at         in 1977. I have not used any            of my family’s. So, let’s start with
higher risk for developing the          medications for my glaucoma since       some of the lessons I’ve learned.
disease. Ms. Bonnie Carr Long,          that time and have not lost any
a glaucoma patient and member           vision to the effects of the disease.   My personal experience, our family
of the Foundation’s Board of                                                    history, and the experiences of my
Trustees, has a long family history     I am one of 11 family members           relatives have taught me several
of glaucoma. She has written a          with glaucoma. We are a compos-         things…
series of articles for Searchlight,     ite of young and old, male and
sharing her story and emphasizing       female and we extend over four          ■ Have your eyes examined, and
the importance of family aware-         generations. We are related on my       encourage family members to do
ness. The following is the first in     mother’s side. Sadly, not everyone      the same. If you have a family
this series.                            in my family has had the same           history of glaucoma, it’s never too
                                        positive results in dealing with        early. I was only 19 and several of
My story has a happy ending.            this disease.                           my cousin’s children have been
I was diagnosed with glaucoma                                                   diagnosed at an even younger age.
nearly 40 years ago. I was just 19      With the CARES Conference in
at the time. I would have to say that   January, The Glaucoma Service           ■ Use your medications. Do what
it was a combination of luck, very      Foundation has launched an              the doctors tell you to do. This was
aware parents and grandparents,         educational campaign to reach           a difficult lesson that I’ll talk more
and an extremely talented doctor        out to one of the high-risk             about later. But, especially for
that have contributed to my             groups – individuals with a family
successful outcome in dealing           history of glaucoma. I have been        (continued on page 4)
MEETING THE CHALLENGE OF GLAUCOMA THROUGH EDUCATION AND RESEARCH                                                           APRIL 2007

1st Annual CARES Conference (continued from page 1)

The Foundation staff is extremely                 We are also grateful for the sup-                     generously provided donations of
grateful to the 42 volunteers who                 port of our lead sponsor Allergan,                    food and services.
made this event possible. We                      the Wills Eye Audio Visual
appreciate the glaucoma clinical                  Department, the Wills Eye                             The number of patients who chose
and research fellows, the foreign                 Property Management staff and                         to attend this conference in an
physician observers, and Wills                    the several local companies that                      effort to educate themselves about
Eye/Jefferson residents for con-                                                                        glaucoma, it’s treatments, and how
ducting the glaucoma screenings.                                                                        to partner with their physicians for
The Glaucoma Service office staff                                                                       the best possible outcome, was
and their families, and the Delta                                                                       remarkable. The large number of
Gamma Sorority from Villanova                                                                           positive, post-conference patient
University graciously assisted with                                                                     responses strongly emphasizes
every other aspect of the event.                                                                        the need for this type of outreach.
We would also like to recognize
the Members of the Glaucoma                                                                             We are eagerly looking forward to
Service Foundation’s Board of                                                                           the 2nd Annual Glaucoma Service
                                                  Dr. Tricia Thomas (left), Dr. Tara Uhler
Trustees who provided information                 (2nd from left) and Dr. George Spaeth (center)        Foundation CARES Conference!
to the participants about the                     discuss lecture information with conference           We’ll see you there! ■
Foundation’s programs.                            attendees.

Glaucoma Service Research Fellow, Dr. Yun Wang (left)     Glaucoma Service Clinical Fellow, Dr. Albert Lin (left) and   (Above and below) Glaucoma
and Foundation Program Director, Mrs. Kathy Kuzmanich     Wills Eye/Jefferson Resident, Dr. Robert Fintelmann (right)   Service Research Fellow,
(right) explain the screening process to a conference     discuss their findings with screening participants.           Dr. Luciano Loranzana, assists a
participant.                                                                                                            gentleman with the glaucoma

Allergan representative, Mr. Brian Ramsey, demonstrates   CARES volunteers from Villanova's Delta Gamma Sorority        Photos by
the Lumigan Compliance Aid.                               from left to right are: Anastasia Maley, Leslie Blades,       Roger Barone
                                                          Leigh Ann Hart, Kaitlin Morecraft, Lindsy Ehrlich, Connie
                                                          Peretta, Danica Feustel, E.B. Jackson, Meg Reynolds,
                                                          Molly Hough, Kiera Daly, and Lauren Saltzburg                                            3
            SEARCHLIGHT ON GLAUCOMA                                                                            APRIL 2007

The Importance of Family Awareness
(continued from page 2)
young people, it’s hard to accept          she realized that she could not          a devastating impact on the way
that you have what could be a dev-         see out of the other eye. She had        you live your life.
astating disease when you have no          also been having headaches, but
symptoms…often no pain, no blood,          because the glasses did not              My mother was in her early 40s when
no trouble seeing (until it’s too late).   make a difference, she and my            she was diagnosed with glaucoma,
                                           grandfather thought perhaps she          and not too long after, I learned that
■ Find good medical care. This is          was having trouble with her teeth,       I too had the disease. ■
not meant to insult any individuals        and she went to see a dentist. The
or groups, but when you are dealing        dentist pulled her teeth, but that       Look for the second article in this
with glaucoma, and especially if you       didn’t solve her problem either. Her     series in the August 2007 issue of
are in a high risk group (family           eyes did not get better. Finally,        Searchlight on Glaucoma.
history puts you in that category),        she went to see her family
you need to be under the care of an        physician, who referred her to an            “CHAT HIGHLIGHTS”
ophthalmologist who can perform a          ophthalmologist who diagnosed
dilated exam, who understands the          glaucoma and wisely referred her to
                                                                                    In a recent chat session Dr. Michael
disease and knows how to treat it.         a specialist—Dr. Edmund Spaeth,
                                                                                    Pro and chat participants discussed
                                           at Wills Eye Hospital.
                                                                                    Cataracts and the Glaucoma Patient.
■ Educate yourself and be an active
                                                                                    The following are highlights of
participant in the treatment. After all,   Her disease was quite advanced.
                                                                                    the chat:
it is your vision…no one else’s.           Surgery offered the only possibility
Know what you are dealing with,            of saving what little sight she had      P: Please explain what a cataract is.
understand the medications that are        remaining. Surgery in the early
prescribed, be aware of the possible       1950s was a very different               Dr. Pro: A cataract is an opacifica-
side effects. Ask questions.               experience than surgery is today.        tion or clouding of the natural lens,
                                           My grandmother was in the hospital       which usually is due to normal aging.
My family story started with my            for two weeks and had to lie flat in     Cataract extraction has become one
maternal grandmother who was               bed with her head between                of the most common and successful
diagnosed with glaucoma when she           sandbags. It was quite an ordeal,        surgical procedures in the U.S.
was in her early 50s. We have all          but it did preserve what little sight
                                                                                    P: Are cataracts a risk factor for
heard the saying that glaucoma is          she had left.
                                                                                    glaucoma? Is glaucoma a risk factor
the “sneak thief of sight.” If my
                                                                                    for cataracts?
grandmother were here today, she           I remember many wonderful things
would tell you that she was not            about my grandmother. Although           Dr. Pro: That question is a bit
aware of the disease or the damage         she had very limited vision, she         complicated to answer. First we
it was doing.                              certainly managed well and didn’t        need to speak about the type of
                                           let her vision loss stop her from        glaucoma. In angle-closure
She thought she was simply having          living independently. Had she            glaucoma (narrow angles), the
trouble with her vision. She saw           known about glaucoma, had her            cataract crowds the anterior
an optometrist who prescribed              physician been more aware, she           chamber, pushing the iris forward.
glasses—five different prescriptions       may not have lost so much vision.        A mature cataract in that condition
that did not solve the problem.            Her quality of life certainly would      can actually cause or contribute to
He did not diagnose her glaucoma.          have been improved. But her              angle-closure, thus being a risk for
As my mother tells the story (I don’t      difficulties were an important lesson    that type of glaucoma.
remember those days of her                 for the rest of us. This is nothing to
diagnosis or her surgery) my               fool around with. This is something      However, the most common type of
grandmother awoke one morning              you might not know you have.
                                                                                    (continued on page 5)
and rubbed her eye…as she did so,          This is something that could have

                                                 IN THE NEWS
    The Glaucoma Service Foundation reaches out to the Philadelphia
        Community with a strong glaucoma awareness message.
  ■ Glaucoma Service patient, Mrs. Elizabeth              ■ Mr. Elmer Smith interviewed Dr. Jeffrey
    Kennedy, and Dr. L. Jay Katz were                       Henderer about the impact of glaucoma on the
    interviewed about glaucoma by reporter Michelle         African-American community on WHAT-FM on
    Durham of KYW 1060 AM on January 17th.                  January 10th. Dr. Henderer also spoke with Yanina
                                                            Carter on the Urban League Speaks on WDAS-AM
  ■ Dr. Jonathan Myers spoke about glaucoma                 along with glaucoma patient Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy
    with Greg McCoy on CN8's Your Morning                   on December 30th.
    Show on January 19th.
                                                          ■ Foundation Executive Director, Mrs. Nancy
                                                            Petrongolo spoke about the need for awareness
  ■ Sheinelle Jones hosted Dr. George Spaeth                about glaucoma with the host of Comcast
    on Fox's Good Day Philadelphia: Ask the Expert          Newsmakers, Carla Showell Lee, in February.
    on January 18th.                                        Letters to the Editor by Mrs. Petrongolo also
                                                            appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News on
  ■ Dr. Tricia Thomas was interviewed about                 January 22nd and El Hispano on January 24th.
    glaucoma by Eleanor Dezzi on WURD-AM on
    January 11th.                                                               The Glaucoma Service Foundation wishes
                                                                                to express or sincere appreciation to the
                                                                                following media outlets: WDAS-AM,
                                                                                WHAT-FM, WURD-AM, KYW 1060 AM,
                                                                                Fox 29, CN8, WPVI ABC 6, The
                                                                                Philadelphia Daily News and the
                                                                                PECO Building for running our banner.

  “CHAT HIGHLIGHTS” (continued from page 4)                threefold increased rate of cataract progression.”
 glaucoma in the U.S. is open angle glaucoma, and          P: So trabeculectomy seems to be a risk factor for
 here the answer gets trickier. CIGTS (Collaborative       cataracts?
 Initial Glaucoma Treatment Study), an important
 study sponsored by the National Institute of Health,      Dr. Pro: Yes.
 compared medically and surgically treated glauco-
                                                           P: Are a “ripe” cataract and a “mature” cataract the
 ma patients. “The four year interim outcomes noted
 no significant difference in visual field loss between
 the medically and surgically treated patients.            Dr. Pro: Yes but those really aren’t medical terms,
 Patients assigned to trabeculectomy had lower             in that they hold no diagnostic value. Rather, they
 intraocular pressures, but demonstrated a greater         are used to describe the condition to the patient. ■
 risk for significant loss of visual acuity and a

             SEARCHLIGHT ON GLAUCOMA                                                                                            APRIL 2007

                                                             Thank You!
      We wish to express our sincere appreciation to our many friends who contributed to the Glaucoma Service
      Foundation in 2006. The Foundation received 1,764 gifts totaling $654,551.00 to support the research,
      education, and outreach programs we offer. In addition, many individuals contributed their time and/or
      expertise to help the Foundation make a difference in the fight against glaucoma. With your help, we will
      continue to raise awareness, support vital research, and train future leaders in field of glaucoma.

                Thank You Again For Your Extraordinary Generosity!
                                    Ms. Berte Stricker                  Ms. Leola Carr                    Mr. Richard L. Beard
       $5,000 or more               Sunrise of Dresher                  Ms. Charlotte S. Carson           Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Becker
Alcon Laboratories, Inc.            Harriette S. and Charles L. Tabas   Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. Clauss      Ms. Dolores M. Bee
Allergan                              Foundation                        Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Conley      Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bell
Alpin J. and Alpin W. Cameron       Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Thatcher    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dellabarca   Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Billingsley
   Memorial Fund                    Ms. Margaret G. Thatcher            Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Fineman      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Bissot
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bienenfeld       United Way of                       Mr. and Mrs. William O. Geisert   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Blyzniuk
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Fuchs          Southeastern Pennsylvania          Mr. and Mrs. Nelson G. Harris     Mr. Robert Boggs
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kim           Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Watson       Mr. Michael R. Holly              Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Bosniak
The Plate Estate                    Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Williams       Mrs. Mary E. Hyers                Mrs. Ruby C. Boyd
Mr. Nat C. Robertson                Mr. Ernest Zlotolow-Stambler        Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Jaeger     Ms. Euris Brathwaite
The Scholler Foundation                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Kratzer    Ms. Mary A. Breon
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Tanner                                          Ms. Jane Kurtz                    Mr. Sidney Brown
The Yetta Westen Trust
                                              $500 - $999
                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. John Lehman          Mr. Ken Bryfogle
                                    Mr. Philip Altomare                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lynch         Ms. Donna R. Bushey
                                    Mr. Peter Benoliel and              Mr. Jerry Mahoney                 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Callahan
       $1,000 - $4,999                 Ms. Willo Carey                  Mrs. Jeannette T. McDowell        Dr. and Mrs. Jose O. Campos
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Alexander        Mrs. Frances Biddle                 Merck Co. Inc.                    Ms. Josephine M. Bernier and
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Andes          Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Carr         Drs. Marlene and Mark Moster        Mr. Alexander Cardelli
Mr. Philip L. Baker                 Ms. Julia Dannenbaum                Dr. Fred Orlando                  Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Carey
Jill L. Beebe, D.P.E.               Dr. Ralph C. Eagle, Jr.             Mr. and Mrs. Michael Panzano      Mr. Eugene Caruso
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Bowen        Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Faust        Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Petrongolo   Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Cary
Dr. and Mrs. Vernon Bradley         Dr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Fernandes    Ms. Lorraine A. Revello           Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Cassel
Dr. James B. Carty, Jr.             Mr. and Mrs. William C. Fox         Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Samph     Mr. Thomas J. Cauley
Mrs. Gerda Cohn                     Gitlin Family Foundation            Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schlossberg     Mr. and Mrs. James L. Chapin
Mr. and Mrs. John Colburn           Ms. Carol R. Gold                   Mr. Julius V. Schraishuhn         Dr. and Mrs. Neil T. Choplin
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Dickinson    Ms. Sara W. Goldberg                Dr. Gail Schwartz and             Mr. and Mrs. John Christos
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Dougherty   Mrs. Ellen Goldstine                  Mr. Robb Cohen                  Mr. Robert A. Cobb
Mr. Thomas J. Farley, Jr.           Mr. Donald L. Hedin                 Dr. and Mrs. Rajesh Shetty        Ms. Edythe H. Colbourn
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Friedman         Ms. Beverly Herrin                  Mr. and Mrs. Morris M. Shuster    Mr. Robert J. Coleman
Mr. Robert W. Gambino               Mrs. Elizabeth M. Kennedy           Mr. and Mrs. John Valente         Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Colucci
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation          Mr. David Kerner                    Dr. and Mrs. John D. Walker       Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Conn
Mr. Henry Greenspan                 Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Knapp          Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Ward      Dr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Haas           Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Mercer                                          Anastasios P. Costarides
Ms. Mary Hetherington               Ms. Ruth D. Meserve                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cramer
Independence Foundation             Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Pipi
                                                                                 $100 - $249
                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Millard Crouthamel
Johnson & Johnson                   Mr. David Pittinsky                 Dr. and Mrs. Henry Abrams         Mr. and Mrs. James M. Curley
    Family of Companies -           Estate of Jeanne Pyne               AIG Matching Gifts Program        Ms. Sharleen I. Daily
    Matching Gift Program           Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Samuelson    Ms. Rose F. Alito                 Mr. and Mrs. Ilvio DalFarra
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Kessler      Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Smoot       Mr. and Mrs. Norman Alterman      Mr. and Mrs. Kerr Davidson
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Mr. and Mrs. George L. Melas                                            Ms. Mildred Andress               Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Deutsch
PICS Telecom Corporation                                                Dr. Marilyn H. Appel and          Ms. Gloria M. Dinner
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pulver
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Mr. and Mrs. James A. Rosburg       Ms. Eva Bentley                     Arch Street Presbyterian Church   Mr. James P. Dougherty, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Sando, Sr.    The Black Family                    Ms. Marian Aruffo                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Douglas
Ms. Susan M. Scarritt               Ms. Sheila Bodine                   Ms. Hattie O. Bailey              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Durant
Dr. Gopaldas M. Shroff              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Bonner       Mr. and Mrs. Bertsil B. Baker     Mrs. Phyllis G. Eastburn
Spaeth, Katz, Myers, P.C.           Mr. Irvin J. Borowsky               Ms. Mabel W. Bankes               Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ebinger
Mrs. Bruner H. Strawbridge          Mr. Ezra E. Carr                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bazik
                                                                                                                     (Continued on Page 7)

MEETING THE CHALLENGE OF GLAUCOMA THROUGH EDUCATION AND RESEARCH                                                          APRIL 2007

Donor List (Continued from Page 6)
Environmental Health Services         Mr. and Mrs. Henry Keyser             Dr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Pennie       Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Wassum
Mr. Peter Erdman                      Ms. Delores Klein                     Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Perlin           Ms. Vivian Werner and
Mr. Robert Fazio                      Mrs. Anni G. Klinedinst               Mr. Robert E. Perry                    Ms. Kimberly C. Cornell
Mr. Herman H. Feissner III            Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Knauff        Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Petrongolo      Ms. Sarah T. Werntz
Mr. Robert P. Fernandez               Prof. Jerry Knudson                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Pierce        Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wilson
Mr. Faustino Fernandez-Vina           Mr. George F. Koch, Jr.               Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Pindus            Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Wise
Ms. Margaret L. Figueiredo            Mr. and Mrs. Walter Korzun            Mr. and Mrs. William Platt           Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Wolk
Mr. and Mrs. Graham S. Finney         Ms. Dolores Krause                    Mr. David Popowich                   Dr. James Yahata
Dr. and Mrs. Philip C. Fisher         Dr. and Mrs. Alan Kulick              Mr. and Mrs. John W. Powell          Dr. Vivian Yeh
Ms. Louise J. Fletcher                Mr. Arthur E. Laholt                  Mrs. Evelyn Przybylski               Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Zeik
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Forster   Mrs. Miriam W. Lampen                 Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel H. Puffer     Mrs. Marion A. Zimmerman
Mrs. Phyllis Fox                      William C. Lee, Ph.D.                 Mr. Saul Putterman                   Mr. Leonard Zinshtein
Mr. Michael I. Freedman               Mr. Leonard Leff                      Mr. and Mrs. John Ragan              Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Zunski
Ms. Ruth Fromm, LCSW                  Lehighton Lions Club                  Ms. Eslye N. Rappeport
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis B. Gallagher      Ms. Mildred S. Levine                 Mr. and Mrs. Randy Raque                          $1 - $99
Germantown Academy Community          Mr. and Mrs. Murray N. Lewine         Mr. and Mrs. B. Rathfon
  Service Organization                Mr. and Mrs. James L. Lewis           Ms. Dorothy F. Reid                  Mr. and Mrs. Mark Aaron
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Gertney       Mr. and Mrs. Kalman Lifson            Mr. and Mrs. Eric Riedel             Ms. Dorothy Abazia
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Gibbs            Dr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Long           Mr. Brian P. Reilly                  Mr. Steven Aberblatt
Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Giehl          Mr. and Mrs. William J. Loughnane     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Riordan          Mr. Akiko Abley
Mr. and Mrs. Randy G. Gilbert         Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lovely            Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rossano       Ms. Hannah Abrams
Mr. Robert Glaymon                    Ms. Lois D. Marin                     Ms. Conchetta Rossi                  Mr. E. David Abrams
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Glostein          Mr. John Q. Marshall                  Mr. and Mrs. Enrico H. Rossini       Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Abramson
Dr. Peter Glowacki                    Mr. George Mavromatis                 Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Santoriello    Mr. Michael J. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Goldberg        Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Mazer            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Scanlon       Mr. and Mrs. Moses Addison
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gonczy             Mr. Donald L. McDowell                Ms. Dorothy C. Schauber              Ms. Mary B. Afflerbach
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Grant           Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKiernan         Ms. Gertrude Schrot                  Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Agulnick
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Greenidge       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. McLane         Dr. and Mrs. Milton Schwebel         Mrs. Kathleen C. Ahern
Ms. Vivian Yeh and                    Mr. Thomas D. McLay                   Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Seven           Mrs. Emelie Albrecht
  Mr. Brendan M. Greer                Mr. James D. McLellan                 Ms. Margaret Sexton                  Mr. Edward A. Alcoba
Mrs. John T. Grey                     The McNally Family                    Ms. Rita E. Shaw                     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Alfano
Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. Grill          Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Merritt       Ms. Marilyn E. Sheller               Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Altieri
Ms. Gloria M. Gross                   Mr. Casmir Michalski                  Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sheppard         Mr. and Mrs. Richard Altopiedi
Ms. Lakshmi Gudipati                  Mr. and Mrs. John Mihal               Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Sinkbeil   Ms. Kathryn Amalfa
Ms. Charlotte Guy                     Mr. and Mrs. Martin O. Miller         Dr. and Mrs.                         Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius J. Ambrose, Jr.
Ms. Adriana G. Gyswyt                 Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Millinghausen      Tharmalingam Sivendran            American Stock Transfer
Ms. Louise Haberman                   Mr. and Mrs. Gianmaria Minervini      Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Skahan         & Trust Company
Mr. Denis P. Hackett                  Mr. Clayton Mingus                    Ms. Dorothy A. Slavin                Ms. Lena Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hahn               Dr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Mitchell      Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Smith        Mr. Joseph J. Andrejcik
Mrs. Anna P. Hahn                     Mobil Foundation, Inc.                Judge and Mrs.                       Ms. Jeanne Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Hall            Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Mollach          Edmund B. Spaeth, Jr.             Anonymous
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hamilton         Mr. Samuel J. Monti                   Mr. and Mrs. Karl H. Spaeth          Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Anthony
Mr. Nathaniel P. Hamilton             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Morford        Dr. and Mrs. John Steitz             Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Anzel
Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Handley          Mr. and Mrs. Cooper H. Morris         Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Stinger      Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Apgar
Dr. and Mrs. Robison Harley           Ms. Beverly A. Morse                  Ms. Julie Stone                      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Appleton
Ms. Ruth Harley                       Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Mosher         Mr. and Mrs. James R. Stoudt         Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Arch
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Hart            Mrs. Dorothy Mullestein               Dr. and Mrs. William F. Tatu         Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Archer
Mr. and Mrs. John Harvey              Mr. and Mrs. J. Edmund Mullin         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Taylor, Jr.   Ms. Josephine Arcuri
Ms. Rosemary Hausner                  Mr. and Mrs. John G. Muncie           Mr. and Mrs. William Taylor          Mr. and Mrs. Louis Arico
Ms. Nancy M. Hemmerich                Mr. and Mrs. Jere A. Murphy           Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Teti         Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Arkuszewski
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Herr             Ms. Kathleen Murray                   Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Thelen           Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Armao, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton W. Herzog         Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Myers         Rev. and Mrs. Stephen Theophilos     Ms. Geraldine Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Hooper          Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Najarian       Ms. Florence Thompson                Ms. Noemi Artau-Kagan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hoover, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. William D. Nelson        Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Tiedeken        Mr. and Mrs. George R. Ashkar
Ms. Katherine J. Howe                 Mr. and Mrs. David M. Nevins          Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Tiley            Mr. and Mrs. John F. Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Jaffe          Mr. and Mrs. Richard O'Brien          Dr. and Mrs. Carlo E. Traverso       Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Avaux
Ms. Dawn M. James                     Mr. James M. O'Hara                   United States Department of Labor    Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Avery
Mr. Christopher E. Jay                Ms. June P. O'Keefe                   Ms. Virginia D. Van Vorst            Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Avila
Ms. Carol S. Kaufmann                 Mr. William H. Osborne III            Mr. and Mrs. Felix Vietro            Ms. Angela Azzarano
Mr. Danny Kearney                     Ms. Ruth Palmer                       Mr. and Mrs.                         Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Baciewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Keith         Won-Jun and Young Ae Park                George L. Wagenseller, Sr.        Mr. and Mrs. Henry Backe
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kellogg          Mr. William R. Pearson                Lt. Col. William H. Walters          Ms. Flora Backover
Mr. Michael Kendrick                  Ms. Doris Peck                        Mr. Steven S. Wang                   Ms. Marion M. Baer
Ms. Virginia Kester                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Pege           Mr. and Mrs. Allan Warren
                                                                                                                            (Continued on Page 8)

              SEARCHLIGHT ON GLAUCOMA                                                                                                 APRIL 2007

Donor List (Continued from Page 7)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Bagnell       Ms. Norma Boice                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cannataro            Mr. Genaro Cruz
Ms. Barbara Bailey                    Mr. Edward Bomba                   Mrs. Grace Cantor                      Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Cruz
Ms. Helen Bailey                      Sr. Aileen Bomba                   Ms. Marie Caola                        Ms. Lea M. Csala
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Baker          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bomrad         Ms. Josephine L. Capitolo              Ms. Rita A. Cuce
Ms. Bess W. Ball                      Ms. Dorothy Bonatelli              Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Capoferri         Mrs. Elizabeth Culp
Ms. Lynn Ball                         Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Bondy           Ms. Anna Capolupo                      Ms. Madonna D. Cunningham
Mr. John B. Bank                      Mr. Samuel Bonsall, Sr.            Mr. Joseph C. Cappuccio                Ms. Joan M. Cunningham
Ms. Suzanne K. Banks                  Mr. and Mrs. John M. Borda         Ms. Eileen Caprara                     Mr. and Mrs. John G. Curilla
Mr. Anthony Y. Banton                 Mr. Francis J. Boucher             Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Carabello      Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Czyzewski
Mr. and Mrs. Saul Barbash             Mr. and Mrs. William C. Bowden     Ms. Mary C. Carper                     Mr. Vincent D'Alessandro
Mr. and Mrs. Sid Bari                 Ms. Elizabeth J. Bowles            Ms. Grace L. Carrigan                  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Dallas
Ms. Helen L. Barker                   The Bowles Family                  Ms. Emily Carter                       Ms. Elizabeth D'Amato
Ms. Thelma I. Barkman                 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Braccia           Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Casey          Ms. Emma Dandy
Ms. Norma L. Barlow                   Ms. Sara Bradley                   Ms. Libby Cavallaro                    Ms. Mary G. Dantonio
Ms. Jean P. Barr                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bradley        Ms. Clara M. Cavanaugh                 Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Daraklis
Mrs. Celia A. Barson                  Mr. and Mrs. John R. Brady         Mr. John Cedzo                         Mr. Winston Davidian
Mr. and Mrs. Milford S. Bartlett      Mrs. Dora Brahn                    Mr. and Mrs. B.A. Certo                Ms. Edith J. Davis
Mrs. Marie Bartolomei                 Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore J. Branco   Mr. and Mrs. Quinzo Cetroni            Ms. Macie P. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Basler          Ms. Jean M. Brandon                Mrs. Mary M. Chambers                  Ms. Phyllis Davis
Ms. Grace Bassano                     Ms. Anne W. Braun                  Ms. Grace Champy                       Mr. and Mrs. James A. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Bassett       Ms. Dolores Brautigam              The Chanin Family                      Ms. Faith Decesare
Ms. Florence A. Bassett               Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brener        Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Chartier, Sr.   Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Decker
Ms. Joyce Bayne                       Mr. and Mrs. Alan Brenner          Ms. Marian A. Chase                    Mr. and Mrs. Marino DeFrancesco
Ms. Rita T. Beatty                    Mr. Herbert J. Brenner             Dr. and Mrs. David Checkoff            Mr. Charles A. Deiterich
Mr. James C. Becker                   Mr. and Mrs. John J. Breunig       Ms. Thelma S. Chew                     Ms. Loretta M. Del Rossi
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Beckett       Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Brientnall    Ms. Jeanne Y. Chirico                  Mr. Peter F. Delfino, Sr.
Mr. Dan Beckman                       Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brigandi       Ms. Karen Chittenden                   Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Delgrippo
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Behar              Mr. and Mr. John Brigham           Ying-Nan Chiu and                      Ms. Ruth F. Delia
Ms. Velma L. Behler                   Ms. Grace Brina                      Lue-yung C. Chiu                     Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. D'Elia
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Behron          Mr. Charles Bringe                 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Chranowski, Jr.   Mr. Joseph B. Della Polla
Ms. Catherine Bell                    Ms. Anna Brodnyan                  Ms. Ula D. Christopher                 Ms. Shirley Delquadro
Mr. Charles A. Belsterling            Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Brodsky    Mr. William Ciampitti, Sr.             Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dembrosky
Mrs. Kenneth Benjamin                 Mr. Eugene W. Brown                Mr. and Mrs. Francis V. Cichonski      Ms. Edith Dempsey
Mr. and Mrs. John Benner              Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brown          Mr. Robert J. Cieslinski               Ms. Jane G. Denker
Mr. and Mrs. Linford C. Benner        Ms. Anna M. Brown                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cisero            Ms. Belgia M. Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Benson        Ms. Marian Brown                   Mr. Vincent J. Ciulla                  Mr. Thomas DeShula
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bent             Ms. Jean Brozzetti                 Mr. Michael Clavin                     Ms. Florence Despreaux
Ms. Lillian Berardi                   Ms. Rose Bruno                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Claypool          Mr. and Mrs. Walter Deutsch
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Beren          Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Bryan       Mrs. Mae E. Clemens                    Ms. Virginia Devery
Mr. Joseph Berenato                   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bubulka        Ms. Frances Cocco                      Mr. Gurmit S. Dhaliwal
Ms. Cynthia R. Berger                 Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Buckshon   Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Cohen             Mr. Robert J. Dietrich
Ms. Donna Berman                      Mr. and Mrs. Ray Budd              Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Cohen           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Difebbo
Mr. and Mrs. Ira C. Bernstein         Mr. David T. Bunin                 Mr. Nathaniel B. Cohen                 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. DiFrank
Mr. Marshall A. Bernstein             Mr. Walter Buraczyk                Dr. and Mrs. Simeon J. Cole, Jr.       Ms. Tessie DiGenova
Ms. Jane E. Bertles                   Mr. and Mrs. James Burd            The Cole Family                        Ms. Helene R. Dillon
Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Besaw          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burdo         Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Cole           Ms. Anna Dimeglio
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Bezilla       Fr. Lawrence A. Burke              Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Coleman           Mr. Julio Dioses
Ms. Roshan Bhanji Asit Bhattacharya   Ms. Dolores Burke                  Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Collins           Mr. and Mrs. Michael DiPeppino
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Biddle            Mr. and Mrs. Francis V. Burns      Ms. Patricia Conaway                   Sr. Incarnata Maria DiPilla
Mr. Ann R. Bilbrough                  Ms. Maryjane J. Burrus             Ms. Dorothy Conway                     Ms. Genevieve Dispirito
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Binder         Ms. Theresa Burzynski              Mr. Henry Cook                         Mr. and Mrs. James C. Dittmar
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Bing-Zaremba      Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Butz           Mr. Joseph Coonelly                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Dlugaszewski
Ms. Miranda Blau                      Ms. Anne Buxton                    Dr. and Mrs. E. S. Cope                Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dobkin
Ms. Florence Bleam                    Mrs. Marjorie R. Buzby             Mrs. Frances F. Corbett                Ms. Dorothy D. Dolan
Mr. and Mrs. I. Edward Block          Ms. Jameela Bynum                  Ms. Dorothy E. Corlett                 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh E. Donahue
Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Bloom              Ms. Jean Caiazza                   Mrs. Carmela Costa                     Ms. Viola Donaldson
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Bloomfield        Ms. Selma A. Cain                  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Costa           Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Donato
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Blust           Mr. and Mrs. Philip Calabro        Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Cotler          Ms. Anne Doppelt
Ms. Carol J. Boals                    Mr. and Mrs. George Call           Ms. Bernice Cox                        Ms. Julia Dougherty
Mr. and Mrs. Egbert W. Board          Ms. Judy Cameron                   Mr. and Mrs. George Coyle              Mr. and Mrs. James B. Dove
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Bobiak       Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Campbell    Ms. Joan P. Craig                      Ms. Nancy Doverspike
Ms. Anna Bobiak                       Ms. Thelma Campbell                Ms. Bessie R. Crenshaw                 Mr. James Dowdi
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bockius, Jr.     Ms. Ida Campbell                   The Crichigno Family                   The Dowling Family
Ms. Edith Bohrer                      Mr. and Mrs. Ernesto A. Canales    Ms. Adrienne R. Crosby
                                                                                                                          (Continued on Page 9)

MEETING THE CHALLENGE OF GLAUCOMA THROUGH EDUCATION AND RESEARCH                                                      APRIL 2007

Donor List (Continued from Page 8)
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Draper         Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Firth            Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Gordon         Ms. Esther E. Hetrick
Mr. Michael F. Drialo               Ms. Norma Fitting                    Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Gorenstein     Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Hibshman
Ms. Bernice Driban                  Dr. and Mrs. William Flanagan        Dr. and Mrs. Richard Gould          Ms. Hattie Hill
Ms. Mary T. Driscoll                Mr. Donald J. Flanigan               Mr. Edward J. Gracely               Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Drissel     Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fleagle         Ms. Lorraine Grady                  Ms. Virginia Hill
Ms. Gerda M. Drohn                  Ms. Carol Fleming                    Mrs. Sally E. Gran                  Mrs. Doris Hintz
Mr. and Mrs. Tad E. Drummond        Mr. Edward Flood                     Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Grant        The Hirsh Family
Mr. and Mrs. John Drury, Jr.        Mr. and Mrs. George S. Foerster      Mr. Maurice C. Grapine              Ms. May Hoeland
Mr. and Mrs. Paul P. Dubin          Mr. and Mrs. George Foley            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Grassi       Mr. Guy N. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ducato          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Forrestall      Mr. Richard Graupner                Ms. Sylvia Hoffman
Mr. Joseph Dudley                   Mr. Carl A. Fosko                    Mr. Harry E. Gray                   Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Holland
Ms. Mary W. Duff                    Mr. James P. Foster                  Mrs. Providence Greco               Ms. Florence Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Duffy        Mr. and Mrs. Yaroslav J. Fostyk      The Green Family                    Ms. Catherine B. Hollenbaugh
Mrs. Mildred J. Dunbar              The Frame Family                     Greenfield's PTO                    Mr. James A. Hollywood
Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Dunn             Ms. Norma Frank                      Mr. and Mrs. Morton Greenberg       Ms. Judi Holmes
Ms. Mary S. Dunphy                  Ms. Wendy Fredericks                 Dr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Greene       Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Holtzworth, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Dupont          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Freeman         Ms. Eleanor Greenfield              Ms. Jeanne Hopkins
Ms. Eleanor Durkin                  Mr. and Mrs. Martin Friedland        Mr. William Greenhouse, Jr.         Mr. and Mrs. John J. Horgan
Ms. Janet Dutkowski                 Mr. Amit S. Friedlander              Mr. Richard Greenwood               Mrs. Richard Horn
Ms. Amelia M. Dykie                 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Friedman         Mrs. Florence S. Griffin            Dr. and Mrs. Harold Housman
Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Easton        Mr. Paul W. Fromm                    Ms. Martha Griffith                 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hovanec
Mr. Al Eberhardt                    Mr. and Mrs. Franz Fruehwald         Ms. Svetlana Gritsyuk               Ms. Janet Howden
Ms. Kelly A. Edinger                Ms. Augusta Fuma                     Ms. Goldie P. Gross                 Ms. Rosa M. Howe
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Edmunds          Ms. Marie R. Furlong                 Dr. and Mrs. Earl Gross             The Huff Family
Mrs. Anne Egan                      Mr. John Fusco                       Ms. Molly Grossinger                Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Hughes
Ms. Frances H. Ellam                Mr. and Mrs. Ramon A. Gadea          Mr. and Mrs. Karl H. Gruettemann    Ms. Jacquelyn Hull
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Elliott          Mr. and Mrs. Dhirajlal G. Gajjar     Rev. and Mrs. A. G. Guba            Ms. Emma E. Hummel
Ms. Christina M. Ellis              Mr. and Mrs. James Gallagher         Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Gubitose      Mr. and Mrs. William G. Humphreys
Ms. Virginia H. Engels              Ms. Anna M. Gallagher                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Gudusky      Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hunt
Ms. Virginia B. Eppinger            Ms. Catherine M. Gallagher           Ms. Pearl E. Gugerty                Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Ervin          Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gallo             Ms. Claire S. Gulamerian            Mr. and Mrs. Keith G. Huntley
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Eskuchen      Mrs. Theresa Gambert                 Ms. Hattie Gunter                   Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Hurst
Ms. Helen M. Essaf                  Ms. Margaret R. Gannon               Ms. Marie Guthrie                   Mr. and Mrs. F.P. Huston
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Evangelisti    Ms. Graziamaria Garcia               Mr. and Mrs. Francis Gutierrez      Ms. Catherine M. Hutelmyer
Ms. Susan N. Ewing-Burgi            Mr. and Mrs. David G. Garnett        Ms. Sara M. Gwynn                   Ms. Louise M. Hutt
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Exner         Ms. Florence Gassin                  Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. Haas        Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Eyeington      Ms. Virginia Gavigan                 Ms. Camille Haberle                   Christopher W. Ianacone, Sr.
Ms. Dianah Fairshter                Ms. Jeanette R. Geiger               Mr. and Mrs. Kenwood E. Hagamin     Mr. and Mrs. John Iannello
Mr. and Mrs. Natale Falanga         Mr. Edward Geller                    Mr. Siegfried Hagemeyer             Ms. Shelley Ibex
Ms. Audrey M. Falls                 Mr. William Gemmell                  Mrs. Helen Hagopian                 Mr. John J. Intille
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Fanelli     Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Gensel      Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hallowell     Mr. William Jackson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Farman        Ms. Eileen George                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Haradem           Ms. Helen M. Jacobs
Ms. Pia Farnesi                     Ms. Clare Gerrard                    Mr. and Mrs. William M. Harbaugh    Ms. Linda M. Jakubowski
Ms. Berneda Faugl                   Ms. Mildred Gessner                  Ms. Peggy M. Harris                 Ms. Marie Jameson
Mr. Stewart B. Fause                Mr. Sebastian Giansiracusa           Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Harris       The Janssen Family
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Fazekas        Ms. Anna Giffear                     Mr. and Mrs. Russell Harris         Mr. William Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Fuhr          Ms. Virginia Gilbert                 Ms. Barbara J. Haskins              Ms. Bertha Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Felderstein     Mr. and Mrs. Clifford R. Gillam      Ms. Margaret Hatala                 Ms. Evelyn Johnson
Ms. Marlene Fels                    Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Gimpel        Ms. Veronica L. Hawkins             Ms. Elva B. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Felts       Mr. and Mrs. Richard Glicksman       Ms. Elizabeth J. Hayes              Ms. Mildred Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Fentress    Mr. Calvin L. Glover                 Mr. and Mrs. William H. Haysel      Ms. Elaine L. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Fenzel         Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Gmoch, Sr.   Ms. Gunhild Hazler                  Mr. and Mrs. Franklin E. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Ferrara     Mr. and Mrs. Henry Goehl, Jr.        Mrs. Jean M. Heath                  Mr. Matthew Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Fewer        Ms. Barbara Goldberg                 Ms. Agnes C. Heather                Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Jordan
Mr. Clayton R. Fidler               Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Goldberg         Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Hechmer, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Kader, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. William Field          Mr. and Mrs. I. Bennett Goldberg     Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hedin        Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kaepplein
Ms. Lillie Fields                   Mr. and Mrs. Marc Goldberg           Mr. and Mrs. Dan Herreran           Mr. Ferdinand A. Kais
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfredo Figueroa      Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Goldman       Mr. and Mrs. Leo H. Heiden          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Filipowicz   Mr. and Mrs. Herman Goldner          Mr. and Mrs. Paul Heim, Sr.         Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kaplan
Ms. Mary Ann Fingerut               Ms. Anna Gomelskaya                  Ms. Betty Heiman                    Ms. Doris Kaplan
Mr. Thomas H. Fink                  The Gomez Family                     Ms. Margaret T. Hembling            Mr. Andrew Kapustiak
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Finkelstein     Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Good            Mr. Alexander Herenchak             Ms. Leah C. Karet
Mr. Walter L. Finney                Mr. and Mrs. William R. Goodman      Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Hersch          Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Kasinetz
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Fire         Ms. Phyllis Goodman                  Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Hervey
                                                                                                                       (Continued on Page 10)

              SEARCHLIGHT ON GLAUCOMA                                                                                                  APRIL 2007

Donor List (Continued from Page 9)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Kasman      Mr. and Mrs. Raymond LeStrange        Ms. Grace C. McCollum                Ms. Doris Omvig
Ms. Dora A. Kastrinos               Mrs. Mary T. Leupold                  Ms. Gayle L. McCormack               Ms. Antoinette M. Orsi
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Katz        Mr. Paul Levi                         Ms. Betty J. McCorry                 Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Osherow
Mr. Frank Katz                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Levinson          Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. McCoy         Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Oskow
Mr. Stanley Katz                    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew E. Levitt        Mr. and Mrs. James C. McDaniel       Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Osterberg
Ms. Dorothy Kauffman                Ms. Elsa P. Levitt                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McElhaney    Ms. Josephine A. Pagano
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kaufman         Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lewandowski      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McEnaney, Jr.    Mr. and Mrs. Dhruba J. Pal
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kearney         Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Lewis           Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. McFadden       Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Palombi
Mr. Daniel Keating                  Ms. Phyllis B. Liachowitz             Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. McGarrity     Mr. and Mrs. Scott Palumbo
Mr. and Mrs. John Keizer            Mr. Morton Lichter                    Mr. and Mrs. William McGillan        Mr. and Mrs. Marco Pandeloglou
Mrs. Grace M. Keller                Mr. Arvids Lielkajs                   Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. McHale        Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parisi
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kelly          Mr. and Mrs. Hsien Y. Lin             Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. McKenna       Ms. Karen Parks
Mr. Arthur Kelly                    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Lineman         Mrs. Madeline McNee                  Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Parmet
Mr. James W. Kennedy                The Link Family                       Ms. Regina McNulty                   Ms. Gloria Pasline
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kennedy         Ms. Barbara K. Linn                   Mr. and Mrs. Edward McPherson        Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Patterson, Jr.
Ms. Michal J. Kerestes              Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lipkin           Mr. John M. McQuillen                Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Patterson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Kernen       S.H. and G.D. Littlefield             Mr. and Mrs. William H. McWilliams   Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Patton
Ms. Estelle Kerner                  Mr. Stephen Lloyd                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Melone       The Patton Family
Mr. William Kerr                    Sr. Anne Logan                        Dr. Lilia Mena and                   The Paul Family
Prof. and Mrs. Sidney H. Kessler    Mr. and Mrs. Elmer B. Long               Mr. Calixto A. Mena               Dr. and Mrs. J. Louis Pecora
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kessler         Ms. Elizabeth B. Lorenzo              Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Meyer        Mr. James R. Peters
Mr. Arthur V. Ketterer              Ms. Virginia W. Lovell                Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Michalak      Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Peterson, Jr.
Ms. Dorothy Kilburn                 Mr. Felix B. Lovell                   Ms. Kathryn M. Mickley               Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Pettinos
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kilcullen       Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lovitz           Ms. Jennie V. Miller                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phillips
Mr. Thurman Kilgore                 Mr. and Mrs. Jospeh F. Luisi          Ms. Jean Miller                      Mr. Montgomery E. Phillips
Sanggee Kim                         Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lupinacci          Mr. Daniel J. Miller                 Ms. Phyllis E. Pierson
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kimmelman      Mr. and Mrs. Dung M. Ly               Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Milligan          Ms. Margaret Pinckney
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert King           Ms. Novella Lyons                     Mr. and Mrs. Rattan Mirchandani      Ms. Elsie Pinkett
Ms. Gloria Kishi                    Ms. Margaret M. Lyons                 Dr. and Mrs. Walter E. Mokychic      Mr. John A. Pisano
Mr. Stanley Kitchner                Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. MacAlush      Mr. Alfred Molin                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pistell
Ms. Celia Klein                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mackin        Ms. Grace Montella                   Mr. and Mrs. Edward Polewchak
Mr. Allan Klesius                   Mr. Edward Magliocco                  Mr. and Mrs. James P. Moore          Mr. and Mrs. Wesley F. Pollard
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth V. Knuth       Ms. Janet Magnuson                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Moore         Mr. and Mrs. James Poole
Ms. Helen Kochevar                  Mr. John C. Maguire                   Mr. and Mrs. James Moran             Ms. Sylvia Poprocki
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Koffler          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maher             Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Morasso, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Poritsky
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kohl           Mr. and Mrs. W. Stephen Mahle         Ms. Dorothy E. Moreland              Ms. Pauline S. Porreca
Ms. Jeanette Kohler                 Ms. Katherine Maikner                 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Morgan, Jr.     Portage County JFS Employees
Mr. Bernard F. Kolacz               Ms. Antonette J. Maio                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holmes          Ms. Joan Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kolasa          Mr. and Mrs. John F. Maley            Ms. Gertrude Moskowitz               Ms. Marie S. Powell
Ms. Viola R. Kolodi                 Mr. Livio Mancino                     Mr. and Mrs. Donald Motter           Ms. Marguerite Powers
The Kostar Family                   Ms. Klara Mandel                      Ms. Elizabeth C. Mouser              Ms. Harriet L. Prager
Mr. Angelo Kourtalis                Ms. Linda Manglass                    Ms. Barbara Munday                   Mr. and Mrs. William G. Prater
Ms. Marcella L. Krager              Ms. Beatrice Maniloff                 Ms. Patricia A. Murphy               Ms. Joan Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. James Kristie          Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Marcellino      Mr. and Mrs. Maurice M. Myers        Ms. Humie Pringle
Ms. Ann Ku                          Mr. J. R. Marchei                     Dr. and Mrs. J. Martin Myers, Jr.    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pruno
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kulinski     Mr. Reg Marek                         Mr. and Mrs. George Nagel            Ms. Barbara Psichos
Ms. Annie Kunay                     Mr. Stephen J. Marenchick             Dr. and Mrs. R.J. Nagle              Ms. Joyce M. Pullan
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Kuzma           Mr. Jose Maria                        Drs. Silvia Orengo and Jay Nania     Mrs. Grace Quick
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kuzmanich       Mrs. Suzanne Marinell                 Ms. Nancy Natalini                   Ms. Joy K. Radin
Ms. Barbara La Nave                 Mr. and Mrs. John Marshak             Mrs. Shirley Nerenberg               Mr. Michael Rainiero
Mr. and Mrs. Sal J. Labricciosa     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Marshall III   Mr. and Mrs. Mario R. Neri           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rake
Mr. and Mrs. Albert LaBricciosa     Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Martin           Ms. Dorothy A. Netherwood            Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rand
Mr. Michael Lacovara                Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Martindale       Ms. Caitlin Nettleton                Dr. and Mrs. Peter Randall
Ms. Rebecca Ladenheim               Ms. Carmen J. Martinez                The Nicolucci Family                 Ms. Gilda Rao
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Lake, Sr.   Mr. and Mrs. Miklos Marton            Mr. and Mrs. William Ninke           RBC Dain Rauscher Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Lakenbach         Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Martucci         Mr. and Mrs. Herman D. Noether       Mr. and Mrs. William S. Rea
Ms. Philomena Lamb                  Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Marzullo     Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Noonan         Mr. John P. Reddington
Mr. Mark Langnas                    Mr. and Mrs. Jac Mathews              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Noonan        Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rednor
Ms. Agnes Laputka                   Mr. Philip V. Matraxia                Mr. David J. Noreika                 Mr. and Mrs. Linton N. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lawless        Mr. and Mrs. Herman H. Maurer         Ms. Lillian Noto                     Mr. Harvey Reedy
Mr. and Mrs. Yong Lee               Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. McCafferty     Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Nussdorfer       Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Reeves
Ms. Valerie J. Lennox               Ms. Marilyn McCain                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Oerkvitz     Ms. Dorothy M. Reiff
The Leonard Family                  Mr. Arthur C. McCann                  Mr. Ben Ohama                        Ms. Georgia Reutzel
Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Leopold      Mr. and Mrs. Fredric McClellan        Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Old
                                                                                                                         (Continued on Page 11)

MEETING THE CHALLENGE OF GLAUCOMA THROUGH EDUCATION AND RESEARCH                                                     APRIL 2007

Donor List (Continued from Page 10)
Ms. Marianne P. Revello               Mr. and Mrs. Hyman B. Shamus       Mr. William R. Thomas              Ms. Agnes E. Weber
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Reyburn            Mr. and Mrs. David W. Shaw         Sr. M. Thomasine                   Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Weinberg
Ms. Prudencia Reyes                   Ms. Ruth A. Sheets                 Mr. and Mrs. Willie D. Thompson    Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Weiner
Ms. Ruth C. Rhine                     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Sheldon     Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Thornton       Ms. Florence T. Weir
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin E. Rhinebeck      Mr. and Mrs. Loina Shepard         Ms. Margot Tigreros                Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Weiss
Mr. Barry S. Rich                     Ms. A. Y. Sherman                  Ms. Lillian E. Tilley              Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weisse
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Richardson    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Shifren        Mr. and Mrs. Teddy H. Tom          Mr. Paul Werstler
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Riker          Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shirley         Mr. Leo Tomkowicz                  Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wexler
Mr. and Mrs. Saul Robbins             Mr. and Mrs. Loeb E. Shusterman    Ms. Pearl Trachtman                Mr. and Mrs. John F. Whalen
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Robinson      Mr. and Mrs. John V. Signorelli    Ms. Ruth D. Trichon                Ms. Karen A. White
Ms. Gerda Robinson                    Ms. Bernice Sikora                 Mr. and Mrs. Sam Tridente          Mr. Marvin White
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