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					 A fast, easy guide to making and using tutorials using Smart
                      Notebook Recorder

                        January 17, 2011

     Stacy Maehling         
Tutorials of the main points of this presentation can be found
at and the
Resources page of the in-service wiki.

                      Making a Tutorial
With Writing:
-Open SMART Notebook (SNB.)
-Click on the 4th tab on the left (with the A).
-Click on Page Recording.
-Click on Start Recording and write on the page.

-Click on Stop Recording when done.
-Save your page.
-Now whenever you are on the page, the recording icon
comes up and you can click on Play, Pause, etc.
-Smart Notebook files can be saved on the student drives
for them to access and go through independently.

With Sound and Writing:
-With your SNB page open, click on the SNB icon in your
    bottom tray/toolbar. (where you find your volume
    control, etc. The icon is a blue square with a white
    circle, looks like an iPod shuffle)
-Choose Recorder OR
-Open your Welcome Center (Open the SNB software
   and it automatically pops up), Click on Tools, Click on

- The Smart Recorder window pops open. It can be
moved anywhere on your screen.
-Next to the red record circle is a pull-down arrow where
you can choose to record your desktop, a window, or a
designated area.
-Click the record button then write on your page and
     speak into your microphone. It will record your
writing, sound, and movement on the screen.

-Click Stop. It automatically opens a Save As window.
-Name it and Save it.
-Now you have a Windows Media File to put in a SNB
page, web page or blog.

*The great thing about Smart Recorder is that you can
record anything you do on your computer, not just what
you do in Smart Notebook. I used it to make tutorials on
making these tutorials!
To put it in a SNB page:
-Open the SNB page you want.
-Click Insert, Link, File on this Computer.

-Click Browse, select your wmv. file by double-clicking or
     clicking once, then clicking Open.
-Insert it as a copy of file and Launch by clicking:
     Whatever you prefer to use.
-Click on OK.
-When you click on the paper clip icon or object of your
     choice, it will launch your tutorial in Windows Media
To upload it into
-Go to
-If you are logged into your district computer, it may
open your multimedia file page automatically. If it goes
to the district page, simply click on the orange LOGIN
tab, then enter your district name and password, just like
with your email.
-To upload, click on the Add Files tab.
-Type in the information such as title and description.

-Click on Next.
-Click on Browse. Select the file.
-Click Upload. It may want to convert some things to
Flash. Let it. Now it's saved!
To embed your file in a blog or wiki:
-Go to Login to your files.
Find the media file you want to embed.
-Click on SHARE.
-Choose HTML Code (blog).
-Choose embed code.
-Copy the code.
-Go to your blog or wiki.
-For your blog, paste the code into your post.

-Click on SAVE POST. You're done!
-For a wiki you will be in the edit mode on the page
where you want it.

-Select Widget, "Other"
-Then paste the embedding code and Save.

-Save your whole wiki page.

-That's it! Your tutorial will now show on your wiki!
                    How to Capture

A Whole Page: (example - SFAW worksheet)
- Open a new SMART Notebook (SNB) page
- Minimize SNB
-Go to your web site and find the page you want to
-Click File. Click Print.
-Click on the pull down arrow on the printer name to find
     SMART Notebook Print Capture and click on it.

 This will send the page directly to a new SNB page and
you're ready to go! Don't forget to save it!
Using the Capture Tool in SNB:
-Open the page from which you want to capture.
-In SNB, Click on View, Screen Capture Toolbar OR
-Click on the camera icon

*The Capture Toolbar gives you 4 options
         1. A rectangular area
         2. A window
         3. Your whole screen
         4. A lasso (draw your own shape)
      *Make sure Capture to a New Page is checked
-Once on your text or web page, click on the option you
-Select your area
- It opens a new SNB page with your image on it. Save it
      and you’re done!
                Cool Stuff to Remember

Screen Shade – hides your page and lets you reveal it
as you go. Icon looks like a window shade.

Single/Dual Page Display – Lets you display 2 pages at a
time. Icon looks like a computer monitor with a divided
page on it.

Magic Pen – Draw a circle around an area to spotlight it.
Draw a square around an area to magnify it.

Shape Recognition Pen – you draw an imperfect shape
and it fixes it for you. It doesn’t always work for more
complicated shapes.

The Teacher’s Hub – at
for training, lesson activities, and the SMART Exchange
– an online community network and resource center. You
can also access it through the Gallery tab, Online
Essentials for Educators.

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