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									George Berridge

George Frederick Berridge was born on October 14th 1904. He was known
throughout his life as Fred.

Not a great deal is known of his early life and childhood. He married Ethel Moat in
1929 and their only child John was born in 1934.

Fred was a clever man who worked in the engineering industry throughout his life.
He worked for a company called Cosmos at Brimsdown, Enfield, which was
progressively taken over by a succession of companies. His particular specialism
was glass and he designed machinery for making glass valves and then later
machinery to produce cathode ray tubes. He was involved in a big break through in
technology for that time when they found a way to fuse cathode ray tubes
together. These had their uses in televisions and his family was one of the first
families to own a TV in their home.

During the Second World War Fred remained in London and was an Air Raid
Warden who undertook nightly patrols during the years of threats from bombing
from enemy aircraft.

George was very interested in photography and developed his own prints. He
enjoyed holidays with Ethel and her cousins Ivy and Bert Turner. On Saturdays he
would enjoy watching the horse racing and smoking his pipe. When John married
Pauline he and Ethel took an enjoyable trip to Canada to visit Pauline’s family.

A quiet, gentle man he was always interested in his family and took great delight in
his grandchildren.

He sadly died at the relatively early age of 67 in 1971.

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