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Mairena Wines


									                                                                            Mairena Wines
                                                                        Federico Serpa 658
                                                         Lujan de Cuyo-Mendoza, Argentina
                                                         Telephone/Fax: 00 54 261 4985741

Company Profile

History: Mairena, a family run winery, is located near the city of Mendoza, Argentina.
The Blanco family has worked the land there for three generations in order to get the
most out of it. We think that hard work and a respect to nature and environment result in
satisfactions that go beyond the economic results. We have instilled these principles in
our children and in the team that works with us on this family project. Nowadays this
challenge becomes meaningful; tenacity, commitment and passion for work are essential
to make the union of our vineyard and terroir give its best to our wine.

The States and Vineyards

Finca Don Miguel
This vineyard estate, located at the
high area of Ugarteche, has belonged
to our family since 1988. Malbec,
Bonarda, Chenin and Sauvignon
Blanc varieties are grown here where
drip irrigation system is used.
Finca Los Paulinos
Malbec and Chardonnay are grown
in this vineyard estate. Drip
irrigation is also here with pure
water coming down from the Andes
Finca Don Gabriel
Fruit trees, vegetables and Malbec vineyards are grown together on these premises. The
irrigation system is traditional and water is extracted from drillings of more than 120
meters deep. This water comes from melt-water filtered in the stony soils of the Andes
Range some decades ago.

The Winery

The winery is situated in Carrodilla, Lujan de Cuyo, and a dew minutes away from the
city of Mendoza. It counts on small capacity concrete pools and updated technology.
Elaboration in the winery is carried out under insuperable safety and hygienic conditions.
The Wines

100% of Mareina’s raw material comes from our vineyards. Thus, we may guarantee our
clients consistency, stability, and quality in our wines. The meticulous control of our
small production and the fact of being involved in the whole process allow us to offer an
excellent quality-price relation.

Bonarda – Varietal 100%
Training system: Parral
Elaboration: Traditional. Controlled fermentation at 26°C
Tasting Notes: Great expression of aromas and sweet and
unctuous tannins. It shows an intense and attractive purple
red color. On the nose, it is highly fruity and spicy due to
its contact with wood. On the palate, it shows a good
attack and a long and persistent finish. It is well structured
and velvety.

Malbec – Varietal 100%
Training system: High trellis
Elaboration: Traditional. Controlled fermentation at 26°C
Tasting Notes: Great varietal expression. To the eye it is
red with purplish hues. Good intensity of flowers and ripe
red fruit aromas. On the palate, it is soft and intense with a
long finish. It shows vanilla hints due to its contact with

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