Accommodations by courtneyselig


									Individualized Educational Plan: Accommodations
Through a battery of testing including the WISC-IV, WIAT-II, Connors 3 Self Report, BRIEF-
SR, BRIEF, and BASC Mike exhibits significant deficits in listening comprehension and
mathematical operations. He also has weaknesses in written language and reading fluency. The
testing also reveals that he has significant weaknesses in working memory and processing speed.
This unique learning style seriously impacts on all processes of learning. Mike has also been
diagnosed ADHD.

Accommodations for Mike to make effective academic progress include:
    preferential seating
    alternative test site for tests/quizzes
    larger tests broken down into smaller sections and given individually
    timeline for large projects and work with him to “chunk” the project
    larger reading assignments broken down into manageable segments
    due to significant deficits in math operations and calculations:
         o use a calculator for testing
         o math reference sheet
         o make and use a math note card for assessments.
    due to extremely slow Processing Speed, additional time to complete worksheets that go
     along with the notes or presentations in class.

Mike’s reflection

“The accommodations that I used at Whitman-Hanson are, note cards because sometimes no
matter how hard you study there’s always things that you can’t remember. I would hope to use
that in college as well. Another accommodation that I used in some classes was separate testing
site. When I was in a big class I got a little anxiety when everyone would finish before me and I
was sitting there not done yet. Some accommodations that I had that I thought didn't help me
were sitting in the front of the room I thought was not helpful because if I couldn't focus it really
didn't matter where I was sitting. I think that when I’m in college that I won’t need as many
accommodations as I had here because I didn't use a lot of the accommodations I had here. Also I
know where to go when I need help because I will be a latch student and I will have the latch
study hall to go to whenever I need. Also they have a class which I think that will help my
transition into college and it’s called college experience which even though it’s not focused on
only students with disabilities or learning differences it’s for all freshman.”

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