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Welcome to the Tambearly School family. This letter will serve as a guide for you and your
family. Please feel free to clarify points if you should have any further questions or concerns.

Front Desk - (242) 327-5965 -

Fee Schedule: For the 2010 – 2011 School Year

Non – Refundable Fees:

Testing Fee $ 50.00             - Registration Fee $100.00              -
        Placement Fee $ 500.00

Fees Due:

Fall Term - June 15th, Winter Term - December 15th, Spring Term - March 15th

Term Fees:

Montessori CASA and Pre K – ½ Day (3yrs only) -$ 1600 per term

Montessori CASA & Pre K 3-4 yr olds– Full Day -$ 2375                   perterm

Montessori CASA Kg. 5 year olds and Traditional Kg - Full day - $3240 per term

Kg (full day) to Grade 5 - $3240 , Grades 6 – 9: $ 3440,        ESL     Students:      $    300
additional per term

Failure to pay school fees by the due date may result in your child‟s place being re-
assigned to the next student on our waiting list. If payment is made by cheque in US
dollars, prior approval must be obtained from the office and an additional fee of 1% must
be added to the invoice value. Late payment for all fees will incur 1.5% charge.

WEEKLY UPDATES: These are issued by email newsletter on Tuesdays. Please remember to
check your email.


PreK to Grade 1 girls: yellow gingham smocks. If you want to make your own be sure to
keep the original design.

Sweater Navy

Boys Pre-K to Grade 1: will wear khaki shorts and a yellow polo shirt and navy blue sweaters

Girls Grades 2-5: Two-Tab Pleated Scooter Khaki
White blouse with Peter Pan collar short sleeve and long sleeve

Knee high white socks

Sweater Navy

Winter: Tie Navy

Girls Grades 6-9: Poly Inverted Pleat Skirt Khaki

White Blouse with Peter Pan collar short sleeve and long sleeve

Knee high white socks

Sweater Navy

Winter: Tie Navy

Boys Grades 2-9: Pants Long Khaki Pants Short Khaki

Shoes black and black socks for boys

Shirts white – Oxford short sleeve and long sleeve, button down collars must be buttoned.

Black socks

Sweater Navy

Winter: Tie Navy

We have made arrangements with Amayze Uniform Fashion Center on Prince Charles
Dr (364-9429), 4 Plaza del Sol, open daily from 9:00am to 7:30pm, to make yellow
gingham smocks for us in future. The French Toast uniform is also available at Amayze
Uniform Center.

WINTER UNIFORM: All students wear black leather shoes (not black tennis shoes or
Reeboks). Black or white plastic shoes are permitted during inclement weather. During the
Winter Term, navy blue cardigans/sweaters may be worn by all grades. Navy blue or white tights
are acceptable. When the temperature drops below 68 degrees F, the children are permitted to
wear plain grey jumpsuits / sweat suits (no logos or pictures please). Grey sweat suits are to be
worn with a house shirt or a white blouse. Tennis or school shoes can be worn. Please do not
mix the jumpsuits with uniforms.

SUN HATS: All students must wear a sun hat during play time and sports. If a student attends
school without a sun hat they will be excluded from outdoor activities.
DRINKING CUPS: All students must bring a cup (with a handle) for drinking. We provide
bottled water and students are encouraged to drink plenty of water throughout the day. We do not
provide cups to students.

SPORTS CLOTHES: Sports clothes consist of black shorts, white socks, and white tennis
shoes. Montessori CASA, Kindergarten and Grade 1 students should have tennis shoes with
Velcro fasteners. On joining Tambearly your child will be issued with a House shirt at a cost of
$10.00 each. Subsequent shirts may be purchased from the school office. Sports bags should be
used to carry sports wear to school (not plastic bags) Children are not permitted to call home
for sportswear. Please ensure children bring these items on the correct days.

SWIM UNIFORM: Boys are to wear Black/Navy Blue swimsuits. Girls are to wear one piece
black/navy swimming suits and bathing caps.



Montessori CASA (half day) Monday – Friday:              8.25am – 12.00pm

Montessori CASA (full day)               Monday – Thursday: 8.25am – 2.45pm

Kindergarten and Grade 1                 ,Monday – Thursday :             8.25am – 3:00pm

Grade 2 through Grade 9                  ,Friday         :        8.25am – 3.00pm

Montessori CASA Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Grade 1, Friday
      ;8.25am – 12.00pm

Grade 2 through Grade 9                  ,Friday         :        8.25am – 3.00pm

MUFTI DAY: The first Fridays of some months are called Mufti Day. Students are allowed to
wear their own clothes and pay $ 1 for regular clothes and $ 3 for jeans/denim wear. Students are
dismissed as follows: Pre - K & Montessori - 12 noon; Kind. & Grade 1 - 12 noon, and Grades 2
to 9 - 12:30 pm.

LATE – PICK UP FEE: If you are unable to collect your child at their dismissal time, please
contact the school office immediately to advise of your delay and an expected arrival time at the
school. The class teacher and late duty teacher will be notified. If you are late for pick up there
will a $10.00 charge for every half hour you are late. Students will be sent to homework club until
you arrive. The fee is not prorated but $10 per half hour, payable to the teacher.

DISMISSAL If you will not be collecting your child and have arranged for another person to
collect them, you must notify the class teacher in the morning of this. If you have to make a
change to collection later in the day, you must notify the school office before dismissal time.

All children in Kindergarten and Grade 1 should have a box of “fat” crayons available for
use at home as well as a glue stick and scissors. We provide crayons and scissors for
school. Students in Grade 2 and above should have a set of pencil crayons, a 6 inch ruler,
12 inch and a centimeter ruler, and 3 sharp pencils daily. They should also have these
supplies at home so they do not have to carry them back and forth daily. A compass and
protractor are required for Grades 3 – 9.

Students in Grade 5 – 9 will require a fountain pen. As markers are seldom used except
for posters they are not required. Students are NOT allowed to use ballpoint / roller ball
pens until they have accomplished the control of the fountain pen. All students should
have a dictionary for school use.

All students are required to have a small pair of “Fiskar” scissors. Kindergarten – grade 2
must have the blunt – end (rounded) type. Grades 3-9 may have the pointed scissors.

DAILY INSPECTION: We have a daily inspection to ensure that the children develop the
discipline of being prepared ; Three sharp pencils , homework diary signed, a 6 inch ruler ,12
inch and centimeter ruler, polished shoes, clean fingernails and a handkerchief or tissue along
with the correct uniform are required. Students from grade five and up also need a fountain pen.
When a class meets this criteria they are rewarded with five minutes extra play.


Please note: In an effort to eliminate the need for our students to carry heavy textbooks to
and from school we are making every effort to monitor the books so that the child brings
home a maximum of three heavy books per night. Small tote suitcase (pull type with
handle and wheels) are not allowed as the books break away from the spine and cannot be
used. If you have a medical reason to use these cases a charge will be made for all books
that are damaged through the use of these. The average book cost is in excess of $100 to
bring the books onto the island.


All students visit the library weekly. Please encourage the children to share the library
book with you. This will encourage them to read more and develop a love for books.


Montessori CASA, Kindergarten and Grade 1 will be sharing things with you from
school. The teachers will liaise with you when the children are ready for homework.
Grade 1 will start with one night weekly and work up to 4 nights by the end of the year.
This will help them accept the responsibility of homework. Grades 2 – 3 have 30 minutes
of daily homework; Grade 4 – 6 have 45 minutes of daily homework. Grades 7 – 9 have
60 – 100 minutes of daily homework. The first task of the homework assignment is
correcting errors made in the class day’s work and the previous evening’s
homework. Homework serves as reinforcement of knowledge presented to the students
and, if he/she cannot accomplish the task set, he/she should let his/her teacher know the
next day. Each student is provided with a homework diary TO BE SIGNED each
evening by a parent, as well as all work the student has completed. Failure to do this can
only result in poor communication between teacher and parents. Teachers and homework
classes are available after school for students who are not completing homework
properly, at a minimal charge.

ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT: No cell phones, pagers, walkman/electronic games or iPods
are allowed at school. If a student is found with these items, the items will be removed from them
and will not be returned until the end of the school year.


Children will require a healthy snack and a drink for mid-morning recess and lunch (no
sodas, they might explode and contain no nourishment). Children do not share food. In
the interest of hygiene, leftovers will be returned in your child‟s lunch box. These rules
will enable you to monitor your child‟s daily eating habits. If you wish to give your child
a hot lunch, please ensure it is in an insulated thermos as there are no heating facilities
provided. Please ensure that your child„s name is clearly marked on the outside of his/her
lunchbox and drinking cup. Many studies prove that children who have a proper breakfast
perform much better than those who do not ! please pack their food in a sealable
container and lunch box.


If you are aware, in advance that your child will not be attending school, please advise
the class teacher AND the school office. You must contact the school by 9am on the first
day of any absence to advise why your child will not be in school. In the best interest of
the other students and teachers, please do not send your child to school if he/she has a
fever, an infectious illness or a heavy cold. In an emergency, if you or your family doctor
is unavailable we will use the Walk- In–Clinic at Sandyport. If your child is absent, we
require a phone call by 9:30am on the first morning of their absence and the reason for
this. Please DO NOT send medicine to school without specific written instructions. We
are unable to administer any medication without this information. Medication must not be
self administered by the student. All medication with instructions must be handed to your
child‟s class teacher. If you child is asthmatic and uses an inhaler, a spare one should be
labeled with the child‟s name and given to the school office in case of emergency.


If you need to call the school the teachers are available between 8.00am and 8.15am and
3.30pm – 4:00pm. Otherwise you may leave a message and the teacher will return your
call when she/he is free.

In order to avoid hurt feelings, our policy at Tambearly is that invitations are not handed
out at school unless there is one for every student in the class. As children get older they
separate and prefer to have all girl or all boy parties and that is perfectly acceptable. If
your child does not want to invite the whole class please do not distribute the invitations
at school and arrange pick–up of the students away from school premises.


In the event of a storm or any public threat, a radio announcement will be made on two
separate radio stations:

Love 97 and Island FM 102.9.

These simple rules help to keep your children safe and motivated to do their best. Thank
you for your co-operation, and we look forward to an excellent and happy year at
Tambearly School.

Yours Sincerely,

Alice Langford