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In 2003 a selection database was created for recording selection decision and in early 2004 the
Library began researching available web archiving software including the National Library of
Australia's PANDAS technology (HTTrack).

Since December 2002 they have captured and stored 400 discrete objects and full web sites.

The National Library of New Zealand's web archiving approach will comprise of a combination of
snapshot harvesting of the whole .nz domain at defined intervals, selective harvesting of specific
web sites or parts of web sites, and event harvesting of resources associated with topics such as
the national elections, the America's Cup regatta, and government web sites.

In May 2004, following a major review of the NLNZ's digital library directions, substantial funding
was announced for the establishment of a New Zealand digital archive to safeguard the national
output of online and offline electronic resources which will include web archiving activities.

At present, the National Library's heritage collections comprise the Alexander Turnbull Library
Collections, the Dorothy Neal White Collection and the Susan Price Collection. They are built for
long-term preservation and permanent retention.

According to their Collection policy, electronic information resources are considered formats
and do not change the criteria for the collection and retention for each of the Library's

They actively collect:
   - all published and unpublished resources of significance to Maori and New Zealand,
   - educational materials,
   - Pacific published and unpublished records after consultation with appropriate collecting
      agencies in the nation of origin.

Where New Zealand publications are produced in more than one format, all formats are
collected. Special emphasis is given to electronic information published in electronic formats

In important supporting research, the Library has developed a preservation metadata model, the
full version of which was issued in July 2003.

Legal Deposit Law

The National Library of New Zealand Act 2003 expanded the scope of the Library's legal deposit
mandate to include online and offline electronic resources including both publicly available and
'deep-web' Web resources.

Software: HTTrack technology.

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