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					     Hostess Program                          then can moderate consumption of alcohol
                                              take place.
                                                                                                        Party Schedules
                                              Even though Spirit may give future events,       Parties are usually scheduled on Saturday
                                              mediumship is not fortune telling, I believe     or Sunday on a first come basis. My
                                              in proving the continuity of life. Predictions   scheduled arrival time is usually 1:00pm
                                              are possible, but everyone has free will to      unless otherwise discussed beforehand.
                                              change coming events.
                                                                                               Collection of reading fees (checks, VISA or
                                                                                               MC are acceptable) and completed “Code
                                                      One on One Reading                       of Ethics & Privacy Policy” form should be
                                                                                               done by the hostess and kept for
                                              I will provide a free recording of
                                                                                               settlement at the end of the evening in
                                              everyone’s reading. This benefits the
                                                                                               order to maximize your guest’s reading
                                              sitter because they can go back over the
                                                                                               time with me. I can accept both Visa and
            Lynn Kent                         reading by themselves or share with
                                              others. Often a person and/or message will
                                                                                               Master Charge.

          Certified Medium                    become clearer later on and also, by
                                                                                                    Paranormal Phenomena
                                              having their own recording, they can
A séance or sitting for contact               understand more fully the spirit contact and               Haunting?
                                              the information given; however, I cannot         Do you have unusual happenings around
with a Spirit loved one should be             guarantee the recording will come out. I         your property or are you just interested in
done with respect and gratitude.              have experienced blank recordings that           the identification of the spirit presence? I
                                              could be the result of Spirit’s intervention.    can provide the spirit communication to
Please understand the importance of group
harmony in order to make the séance                                                            find out what is happening and why. I am
                                              Reading time periods can vary widely             able to explain and expand on who they
successful and rewarding for all those        depending upon the Spirits, the material
attending from the physical and Spirit                                                         are and what their actions are trying to
                                              covered,     and    the   importance      of     convey.      Individual cases are priced
realms.                                       understanding the message given to the           accordingly. Please call:
Each person that is scheduled for a sitting   sitter. However, as a rule, a sitting should
should have read the “Hints for a Good        last about 30 minutes.                                       401-864-8307
Reading” section on the reverse side of       Party pricing is $50 for ½ hour reading                   lynn @
this pamphlet.                                with a free recording of the session.            
The hostess may invite a minimum of 6 to      All party bookings are confirmed in writing.             National Director for
a maximum of 10 people for readings.          Pamphlets and other informational material        Department of Phenomenal Evidence
They all do not have to be present at the     will be sent with the confirmation letter. 
beginning of the party; however, please try
not to have a delay because of a              When 3 or more are scheduled                         National Spiritualist Association
scheduled later arrival time.                 consecutively together at my office in
                                                                                                            Of Churches.
                                              Seekonk Massachusetts, they will
Please instruct the group, that drinking      receive the party price for a reading;            
before   an    individual’s   reading    is   otherwise a private reading is $65 for ½
undesirable. After your specific guest has    hour or $95 for 1 hour.
completed the spirit contact with me, only
          Hints for a                                      Specific Contact                                  Gift Certificates
                                                 Contact with a specific person is not
         Good Reading                            guaranteed although many people I read
                                                 are pleasantly surprised. However, I do
There are only a few, but very important
                                                 suggest that you think about that
points about having a spirit medium
                                                 person and make an appointment with
reading with Lynn.
                                                 them. Optionally you can bring a picture
          Reading Format                         with you in an envelope, but do not show it
First, try to put your mind at ease and relax    to me until I have asked for it, or at the end   Gift certificates are available for any time of
before starting. This creates a better           of the reading.                                  the year for – Christmas, Anniversaries,
atmosphere for the reading and makes it                                                           Birthdays, any occasion. There is no time
easier for spirit to make contact.         All   Also, a piece of jewelry such as a ring,         limit or domination restriction. I can accept
readings are conducted in a well-lit and         bracelet or watch or a favorite item can be      credit cards for gift certificates or readings.
open area.                                       used. These items do not need to be in
                                                 any envelope or container. All of this helps
                 Alcohol                         to bring the energy signature to the reading
Please do not drink any alcohol before a
reading.     Undesirable energy will be
                                                 to make a connection with spirit.
                                                                                                   Directions to Seekonk Mass
                                                                                                         From Fall River or Providence
present that can hamper spirit contact and
could affect the quality of the messages.                   Making Sense
                                                 Something may make more sense by the             Take Rt 114A North Exit 1 Fall River
                                                                                                  Avenue towards Seekonk, travel 1 mile.
           Your Questions                        end of the reading, or the understanding of
                                                 the message or description may come at a         You will pass by the movie theaters. Go
If you wish to ask a question, or questions,     later time - after you have had a chance to      straight through the set of lights after you
meditate on them in advance of the               think about it. So don't be quick to dismiss     pass the theaters.
reading. Give spirit ample time to get an        information that is given. Many of my
answer.     No spirit claims to have an                                                           At the fork in the road (The Old Grist Mill
                                                 clients contact me later with confirmation of    Tavern) go straight, do not take left side of
answer on the spur of the moment. After          the person or information given in a sitting.
all, you are communicating with people.                                                           fork, the road now turns into Arcade
                                                                                                  Avenue - from this fork - travel 1.2 miles go
Of course there could be a number of             The true success of a reading is not always      straight through the next set of lights at Rt
questions that come up during a reading.         measured by prophecy but by the guidance         44 & Arcade
These questions can be asked at the time         it provides.      Predictions are always         Turn left onto Valley Street, first house on
of the reading, but spirit has the option of     possible, but you have the free will and         the right. Please drive into the driveway.
not providing the answer and letting the         power to change coming events. Nothing
situation run its course.                        is written in stone!                                     Appointment considerations
                                                                                                  Please contact me for any delay or
       Spirit Identification                     I will realize when the spirit forces have       rescheduling. I have set aside for you and
Spirit provides evidence of identity in many     pulled back. Please don’t try to prolong a       Spirit this time period and you should
different ways. It can be by relationship,       reading.                                         respect them and take the responsibility to
description, incidents, name, etc.         Be                                                     attend and hear their message(s) and feel
willing to verify such evidential information    Thank you in advance for your positive           their loving presence and messages for
so the medium can proceed to the                 attitude, energy and cooperation.                you.
message(s) that is to be given.