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									         Hambleton & Richmondshire Domestic Abuse Forum Minutes
                               Thursday 18 June 2009 at 10.00am
     Hambleton District Council, Civic Centre Stone Cross, Northallerton DL6 2UU in Meeting Room 1

      Amanda Coates – Hambleton & Richmondshire Domestic Abuse Co-ordinator (Chair of Meeting)
      Tracey Horseman – Community Safety Administrator, Hambleton District Council
      Paul Elliott – Making Safe Worker, Foundation Housing
      Nicola Sowden – Darlington Family Help
      Wendy Wood – IDVA, Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS)
      Karen Heath – NSPCC
      Daniela Fisher – Parent Support Advisor, Thirsk Community Primary School
      Debbie Shaw – Victim Support
      Sally Tindall – Victim Support
      Ann Hewitt – Northallerton Magistrates
      Susan Degnan – Darlington Family Help
      Agnes Gardner – Personal & Family Support Worker, SSAFA Forces Help, RAF Leeming
      Victoria Conder – Floating Support, Broadacres Housing Association
      Karen Coleman – Community Midwife / Maternity Unit, South Tees NHS Trust
      Helen Brown – Parenting Unit, North Yorkshire County Council
      Heather Alcock – Richmond Assessment & Safeguarding Team, North Yorkshire County Council
      Kate Davies – Richmondshire Community Safety Partnership
      Heather Hughes – North Yorkshire Probation Service
      Sarah Hill – Director, Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS)
      Becky Hodson – Rural Outreach Worker, Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS)
      Stuart Oliver – Broadacres Housing Association
      Maria Butcher – Broadacres Housing Association
      Carol Armstrong – Supporting People, North Yorkshire County Council
1.    Apologies
      DI Sarah Sanderson - Protecting Vulnerable Persons Unit, North Yorkshire Police
      Paul Lax - Protecting Vulnerable Persons Unit, North Yorkshire Police
      Joan Crooks Irving – Vale & Dale
      Christine Potter – Vale & Dale
      Pat Wilson – Community Safety Manager, Richmondshire District Council
      Chris Fields – Community Safety Manager, Hambleton District Council
      Julie Hatfield – Children’s Integrated Services Manger, North Yorkshire County Council
      Sandra Snaddon – Magistrates
      Mary Ashton – Safeguarding Adults Officer, North Yorkshire County Council
      Teresa Dcaccia – North Yorkshire Probation
      Gill Common – York & North Yorkshire Primary Care Trust
      Rachel Wiggin - Team Leader for Children’s Services, North Yorkshire & York Primary Care
      Andrea Marshall – Floating Support, Broadacres Housing Association
      Simon Robson – Sure Start Children’s Centre Manager, North Yorkshire County Council
      Lorraine Devine – North Yorkshire County Council
      Helen Page – Senior Housing Officer, Hambleton District Council

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2.   Minutes of the Last Meeting & Matters Arising
          Hambleton Domestic Abuse Forum – the minutes of the meeting held on
             Thursday 30 April 2009 were agreed.
          Richmondshire Domestic Abuse Forum – the minutes of the meeting
             held on Tuesday 12 May 2009 were agreed.
          Matters Arising – it was noted that all matters arising from both meetings
             were completed and/or included on the agenda of this meeting.
          Election of Chairperson – Amanda Coates advised that this was the first
             meeting of the joint Hambleton & Richmondshire Domestic Abuse Forum
             and that therefore a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson would need to the
             elected. Stuart Oliver advised that he would therefore be stepping down as
             Chair of the Hambleton Domestic Abuse Forum and Sarah Hill advised that
             she would therefore be stepping down as Chair of the Richmondshire
             Domestic Abuse Forum. Following a unanimous vote it was agreed that
             Sarah Hill would take on the role of Chair and that Maria Butcher would take
             on the role of the Vice-Chair to the Hambleton & Richmondshire Domestic
             Abuse Forum.
          Terms of Reference – Amanda Coates presented this previously circulated
             item and the Forum agreed to adopt the Terms of Reference.
     Parenting Unit Presentation by Helen Brown, North Yorkshire County Council
     Helen Brown presented this item to the Forum, a copy of which is attached with
     these minutes for information. It was noted that training will be taking place in July
     and possible further training in October 2009 and if anyone would like to attend
     could they please contact Helen as soon as possible – email
     helen.brown@northyorks.gov.uk, telephone 07976 768 586. It was agreed that               Amanda
     Amanda Coates would circulate the referral forms via this Forum.                         Coates
3.   Short Presentation by Amanda Coates: looking back at 2008/09 and forward
     to 2009/10
     Amanda Coates presented this item to the Forum.

     Stuart Oliver updated the Forum on the Hambleton & Richmondshire Refuge
     advising that at the end of May 2009 the building was signed over to Broadacres
     Housing Association who at present in the process of a commissioning period. A
     schedule of visits for operational staff who will be directly involved with the Refuge
     are planned – if anyone would like to attend could they please contact Elsie Collu at
     Broadacres, email elsie.collu@broadacres.org.uk or telephone 01609 767955. It is
     anticipated that occupancy will be available from end July and priority will be given
     to residents of Hambleton and Richmondshire; however as the building is a national
     asset it will also be available to other areas. The newly appointed Refuge Manager
     was introduced at the meeting.
4.   Hambleton & Richmondshire Domestic Abuse Acton Plan 2009/10
     (note this includes finance and communications)
     Amanda Coates presented the proposed action plan and it was noted that this is a
     working document which will be reviewed at each future meeting of the Forum – the
     Forum agreed to adopt the action plan.

     It was also agreed that the action plan should be linked to the NYCC Parenting           Amanda
     Programme, as Helen Brown advised that domestic abuse had been highlighted as            Coates
     a priority during the mapping exercise which previously was undertaken.
5.   Domestic Abuse Training 2009/10
     Amanda Coates presented an update on training (document attached). The Forum
     agreed to the proposed schedule for the Basic and Intermediate Domestic Abuse
     Awareness Training. However, it was noted that perhaps due to staff changes and
     only 20-25 delegates been able to attend a course more than two basic training
     courses would be required throughout the year – it was agreed that consideration to      Amanda
     possibly four courses would be given for future years and that possibly provider         Coates
     organisations could be approached to contribute towards a training fund, which
     Amanda would be responsible for on behalf of the Forum.
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     Amanda Coates informed the Forum of the additional choices for modules of
     advanced training, following a vote it was agreed that the following would be looked
     at in further detail for 2009/2010:
            Module 1 – working with male victims of domestic abuse; and Module 2 –
               working with male perpetrators of domestic abuse (received seven votes
               and these modules would be delivered jointly)
            Module 5 – individual support planning with victims of domestic abuse
               (received seven votes)
            Module 6 – working with young abusers and those who abuse their parents
               (received eight votes)
     It was also agreed that the following modules would be considered for 2010/2011:
           Module 3 – working with female perpetrators of domestic abuse (received
              six votes)
           Module 4 – working with children and young people affected by domestic
              abuse (received six votes)
           Module 7 – domestic abuse and the law (received six votes); it was also
              noted that it might be difficult to offer this module due to the number of
              ongoing changes which would affect this.                                         Note:
     Following discussion it was agreed that “Working with Families” would be the              item for
     discussion topic for the next Forum meeting in October 2009.                              October
6.   Developing the Champions Scheme
     Amanda Coates presented this previously circulated item to the Forum – a copy of
     the paper is attached with the minutes for information; advising that Oxfordshire
     have been running a Champions Scheme since 2004 with excellent results. The
     Forum agreed in principal to the scheme and the following volunteers agreed to
     meet with Amanda to form a Task & Finish Group to look at the possibility of
     running a trial of the scheme across Hambleton and Richmondshire:
          Agnes Gardner
          Karen Coleman
          Daniela Fisher
          Paul Elliott
          Maria Butcher
          Sally Tindall – but would need to check with Victim Support if appropriate to       Amanda
            be involved                                                                        Coates /
          Carol Armstrong – would like to be involved in the initial meetings                 Task &
          It was noted that Probation could possibility at a later date be involved and
            that for some agencies capacity would be an issue.
7.   Update on New Projects or Initiatives in Hambleton and/or Richmondshire
          Heather Hughes / Probation – advised that the Integrated Domestic Abuse
            Programme (IDAP) is now available for both convicted and non-convicted
            perpetrators. A group is at present to be developed at Catterick Garrison. It
            was noted that Paul Weatherstone is the first point of contact for non-
            convicted nominations to the group – email paul.weatherstone@north-
          Karen Heath / NSPCC – advised that a Children’s Worker for under 11’s
            has been appointed and the project will start 1st September; further details
            to be circulated when available.
          Amanda Coates advised that the Multi Agency Risk Assessment
            Conference (MARAC) CAADA Training will now take place on Tuesday 14
            July 2009 at the Allerton Court Hotel in Northallerton; as this will be the only
            training and there are a limited number of places available, could anyone
            wishing to attend please contact Amanda direct – email:
            amanda.coates@richmondshire.gcsx.gov.uk or telephone 01748 827177.
            Amanda also advised that scheduled MARACs are now being held across
            Hambleton and Richmondshire on a fortnightly basis.

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           Amanda Coates advised of some Working with Perpetrator Training which is
            due to be held at Leamington Spa which will cost £500 – the details are to
            be circulated with these minutes.
8.   Any Other Business
     The Forum had nothing further to report.
9.   Date, Time & Venue of Next Meeting
         Thursday 29 October 2009, 10.00am at Innovate Colburn Business Centre
         Thursday 28 January 2010, 10.00am at HDC, Civic Centre, Northallerton / MCR
         Thursday 18 March 2010, 10.00am at Innovate Colburn Business Centre
     Meeting Closed at 11.50am

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              Hambleton & Richmondshire Domestic Abuse Forum
                              Matters Arising
                                      Thursday 18 June 2009
Please note - next meeting Thursday 29 October 2009. If an action/s has been set for you, please
provide an update on progress and outcomes of your action/s to Amanda Coates (AC) – Hambleton &
Richmondshire Domestic Abuse Forum by Thursday 8 October 2009. Thank you.

AC – Amanda Coates

OFFICER                          ACTION                            PROGRESS/OUTCOME

            Parenting Unit
   AC       Referral Forms to be circulated to the Forum.
            Domestic Abuse Basic Training
   AC       Consideration to be given to holding this training
            four times and a year and look at the possibility
            of provider organisation contributing to a training
            fund which AC would be responsible for on
            behalf of the Forum.
            Working with Families
   AC       Discussion topic for October Meeting.
            Champions Scheme
   AC       Task and Finish Group to be formed to look at
            the possibly of running a trail of the scheme
            across Hambleton and Richmondshire.

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