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                         ABR Charter Schools Report Student Gains
 COMING UP               ADVANCE Baton Rouge Charter Schools               for the remainder of the school year. Each
                         Association is using an online system from the    school will then administer the test three
THIS MONTH:              Louisiana Department of Education, Enhanced       additional times prior to the start of high-stakes
                         Assessment of Grade-Level Expectations or         testing in April. During the first round of testing
                         EAGLE, to assess student achievement. Early       the benchmarks were established as such: in
ABR Board     11/16
                         reports from the first nine weeks are showing a   ELA students will score 40% of their questions
Meeting at
                         average improvement in student scores of over     correctly by October testing, and will score 25%
Prescott                 10%. The EAGLE system is designed to help         of questions correctly in Math. In December
                         teachers and students identify learning           those benchmark increase from 40% to 60% in
ABR           11/16      strengths and weaknesses, modify instruction,     ELA and from 25% to 50% in Math by
Principal’s              access targeted classroom resources, and          December.       During the weeks of October 19
Meeting                  refine learning strategies based on student       and 26, ABR charter schools administered their
                         assessment and performance.                       second round of testing. Here were the results
                                                                           for 4th and 8th grade students across all
Q2 Progress   11/20      ABR charter schools administered the first        schools in ELA and Math:
Reports Go               round of EAGLE benchmark testing in the first
Home                     three weeks of school to establish a benchmark    4th Grade ELA: 3% increase over first round

                                                                           4th Grade Math: 16% increase over first round
Thanks-       11/23
giving        -                                                            8th Grade ELA: 7.5% increase over first round
Holidays      11/27                                                        8th Grade Math: 17% increase over first round

                                                                           ABR contributes a couple of different factors to
                                                                           the improvement in scores. “Teachers and
                                                                           students are beginning to see the importance of
                                                                           EAGLE data in improving student achievement,
                                                                           thus students are taking the test more seriously
                                                                           this round,” said Keisha Netterville, Director of

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                               In This Issue:
                               •   School Spotlight:            •   ABR schools conduct          •    Glen Oaks host math
5500 Florida Boulevard                                              TAP visits:                       and science night:
                                   Lanier Elementary
                                   Page 2                           Page 4                            Page 5
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

P: (225) 436-3072              •   Prescott students            •   ABR schools focus on         •    Homecoming
                                   research careers:                Urgency, Management
F: (225) 341-6790                  Page 3                           and Engagement:
                                                                                                      Page 6
                                                                    Page 4
                               •   Dalton students visit
                                   Gov.’s Mansion:              •   PCCHS announces
                                   Page 3                           middle school honors
                                                                    academy: Page 5
                           School Spotlight: Lanier Elementary
                                         their classroom instruction. To
                                         date, testing shows that Lanier is              Star Teacher:
                                         making progress in both English
Interim Principal:                       and Math.                                       Ashley Salchli
William “Logan” Crowe
                                                                                         Grade: 3rd
Interim Assistant Principal:
Kathryn Rice                                                                             Ashley     Salchli
                                                                                         always knew she
Hours: 8:30AM-4:00PM                                                                     wanted to be a
                                                                                         teacher. Growing up she had great teachers
Lanier Elementary is on its way to
                                                                                         that caused her to foster a deep love for
becoming an outstanding center
                                          Mrs. Crain leads students in the               learning. These great experiences made her
for academic excellence. Through
                                          Star Spangled Banner.                          want share what she had learned with other
the guidance of its leadership
team, faculty and staff, Lanier is
committed to     raising student         In addition to a strong focus on
                                                                                         “If they can come to enjoy learning at an early
achievement and          providing       academics, Lanier is also
                                                                                         age, I know they will be successful in the
students with the tools they will        committed to providing students
                                                                                         future,” said Salchli.
need to be successful in middle          wi t h e n r i c h m e n t a c t i v it i e s
school and beyond.                       throughout the school day such as                Mrs. Salchli graduated from the University of
                                         art and music. New visitors to the              Kentucky with a degree in education and a
The school’s mantra of ROAR,             school can visit Mrs. Peggy                     specialization in language and writing. Now, in
Respectful, Organized, Achievers,        Crain‘s music class and get “Shoo               her first year of teaching, Mrs. Salchli is
Responsibility, is visible               Bopped” by her students, or drop                responsible for the future of 20 3rd grade
throughout the school, and each          in Ms. Leslie Timmons’ art class                students.
“lion” is expected to follow it daily.   and observe students learning art
Students are rewarded for                from around the globe.                          “I enjoy getting to know them and their person-
respecting school rules and each                                                         alities.   Watching them grow and learn
other by being able to participate       Lanier Elementary is also putting a             definitely makes my day worthwhile!” Mrs.
in “Fun Friday” activities that can      focus on parental involvement this              Salchli teaches her students reading, math,
include ice cream, games, and            school year. The school has                     social studies and science.
prizes.                                  hosted an open house, family
                                         activity day, and parent nights to
                                         keep families actively involved in
                                         their children’s education.                     Star Student:

                                         If you are interested in finding out            Melnisha King
                                         more about Lanier Elementary, or
                                         their plans for becoming a place of             Grade: 3rd
                                         academic excellence, then please
                                         contact the school by:                          Miss Melnisha King is the
                                                                                         nine-year-old daughter of
                                         Phone: (225) 357-5953                           Paula King. Melnisha is in
                                                                                         Mrs. Ashley Salchi’s 3rd
 A student works on a magazine           Web:                   grade class and enjoys math and reading. She
 collage in art class.                                                                   particularly enjoys participating in centers and
                                                                                         working on spelling, grammar and vocabulary.
                                                                                         On the weekends Melnisha enjoys playing
                                                                                         with her cousins and going to Chuckie Cheese
The school and faculty are very
                                                                                         and the State Fair. She also enjoys reading,
focused on raising student
                                                                                         just finishing the biography of American
performance. Students recently
                                                                                         folklorist and author, Zora Neale Hurston.
finished their second round of
                                                                                         Melnisha is new to Lanier Elementary this
benchmark testing which provides
                                                                                         school year and is enjoying the school’s fun
teachers with individual student
data that will help drive
Dalton Students Visit                                     Prescott Students Explore Future Dreams
Governor’s Mansion                                                                        Each student presented their
                                                                                          papers orally in class and
                              On       Wednesday,
                              October 28th, students                                      even dressed the part of
                              in Mrs. Boudreaux’s first                                   their future profession. Mrs.
                              grade class had an                                          Lamell judged the students
                              experience of a lifetime.                                   on their knowledge of their
                              Her students were                                           presentation, delivery and
                              invited to the Governor’s                                   overall appearance and
                              Mansion to be the           Mrs. Lamell introduces   the    engagement         in their
                              honored guests during a     rubric to students
                              press       conference                                      p r o f e s s i o n .
 Author Cindy Foust reads her hosted by the Rotary        On Wednesday, October 21,
 book to students             Club of Monroe for their    2009, 8th grade students in     Shaqwn Duncan. 15, wants
                              Rotary Literacy Project.    Mrs. Nancy Lamell's ELA         to be com e a nurs e
During the press conference students were read the                                                                         KeVaun McCall, the Future
                                                          class discovered their          practitioner so that she can
children’s book The Quad Squad in Be Smart... Do                                                                           Surgeon
                                                          classmates' futures. As part    open "Duncan's Free Clinic"
Your Part by Cindy Foust.
                                                          of their "I Search" research    and help "people that are
The book is a collaboration of the “Keep Louisiana        paper, students in Mrs.         really sick but don't have any    teacher, but realized that
Beautiful” campaign and the Monroe Rotary Club            Lamell's class researched       money to see a doctor."          she would make a good
that introduces children to the importance of taking      their future careers. On this                                    social worker because
care of the environment. During the press                 day, Mrs. Lamell’s class was                                     she can relate to other
conference the Rotary club debuted the book to the        filled with surgeons, social                                     people’s problems.
public and librarians from across the state of            workers,      professional
Louisiana, who would be brining copies of the book                                                                         Aaron Hall, 15, wants to
                                                          football players, nurses and
back to their parishes branches.                                                                                           be a Cornerback for the
                                                          future      entrepreneurs.
                                                                                                                           Saints because, “the
                                                          Students were required to
In addition to the press conference, Dalton’s                                              A future nurse puts the final   Saints are putting New
                                                          research all aspects of their
                                                                                           touches on her presentation     Orleans back on the map
students had the opportunity to tour the mansion          future careers including
itself. Students explored the Governor’s drawing                                                                           and    showing everyone
                                                          educational requirements,
room, dinning room and parlor, in addition to                                             Reaon Desbunes, 15,              that the Saints are
                                                          salaries, job descriptions
learning interesting facts about the mansion and                                          originally wanted to be a        marching in!"
                                                          and serviced populations.
Louisiana’s many governor’s.

Report of Student Gains continued…..
Continued from Page 1…….

Curriculum and Instruction.
“Secondly, the Grade-Level
Expectations (GLEs) tested in
EAGLE are those GLEs that
students will be introduced to over
the course of the entire school
year. Therefore, since the
beginning of school, teachers have
begun to teach some of these
units of study and the results are
reflected in the improved test
scores. “

The graph to the right compares
Rounds 1 and 2 of EAGLE testing
in each individual school for grades
4th and 8th.
ABR Schools Focus on Urgency, Management,
and Engagement
On Thursday, September 24, ADVANCE Baton Rouge charter schools participated in
professional development (PD) centered on the critical need areas of Urgency, Classroom
Management and Student Engagement. These areas of critical need were determined
through classroom observations and school walk-throughs by Henry Shepard, Chief
Executive Officer and Anna Faye Caminita , Chief Academic Officer in early September.

                                                                   ABR elementary teachers met at
                                                                   Lanier Elementary for PD on
                                                                   Behavior Management led by Joni
                                                                   Marionneaux, ABR School Reform
                                                                                                        Jocelyn Batiste Delivers PD on Urgency at
                                                                   Director. ABR’s middle school PCCHS
                                                                   teachers met at Glen Oaks for PD on
                                                                   student engagement led by Keisha Netterville, ABR Curriculum and
                                                                   Instruction Director and ABR Master Teachers from Glen Oaks and
                                                                   Prescott. The staff at Pointe Coupee Central received PD on urgency,
                                                                   led by Anna Faye Caminita, Chief Academic Officer and Jocelyn
                                                                   Batiste, PCCHS Master Teacher for ELA.

                                                                   As a follow-up to these PD sessions, ABR’s Office of Curriculum and
Glen Oaks’ Math teachers listen in to Keisha Netterville’s PD on   Instruction created a curriculum and professional development
Engagement (below)                                                 newsletter that was distributed.

ABR Schools Conduct TAP Site Visits
ADVANCE Baton Rouge’s charter schools recently completed their
first round of TAP school site visits. Each school sent teams
consisting of their principal, master teachers and mentor teachers.
The schools visited Hazel Park Elementary in River Ridge, Cherokee
Park Elementary in Shreveport, and Martin Behrman Charter
Academy for Creative Arts, Alice Harte Charter School and Edna Karr
School in Algiers.

During each site visit, the school leadership teams toured the campus
and sat in on cluster meetings and leadership team meetings. Cluster
meetings are daily meetings held by master teachers with career
teachers per grade level or subject area. Each cluster meeting is
guided by the TAP system rubric and provides job embedded                              Glen Oaks Middle team observes a TAP coaching session at
professional development to career teachers during the school day.                     Martin Berhman Charter School in Algiers.

Each ABR charter school will conduct a second school site visit during
the spring.

                    “TAP prepares every school and every teacher to teach every child…….”
PCCHS Announces Middle School Honors Academy
                                                                                               Middle school honors students at Pointe
                                                                                               Coupee Central in New Roads, enjoyed a
                                                                                               special breakfast with their parents on
                                                                                               Friday, October 2. Over 45 students and
                                                                                               parents arrived at the school's library at
                                                                                               7:10am where they were greeted by
                                                                                               Principal Kim Germany. Mrs. Germany
                                                                                               thanked parents for coming and asked them
                                                                                               to continue to play an active role in their
                                                                                               child's education. “It is my goal that all
                                                                                               students will pass the 8th grade LEAP this
                                                                                               year, and I need your help to get us there,”
                                                                                               said Kim Germany. Parents and students
                                                                                               then enjoyed a breakfast feast of
                                                                                               eggs, bacon, biscuits, and sausage.

                                                                                               Students in the Middle School Honors
                                                                                               Academy were selected based on two
                                                                                               criteria, grades and behavior. Students must
                                                                                               have a GPA of a 2.8 or above and have no
                                                                                               discipline referrals in order to be inducted
Middle School Honors Academy students and their parents pose for a group photo following the
                                                                                               into the academy.

Glen Oaks Middle Hosts
Math and Science Night
for Students and Parents
Glen Oaks Middle School held its Fall Math and Science
Family Fun Night on Thursday, October 15th. Over 200
students and their families participated in more than 30
hands-on math and science activities and demonstrations,
including the Star lab. The purpose of the event was for the
students to have fun with math and science. As a result, we
hope to help our students become more interested in math and                  Students and Parents enjoyed science (above) and math (below)
                                                                              experiments throughout the night.
science leading to careers in those areas.

This event would not have been a success without the support
of the many community partners and supporting organizations.
The primary sponsors were Urban Restoration Enhancement
Inc. (UREC), Catholic Charities/Diocese of Baton Rouge, and
Baton Rouge Coca Cola. There were many other participants
from local universities, high schools, industries and non-profit
organizations. At the end of the event, each person received a
delicious barbecue chicken dinner that was prepared by
members of the faculty and the Glen Oaks High Security Dads.
                           Charter School System
                                    Ronnie Harrison, Principal

                                    3605 Ontario Street

                                    Baton Rouge, LA

                                    P: (225) 355-2398

                                    F: (225) 357-1171

                                    Averil Sanders, Principal

                                    5300 Monarch Avenue

                                    Baton Rouge, LA 70811

                                    P: (225) 357-3790

                                    F: (225) 357-1841

                                    Logan Crowe, Interim Principal

                                    4705 Lanier Drive

                                    Baton Rouge, LA 70812

                                    P: (225) 357-5953

                                    F: (225) 357-2491

                                    Kim Germany, Principal

                                    8434 Pointe Coupee Road

                                    Morganza, LA 70759

                                    P: (225) 638-3085

                                    F: (225) 638-9595

                                    Perry Daniel, Principal

                                    4050 Prescott Road

                                    Baton Rouge, LA 70805

                                    P: (225) 357-6481

                                    F: (225) 355-2672


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