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									                              Croughton All Saints CE Primary School
                                             Playground Policy

                                     To believe, to achieve, to succeed

                   Signed:                          Chair of Governors: Paul Shenton

                    Date Governors Approved: June 2009

                    Date of Review:                   June 2012

Our Mission Statement is:

‘To enjoy school, achieve our best and lay the foundations for life long independent

We do this by:

   Having high expectations of academic achievement and behaviour by continually challenging monitoring and
    raising standards in order to evaluate the needs of individual pupils

   By continually enhancing our unique site so that we provide a healthy and safe environment which is happy,
    purposeful, encouraging yet stimulating and creatively structured

   Nurturing every one’s emotional and spiritual development through Christian values and the positive caring ethos
    of the school

   Ensuring we develop self respect and an appreciation of the needs and views of others

   Providing a broad and balanced imaginative curriculum that promotes individual learning styles and develops
    reflective learners, independent and collaborative thinkers and decision makers

   Seeing all children as individuals, valuing their different strengths and achievements and equipping them to be
    successful in the modern world

   Developing and maintaining strong links and a shared vision with our families and local church and community

   Nurturing a positive relationship between home and school that ensures a strong learning partnership along side
    mutual respect

   Ensuring fairness and equality of opportunity for all in our inclusive learning environment so that all children have a
    positive experience of school life and their individual needs are met

At Croughton All Saints CE Primary School we believe that it is important for pupils learn to play
and socialise together appropriately and respectfully to achieve excellence and enjoyment for all.
We feel that it is vital that all pupils feel safe and comfortable in their play and are able to have fun
together. We believe that our high standards of behaviour are echoed in the playground and that
friendship skills are developed to last them a life time.


   To provide pupils with a safe, active and secure environment
   To enable pupils to enjoy a rewarding and constructive play
   To promote positive social interaction
   To ensure a consistent approach to playground supervision by all staff


   Provision of active, vigilant playground supervision
   Clearly defined playground rights and responsibilities that are consistently applied by staff and
    are understood by pupils
   Provision of a wide range of equipment for all pupils

Playground Supervisors Role

 To be mobile, but positioned to anticipate dangerous situations and break up potential problems
    before they occur
   To not leave pupils unsupervised. If additional assistance is needed, a member of management
    should be sent for, depending on the seriousness of the situation
   To look into all reports of injuries or pupils in distress. In the event of a minor accident or illness,
    the pupils should be sent with the helper to the first aide officer for assistance
   To assist and remind pupils in keeping our playground area tidy and free of rubbish
   To check toilets and out of bounds areas regularly to prevents problems occurring
   To remind pupils that the following forms of “play” are considered to be dangerous and are not
    permitted in the playground;
       o Any form of body contact sports or games, ie wrestling

Wet Weather

   At break and lunch on wet days, pupils will be supervised in their classrooms by playground

Wet playtime rules are made in the consultation with the class, class teacher and playground
supervisors assigned to that class and follow the playtime rights and responsibilities


Our school behaviour policy applies in the playground to provide consistency across the school

Playground Buddies

   Make the playground a fun place to be
   Set a good example and act as a role model for younger pupils
   Play games with as many different pupils as possible
   Speak to playground supervisors of there are any problems

Minor Injuries

   Send pupils to wash injury. Each Supervisor has a first aid bum bag to administer first aid if
    injury very minor
   If the pupil is in need of more attention send to one of the school First Aiders with one friend
   An accident report should always be completed if first aid has been administered

Serious Injury

   Playground supervisor remain with injured pupil
   A runner sent to the office for immediate assistance
   Accident Report required

Rules for the end of lunchtime

The lunchtime supervisor blows the whistle on the bottom playground and the children on the
playground tidy the equipment away. The children on the top playground carry on playing. When
all the equipment is put away children carry on playing until the next whistle is blown. All classes
then line up on the bottom playground.


   I can take responsibilities for my actions.
        I will always be honest and explain situations truthfully

   I can manage my own feelings and value the feeling of others.
        I will be kind and helpful and treat others how I would like to be treated

   I can co-operate with others when facing challenges.
        I will be gentle and will show understanding of others
        I will listen and then calmly make my point of view

   I show respect for everyone and for all equipment
        I play well with others and learn to follow as well as lead

   I will look after equipment and always use it appropriately and respectfully


   Our playground is a safe, attractive and stimulating place to be
   Staff and pupils are aware of playground rules
   Staff are consistent with their implementation of playground rules
   There is a high standard of behaviour in our playground and across the school

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