student internship reflection by courtneyselig


									Student reflection on internship
Mike Smith - My Class 

My internship experience has really assured me that being a special education teacher for moderate to
severe special need individuals is what I want to do in life. It is important for people to be informed that
even though people may have severe disabilities and need help with a lot of things they all still have very
active and have fulfilling lives. I currently volunteer at as an instructor at a school for young and middle
aged adults with severe special needs. Through being a student in the class, they learn basic
independent living skills, get help finding employment, and participate in educational workshops and
other fun activities. The class I am a part of is actually a time that they get to relax and have fun! We do
arts and crafts activities, practice writing and reading, we do singing and dancing, watch movies and
then we have nights were they can choose what they want to do out of the activities. What I like most
about my night class is when I help them get through something that there struggling with and then the
next time they do the same thing and they don’t need help because they remembered how to do it – it
is the most rewarding experience. I am excited to begin my studies at college in the fall to become a
special education teacher.

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