Police Officer Recruitment Process Mapping by mudoc123


									Who                    Process                                        What it entails                                  Time
                                                                      Completing a form and sending it to HR and
PD                     Request for Personnel Recruitment              City Manager's Office for approval to recruit.
                                                                                                                 HR compiles and drafts; PD reviews ad and
                                                                      HR posts the advertisement in publications HR sends to every Law agency in AZ,
HR & PD                Advertise for PO exam and recruitment          suggested by PD and also in the newspaper  website, local newspaper
                                                                                                                 * POST no longer wants the AZ POST
                                                                      City application;                          application if it is older than 6 mos. AJ is
                       Candidates respond the advertisement by        POST application: mandated by AZPOST and providing a brief one page questionnaire to
Applicant              submitting application package                 completed polygraph, personal history etc. be provided with application. Candidate will

HR: J. Trevino         Written test                                   Candidates scheduled for written exam            Scheduled for Saturday, June 25, 2005

                                                                      Will occur either before or after the written
PD: R. Paul            Agility Test                                   exam; anticipate location will be H.S.           Scheduled for Saturday, June 25, 2005

PD: Sgt. and 2 PO;
J. Trevino monitors    Oral Panel                                     Location:                                        Scheduled for Sunday, June 26, 2005

The candidates are narrowed down and initially screened out by the PD; this list goes to HR who will use it to initiate contact with the candidates;, informing
them of their status in the process (continuing or ending)

                                                                      PD advises HR of viable candidates;
                                                                      candidates they would like to advance in the
                                                                      recruitment process; HR contacts all
                                                                      candidates to give them their status and make
PD & HR                Contingent Job Offer                           a conditional job offer

                                                                      Currently using one (1) agent: Mike Stinson
                                                                      from Employee Verification Services. POST
HR                     Background Investigation                       recommended Stinson. ($ )                        Turn around time about 45 days

PD                     Fingerprint                                    Done by AJ PD
                                                                      HR contacts candidate and agency.
                                                                      Candidate schedules his/her appointment with
HR                     Polygraph                                      Lorentino Forensic Polygraph ($100.00)
HR                     Psychological: MMPI 1 & 2                      East Valley Psychological ($125.00)
                                                                                                                    This is scheduled after results from
                                                                      Valley Health Works - Dr.Well (POST Trained) Background, Psych, Polygraph, fingerprint,
HR                     Medical: includes urinalysis                   ($    )                                       etc.
                                                                      PD reviews results of Background, Polygraph,
                                                                      Psych. and Medical and finalizes the offer by
PD                     Determines who will be hired                   meeting with the candidates

                       PD Notifies HR of hires through submission
PD                     of PAF
                                                  May begin at PD prior to attending the
PD                    Start Date                  Academy. Begin as a recruit.

                                                  This is a POST requirement and is part of the
                                                  certification process. The Academy is
PD                    Academy                     approximately 17 weeks.

PD                    Officer in Training

**HR collects, monitors, contacts and schedules

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