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									Hello Peeps!

If you are seeing those crazy square bar code like designs everywhere these days
(aka QR Codes) and you want to learn more about them. Keep Reading!

Unless you have been living under a Rock, you can't miss QR Codes now! They are in
mens and womens magazines, on Tee Shirts, on Blogs, on Business Cards, etc.

What are QR codes and how can you use them effectively? QR Codes are a scannable
Square Design that when Scanned with a QR code reader on a Smart Phone will

link you directly to a URL (website) which might take you to a product promotion or
Free Offer. They might take you to someones Social Media Site(s) when used on a

Card or any number of other options. There are lots of QR code Scanners (readers)
available for FREE download to your smart phone(s) here is one that I use on my

which was recommended by Mashable.


There are two parts to QR Codes. First is the Scanner which I mention above.
Second, you need a QR Code Generator if you want to use this cool technology
yourself to link
a QR Code Image (JPEG, PNG, etc) for a website, Social Media Site, Contact Info,
Product Offer, Etc.
The Free QR code generator I have found recently is here:


Regarding Send Out Cards People; If you have any type of Smart Phone simply type
Into Google “Free Smart Phone Reader Apps for Blackberry” or Android, etc.
Send Out Cards People!
1.Find a Free App(Application) for a FREE QR Code Reader for whatever smart
phone that you have! I used Paperlinks for my iPhone.

2.Download the application to your phone by simply searching under your apps
area on your phone for QR code readers (scanners)

3.I have been creating QR Codes in Black as well as colors for FREE using this site!

4.Make sure when you are on the AzonMedia site that you tick the box to use for a
url. And below (on the right side) they let you save it as a JPEG so that you can
upload it into YOUR picture plus 2.0 account. Than you can use the QR codes for:
Vimeo Videos, YouTube Videos ,Your FaceBook Page, Your Website, Your Blog, etc.

5.Get stuck? Just go to Google and type in your problem as a question and the lights
will appear! Presto!

Jay Bergers III

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