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Open House Power1 point.pps


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									South Pointe High School

   Grade Level Parent Meeting
            Fall 2009
         SPHS Guidance
  Who is my child’s counselor?
• Kay McNutt – Last Names A-C
   803-980-2108   kmcnutt@rock-hill.k12.sc.us
• Dr. Tiffany Pope – Last Names D-Hira
   803-980-2107   tpope@rock-hill.k12.sc.us
• Brian Rogers – Last Names Hobbs – McCullough
  803-980-2146 brogers@rock-hill.k12.sc.us
• Stephanie Cocchiaro – Last Names McDaniel – R
  803-985-3007    scocchiaro@rock-hill.k12.sc.us
• Jan McKiver – Last Names S – Z
  803-980-2145 jmckiver@rock-hill.k12.sc.us
• Christine Miller – Registrar
  803-980-2190    cmmiller@rock-hill.k12.sc.us
     Promotion Requirements
      9th   to   10th                            10th to 11th
                                                     2 English
         1 English
                                                      2 Math
          1 Math
                                                    1 Science
1 Science or Social Studies
                                                 1 Social Studies
        1 Elective
                                                    4 Electives

                              11th to 12th
                                  3 English
                                   3 Math
                                 2 Science
                              2 Social Studies
                                 6 Electives
          Graduation Requirements
   4 English Credits
   4 Math Credits
   3 Science Credits
   3 Social Studies Credits
     – American History & Constitution
     – American Government & Economics
   Health or South Pointe 101
   PE or ROTC
   Computer
   Foreign Language or CATE
   5 Additional Electives
   Successful completion of the HSAP examination
           Gold Seal Requirements
 4 English Credits                 To Earn the Gold Seal Diploma
                                        students must meet all
 4 Math Credits                   requirements as well as earn no
 4 Science Credits                 grade lower than a 77. If they
                                     have a grade lower than a 77
 4 Social Studies Credits         then their overall GPA needs to
 Health or South Pointe 101                     be a 4.2
                                   All Credits for Gold Seal must be
 Computers                              earned in grades 9-12
 PE or ROTC
 Foreign Language or CATE
 8 additional electives (4 must be from your high school
  major or concentration)
• Students are allowed to miss each class 6 times (for a
  semester class)
• Students must be in class for 75 of the 90 minutes in
  order to be present
• Students may attend make up school for absences 7, 8,
  9 & 10
• All excused and unexcused absences count
• Make Up School will be held in January for 1st semester
  courses and May for 2nd semester courses.
• Year long courses are not eligible for make up school
  until the end of the school year
               ACT & SAT
            Who, When & Why
* There is no blanket answer for these questions,
   that is why it is very important for your child to
 see his/her counselor before signing up for one or
                   both of these tests.
* Our recommendation is that students wait until
     the 2nd semester of their Junior year to take
                  either of these tests.
* In order for your child to be as successful as they
 can be, they need to have successfully completed
                     up to Algebra 2.
    Information about Scheduling
• All students grades 9-11 will have an individual
  scheduling meeting in the spring with their
  counselor. Parents are encouraged to attend.
• Students will work with their counselor to
  complete their E-IGP.
• Students in the 10th grade will be asked to declare
  a high school major.
   – 4 of their high school electives must come from their
     major area.
              College Visits

   Juniors & Seniors
  receive a total of 4
   College Visit days.
They are allowed to use
2 per year. They do not    Students wanting to take a
                           College Visit need to make
 carry over if not used
                            an appointment with that
 during the Junior year.    colleges admission office.
                             And bring back proof of
                           attendance so they are not
                                 counted absent.
                     Job Shadowing
                      12th grade – September 17th
                      11th grade – November 20th
                       10th grade – January 29th
                         9th grade – March 26th

In order to not be counted absent when they are job shadowing, your child
    needs to return a permission slip, prior to shadowing. They also need to
    return the post shadowing paperwork (including the 1 page essay, Thank
    You note and addressed/stamped envelope).
We ask that students try to not shadow a parent.
Also students are not allowed to job shadow at a middle or high school.
    Elementary schools are permitted, but please be sure that it is ok with the
• Who – College Bound 10th & 11th grade
• When – October 14th during 1st & 2nd block
• Where – South Pointe High School
• How Much - $15

Sign Up with Mrs. Miller in the Guidance Office
             beginning October 1st
•   Who – All 10th grade students
•   What – Pre ACT
•   When – First week in October, 1st & 2nd block
•   This is paid for by the state
•   Information will be used to help students
    make decisions about courses in the future.
         Please let us know….

There are a few times during the year that we
   look for parent volunteers to come in and
     assist with testing and other activities.

If you would be interested in helping please let
                    us know.

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