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									10th June 2009

To SHA Chief Executives and
Directors of Commissioning

Gateway reference number: 11990

          World Class Commissioning Programme – June Update

Please see below my update on the world class commissioning programme for June.

NHS Confederation Conference, 10-12th June
There will be a WCC session at Confed on Friday 12th June. This will reflect on the WCC
journey so far, look ahead to opportunities as well as how PCTs and their partners will
need to rise to the challenging economic context. It will look at the national perspective
and, involving two eminent PCT CEs, also what this means from a local perspective. This
'not to be missed' workshop will illustrate how the WCC vision is becoming a reality and
has a growing role in both shaping, and responding to the future environment for

Healthcare Innovation Expo, 18-19th June
World class commissioning has been given a hotly contended space at the Healthcare
Innovation Expo taking place on the 18th and19th June at the Excel Centre in Docklands,
London. To register for the Expo and book your place on one of our sessions visit
www.healthcareinnovationexpo.com and follow the Seminar Programme link from the
home page. WCC sessions will run every 30 minutes from 9.30am-4.30pm on both days of
the event.

Please visit our new youtube channel to view a 20 second trailer for the film we’ll be
showing which offers a slightly unexpected perspective on world class commissioning:

As you are aware, we are in the process of finalising the details of year 2 of the WCC
Assurance System. We have been working with SHA and PCT colleagues as well as other
stakeholders to refine the competencies, details of the governance element and how we
can most effectively measure progress in achieving improvements in health outcomes.
More information to follow.

Practice Based Commissioning (PBC)
The national PBC Improvement Team has now concluded a series of visits to each SHA
area. The purpose of the visits was to offer focused support and advice on local PBC
implementation to SHAs, PCTs and practice-based commissioners. We are very grateful
to you for facilitating these events and making them such a success.

To enable sharing of leading edge activity across the country, we will provide you with
more information arising from the visits very soon via the PBC Connection. This
information will include key features for implementing PBC successfully, examples of good
practice and innovative solutions collected during the visits. As mentioned in my March
communication, PBC Connection is an online forum for clinicians and PCT and SHA
managers to share ideas and good practice and exchange news and views. You can
access PBC Connection at: www.networks.nhs.uk/pbc-connection .

As part of our efforts to raise the profile of PBC and encourage greater engagement, we
are now producing a PBC resource pack for GPs, containing information, tips and ideas on
how to begin or enhance practice-based commissioning activities.

Hard copies will mailed to all GP practices week beginning 15 June or you will find it on the
DH website: http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Managingyourorganisation/Commissioning/Practice-
basedcommissioning/DH_095694 - and look out for copies at Confed.

We are in the process of establishing a PBC clinical network of leading edge practice-
based commissioners. The aim is for recognised clinical leaders to help spread the word
about PBC in every locality, mobilising local clinical communities and raising sights as to
what PBC can help achieve. I am pleased to confirm that Dr James Kingsland has agreed
to be the PBC clinical network lead. He will help co-ordinate clinical input into PBC.

WCC Support & Development
New world class commissioning web pages are being developed as part of NHS networks.
The pages will provide world class commissioning support and development for
commissioners. This will include news, high-quality guidance and tools, information on
events and good practice. New resources will be added regularly, and discussion forums
are coming soon. We would appreciate your support in promoting this resource to
commissioners. You can register online and find out more at: http://wcc.networks.nhs.uk

During July, we are running a national series of free ‘Sharing Good Practice’ events for
PCT commissioners. These events will demonstrate the steps needed to achieve ‘world
class’ in all aspects of commissioning, enabling attendees to hear about excellence in
commissioning from high-performing PCTs and take away practical ideas to apply in their
local areas.

Spaces are limited and allocated on a first come first served basis, so interested parties
are invited to register as soon as possible. Details are as follows:

 6 July   Leeds         Engaging with stakeholders and prioritising       ref 1322
 8 July   Bristol       Assessing needs and promoting quality and         ref 1323
 15       London        Managing and developing the market                ref 1325
 16       Birmingham Board ownership, strategy and financial              ref 1324
 July                planning
To register online and access the full speaker programme, visit
http://www.pcc.nhs.uk/events/ followed by the event reference number (e.g. 1322).

We are also working with the Institute to collate a database of good practice on the
Institute's PCT Portal. SHAs are collating case studies, so PCTs wishing to contribute
should contact their SHA commissioning leads.

We have also just published our Practical Guide on The Framework for Procuring External
Support for Commissioners (FESC) leaflet. Find it on-line or pick up a copy at Confed:

Integrated Care Pilots (ICP)
The 16 pilots have been doing a great deal of work to ensure everything is in place to
enable them to complete the requirements of the national programme. They have been
working on project management processes and documentation, and data collection
systems to provide for the evaluation requirements.

A number of sites have already taken advantage of the project management support and
coaching available to them from site support leads and the central team, with further
engagement happening during June.

Site support leads have been appointed from the central team for each of the 16 sites.
They will enable ongoing interaction, dialogue and support for the sites as they implement
their local integrated care proposals.

The national evaluation team has also agreed on the sites that will participate in a set of
‘deep dive’ studies to further support national evaluation. This investigation will be
designed to explore key issues in more detail. The ‘deep dive’ pilot sites are:

          Norfolk: a site which has a population-wide focus, with a strong social care
          Principia: has a focus on one major disease area (COPD), and significant third-
          sector involvement
          Cumbria: covers a broad range of interventions
          Torbay: has a focus on elderly, with social care and third sector involvement
          Nene: focuses on a key disease area (long-term conditions), and includes both
          ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’ integration
          Church View: a small pilot but with broad focus and with leadership from the
          secondary sector (the Foundation Trust).

It is very exciting to see the 16 sites begin to make their proposals a reality and I look
forward to seeing and being able to update you on the developments they will be making
as they look to go further over the coming months.
Contact us
As always, I would welcome feedback and comments from anyone interested in our work.
If you have any queries, or would like to find out more, you can either contact me direct or
use our dedicated mailbox: worldclasscommissioning@dh.gsi.gov.uk.

Yours Sincerely

Gary Belfield
Director of Commissioning

Direct line: 0207 633 4226
Email address: gary.belfield@dh.gsi.gov.uk

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