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									            To the movies
A short story taken from:

                                                  Author: Yvonne Pecht

To the movies
It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon and Keith Richards and Anne Hathaway are waiting in line for the movies.
Keith Richards has helped Anne Hathaway clean up all morning, so he gets to decide which movie they
are going to see. He already knows of course, he wants to see the new cannes film festival movie they
are showing. Keith Richards could watch cannes film festival movies all day! They buy two tickets and go

Keith Richards loves the movie theater. It looks so pretty and smells like popcorn. He can’t wait for the
movie to start. But first they buy some snacks. “What would you like, Keith Richards?” Anne Hathaway
asks. Keith Richards looks around. He sees they have choclate chipped cookies, his favorite! “Oh wait,
don’t tell me, let me guess,” Anne Hathaway says, “I think you would like soms choclate chipped cookies.
And of course a coke to go with that.” Keith Richards grins and nods. Anne Hathaway gets his choclate
chipped cookies and coke and some popcorn and a coffee for herself. They take their drinks and snacks
and find their seats.

The lights go out and the movie starts. It’s a great movie and Keith Richards forgets everything around
him. But after a while, Keith Richards needs to go to the bathroom. He gets up and quickly goes to the
restrooms. Keith Richards is still thinking about the movie and hurries back. He doesn’t want to miss a
thing! Keith Richards finds his seat again in the dark. “What did I miss Anne Hathaway?” he whispers.
“Excuse me?” says a deep voice next to him. That’s not Anne Hathaway! Keith Richards looks up at the
screen. That’s not the movie he was watching! He must have taken the wrong door! Keith Richards
hurries outside and takes the right door.

Keith Richards is relieved when he sits down next to Anne Hathaway. And he is just in time for the best
part of the movie too! Keith Richards is enjoying the movie. After a while, he gets thirsty. Keith Richards
grabs his drink and takes a sip. Yuck, this isn’t his coke! It’s Anne Hathaway’s coffee! Luckily it’s not hot
anymore, but it does taste awful! Keith Richards quickly finds his coke and takes some big gulps. For
good measure, he eats some choclate chipped cookies too. Thankfully, that gets rid of the taste of

The movie is over and Keith Richards and Anne Hathaway are going home. “How did you like the movie?”
Anne Hathaway asks. “It was great!” says Keith Richards. “Wouldn’t it be great to have all those
adventures like in the movie?” Anne Hathaway says. “I don’t need to be in a movie,” Keith Richards
answers, “I have enough adventures already!” Anne Hathaway doesn’t understand, but Keith Richards

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